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The Daily Stirrer, January 2012

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2 Februay 2012

Egypt Football Riot kills dozens

Remember the hope and anticipation that followed the downfall of former Egyptian President Honsi Mubarack. Remember how American President Barack Hussein Obama strutted around the world stage as if he had personally led the protests in Tahir Square that led to the overthrow of the dictator's regime? Remember how The Daily Stirrer told you it would all end in tears?

After the outbreak of violence at a football game in Port Said last night the newly elected governing party, the Muslim Brotherhood were blaming secularist supporters of Mubarack for the deaths.

One of the Muslim Brotherhoods leaders, Essam el-Erian said the people in former military dictatorship was behind the violence.

The events in Port Said are planned and are a message from the remnants of the former regime, Mr el-Erian, now vice-president of the Brotherhood-backed Freedom and Justice Party and an MP, said.

This tragedy is the result of negligence and the lack of army and police, and those running the country bear the responsibility. There are those who deliberately want to sow chaos in the country and place obstacles in front of the peaceful transfer of power.

There was little evidence to back the accusation, but Thursday is the anniversary of the day that supporters of the Mubarack regime mounted on horses and camels charged the protesters in Tahrir Square in an attempt to save President Tahirs political life.

The violence is a sign of the breakdown of law and order and lack of security in Egypt following last years revolution. The uprising was in triggered by outrage at unchecked brutality by police, and one of the Mubarak regimes first responses was to call them off the streets and put the army in charge of protests. Protesters were also protesting about rising food and fuel prices and unemployment. Since it became clear the Muslim Brotherhood party was going to gain a sweeping victory in election to the new quasi democratic government there has been widespread persecution of Egyptian Christians by supporters of the Islamist party.

As the situation in Egypt continues to deteriorate we are also hearing whispers about renewed violence in Libya as supporters of Gadaffi, who always had more than half the nation behind him, are regrouping and attacking installations controlled by the interim government.

In both these nations we see a demonstration of the folly of western leaders in interfering in the internal affairs of foreign counties with cultures very different to ours And yet Obama and sycophantic politicians like Cameron and Sarkozy are even now positioning themselves for military intervention in Syria and armed conflict with Iran, regardless of the fact that both have the support of Russian and China.

Argentina To Blockade Falkands?
Libya and western intervention
Obama wants intervention in Syria
The Middle East

No news yesterday because my electricity was off all day and the other guys had nothing to post. It was a slow news day anyway, not that there was nothing hapening but as is happening more and more it seems, the stuff that was happening is news the New World Order do not want us punters to know about.

31 January 2012

Navy Sends Warships To Falklands As Argie - Obama Alliance Stokes Tensions

The Royal Navys most sophisticated warship is being sent to the South Atlantic in a move that will tell an increasingly aggressive Argentininian government and their Brit hating new best mate Barack Hussein Obama that you don't mess with us.

HMS Dauntless will set sail for the Falkland Islands very soon, armed with a battery of missiles that could "take out all of South America's fighter aircraft let alone Argentina's," according to one Navy source. And we hope a few American planes if the little coprolite in The White House is fool enough to try to back up his windbaggery. The Daily Stirrer has nothing against American service personnel but if they are not brave enough to mutinily against that anti American scum sucking spawn of a pox whore's scab louse, that wannabe dictator of the world who was fraudulently put into the Presidency they must take what is coming to them.

The Type 45 destroyer is the most advanced anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic ship in the world equipped with 48 Sea Viper missiles and the Sampson radar, which is more advanced than Heathrow air traffic control.

"It can shoot down Argentine fighters as soon as they take off from they bases," said another Navy source. "This will give Buenos Aires serious pause for thought."

The ship is in a league of its own in air defence able to track dozens of multiple targets. And what's more if the Racist in Chief lets his hatred of the British get the better of what little sense he has, we have a few more Type 45s in reserve.

The deployment of Dauntless, expected in late March, comes as Argentina has stepped up its sabre rattling over possession of the islands with a ban on all Falkland registered ships in South American ports. Meanwhile Bammy who must surely have escapred from a loony bin in California, the biggist lunatic asylum in the world, is winding up for a new midlle east war with Iran and pushing for military intervention in Syria. Both these nations are supported by Russia and China, two nations only a complete psycho would seek conflict with.

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Education: Thousands Of Mickey Mouse Qualifications To Be Dumped

More than 3,000 Mickey Mouse qualifications are being removed from official league tables to stop schools playing the system to boost rankings, the Education department announced today.

Courses in subjects such as horse care, retailing, nail technology, beauty therapy and practical office skills will no longer be listed as equivalent to four GCSEs under new plans. The change is being made by the Department for Education as part of sweeping reforms designed to raise school standards and stop teachers pushing teenagers onto inappropriate qualifications.

For over ten years rising numbers of oddball vocational courses including things like skydiving have been accredited for inclusion in league tables amid claims they should be seen as equal value to academic subjects.

A report last year by Alison Wolf, professor of public sector management at King's College London, claimed the system created perverse incentives for some schools, meaning in order to hoilst a bum school up Blair's "league tables" pupils were pushed onto courses where it is possible to get a good grade just by turning up.

Today, it will be announced that the number of courses offered as equivalent to GCSEs will be cut from 3,175 to just 125. Of those, just 70 will count towards the main measure of school performance pupils gaining five A* to C grades. .Here again, political correctness has allowed stuoid subjects like Beatles studies, Multiculturalism and Feminism have crept in

The change will be made to the 2014 school performance tables but is expected to be resisted by teaching unions because it will mean teachers have to get some work done.

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30 January 2012

Led By The Emperor Obama, The United States, Israel, and Europe are moving closer to war with Iran

Nobody wants war and particularly not with a nation of 80 million people that numbers Russia and China among it's allies. Nobody that is except the totally bonkers Barack Hussein Obama who seems to think Iran, backed by two of the world's military superpowers, will be a pushover as pariah state Libya with its population of five million was.
Read Full Post:

Led ByObama, The United States, Israel, and Europe move closer to war with Iran

First Libya. next Syrian then The World for The Emperor Obama?Led by The All Conquering Emperor Obama, jingoistic calls for military invervention are gaining volume if not support. Well OK we know the great peacemaker hopes a middle east war will save his Presidency as Iraq saved Bush's but just as more than half of Libyans supported Gadaffi so, according to polls conducted by western firms, more than half of all Syrians support Assad. The only justification for war then is Obama's need to inflate his ego.
Iran: Britain could send military reinforcements to GulfBritain could send military reinforcements back to the Persian Gulf region if the dispute with between Obamaland and Iran's theocratioc regime escalates, according to Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary. He said the decision to send ...
Syria Sends Tanks Into DaraaOn the day that William (The Mekon) Hague announced with an honesty refreshing in a politician that we are in Libya 'for the long haul' the latest news from Syria suggests that country is moving towards civil war too. Let's hope our politicans have the moust to sense what is happening in the middle east and keep us out of ...

The West Could Be Helping Al Qaeda In LibyaThe long reign of Colonel Gaddafi in Libyan staggers on. Fortunes of the rag tag army of rebels ebb and flow as the official army, loyal to Gadaffi, better trained and equipped than their opponents and able to choose their ground where they will stand and fight sure that their efforts will not be curtailed by western air strikes, easily push back every rush by those who would overthrow the Colonel. Many western leaders and opinion makers, foremost among them ...

Libya and Bahrain Crisis Threatens Western EconomiesOil prices rose sharply on when msarkets in the west opened on Monday morning. Air strikes on Colonel Gaddafi's military sites in Libya and news of increasing unrest from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have increased fears of a supply disruption ...
John Major Supports Call For military Intervention In LibyaAs the uprising against the rule of Muammar (Mad Dog) Gadaffi looks increasingly likely to turn into full scale civil war and a humanitarian crisis former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major has joined current leader David Cameron and other European leaders in calling for military intervention ...

Will America Cope With The Fall Of It's Middle East EmpireAmerica has suffered a second traumatic blow to its global political hegemony as the regimes it has propped up for decades in the middle east crumble. Mubarak in Egypt and Gadaffi in Libya were unsavoury tyrants to be sure but they were pro America and willing to collaborate with the west. Now on the heels of the financial meltdown we face a global oil crisis.
Songs Of War - an anti war poem.

At Least Britain Has It's Own Currency Dukle Of York Tells EU Single Nations Proponents

by Ed Butt

The Daily Stirrer does not have much time for Royalty and so we seldom mention them. But when a Royal Prince (fat Andy) stands up for British sovereigny and by extension the national sovereignty of the EU's other member nations which is gradually being eroded by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, fair play to him.

Addressing an audience of businessmen attending the Davos summit in Switzerland, the Duke urged foreign companies to invest in the UK rather than other European countries because unlike the nations that are in a desperate hurry to surrender sovereignty to the central bureaucracy with its plethora of restrictive laws, rules and guidelines, Britain is open for business.

The remarks were made at a private cocktail party attended by international business leaders and politicians who have gathered in the ski resort for the World Economic Forum but there can be no doubt they were intended to be published to a wider audience.

Chancellor George Osborne and London Mayor Boris Johnson were also at the reception hosted by the Prince Andy to promote British business.

According to witnesses, quoted in the Mail on Sunday, the Duke said in his welcoming speech: The message to get across here tonight is that Britain is open for business unlike one or two other countries I could mention."

To applause, he added: And what is more, we have our own currency. Go for it Andy.

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At Least Britain Has It's Own Currency Dukle Of York Tells EU Single Nations Proponents

More Old People Are Falling Through Gaps In The Care System

by Xavier Connolly

Old people are increasingly being let down by a lack of co-operation and communication between the NHS and council-run social care, MPs looking at the crisis in care will reporert this week.

Conclusuions drawn from a study by the all-party health select committee are expected to lead to a recommendation that the two budgets be pooled to prevent bureaucratic wrangling over who pays for care.

Dr Dan Poulter, a Conservative MP on the committee, said too many elderly people in genuine need of care were "falling through the gaps" between the services.

He said previous gpovernment's decision to allow GPs to delegte responsibility for out of hours care had been "the single biggest disaster in medical care" in a decade, causing more old people to attend hospital casualty departments because they had nowhere else to turn.

"The divide between health and social care has got a lot worse in the last five years," he said. "You end up with a series of endless turf wars between the diferent bureaucratic empires about who is paying for what. All that front line health care professionals should have to be concerned about is the needs of their patients."

Since he was elected to parliament in 2010, Dr Poulter, who specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology, has continued to work in hospitals during holidays.

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28 January 2012

Gay Marriage Row Set To Erupt Again

by Ed Butt
Led by that evil little crypto - Nazi Peter Tachell they Gay lobby are turning up the whineometer to extra loud as they once again demand that gays be given the same right as the rest of us enjoy, the right to marry. You might think gays already have the right to marry, after alo Hello Magazine is full of pictures of trud burlsar and rug muncher coulpes getting hitched every week.

Sadly civil ceremonies are not enough for a supperating syphilis sore on the bell end of humanity like Tachell or supporters. No, he is demanding that gays have the same "right" to marry in church as the rest of us.. Natutally this is not going down well in some quarters:

from The Guardian
Dr John Sentamu, the second most senior bishop in the Church of England, said the church did not object to the introduction of civil partnerships in 2004, but that marriage should only be between men and women.

The government should not overturn centuries of tradition by legalising gay marriage, the archbishop of York has said.

"If you genuinely would like the registration of civil partnerships to happen in a more general way, most people will say they can see the drift," he said. "But if you begin to call those marriage, you're trying to change the English language."

"I don't think it is the role of the state to define what marriage is. It is set in tradition and history and you can't just [change it] overnight, no matter how powerful you are," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"We've seen dictators do it in different contexts, and I don't want to redefine very clear social structures that have been in existence for a long time and then overnight the state believes it could go in a particular way."

The archbishop's comments were denounced by the gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, kicking off a skirmish that precedes the government's consultation on gay marriage in March.

The point crypto - Stalinist Tachell is wilfully ignoring and most people in who support him are missing in their frenzy of leftist, politically correct self righteousness is nobody has the right to be married.

We might call civil ceremonies weddings but there is not the spiritual aspect attached to church weddings. When I have mentioned in threads on marriage related topics that I had to seek approval and jump through a few hoops people have called me a hypocrite for setting aside my non theist beliefs. But my wife was a Catholic (already lapsed then but not willing to upset her family and I considered I had no right to make her alienate herself from that family.

When we talk about rights the left are always far too eager to forget that everybody's rights are equally important, even those of Christian churchgoers. The sel righteous left cannt choose groups such as gays whose rights take precedence over other peoples. And how would laws on gay marriage work. You can't give mosques exemption from the law without giving catholics the same exemption because both Islam and Catholicism are do not accept homosexuality. But to impose such a requirement on Muslims would be racist and curtail their right to practice their religion.

On top of all that, if the government caves in to whingers like Tachell there will be an enormous backlash against gays because while the London metropolitan elite are obsessed with gay rights the cause has little support and much opposition in the real world outside the M25. What good will a return to gay bashing do anyone?

Labour Equalities Bill Will Cause More InequalityThe Equalities Bill, passed by the previous Labour government before they were ejected from power becomes law today. This farrago is typical of the imbecilic mindset of the self righteous hypocrites who style themselves the progressive left. Presented as a law in support of equality in the workplace , in this era of pandemic joblessness and perpetual financial crisis it is nothing but an attack on the businesses that provide the real, wealth producing, revenue generating jobs in the private sector. Identities On ParadeEvery day we hear stories of the idiocies perpetrated by the Politically Correct Thought Police who in their zeal for being fair to ethnic, gender and sexual minorities only succeed in being unfair to everybody. This story of a Britisht army military tribunral and a case of discrimination against a woman soldier it is hearing reaches unprecedented levels of stupidity even for the Politically Correct idiots Are Feminists More Evil Than NazisA campaign by feiminists and lefties to get t shirts will slightly sexist slogans withdrawn from sale shows how authoritarian the progressive left are prepared to be in imposing their warped moral values on everybody.
The Human Rights Act Needs To Go Says Top ConservativeCoalition government Home Secretary Theresa May, the most senior Conservative minister after David Cameron and George Osborne told the party conference in Manchester, "The Human Rights act has to go.. She said: 'Cutting immigration is what the people want.' The Border Police Command needed to be reorganised the minister said, telling her audience:
HREF="politically-correct-culture.shtml">At Last The Left's Politically Correct Agenda Is Being Questioned - We Can Discuss Poverty, Race and Single PatenthoodWith Germany's leader Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron both recently declaring multiculturalism dead and many commentators starting to question the Politically Correct orthodoxy on issues like race, sexuality and single parent families are we al last smashing down the barrier that has prevented the sensible policies on many social problems being adopted.
Everything They Said Is Bad For You Is Good For You.Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pleasuredome Nanny State's Politically Correct Thought Police are now using CAll Me Dave's Dave's nudger try to nudge us towards being better citizens, eating more shite and refusing things we like, drinking less booze, smoking less ciggies, avoiding dangerous sports like bowls and tiddleywinks, driving less miles in a less cavalier fashion and being less idle (unless of course being idle is the alternative to driving, boozing, eating or enjoying yourself by doing things the Thought Police do not like.
Liberal? What Does That Mean?What is a liberal? Is it something to do with the kind of politically correct thinking that obsesses over minority rights while seeking to marginalise mainstream society? Is liberalism an authoritarian system that seeks to impose politically correct left wing ideology on everybody. Or is a liberal, as is argued here, a very respectable political postion whose name has been usurped by people reluctant to acknowledge their inner Nazi.

Liberal DilemmaThe progresive left, the politically correct Thought Police, are big on supporting all minorities in their pursuit of their rights and in preaching tolerance and diversity to society at large. But what happens when two of those precipous minorities, say for example Muslims and feminists come into conflict on some issue.
Going Halal In Harrow - Going Gay In RomeAs America divides politically again over plans to build a Muslim centre with prayer room (its not a Mosque OK) close to the site of the World Trade Centre destroyed in 2001 by Muslim Terrorists, Britain has a few divisions of its own brewing on a smaller scale of course. One involves Muslims and Halal meat in schools, in the other the gay rights lobby, famed for demanding tolerance, are showing no tolerance towards Roman Catholic religious principles.
Sleeping With ConservativesCould You Hug A Tory asks a feature in The Guardian some time ago. Several typical Guardian writers describe their feelings of fear and loathing when, purely in the interests of science of course, they hugged prominent members of the Conservative Party. Me? Sex is non political. The last thing I worry about when a woman I fancy smiles at me is her politics
There's A Lot Of It About

27 January 2012

Spare Us The Identity Politics

It is a characteristic of the era in which we live that the assaults of the collectivist, authoritarian left on the traditional value that hold nations buit on the Graeco Roman culture together has created identity politics, one of the most destructive trends of the past half century. The human rights movement having gasined roughly equal rights in most developed nations turned its attention to minority rights. They obsess about gay rights, Muslims rights, black rights, children'r rights and womens rights as if these ynthetic minorities are in fact homogenous groups. In fact there are various factions within all the politically correct groupings created by leftists and "progressive liberals".

It is ridiculous (and a denigration of their rights surely) to pretend all gay men are supporters of left wing political groups as it is ignorasnt and demeaning to describe all gay men as artistic and creative. There are gays, out of the closet ones, who are quite right wing in their views. There are gay men who have little interest in interior decor, who do noit care for the arts.

One of the most ridiculous generalisations of the left however is the way they talk about womens' issues as if all women are concerned about the same issues or think the same way about everything. To make such assumptions is demeaning to independent minded and individualistic women.

One woman who agrees with me on this is Ruth Porter is the communications director for the Institute of Economic Affairs Writing in The Daily Telegraph she says:

Girls, girls, girls: its time we draw a line under the obsession with women and "our" issues. The level of debate over feminism reached a new low this week with the discussion between Laurie Penny and Louise Mensch on Newsnight.

The media is fascinated by this issue, either focusing on the battleground for womens votes or on topics such as whether BBC Radio 4's Today programme has enough of us on. Newsnight seems to be leading the charge with its all-women panels. I suspect its got to a point where feminism is now being given disproportionate air time, but no ones done a study on thas yet.

Well there's nothing quite like a girl fight to pull in the viewers. But what was the scrap all about. Ruth says:

Its not often I agree with Laurie Penny over Louise Mensch, but on one key point I do. At the start of the discussion, teasingly chaired by Paxman, Laurie remarked: There are many different types of feminism, but some of them are wrong. No one would think that a particularly controversial comment, but Louise didnt agree: I dont necessarily think there is a wrong kind of feminism," she said. "There are maybe different types of feminism, but they want to get to the same goal. This in some ways is the crux of the matter. There are many different types of feminism, some based on ideas of sexual difference, others on a focus on androgyny; there are schools of feminism in a neo-Marxist tradition that look at power relationships between people, and there are others focused on the rights agenda.

Well that's getting down to it. We get back to the left's glib assumption that there is only one corerect way of looking at any issue, and to disagree with the orthodoxy of the collectivist, politicall correct agenda on anything is proff that one is wrong. One of the dogmas of the agenda driven left is that science is always right. Another is thaty "human rights issues trump economic collapse, food shortages, water shortages, an unemployment crisis, the appalling standard of education instate schools, the dysfunctional National Health Service and a crisis opf democracy as the leftist, authoritarian bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels drag us ever closer to becoming part of a Euopean superstate.

Read the rest of Ruth Porters article here:

Women are as diverse as men. They have widely differing views and interests. Strangely the left, the part of the political spectrum who are always screaming abouy "diversity" are the ones always eager to impose uniformity on individuals. Hypocrites.

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Will Warmageddonists Tel Us Where The Missing Heat Is Or Shut The Fuck Up

by XAvier Connolly
After recent revelations from NASA and NOAA that the earth is not warming as quickly as climate scientists mathematical models predict, the Warmageddonist loobby came up with a ridiculous (even by their standards) respose that some of the heat has gone missing. Respected global warming sceptic Judith Curry has wriiten Where's The Missing Heat which shows Earths missing heat might not be missing after all. Thats the conclusion of a new study that examines how accurately satellites and floating ocean instruments track the flow of energy from the sun to Earth and back again"

A good comment by stefanthedenier dishes the Warmageddonisds arguement very succinctly.

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26 January 2012

David Cameron Blames Madness Of Bussels Red Tape For Euro Crisis

Speaking at the EU economic forum in Davos, Switzerland The Prime Minister said Europe is still in a perilous time (up shit creek to you and me) because of its debts and the financial burden of over - generous statutory welfare systems. He told the gathering the EU Central Bureaucracy must stop throttling growth with pointless rules and regulations. Mr. Cameron urged his fellow leaders not to impose a tax on financial transactions that will cost thousands of jobs in financial centres, see banks migrate to business friendly offshore regimes and hamstring economic recovery at a fragile time. Speaking to an audience of the globe's business elite, Mr Cameron also cast doubt on the future of the euro. He said it was difficult to have a single currency without deep financial integration between countries, collective debt and a strong central bank behind it. "Currently it's not that the eurozone doesn't have all of these, it's that it doesn't really have any of these," he said, drawing laughter from the audience. The Daily Stirrer has always said the problems of the single currency were inevitable because splicing together such disparate economies as Germany and Greece was economic lunacy and only undertaken in order to advance the European superstate agenda of the International crypto marxist "progressive liberals." We are not alone however in mistrusting the Bureau Rats of Brussels: Britain the home of Euroscepticism
Distrust of Europe seems inherently British, born of geographic distance and political loyalties

Marine Le Pen: the face of French Euroscepticism The far right is not alone in rejecting the European project, but the National Front leader has made the cause her own

Italy's Northern League: Eurosceptics with their own pan-European project
The League has set out plans to form a new country including northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria and Savoy

Debt crisis hardens Eurosceptics' antipathy in Poland Opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski campaigned for EU membership, but has been outraged by calls for federalism

Add to all that the success of the True Finns in Finland's most recent election, the line taken by former Czech President the late Vaclsav Havel and his succesors, the growing strength of the nationalist right in Holland and Germany and anti European feelings in Portugal, Spain and Greece and it becomes clear Europe's crisis is not just financial but political too.

Greece Steps Closer To EU Exit The likelihood of Greece defaulting on its debt obligations a traumatic ejection from the European Monetary System ( Euro ) moved a step closer last yesterday as eurozone finance ministers called off a crucial meeting that was intended to negotiate the terms of the next bailout to the bankrupt nation. The Brussels (B)euro(c)rats accused Athens of failing to ...

More taxayers money needed to bail out Greece as banks back off
Euro crisis? It's the sovereignty, stupidPresident Bill Clinton swung the 1992 presidential election campaign in his favour when his chief political strategist, James Carville, hung a sign in the Clinton campaign HQ that read, It's The Economy Stupid. Yesterday as the German economy boomed voters sent Angela Merkel a different message. Eurozone, the new bureaucratic empireThe apopointment by Brussels of EU gravy train riding career bureaucrats to runGreece and Italy poses a threat to our nations we should all be aware of Eurogeddon: Will the euro debt crisis destroy an ancient cukltureour finance expert John de Roe analyses the latest bureaucratic scam that claims to have saved the European single currency but in reality is only another attempt to scam German taxpayers. Euro Salvation: It will take more than financial tinkeringAre European leaders putting the New World Oder agenda ahead of voters interests as they sit in Brussels cooking up a deal to save the Euro single currency and dump the deebt crisis on taxpayers Europe: Are we sacrificing the future to save the Euro?Is it really worth sacrificing the euro to save the future as our leaders seem to believe. Or is there another agenda in which us ordinary punters were never going to have a future anyway? Britain and the European SuperstateWhen we joined the E U we were told it was a benign trading club for old nations. Now it turns out the intention all along was to create a single European superstate, destroying ancient nations and cultures in the process. European Unity ShattersOver the past few days there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth from control freaks of the progressive left about David Cameron's flat refusal to regulation of Britain's financial affairs by unelected bureaucrats from Brussels. Now other nations are backing off too.

25 January 2012

Obama's Re - election bit will gamble on foreign quarrels and class war

The annual ritual in which the President lays out for the public just where their nation stands and where it is going was a typical Obama speech, vacuous windbaggery punctuated with self aggrandizement, overloaded with personal pronouns and very short on substance. One of Obama's critics said The President is at his best when reading things off an autocue. If this was the President best America is ever more FUBAR than anyone thought.

Obama attacked widening income inequality as the theme that will set set the tone for his re-election bid.He emphasised the importance of an economy that works for everyone, in the nationally televised address to Congress. The speech saw a renewal of Obama's "tax the rich" manta calling for higher taxes on the "wealthy" without actually bothering to define who the wealthy are. Tax hikes are something Republicans will oppose tooth and nail. They will not be an effective remedy for the nation's economic ills as wealth is mostly tied up in non - taxable assets, something the economically illiterate Obama has not learned in his years in office.

He went on to say the US economy is on the mend, but unemployment remains high at 8.5%. True and the government's debt burden now stands at over $15 trillion, up almost 50% on the level it stood at when Obama took office.

Moving on from economic to social issues Bammy said he would strive to reclaim American values: "We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. What's at stake are not Democratic values or Republican values, but American values. We have to reclaim them," he said.

Mr Obama said the economy was bouncing back from the 2007-09 recession, a statement that is clearly untrue.

He sounded a warning to his conservative opponents, as he added: "I intend to fight obstruction with action, and I will oppose any effort to return to the very same policies that brought on this economic crisis in the first place." This probably means if re - elected but with Republican majorities in both houses of Congress he intends to ram his legislative programme through by signing executive orders to by - pass the democratic process. This would delight his supporters who like to style themselves "liberals" and "democrats" but have been calling on the Obamessiah to rule as a tyrant since a few days after he took office. Apparently the liberals do not know what "liberal" means and the democrats hold democracy in contempt.

Mr Obama also made a renewed call for his Buffett Rule - a principle that millionaires should not pay a lower tax rate than typical workers. The idea is named after Warren Buffett, the legendary chief of Berkshire Hathaway a huge and obscenely profitable investment company, who famously complained that his secretary pays a higher rate of tax than he does.

Pledging no tax increases for those earning under $250,000 (160,000), Mr Obama said: "If you make more than $1 million a year, you should not pay less than 30% in taxes."

"Now, you can call this class warfare all you want," he added. "But asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes? Most Americans would call that common sense." Not really, Most Americans have enough common sense to know people like Warren Buffet have their billions tied up in a web of offshore companies and can move money around between them so it stays ahead of tax deadlines.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, delivering the Republican Party's response to Mr Obama's speech, called it "pro-poverty".He said: "No feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us, to curry favour with some Americans by castigating others."

The address will put the focus back on the President for a while, probably he is hoping it will keep him in the public eye until Iran can be provoke into an act of aggression against American interests. Obie seems to be gambling that another middle east war will do for his re - election campaign what Iraq did for George W. Bush's. Somehow, in spite of all the bloated rhetoric, The Daily Stirrer can't see Americans falling for it a second time.

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24 January 2012

Iran: Britain could send military reinforcements to Gulf

by Ed Butt

Britain could send military reinforcements back to the Persian Gulf region if the dispute with betwen Obamaland and Iran's theocratioc regime escalates, according to Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary.

He said the decision to send HMS Argyll as part of an international flotilla of warships through the sensitive Strait of Hormuz on Sunday sent a "clear signal" to Tehran.

The deployment defied explicit Iranian threats to close the waterway. It coincided with an escalation in the West's confrontation with Iran over the country's nuclear ambitions.

Iran has threatened to close the strait through which 35 per cent of the world's tanker-borne oil exports pass in retaliation for sanctions against its oil exports.

The EU announced on Monday (Jan 23) it would impose an embargo on Iranian oil as part of sanctions imposed in an attempt to halt the rogue state's nuclear programme.

The measures include an immediate embargo on new contracts for crude oil and petroleum products while existing ones are allowed to run until July.

No, no and thrice no, says the Daily Stirrer. Britain must not become involved as Obama's proxy in another skirmish in the war on national sovereignty the jug eared steak of piss in The White , WEeltzfuhrer Obama is waging on behald of his faceless paymasters, the international bastards of the Bilderberg Group who really control the destinity of western civilisation and whose New World Order Agenda agenda is to abolish sovereign and democratic nations and create a global government.

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Massive Solar Radiation Storm Set To Hit Earth

The Daily Stirrere has told you all along that the climate change doom and gloom merchants and the climate science tax eaters were a bunch of con men whose aim was to divert our attention from the real threats facing humanity, some of which are man made (but not related to carbon emissions) and some which are natural and completely beyond the control of smart arse scientists, the pompous politicians who fund them or anybody else. Today we bring you news of a natural threat.

..A potent solar flare has unleashed the biggest radiation storm since 2005 and could disrupt some satellite communications in the polar regions, US space weather monitors said Monday.The event started late Sunday with a moderate-sized solar flare that erupted right near the center of the Sun, said Doug Biesecker, a physicist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Weather Prediction Center.

"The flare itself was nothing spectacular, but it sent off a very fast coronal mass ejection traveling four million miles per hour (6.4 million kilometers per hour)," he told AFP.A rush of radiation in the form of solar protons already has begun bombarding the Earth and is likely to continue through Wednesday.

The radiation storm is the largest of its kind since 2005 but still ranks only a three on the scale of one to five, enough to be considered "strong" but not "severe," he added. NOAA said its website the S3 ranking means "it could, e.g., cause isolated reboots of computers onboard Earth-orbiting satellites and interfere with polar radio communications."

Biesecker said that when it comes to radiation storms, the polar regions are affected most. For instance, the storm could spell disruptions to airline flights, oil operations, Arctic exploration and space satellites.

Night-sky viewers in Asia and Europe may be able to witness the aurora, or Northern Lights, late Tuesday as a result of the storm. "We don't expect major impacts from an event like this," Biesecker said.

From Yahoo News According to experts GPS (global positioning system) are the most likely technology to be affected. This may not be a bad thing as without tyheir sat nav rivers will have to use a bit of common sense and will maybe realise as they drive a VW Golf along a dirt track in the Welsh Mountains en route from Glasgow to Hull, steer an ASDA delivey van down a bridle path until it becomes wedged between the high banks of either side or boot a Transit up a walkers route in the Alps until it is way above the snowline (that one had to be rescued by helicopter) that they have gone wrong somewhere and should LOOK AT AN EFFING MAP.

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23 January, 2012

Nick Clegg: housing benefit reform will not cause 'mass homelessness'

by Xavier Connolly
Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has scorned the doom and gloom merchants who predict that thousands of families in London and the South East would be forced out of their homes by the coalition government's proposed cap on welfare benefits.

Mr Clegg said that while there was a need to reconsider "transitional arrangements" for introducing the benefits cap, he supported the principle behind it.

"I completely back Pensions and Benefirs Iain Duncan Smith on this," he said in an interview on BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show.

"It surely can't be fair, it can't be right, that you can be receiving more on benefits than someone going out earning 35,000 which is the equivalent if you were to go out and work."

Campaigners say to cap benefits at 26,000 a year would cause homelessness as new limits on housing benefit will force people to move out of expensive areas.

But Mr Clegg said: "This is not going to be some sort of punitive programme of mass homelessness. Of course the coalition will not allow that to happen."

The fact is we have a housing crisis in Britain, mostly down to the war on the working class waged the Thatcher / Major governments (but mostly Margaret Thatcher) of 1979 - 97 and the loonytoons economics of Labour between 1997 and 2010. There is no municipal house bilding programme now and house prices have been forced so high young people cannot afford to buy unless they are fortunate enough to have parents who can help. But even that avenue into the housing market is being squeezed as those middle aged people see their savings and pension funds being eroded by inflation and devaluation.

Clegg is right for once to play down the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from lefties who would like all the "poor" (i.e. anyone not in the hated one per cent) to live in a luxurious mansion and be given 1000 a week at the taxpayers expense although it does not occur to these Trotskyite cupid stunts that if you make being unemployed such an attractive proposition nobody will have to be arsed getting some work done and earning a crist to pay for it all.

Never mind all those vote-for-a-dog-turd-if-it-was-waering-a-labour-rosette Dr. Pangloss types who think al is for the best in this the best of all possible worlds and are convinced the taxpaers one and all have a bottomless pit of money from which they could be funding all the acid heads, coke heads, dope heads, dick heads, no marks, scallies, work dodgers, paternity dodgers, scumbags, arseholes and other supperating syphilis sores on the bell end of mankind. We cannot, nor have we any reesponsibility to put up Somali shit-kickers and their six wives and 10 million kids in London mansions at 3,000 a week, not do we have any responsibility for British born white parasites who run around fathering children on fuckwitted female window lickers and then persuade their "lovers" to kep them while they booze away all the child benefit. This insanity has to stop.

The welfare state was designed to provide a subsistence lifestyle not to keep useless fuckers in the style to which the rest of us are accustomed.

RELATED POSTS: Unemployment Rockets To Highest In 17 YearsHere we look at latest UK employment figures as the number of jobless people continues to rise and the number of available jobs to fall ...

Young Hope For Housing CrashThe burden of student debts imposed on young people by a misguided education policy that has left the nation with a surfeit of media studies graduates and a shortage of practical skills is also having dire social consequences in other ways.

Poverty and Common SenseTwo stories, both concerning jobs, one on poverty and one on benefits sat next to each other on the BBC website today. They made me think once again about the insanity that seems to have infected the nations of the developed world.

When The Cutting BeginsAs the coalition settles into its new job and the words of former chief treasury secretary Liam Byrne, 'There is no money left' reverbrate how will the new team set about reducing the deficit and mountian of debt, creating jobs and sorting out the financial mess left by Labour?

The Coalition Must Not Be Sucked Into The 'Progressive' Left' War On The FamilySince before the 1970s, since before the communists overthrew the Tsar in Russia, since the day Kark Marx condemnede faily life in his Communist Manifesto, the left or 'progressive left' as they now style themselves has been making war on family life and promoting the usurpation of the role of parents by the agencies of the state.
by Ian R Thorpe.

While Socialist Occupy Protstors Call Punitive Tax On Weath, Socialist Tony Blair Pays 5% Tax

Daily Stirrer writers have told you often what a bunch of hypocrites and self serving scumbags lefties are. More moderate souls may blanch at such language and tell us it is not the way to win an arguement. Well in our experience (and we all have a lot of experience) there is no more chance of persuading a leftie to let go of their certyainties and open their minds to other possibilities than of persuading a doorstep evangelist to convert to atheism. So let us tell you the story of a leftie (a former Labour Prime Minister) and his tax return.

For most people, getting the sack is the start of a tsunami of financial troubles. Not for Tony Blair however. The former Prime Ministers, traitor and war criminal's removal from Downing Street opened the door to great wealth, privilege and a lucrative career as felcher in chief to the rich and powerful.

But a income of over lthough his income was 12 million the last financial year, Mr Blair only paid 315,000 in tax or less than 5%.

How is that possible?

Two short words. Blair Inc.

The former Labour (and remember Labour claims to be "The People's Party) leader's huge income derives from an almost impetestrable web off offshore shell companies unofficially known as Blair Inc. This complicated network not only allows the full extent of Blairs earnings to remain hidden, it allows money to be kept on the move, always just ahead of tax deadlines.

The 12 million income, up 42% on the previous year, was filed by Windrush Ventures, one of Mr Blairs many companies, this particular one being registered in a Caribbean tax haven. However, almost 11 million of this income was written off as administrative expenses and hence classed as tax allowable.

This brought total profits for the company down to just over 1 million. Corporation tax was levied on this at 28%, resulting in a bill of just 315,000.

City accountants have been scratching their heads at this large expenses figure. The accounts show that Mr Blair paid 2.3 million in wages to 26 staff in the last tax year. A further 300,000 went on office equipment, while 550,000 was spent on rent for Mr Blairs Mayfair business base.

Now in my heyday I had to set up a corporation, one of hundreds of Information Technology freelancers forced to do so by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. When I submitted my accounts showing 30% operating expenses the taxman queried every item. And go my expenses down to 28%. The Irony was though making freelancers operate limited companies was supposed to stamp on tax evasion all the specialists working in various fields were just that, specialists in our field and thus not well equipped to navigate the labyrinth of tax and corporate law that governs corporate entities.

So we all hired accountants who were specialists in the field we freelancers were not. And those accountants earned their fees by ensuring of finances were arranged in such a way that the Revenue service ended up with much less than we would have been happy to pay had they left us alone.

If any freelancing professionals had gone to their accountants and tried to say their operating expences were over ninety per cent of company revenue however, they would have been shown the door. So why not Blair? And why are the Revenue not crawling over his business affairs to find out what he has ben up to. As things stand almost 8 million of expenses completely unaccounted for in his company accounts. And that obly covers the earnings we know about, not including gratuities from various oli sheiks, unsavoury third world tyrants, Bilderbergers and New World Order shits in recognition of services rendered.

Much of this figure may have gone towards footing the frequent overseas trips made by Mr Blair and his business entourage. Analysis by The Sunday Telegraph this week revealed that in just 12 months, the former PM made 61 trips abroad totalling almost 224,000 miles of travel.

Most of those trips involved public speaking engagements or "consultancy" (schmoozing) and of course the earnings from such activities would be paid to one of Blair's corporations operating out of a pigeon hole in a mail drop address in one of those little nations not known for the transparency of it's ompany laws and financial regulation.

Blair's attitude to wealth and tax is typical of the lefties who form the new elite. One law for them, another for the rest of us.

How To Minimise Your Tax Bill (from Yahoo News)

How to do it...

Practically, setting up your own business will garner the largest tax advantages if your earnings are high enough to push you into the upper income tax brackets (as Mr Blairs do).

All business profits are subject to Corporation Tax. This is charged at 20% for profits under 300,000. A marginal (inclining) rate is charged if profits are between 300,000 and 1.5 million and the full rate of 26% (25% in the 2012/13 tax year) is levied on profits exceeding 1.5 million. However these profit boundaries apply after tax allowable expenses including your own salary have been deducted.

The idea is to take a salary out of these takings that is taxed at the 20% income tax rate.

An example...

Say your business took 300,000 of income in the 2011/12 tax year. The first job is to write off any allowable expenses. For this example lets peg this figure at 100,000 made up of a 35,000 salary for yourself and 65,000 for other admin costs.

These expenses can then be written off immediately, leaving profits of 200,000. Corporation tax at 20% is due on this, giving a bill of 40,000.

Meanwhile your 35,000 salary is subject to 20% basic rate income tax, after youve had your personal allowance, which stands at 7,475 this year. So 27,525 of your salary is subject to a 20% levy, giving an income tax bill of 5,505 and a net pay packet for the year of 29,495, minus National Insurance of course.

So your total tax bill for the year with salary would come to 45,505. Thats 15.16% of your original 300,000 income. And even when you take expenses out of the equation, youre still not paying any more than 20% tax equivalent to a basic rate earner on any of your profits.

In context, if you had earned 300,000 from a full time or self-employed job (after expenses), income tax at 50% would be levied.

In addition, the remaining 160,000 sitting in the business account can be used to fund your pension (tax free), pay out dividends or finance directors loans: three extremely tax-advantageous ways to make the most of your company cash.

Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz over EU oil sanctions

A senior member of Iran's parliament said on Monday the Islamic Republic would close the entry point to the Gulf if new sanctions block its oil exports, reiterating a threat made by officials a month ago that caused a temporary oil price spike.

Propelled by the cretinous foreign policy of the Idiot - President Obama, the situation seems to be rapidly worsening in the gulf.

Read full story

21 January 2012

Obama Prepares To Kick Off War With Iran.

We Old Gits who write The Daily Strrer love to say, with the obligatory show of false modesty, we told you so. And we get to indulge in this pleasure quite often as we are always right. So as we have predicted the US was preparing foir war with Iran several times of the thre years since we started The Daily Stirrer you might wel ask "Will they admit they were wrong on this one? Well we would be happy to admit we were wrong had we been wrong. Things are never what they seem to be however and even while Barack Hussain Obama is claiming to seek rapporaochment with the regegade theological regime in Tehran, the US naval presence in the waters of the Persian Gulf is being stepped up, economic sanctions are hitting Iran's people hard, US sympathisers among the regimes opponents are strirring up resentment of the government and US special forces are operating within Iran.

That might not amount to war in most people's estimation but with even war crazy egomaniac Emperor Obama has had to understand that Russia and China were hugely pisssed of about the deception used by the west in Libya. A UN resolution that permitted US and NATO (mostly Britain and France) to enforce a no - fly zone over rebel held areas was used by the west to pursue a war aimed at bringing about regime change.

As well as the brutal bombing campaign that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Libyan civilians, the west also armed the rebrel rabble and had special forces operating in Libyan territory. That is how war is waged these days. Russia and China wil not stand for such New World Order Imperalism again however and those are two nations everyone (except the Emperor Obama is seems) is wise enough to know you don't want to fuck about with.

The Daily Stirrer has learned this via IRGC, the Iranian state news agency in Tehran:

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Saturday it considered the deployment of U.S. warships to the Gulf part of their routine activity, apparently backing away from previous warnings to Washington not to enter the area.

"U.S. warships and military forces have been in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East region for many years and their decision in relation to the despatch of a new warship is not a new issue and it should be interpreted as part of their permanent presence," IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami told the official IRNA news agency.

The comment may be seen as an effort to reduce tensions that rose sharply this month when Iran threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz - the vital shipping lane for oil shipments out of the Gulf - if new sanctions hit its crude exports.

Crude prices have spiked several times on fear of military conflict and uncertainty about the effect of sanctions on the global oil market.

There has been no U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf since the USS John C. Stennis left at the end of December. On January 3, Iran told the Stennis not to return - an order interpreted by some observers in Iran and Washington as a blanket threat to any U.S. carriers.

"I recommend and emphasize to the American carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf," Iran's army chief, Major General Ataollah Salehi, said at the time. "We are not in the habit of warning more than once."

Washington has said it does not expect any problems the next time its ships enter the Gulf. The Pentagon, citing operational security, will not say when the next carrier will pass through the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran also announced it planned to hold naval exercises in the strait and the Gulf very soon. Salami told IRNA these would go ahead as planned in the Iranian month of Bahman which runs from January 21 to February 19.

In other words if the US pulled its Aircraft Carrier out before Iran softened it's line, it's round one to Iran.

Israel and USA war covert war on Iran.
Former US intelligence officials and Iran experts believe the USA and Israel are already 'involved in covert war against Iran with the aim of bringing about regime change in that country. It is rumoured last month's explosion at a military base near Tehran was part of a covert effort by the US, Israel and other states to overthrow the Islamist regime disable Iran's nuclear and missile programmes, The Los Angeles Times reported late on Sunday.

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On the day that William (The Mekon) Hague announced with an honesty refreshing in a politician that we are in Libya 'for the long haul' the latest news from Syria suggests that country is moving towards civil war too. Let's hope our politicans have the moust to sense what is happening in the middle east and keep us out of ...

Gadaffi To Unleash A Wave Of Migrants On Europe Libya is unleashing a wave of migrants against Europe as retaliation for the coalition's military strikes against the country. Last week The Daily Stirrer reported the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa is being overrun with refugees fleeing the troubles in North Africa. The opening of immigration floodgates came as Italy announced ...

The West Could Be Helping Al Qaeda In Libya
The long reign of Colonel Gaddafi in Libyan staggers on. Fortunes of the rag tag army of rebels ebb and flow as the official army, loyal to Gadaffi, better trained and equipped than their opponents and able to choose their ground where they will stand and fight sure that their efforts will not be curtailed by western air strikes, easily push back every rush by those who would overthrow the Colonel. Many western leaders and opinion makers, foremost among them ...

John Major Supports Call For military Intervention In Libya
As the uprising against the rule of Muammar (Mad Dog) Gadaffi looks increasingly likely to turn into full scale civil war and a humanitarian crisis former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major has joined current leader David Cameron and other European leaders in calling for military intervention ...

Will America Cope With The Fall Of It's Middle East Empire
America has suffered a second traumatic blow to its global political hegemony as the regimes it has propped up for decades in the middle east crumble. Mubarak in Egypt and Gadaffi in Libya were unsavoury tyrants to be sure but they were pro America and willing to collaborate with the west. Now on the heels of the financial meltdown we face a global oil crisis. Trouble Brewing In Egypt
Crisis In Egypt As Murbarak Regime Crumbles
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Egypt Crisis Beginning Not Ending Egypt's Military Rejects Swift Transfer Of Power - Leaders Resistant To Change

20 January 2012

Sorry we did not get a post online yesterday, it was due to out hosting srervices servers being unavailable.

Immigrants Who Have Never Paid UK Tax Or National Insurance Claiming Billions A Year In Benefits

. by Ed Butt

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Immigration: The Elephant In The RoomThroughout the election campaign the three main parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat have shied away from the immigration issue. How can these charlatans put themselves forward as serious politicians prepared to implement the political solutions needed to deal with Britains problems when they dare not comment on the issue of greatest concern to most voters for fear of upsetting the numerically small but unrepresentatively vocal politically correct "progressive left."
Pakistani Men See White Girls As Easy MeatSomebody needed to speak out about how ethnic minorities are getting away with, if not quite murder some very nasty stuff, thanks to the protection of the Politically Correct Thought Police who styling themselves 'progressives' have hijacked the national agenda. Well done to former Labour minister Jack Straw for braving the wrath of the rabid mob. The Daily Telegraph says:
The Blackburn MP has called on the Pakistani community to be "more open" about the issue after describing about a "specific problem" involving young Pakistani men's attitudes towards ...

American Concerns About British MuslimsUS concerns that the UK was having difficulty containing the threat posed by home-grown extremism have been revealed in new Wikileaks cables. One cable said the British government made "little progress" in engaging with the UK's Muslim community after the 7 July 2005 terror attacks in London.The communication was delivered to Washington from the American embassy in London in August 2006.
Obama's Immigration Blunder Immigration has for years been the issue politicians don't want to talk about. As the human tide flowing into the west from poor nations continues to gather force the politically correct left, the gates and lesbians, the academics and the waily-gnashy-teethy, angst peddling guilt trippers call for the floodgates to be opened because we must welcome those underpriveleged ...

All The People Who Never Had A Job?Information released by the government shows one point four million Britons have never had a job. A Boggart Blog investigtion shows the unemployment problem is further reaching. Many of the waged do not have proper jobs, they are public sector tax eaters whose candy floss jobs have been created onlu to make the unemployment statistics look better.
Clegg Promises New Global War On PovertyNick Clegg's war on poverty, which he will launch at a United Nations conference this week is doomed before it begins. Once again the arrogance of western politicians in assuming all the people in the world want to be as materially privileged, as advanced in technology and as indebted, stressed out and unhappy as we in the developed nations gets in the way of actually doing what needs to be done. .
When Cousins Wed by John de Roe.When Channel 4 showed a Dispatches doumentary about the problems caused by marriages between first cousins in Britain's Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities it was bound to kick off a few rows. The problem is not confined to Muslim cultures in the UK however, as with some many other social problems at its root lies politically correct thinking whch through the threat of branding people racist stifles intelligent debate.
Conservatives Plan Immigration CapDuring the election campaign the big issue for voters was immigration. Strangely it was the issue none of the politicians wanted to talk about. Now as unemployment refuses to come down and we face up to a jobless future and the government are looking at limiting numbers of immigrants the left are screaming about the need to ease immigration controls still more.
Cameron Deserve A Pat On The Back
Ode To Politicians

18 January 2012

Hungary Faces Bankruptcy and Default as EU loses patience

by Profanicus Maximus
The European Commission has launched legal action against Hungary's Fidesz government for violations of European Union treaty law and erosion of democracy, marking a dramatic escalation in the war of words with the EU's enfant terrible.

"We'll use all our powers to make sure that Hungary complies with the rules of the EU," said European Commission president, International Marxist and New World Order lackey Jose Manuel Barroso.

The immediate dispute centres on three laws in Hungary's new constitution pushed through despite EU warnings. Commission officials say these are just the "tip of the iceberg". Over 300 laws have been passed since Fidesz took power in 2010, giving the party sweeping control over the country's institutional system. Amnesty International said last week that Hungary's media clamp-down breaches human rights.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbn said his country was the victim of "international leftists" in Brussels. A zealous anti-Communist, he insists that Hungary's Stalinist past must be ripped out at the roots. That line is hardly likely to play well to the Stalinist bureau rats of Brussels.

The Commission aims to overturn a law forcing retirement of judges at age 62 instead of 70, widely viewed as a ploy to stack the courts with political loyalists. The new head of the judicial office is granted powers to manage the courts, appoint judges, and allocate cases.

The central bank law allows ministers to vet the agenda of Monetary Council and take part in meetings. The governor has to swear an oath of loyalty and lacks secure tenure.

"Governments must refrain from seeking to influence their central bank," said EU economics commissioner Olli Rehn. "Certain provisions in the new constitution are in breach of these principles. This needs to be addressed before we can start formal negotiations on the requested EU/IMF financial system."

Though defiant Mr Orbn has no hope of raising necessary funds from the EU and the International Monetary Fund until the dispute is resolved, leaving him a stark choice of either bowing to EU demands or letting his country slide into bankruptcy. Yields on Hungary's two-year debt jumped to 9.17pc on Tuesday, an unsustainable level for an economy in recession with public debt of near 80pc of GDP. Hungary's debt was cut to junk status by rating agencies last week.

Economic commentators point out that Hungary must soon repay 5.9bn (4.9bn) in EU-IMF loans and raise external funds equal to 18pc of GDP this year, the highest in Eastern Europe. Two-thirds of household debt is in Swiss francs, leading to a lethal currency mismatch as capital flight weakens the forint.

"Hungary is playing with fire," said Lars Christensen from Danske Bank. "The EU is not bluffing. It will let Hungary go over the edge to make the point that EU countries must play by the rules. Our worry is that Hungary's government has not yet got the message."

The EU said it had sent three letters of "Formal Notice" over Hungary's assault on the independence of the judiciary, the central bank, and the data protection ombudsman the first step in "infringement proceedings". The dispute could ultimately lead to loss of Hungary's voting rights under Article 7 of EU treaty law. The Daily Stirrer thinks Hungary has served "formal notice" on the EU bureaucracy that it will not tolerate attempts by the bureaucracy to meddle in it's internal affairs. With the mood among voters across the whole of the community as anti - EU as it has ever been and starting to turn nasty, it could be the smooth faced conspirators of the community's managing elite that is playing with fire.

This is not of course a dispute about debt, it is a dispute about democracy and the right of elected governments in EU member nations to run their own affairs as they see fit rather that be controlled by the unelected bureaucrats of the EU. Think back to early December and how little Nazi shits like Barosso and von Rompuy, a couple of pen pushers and snake felchers who have never been elected by the people of Europe but only by a cabal of oligarchs intent on abolishing the ancient nations and creating a single superstate that will stretch from the Baltic in the North to the from the Atlantic in the west to the Euphrates in the east.

OK, so now you have a unbalanced view of the situation as our report is an antidote to the biased reporting of lefties and new world order lovers in mainstream media, whose side are you on? Brave little Hungary or the Bastards of Brussels?

EU set for showdown with Hungary
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Britain and the European superstate
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div id="120118-eurozone">

Can the Eurozone Centre Hold

by Charles Crawford

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. You know the sinking feeling when you hear some precious moments of music from Mozart
Read full post Can Eurozone Centre Hold

17 January 2012

Drop in UK inflation Is Not Good News

by John de Roe

The Office for National Statistics has reported a sharp fall in the Consumer Prices Index - down from 4.8 per cent in November to 4.2 per cent last month - was the sharpest drop in the annual rate since December 2008 when the UK was in recession and VAT was reduced. Government ministers and propagandists will try to talk this up as a sing that the economy is starting to recover. We should be wary however, in the current economic circumstances a drop in inflation, especially one this rapid in what is traditionally the best month of the year for retailers, is not good news.

What it means is that shops and businesses are having to cut prices to boost turnover and cash flow.

Inflation is still well above the Bank of England's 2 per cent target but has been falling from its three-year peak of 5.2 per cent in September and the Bank of England expects the fall to gain momentum this year as the economy continues to stagnate and the effect of the January 2011 VAT rise falls out of annual comparisons.

The Retail Prices Index, which includes mortgage costs, slid to 4.8 per cent in December, down from 5.2 per cent in November. Economists had forecast a slightly sharper fall to 4.7 per cent. This week the last of the Big Six utilities announced price cuts in energy prices of either gas or electricity and retailers have warned that consumers are wary about spending.

A fall in petrol, oil, gas, clothing and footwear prices was partially offset by rising car insurance and telephone charges, the ONS said. (more ONS information)

With few signs of an economic recovery in the developed nations and even the runaway Chinese economy slowing this deflationary trend look likely to persist, leading to higher unemployment and more austerity. As profits are squeezed rising prices will reduce real incomes curtail investment in new projects or expansion programmes, lead to higher unemployment and continue the economic slump which is now entering it's fourth year.

A spokesman for Investec financial consultancy said: " The sharp fall in the headline measure is entirely consistent with the Bank of England forecasts and should help to pave the way for further quantitative easing next month. While the targeted measure remains well above 2 per cent, we do expect an aggressive series of falls through the first half of this year, and whilst we may not see 2 per cent inflation in 2012, we nonetheless expect subsequent asset purchases to be sanctioned in May as well as in February."

So there you have it, the cat is out of the bag. Quantitative easing or printing money and pumping it into the economy is a cunning stunt to disguise devaluation. In effect the government are continuing Labour's policy of stealing your saving and pensions to reduce their debt burden. The theory is that putting more money into the economy makes each Pound, Euro or Dollar in circulation worth less. It is short termism at its worst because while it reduces the value of what we pay for goods subject to existing price contracts, any new contracts and futures will take into account the lower value of the customer's domestic currency therefore the price of the commodity will be higher.

Price increases can only be absorbed so far by the supply chain, with producers, wholesalers and retailers margins already squeezed increases will be passed on to the consumer. So with wages static and their purchasing power diminished consumers are being squeezed ever more tightly. And naturally anybody who has savings or has accumulated a pension fund will find their savings or investments worth less.

Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee members have indicated that they want to see a fall in inflation before considering further measure to stimulate the economy. By next month's policy meeting, the Bank will have completed the latest 75bn round of Quantitative Easing or as they are now coyly saying asset purchases thus paving the way for an expansion to the scheme. To remind you, Quantitative Easing is a process of issuing bonds from the central Bank and having the Treasury buy them. Thus nations are buying their own debt. The situation is so bad that it is not just basket case economies like Greece, Portugal and Italy taking this route but also France, Britain and even the USA. Is it any wonder the credit agencies are downgrading ratings.

We at the Daily Stirrer hate to gloat but we have been telling you this was going to happen for three years.

Inflation Falls Again As Government Continue To Talk BollocksInflation fell to a 15-month low of 3.4pc in February helping ease pressure on cash-strapped consumers and Chancellor George Osborne ahead of Wednesday's Budget. The consumer prices index (CPI) is down from 3.6pc in January as a drop in prices for housing, lower electricity and gas bills electricity, and cheaper air fare pushed overall inflation down, the Office for National Statistics said. However, the fall was not as much as expected - economist had forecast ...
Bank Of England To Print Money To Avoid Recession
Monetary policy policy-makers at Bank of England have unveiled plans to inject an extrat 50bn of stimulus money into the economy in an attempt to avert a second recession. Before we go on to look at how much harm this wil;l do there are one or two things that must be understood. When we talk about printing money in a modern economy it is not simply a question of buying paper and printing ink and setting up the presses ...

Drop in UK inflation Is Not Good NewsThe Office for National Statistics has reported a sharp fall in the Consumer Prices Index - down from 4.8 per cent in November to 4.2 per cent last month - was the sharpest drop in the annual rate since December 2008 when ...
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16 January 2012

Google Has Comptely Forgotten 'Don't Be Evil' As The World Domination Agend Gathers Pace
by Ian R Thorpe.
At last Google has been caught stealing information from a business rival rather than private induviduals. Will people now wise up to these scumsucking pirates of the internet search engine world.
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Google Has Comptely Forgotten 'Don't Be Evil' As The World Domination Agenda Gathers Pace

The Google Algorithm Is Cheating High Quality Websites
How The Google Algorithm Scam Works
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Sociologist says the internet is a threat to civilisation
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14 January 2012

Euro Zone Gazes Into The Abyss As France Loses Its AAA Credit Rating

by John de Roe

Stock markets fell sharply in late trading on Friday (13 January - oo-er) and the Euro zone single currency plunged against all other major currencies as Standard and Poors cut Frances AAA rating. Habitual debtor Italy saw its long-term rating dropped by two notches, along with Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. Malta, Slovakia, and Slovenia had their ratings lowered by one notch. A surprise victim of the Credit Rating night of the long knives was Austria, one of the few solvent nations in the Euro single currency system.

The move triggered a backlash from European politicians and led French politiciands to respond with a typically Gallic mix of childishness and pomposity by calling for Britain to be downgraded too. They conveniently overlooked the fact that Britain does not use the Euro.

The downgrade represents a further loss of confidence in the single currency and the ability of the E U to rescue eurozone members from the burden of burgeoning sovereign debt that have resulted to their weak economied being tied to the German economic powerhousre. The UK Treasury believes that any collapse of the euro could seriously damage the British economy and banking system, pushing the UK back into a deep recession.

The S & P move threatens to sink the main European bail-out fund set up to support struggling countries such as Greece and Portugal.

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Obama Threatens US Debt Default If Government Not Allowed To Borrow Money To Pay Debt Interest
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It's The Sovereignty, Stupid.
Full story:

13 January 2012

Osborne Says Cuts To Across The Board Child Benefit Will Go Ahead.

by Ed Butt

Chancellor George Osborne has said the Coalition government's plan to cut child benefit for higher rate taxpayers will go ahead but after ministers' hints the policy could be made "fairer" Mr Osborne has agreed to review the plans. While Lib Deems and Labour MPs, the unthinking droids of the politically correct left wail and gnash their teeth at the prospect of any benefit being cut ever and the idiot fringe lefties at that cesspit of Trotskyite misanthropic idiocy Liberal Conspiracy blog are in paroxysms of rage that Conservative are even allowed to breathe let alone become Members of Parliament, actually the Tories and the more level headed Lib Dems who support the cuts are quite right.

Let's get it straight, nobody is talking about cutting the child benefit of poor families or single mothers. The proposed cuts will merely take an entirely unnecessary payment away from wealthy and affluent parents. My wife and I used to get child benefit when our kids were growing up. We didn't need it, my wife put it in savings accounts for the kids and as soon as they were eighteen and could get their hands on it they squandered the lot. I earned several times the average household income however.

To many families the child benefit is a lifeline that keeps them out of the jaws of loan sharks. Nobody is disputing that. Unfortunately what always happens when leftie cupid stunts "progressives" control government is they embark on a programme of redistribution of wealth via the tax and benefit system that is aimed at making life fairer. Because lefties are morons these programmes never work and only make poor people poorer and the wealthy wealthier.

Consider, Tristram and Jemima both have income from family trusts, they also have well paid jobs in media and the fashion business. They have two children (and a nanny. Jemima suspoects Tristram is boffing the nanny but he isn't, he's boffing the young man who looks after the garden).

Wayne and Tracey are schleppers. Wayne works as a shelf stacker, Tracey on the checkout. both earn slightly more than minimum wage. They cannot afford to have children so both pay a little tax. Tristram and Jemima get child benefit. Wayne and Tracey get eff all but tax revenue from them and many like them goes towards the child benefits paid to all parents regardless of status. Is this fair.

The left's abhorrence of what it calls means tested benefits goes back to the 1930s when a benefit claim would result in a call from a man in a bowler hat who would ask lots of embarrassing questions and finally decide that as a family of six or so had one teenage girl in work at a factory her wage could support the whole family. Now of course the means test element is simply a calculation of income against certain estimated minimum levels.

Things have moved on a lot since then and the government is not suggesting single mothers should prostitute themselves or sell their children, simply that rich people do not really need this benefit. The leftie mindset is so steeped in stupidity they are still behaving as if it is the 1930s and that is the case. Perhaps George Osborne should consider cutting benefits to lefties. If the twats at Liberal Conspiracy had to go out and get some work done they would not have so much time for whining like cupid stunts about trivial issues.

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12 January 2012

11 January 2012

Britain's Too Soft Information Technology Curriculum To Be Beefed Up

by Ian R Thorpe
These days, it seems all anyone can talk about is how important it is for young people to learn programming skills: the Livingstone-Hope Skills Review has called for making computer science a part of the national curriculum. It's all part of an agenda driven push to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects central to our country's education system. But what's new? Pretty much every politician agrees that having more young people excel in these subjects would be a good thing, so the important question is how to accomplish it, beyond wishing it to be so but those coming out of universities with science of technology degrees now are all too often close to terminally unemployable nerds with Obesssive Compulsive Disorders, a head full of theories and a belief that machines can think like humans.

Supporters of "the agenda" say part of the problem is incentives. Why should young people put in the hard yards to study these subjects if, on the one hand, you can become a millionaire by working in finance or, on the other hand, you believe that it'd be easier to become (or snag) a footballer or celebrity. True, but even if we returned to the days when people could make a pile if they had the right computer skills (as I did) nobody wants to shag the kind of geeky, malodorous, obsessive compulsive boring little tit who becomes a science and technology grad.

The factor most often overlooked by the utopian dreamers who support "the agenda" (to establish a sci-tech and academic elite ready to implement the scientific dictatorship first posited by H. G. Wells over a hundred years ago) is the unconscious, dismissive attitude that young people, parents, and schools have towards programming and STEM subjects. This clipping from an article in The New Yorker talking about an American football coach joining a high school in New Jersey and creating an elite team:

"When he'd arrived at Hackensack High School, in 1990, he was surprised to discover that the football players were not the social leaders. "As time went on, they became the leaders of the school, and the school ran a lot smoother," he said. "Younger kids had role models. They said, 'I want to be like that guy.' If those kids are running the school, you got a chance." It was a stark reminder that athletes not academics are considered to be the best role models in schools, not just in the US but also the UK, where rugby players, football players, and other sports stars are held in the highest esteem. And while I have genuine respect for the discipline and work ethic that top student athletes have, none of these virtues are exclusive to sports and surely, if we're concerned about academic performance, we should be looking at other pursuits that are just as worthwhile and important to students, if not more, than being a fantastic football or rugby player like programming and STEM.

Like I said, nobody wants to shag a science geek.

The problem here stems from the abandonment of the renaissance education model in favour of specialisation from an early age. At my school, probably a more agust establishment than some state run High School in Hackensack, New Jersey, our secondary school education from age eleven to eighteen was aimed at giving pupils a broad grounding in the basics, English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Humanities, arts and history. With this under our belts, the reasoning went, we were equipped to learn new skills as we progressed through life. I did not start to learn programming until my late 20s and letter went on to specialise in networking and telecommunications. Other programmers I worked with who could all handle several languages including COBOL and FORTRAN, came from backgrounds as diverse as engineering and forestry.

The difference between all of us and today's nerds is that we had the broad educational grounding and some years experience in the workplace which added to the programming skills that are really not difficult to learn, enabled us to understand the business need behind the project we were working on.

Also, in the education system, there is an unhealthy focus on games programming. Now recreational computers software may be with us to stay or it may be a fad. Those committed to "the agenda" are obsessed with the idea of Britain regaining its leading position in games development. With competition from India and China however that looks as god a bet as a three legged horse in the Derby.

The education system had done enough harm to western civilisation by cramming young minds with left wing ideology and politically correct propaganda without now setting out to create a new "scientific" elite so that we end up with people running the country who, in my experience of dealing with them, can't even run a bath.

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10 January 2012

We Werre Right Again - Immigrants Are Keeping British People Out Of Jobs

A British worker is displaced from the jobs market for every four immigrants from nations outside the EU, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has revealed. The new report, published yesterday is the first official admission of the impact immigration has on British workers and the economy It showed migrants have been keeping resident workers out of jobs for many years. Jobseekers have long been aware that when they fill in an application form for a job whose description carries a note "Applications from member of ethnic or sexual minorities or people with physical disabilities are welcomed", if there is an applicant who fits into any of those groups all white, able bodies, straight applicants can forget it. Look how the government and local government sectors are a complete distortion of the balance population. One might be forgiven for thinking 50% of the population are of the dark skinned races. The chairman of the MAC, Prof. David Metcalf, criticised the use of GDP for estimating the effects of recently arrived foreign nationals as pro-immigration because more migrants will logically expand the economy according to such a crude measure. GDP measures the amount of money moving around in the economy so every time the government pumps tax revenue back into the economy by paying benefits and allowances GDP is expanded even though nothing has been made or sold. This kind of thinking belongs to the Labour Party and is what The Daily refers to as Loonytoons economics. The findings published in the MAC report are in contrast to a study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (Niesr) which claimed the number of immigrants coming to the UK had little or no impact on the number of unemployed. This is a lie as any illiterate fule kno. RELATED POSTS: The Jobless Economoy Shock, Horror! Coalition Spending Cuts Cuts Will Mean 50,000. NHS Job Losses Unemployment Falls, Number Not Working Rises, It's Magic.
The 99ers: Death Of The American Dream.
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9 January 2012

Scottish Separation Referendum

If they want to go The Daily Stirrer says Let Them Go. We, the English, Welsh and Northern Irish will save a lot of money and we the English, freed of the over representation of Scotland in Parliament will be masters of our own destiny again.

The European Superstate
Scots Nats Want A Neverendum
Salmond Attacks Cameron's Intervention

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6 January 2012

Nursing In Crisis Says Prime Minister - We Tell Him Why
From The Daily Telegraph
There is a "real problem" with the standard of nursing in British hospitals, David Cameron has said, as he today calls on nurses to make hourly rounds to ensure patients are comfortable

Despite all the hot air blown by politicians of both sides over the last twenty years, relatives of elderly and sick people people tell "chilling stories" about the care their loved ones had received under the NHS while in hospital, Prime Minister David Camereon has said.

Mr. Cameron told BBC journalists "I think everyone in the country hugely respects what Britain's nurses do, and I've seen for myself at first hand myself the very high standards of quality and care that the best nurses provide,".

"But while we know that the vast majority do a brilliant job, there is clearly a problem in some hospitals, in some settings, where we are not getting the standards of care the nation expects.

"I think politicians frankly have done nurses a bit of a disservice by not talking about this. Such is our respect for nursing that we've hidden away concerns about this.

"But you've seen the Care Quality Commission reports. I've seen constituency correspondence with some chilling stories about how elderly relatives have been treated, so it's time to speak up about this issue, and absolutely key is to act on this issue."

The Daily Stirrer will spell out for Dave exactly what the problem is. The rot set in when nursing became a degree - level entry profession. Where previously nurses trained on the job under the direct supervision of senior staff now they are let loose on wards with their heads full of theory and what little understanding of human nature they have gained from psychology boks and lectures.

For the old style nurses patients were people first and foremost, now under the new bureaucratic approach to nursing patients are nothing more than a set of statistics and best, at worst an effing nuisance getting in the way of managers efforts to hit the all important targets.

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More Racism From Black Labour MP Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott is facing fresh calls to resign after enraging Londons taxi drivers with a claim that they routinely refuse to pick up passengers who are black.

After almost losing her job as a shadow health minister yesterday followeing her rabidly racist and anti - white tweets on microblogging site Twitter, Labour MP Diane Abbott has compounded her sin with another racists out burst, this time accusing London's black cab drivers of racism. She was ordered by partuy leader Ed Milliband to apologise over her comment on Twitter yesterday that white people love playing divide and rule and further remarke made to a black tweeter who said she and other self appointed black leaders were out of touch with the people they claim to speak for.

It seemed that her apology had deflected the worst of the criticism, which included the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, condemning her as stupid and crass and her own party authorities issuing a public rebuke.

Taxi drivers were outraged however when further irrataional racist outbursts by the Labour MP came to light. In these she alleged London's official cab drivers drive past black people who attempt to hail a cab. Miss Abbott, the MP for Hackney and Stoke Newington, tweeted: Dubious of black people claiming theyve never experienced racism. Ever tried hailing a taxi I always wonder?

The Daily Stirrer wonders if Ms. Abbott's friends and family oughgt to be advising her to seek "professional" help. We've heard Taxi drivers decline to pick up passenger they think are drunk or who look undesirable, whatever their colour. And here Burnley, a friend of all of us, Adil, who runs a Taxi firm reports neither Asian or white taxi drivers will take passengers to any of the traveller sites in the area. According to Adil a cab dropping someone off will be surounded by travellers as the passenger refuses to pay.

How would issues like that be dealt with in Ms. Abbot's Orwellian Utopia? Presumably black drivers will be free to refuse whoever they like but white drivers will face criminal charges if they do not pick up a minority member. And also face prosecution if they complain of passengers from minority groups not paying.

Taxi drivers earn their living by picking up fares, they are not going to turn down money without good reason. Diane Abbott and those who think like her get more stupid with every day that passes.

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5 January 2012

Are Lefties Revving Up For A Race War

Miss Abbott, the Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, was responding to a commentator who said she disliked the lazy and "monolithic" use of the term black community during coverage of the Stephen Lawrence murder trial.

Bim Adewunmi, a freelance journalist, wrote on Twitter that she found many black "leaders" shown in the media to be out of touch with the people they purport to represent.

Abbott, the shadow public health minister, replied, saying the comments were playing into a divide and rule agenda that is as old as colonialism. She said black people should not wash dirty linen in public.

Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi called on Ms Abbott to step down.

A healthy society should not tolerate any form of racism. DAbbott should apologise and resign or Ed M must sack her, he wrote on Twitter.

IN AN EXCHANGE OF TWEETS with a blogger using the name bimadew Miss Abbott accused back people who seek to integrate into the mainsteam cultures of their respective nations, of playing into the old divide and rule policy of cononialism. Thus she has identifed herself with the racist, separatist, "you owe us,whitey" agenda put forward by the slick little millionaire felching race hustler Martin Luther King, his mentors the black supremacist Stokely Carmichael and the renegade Jew Saul Alinsky.

bimadew was having none of it however, he tweeted back that like so many self elected "black conmmunity leaders she was completely out of touch with the people they purport to repreent.

The so called Obama effect created in the wake of the USAs first black President has been to expose his campaign promises to be a unifier and conciliator as pious windbaggery. Driven by his racist agenda of penalising mainstream middle class whites in order to advance the interests of minorities he has polarised his country along racial lines more deeply that it has been divided since World War 2.

Obama The Racist Sources: The Obama File
by Profanicus Maximus
Don't Sully My Family:
Anna Dunham's parents weren't happy with her marriage to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., but Hussein Onyango Obama, Barack Sr.'s father was furious. He wrote the Dunhams "this long, nasty letter saying that he didn't approve of the marriage," Obama recounted his mother telling him in "Dreams." "He didn't want the Obama line blood sullied by a white woman."

Not White
Obama would write in "Dreams...," -- "I ceased to advertise my mothers race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

Abandoned by his father (who made something of a career out of seducing under age while girls and putting a bun in the oven) young Obama was shipped off by his teenage mother to his white grandparents. Years later Bammy, now Barry Soetoro was enrolled in the expensive and exclusive Punahou School, Hawaii and embarked on a quest for "back cred". He become Barack Hussein Obama but never legally changed his name. Newly black Obama wanted a race to belong to, a team whose accomplishments would reflect well upon him. Of course, it was unthinkable in his liberal white family to take pride in the achievements of his mothers race, self hatred was part of the creed of pseudo - liberal crypto - Stalinism so Obama gloried in being part of his absent fathers race.

This reflected his total ignorance of African tribal culture of course. The "Dreams From My Father" he wrote of were nothing more that wild adolescent imaginings.

From his early teens onward, Obama desperately wants to prove his blackness and be accepted. In "Dreams," he writes, "I was trying to raise myself to be a black man in America, and beyond the given of my appearance, no one around me seemed to know exactly what that meant." Honolulus paucity of African-Americans means he has to learn to be black from the media: "TV, movies, the radio; those were places to start. Pop culture was color-coded, after all, an arcade of images from which you could cop a walk, a talk, a step, a style. [I decided I would]...never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn'tt speak to my own. It was into my fathers image, the black man, son of Africa, that Id packed all the attributes I sought in myself..."

Unfortunately his role model was the man of his fantasies as he knew nothing of his real father. On second thoughts that might not have been a bad thing. the reality of the wife beating polygamous paedophile drunk who was Barack Obama senior was a worse role model than an imaginary African American racist.. Obama even derides his grandparents, the people who would raise and nourish him, dismissing them as "Typical white folk."

When his grandmother wants a ride to work because the day before, while awaiting the bus, she was threatened by a black panhandler, he is outraged -- at his grandmother. Obama consulted his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a solipsist and another paedophile, about this incident and seeks advice. Davis responded to Obama, "What I'm trying to tell you is, your grandmother has every right to be scared. ... She understands that black people have a reason to hate. That's just how it is. For your sake, I wish it were otherwise. But it's not. So you might as well get used to it."

So Obie was formed in a culture of race hate. Is it any wonder his Presidency has been animated by a virulent hatred of the whitre races. And yet he was never slow to play on his white middle class background when it suited him.

Is it any wonder then that Obama's Presidency has set back race relations by fifty years and that long time race hustlers like Diane Abbott are jumping on his bandwagon in an attempt to further their own interests by exploiting the guilt addiction of left wing whites?

Editor's note: This is not an issue we would normally get involved with as The Daily Stirrer line goes "Nobody is black, nobody is white so race baiters, lets get over this idiotic obsession with skin colour and admit the problems are cultural." Having said that and even though I thought some of the article was a bit strong I decided to include it as it represents a point of view that will be suppressed elsewhere.

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Another "We Told You So Moment" for The Daily Stirrer As Euro zone banks struggle to raise money

The scale of problems facing the eurozone was highlighted on Wednesday as shares in Italian financial group UniCredit crashed following the launch of a heavily discounted 7.5bn (6.2bn) bond issue.

After falling 15pc on Wednesday, shares were down 12pc in mid-afternoon trade at 4.766, after being suspended twice during an explosive trading session.

Italian bank shares made up eight of the top ten fallers in the FTSE Mib index, with Banco Popolare falling 8.3pc and Intesa Sanpaolo down 5.7pc. The index as a whole fell 3.2pc to 14,837.59.

French and German banks also led the fallers in their respective indices. Societe Generale fell 3.2pc, while Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank in Germany both fell 3.9pc. The CAC 40 in Paris fell 1pc to 3,163.41, while the DAX 30 in Frankfurt fell 0.7pc to 6,068.61. The FTSE 100 in London was down 0.4pc at 5,645.18 in mid-afternoon trade, with UK banks less affected by the general slide.

The European Banking Authority has told lenders they must find 115bn of extra capital by June to reach a minimum core capital level of 9pc.

Today, Thuirsday Jan 5th a failed Hungarian bond auction puts that nation which is in the EU but not part of the Euro single currency system, in imminent danger of having to default as it cannot raise funds to cover bonds due for redemption.

News is also coming through of a failed bond auction in France which will but that major economy's credit rating at risk only months ahead of a Presidential election. Looks like we will be saying goodbeye to Nico the Gnome Sarkozy soon.

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4 January 2011

A Slow News Day

A terrible day for controversialists as far as news goes. The Steven Lawrence case finally concludes with two scrotes getting lengthy jail sentences for crimes we all knew for years they were guilty of. Mainsteam media is full of screaming headlines asking "What does this mean for race relations in Britain?"

Absolutely nothing. There will always be race hate just as there will always be rape, murder and child abuse. The folly of leftoes and politically correct thinkes is nowjere more clearly demonstrated than in their fallacious belief that they can change human nature by passing laws.

Elsewhere we hear the Euro zone is sliding back into recesiion. We have been teling our readers that was happening since last summer.

And finally in the USA a botox man named Mitt Romney won the first Repiblublican party primary to select their candidate to oppose Obama later this year. Read more on this at Boggart Blog

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3 January 2012

Is Elderly Care Reform Report Too Focused On Protecting Children's Inheritances.

A report from The Conservative Party's economic affairs committee has recommended wealthy people should be prepared to pay more for their care in old age, rather than relying on the state.

Sir Andrew Dilnot's committe suggests individuals sould pay for the first 35,000 of their care, after which the state would foot the bill.

In a letter published by The Daily Telegraph today, 60 leading experts and representatives of charities demand "political leadership" to prevent 800,000 frail pensioners enduring a life of loneliness.

Conservative MP John Redwood said on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, "Looking at the Dilnot report, which is a very good, detailed report, it had a bit too much on trying to protect the inheritance of the children of the elderly people concerned and not quite enough on what I think is the bigger issue: how we make sure no elderly person is faced with inadequate or inappropriate care. We need to discuss the contribution they make as opposed to the contribution taxpayers make to afford it."

Mr. Redwood added"This idea that there's a maximum of 35,000 and then everything else is free for everybody may not be affordable. If somebody is very rich why should their estate not make a contribution to that? It could be deferred; that the elderly person gets the best possible care and then the bill could be settled out of their estate after they've unfortunately died."

His comments came as David Cameron warned hundreds of thousands of elderly people are being deprived of their dignity by Englands failing social care services which leave them at risk of terrible abuse and neglect.

Lord Warner, a member of the Dilnot Commission and a former Labour health minister, said the report provided an adequate framework on which to build reforms of the system.

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1 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

3 December 2011

The Danish Experience - Problems With Wind Power And The Truth About Turbines

The truth about wind turbines, their real efficiency as opposed to the hyperbolic claims of clean sustainable energy firms and their lobbyists, politically correct politicians and green activists and how wind farm operators have been given a licence to pick the pockets of taxpayers

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Climate change science is a pseudo - scientific scam says top American physicist.
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Outbreak of Democracy In St Petersburg, Russia, Outrages The Left by Ed Butt

Groups on the left of the political spectrum love to rant about equality buy on leftie farm as on Orwell's Animal Farm the left like to pick and choose which causes are more equal than other. Thus a new local law putting a restraint on gay propaganda in St. Petersburg, Russia has lefties, gays and lesbians wailing and gnashing teeth against this outbreak of democracy.

Outbreak of Democracy In St Petersburg, Russia, Outrages The Left

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Compulsory Sex Education

2 December 2011

Can The Euro Be Saved

The mainstream media have caught on at last. Here is what Daily Telegraph economics writer Damien Reece said today (three days after The Daily Stirrer said the same thing you might notice):

The clock is ticking for the euro. After 11 years circulating in shops and bars from Athens to Zeebrugge, there are, it is said, just 10 days left to save it or perhaps eight, since it was on Wednesday that Olli Rehn, Europes Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, made his startling prediction of the euros imminent demise.

The fact that Rehn, an official at the heart of the euro project, came out with such a stark assessment has brought what many thought was unthinkable into the realm of the thinkable. So thinkable, in fact, that governments (including our own), central banks, lawyers, financial institutions and investors are making contingency plans for what is assumed will be an economic event of cataclysmic proportions ... Read full article

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1 December 2011

Why The USA Fears The Euro Zone Crisis

As the Federal Reserve joins global central banks in a collective action against the looming euro meltdown, Slate's Matt Yglesias explains why it's so crucial that the U.S. participate: non-American banks hold nearly 50 percent of the U.S. dollars in the world, and a European crash might suddenly make them unavailable to American borrowers. "You never want the people in charge to actually set off a panic by speaking too soon about hypothetical calamities, but wed all better hope that somewhere in the basement of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve theyre prepping a Plan B to keep money flowing even if European finance dries up."

Eurodoom, the theory that is speading fear and panic through the world's financial markets predicts the European economic crisis could devastate the U.S. This would also be devastating for the emerging economies of the third world as they rely on western consumerism to provide a market for their goods.

The severity of the economic crisis in the Eurozone is perhaps best understood if we use it to put into perspective a striking statement made this week by a senior Polish politician Radek Sikorski. "I will probably be the first Polish foreign minister in history to say this," he said, "but here it is: I fear German power less than I am beginning to fear its inactivity."

Poland is not a member of the European Single Currency system, but the unease among Polish leaders is understandable. Poland's exports to its EU partners that are Eurozone members constitute more than 10 percent of Polish GDP, so a massive economic contraction would have a catastrophic knock on effect in Poland.

But what has the United States of America to fear except fear itself? US exports to the Eurozone are only around 1.3 percent of GDP. That is a fleabite, not enough to fund Barack Obama's spending on neighbourhood parties at The White House for a month. Looked at in dollars it might seem an enormous amount to someone earning only slightly above the statutory minimum wage but in terms of the national economy it's peanuts. This might suggest that the US economy has less to fear from the collapse of the Euro than from the expiry of the Bush income tax cuts and the Obama payroll tax cuts.

To understand America's problem we need to look at what is happening in Europe from a different angle.The reason the United States could face catastrophe if the Euro single currency system goes tits up. A fact well-known to financial practitioners but unknown to the public, and occasionally mentioned by Nobel Prize phishing economics professors is that a very large share of the worlds dollars, close to 50%, are held in non-American accounts. Indeed, for several years in the the first decade of this century the total dollar assets of non-American banks actually exceeded the total assets of the U.S. commercial banking system and even today, after Obama's three year money printing exercise, the ratio is close to 1:1.

A daunting possibility suggested in a Nov. 7 lecture Global Banking Glut and Loan Risk Premium (PDF) by Princeton professor Hyun Song Shi. These dollars, mostly held by European-headquartered global conglomerates are not isolated from the American economy. Just as U.S. firms and households deposit money in American banks and take loans from the banks, Europe's global banks act as intermediaries between borrowers and investors. It's how the whole global economy has worked for 200 years. A 2010 Bank of International Settlements survey (PDF) revealed that as of 2009, 161 foreign banks were operating 226 branches in the United States that raised more than $1 trillion in wholesale funding, largely through money markets. Dollars raised in the United States tend to ultimately work their way back to the United States through the labyrinthine networks of the banking system. European banks arent the only ones in this game, but they are the largest player. The upshot is that decisions made in Europe about how much leverage to take on play as important a part in determining American lending as do decisions made in the United States.

The Professor goes on to argue that European decision-making played a large role in inflating the now departed credit bubble that burst in 2008. That may outrage some American patriots but if it helps them learn that the global banks cannot truly be described as American, Bitish, German, Chinese etc. as they have no identifiable owners but instead through cross investment all own each other it may help both conservatives and liberals who are even more out of touch understand how the world really works right now. The liberals of course will simply refuse to believe it, close their minds to the truth and start yelling "conspiracy theory". But at least they will have no reason to be surprised on waking up one morning to find they are no longer free individuals.

The realistic implication, however, is that a massive and sudden contraction of the European economy would make those foreign held dollars unavailable to American borrowers. This would immediately cause a tightening of credit conditions in the United States. If European finance houses are sudenly forced to hold onto cash the dollars held by European banks would suddenly be placed beyond the reach of American commercial lenders and by extension business and domestic borrowers.

Orthodox economic thinking as expressed by government officials and economic analysts reported in mainstream media does not yet appear able to join the dots that link Europes difficulties to moves in the American credit markets.. Yesterday the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released updated economic forecasts reflecting new pessimism by saying Euro area growth is forecast to slow down from 1.6 percent this year to 0.2 percent next year, having a small impact on an American economy that will still grow by 2 percent.

Since 2008 however policymakers have suffered from a bias toward optimism. Europeans were initially far too smug about the idea that they were insulated from problems relating to a housing bubble on the other side of an ocean. Then, in 2010, American policymakers were far too impressed by good news from the labor market and leapt to unwarranted conclusions about a recovery summer. Now the risk is that American leaders will overestimate their nation's degree of insulation from problems in the European banking system.

Obama's Team Are In Mortal Fear Of A Euro Meltdown
Kyle Bass Destroys Debt Driven Ponzi Scheme

Britain 'will join euro before long, says German finance minister
Also: [">Daily Stirrer, Nov 2011] ... [Debt Crisis ]
Ancient National Cultures To Be Crushed Under The Wheel Of Global Naziism.
Germany's Plan For The Euro? Forward To The Past.
The Global Economy Is Running Out Of Time
Are We Sacrificing The Future To Save The Euro The Curse Has Come Upon Me Cried The Lady Of Threadneedle Street ">World Bank Chief Warns Golbal Economy Is Entering A New Danger Zone Eurogeddon Postponed Termporarily Due To Financal Conjuring Tricks
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Oxford don's Voltaire reference at heart of race discrimination case

It could only have happened in the cloistered world of Oxford University. A history tutors passing reference to a character in Voltaire, while he was considering candidates for the job of head chef at his college, has four years later become the focus of a race discrimination case. The reference, which can only be inmterpreted as a reference to somebody's unrealistic optimism has been twisted in the warped minds of the "progressive" left who say it refers to a stereotype for Afro Carribean males as being lazy and stupid.

read all

Another case of how politically correct idiocy is making it impossible to say anything to a black person.

A case of reverse racism
Halal In Harrow, Spineless In Parliament
Idenitities On Parade
sINCE WHEN HAS THE English Flag Been Racist
Hate Crime Law Encourages Hate
The (In) Equalities Bill

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May 2020

Coronavirus man made? We told you so …
A new study released yesterday confirms of of the “conspiracy theories” is, if not proven correct, at least far more credible that any of the bullshit scenarios peddled by mainstream media. In early March, 2020 we reported comments by an eminent virologist who had studied the virus then still raging in China and concluded that it was man made rather than a product of evolution “Nutty conspiracy theory,” the authority worshippers screeched in unison

Oxford Covid Vaccine Fails But Big Pharma Will Sell It Anyway
Many highly - placed members of the lockdown forever cult, Bill Gates among them, have been spreading the idea that lockdown must continue until a vaccine for COVID - 19 is available because only a vaccine can save us. More level headed types (i.e. those of us routinely dismissed as conspiracy theorists, have warned that as the virus affects the upper respiratory tract and nasal passages, where there can be no antibody response it is unlikely there will ever be an effective vaccine ...

Coronavirus: Anti — lockdown protests show freedom is not quite dead in UK
Not many protestors turned out for the weekend’s anti — lockdown protests, a few thousand rather than tens of thousands, the anti — lockdown protesters were a very mixed crowd, a representative cross — section of 21st century London and definitely less posh, white and middle class than the weekend crusties who turn up reeking of Patchouli Oil at Ekstinktion Rebellion events....Continue reading >>>

Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity
As the FDA shuts down a Bill Gates-funded COVID-testing program, an Italian politician has demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament.
Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020. Coninue reading >>>

Don’t Be Fooled, Elites Have Been Planning This Power Grab For Years
As long as large portions of the economy remain on lockdown, the government will be forced to perform massive stimulus programs/ social spending. This Friday morning, the House is preparing to vote on a $3 trillion stimulus bill later today. While the particular bill in question is chock full of Democrats’ legislation and likely won’t make it through the Senate, the White House and the GOP are both in favor of providing additional stimulus checks to Americans in the near future.

As We Predicted The Coronavirus bill Is The Biggest Assault On Freedom Since World War 2
Things have gone so far beyond what a rational response to an outbreak of a highly contagious but for most people relatively minor illness that I am starting to believe the conspiracy theories. Along with my fellow Boggart Bloggers I predicted weeks ago the current outbreak of the so - called coronavirus would see a massive hyping of the threat level leading up to an assault on our freedoms. And that is exactly what we have seen happening over the past week.

Critics Batter The Fake Science Used To Justify The Lockdown As Boris Waffles
Regular readers may recall this blog was among the first to expose the fact that the pandemic model predicting 500,000 COVID – 19 deaths if the entire nation was not placed under indefinite house arrest was based on a deeply flawed mathematical model of the pandemic built by a “scientist” at Imperial College, London, a college heavily reliant on funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. You may also recall we have reported on the determination of psychopathic megalomaniac Gates to insert himself into this phoney crisis

A Goat, A Papaya & A Pheasant Test COVID Positive: Tanzanian President Catches WHO In Epic Lie
As suspicions about whether the COVID 19 outbreak is as serious as we are being told, continue to grow all around the world, and the role of the World Health Organisation in promotinf widespread fear and panic comes under scrutiny, the government of African nation Tanzania has revealed it set a trap involving the notorioisly unreliable COVID - 19 test for the WHO and the global healthcare authority walked right into it.

April 2020

Total Surveillance: Contact-tracing app will be ‘key part’ of UK government’s Covid-19 ‘surveillance programme’
The hugely unpopular NHS contact-tracing app proposal, which as libertarians point out will giver the government the power to track all our movements, will be a “key part” of the U.K. government’s Covid-19 containment policy for the foreseeable future, [ ... ] The app, designed ostensibly to notify smartphone users if they came into close contact with someone who had tested positive for the coronavirus, will give government agencies new powers, to record and store the complete movements of individuals and details of those with whom they were in contact.

Lockdown: How can anyone defend the “scientists.”
As we digested Boris Johnson’s address to the nation this morning, and mainstream media fell over themselves praising the Prime Ministers cautious approach and adherence to the advice of “scientists,” my own reaction was FUCK YOU BORIS. Being disables I don’t get out much I but will be arguing for a campaign of civil disobedience to prove the idiotic bletherings of “scientists” with their mathematical models of the real world do more harm than good.

Coronavirus: The data Says DON’T PANIC, End The Lockdown Now
The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be entering the containment phase. Americans are now desperate for sensible policymakers who have the courage to ignore the panic and rely on facts. Leaders must examine accumulated data, combine that empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology and then thoughtfully end the lockdown. Five key facts are being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown.

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says "Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab
As the mainstream media and politicians begin to raise/admit the possibilities that the source of COVID-19 was likely a lab in Wuhan (accidentally leaked or otherwise) - before being mocked, censored, and chastised it appears more actual 'scientists,' or at least those not paid by or working for a lab in Wuhan, China) are willing to admit what we suspected all along - this virus is man-made.

Coronavirus: Something To Make Us Smile
Most of us are confused about the rules we’re supposed to follow during lockdown, and no one more so that the thick, blundering plod who seem to think they should be arresting people for buying non essential stuff like food, roughing up people who are sitting in their gardens, or kicking front doors down and busting up illicit social gatherings of one person sitting alone in his house. So here is a concise summary of the rules, which makes what you can and can’t do clear as mud

Recommded real news: Back to business as usual on COVID - 19 (8 April 2020)
Today: COVID-19 Computer Models Continue To Deteriorate; Covid-19 drags French economy into deep recession the likes of which it has not seen since 1945; Oil Prices Tumble As Russia Balks At Proposed US Production Cut; Kissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of courseKissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of course[Kissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of course

Food fascists

The European Union’s Food Safety Authority has approved the sale of bugs as “novel food,” meaning that they are likely to be mass produced for human consumption throughout the continent by the end of the year.

March 2020

The Coronavirus Resp Is The Biggest Assault On Freedom Since World War 2
Things have gone so far beyond what can be considered a rational response to an outbreak of a highly contagious but for most people relatively minor illness that I am starting to believe even the conspiracy theories I know I made up myself. Boggart Bloggers predicted weeks ago the current outbreak of coronavirus would see a massive hyping of the threat level leading up to an assault on our freedoms ...

Will the meaures put in place to stop COVID-19 coronavirus help save the environment? The measures put into place due to Covid 19 seem to be having a positive environmental impact reduced pollution etc Is it possible that humanity can work together to continue the activities that lead to a cleaner environment? Question posed on

Scientist who convinced Boris lockdown was the only way to beat coronavirus criticised many times for flawed research

The scientist whose mathematical models of how the coronavirus would spread in the UK and the wildly exaggerated estimates of how many deaths might result from the epidemic reportedly led to the decision to implement a countrywide lockdown and trash the economy has been criticised in the past for flawed research.

Has The World Health Organisation Been Helping Chinese Coronavirus Cover Up
Many people suspected as far back as January, when stories about an epidemic of a new virus began to leak out of China that we were not and would not be told the whole story. The virus infecting thousands of Chinese in the large inland city of Wuhan was, we learned, a strain of corona virus, the genre that infects us with the common cold, influenza and a host of other infections of varying seriousness.

Coronavirus deaths: Are The Authorities Deceiving Us?Yesterday we reported that a Canadian outfit had carried out an analysis of China’s response to Coronavirus and concluded that while politicians and academics (aka “scientists” or “experts”) are heaping praise on the way the regime in Beijing has contained and controlled its epidemic, the Chinese have actually been lying, the epidemc is still raging and numbers of infections and deaths from COVID – 19 are far higher than reported,

Is This The Smoking Gun That Proves China Has Lied About The Coronavirus Outbreak
With the number of confirmed cases of, and deaths from coronavirus in Italy, a nation of 63 million people having now surpassed the number of infections officially admitted by the government of China, a nation of 1.4 billion and the nation where the news strain of coronavirus, COVID – 19 was first observed, it was obvious to the realists among us that the Chinese government’s claims to have contained the virus were deeply suspect and further claims that the outbreak were under control were as reliable as reported sightings of The Tooth Fairy ...

As We Predicted The Coronavirus bill Is The Biggest Assault On Freedom Since World War 2
Things have gone so far beyond what can be considered a rational response to an outbreak of a highly contagious but for most people relatively minor illness that I am starting to believe even the conspiracy theories I know I made up myself. Along with my fellow Boggart Bloggers I predicted weeks ago the current outbreak of the so - called coronavirus would see a massive hyping of the threat level leading up to an assault on our freedoms. And that is exactly what we have seen happening over the past week.

Germany’s Official State TV Channel Cheers Coronavirus For Killing Old People
Trawling around the weirder fringes of the web, as we bloggers and cyberjournalists are sometimes obliged to if we want to bring you the news the mainstream will not report, one occasionally comes across something important but disturbing – like being brought face – to – face with how sick and warped the far left ecopsychos really are. Take a sketch recently broadcast as part of a satirical show the title of which translates as Bohemian Browser Ballet, shown by German state broadcaster ARD.

UK To Ask Citizens Over 70 To Self - Isolatate For 4 MONTHS As Coronavirus Fails To Kill Zillions UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock today confirmed the government plans to ask people aged over 70 to isolate themselves for up to four months amid a coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to protect them. It's quite obvious to us, experienced bloggers that we are, that the government, civil service, law encorgement and national security agencies and all the assorted experts and talking heads have forgotten the lesson our generation learned from The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy ...

EU States Rebel Against Brussels As Van Leyen Demands Borders Stay Open
The cracks in European solidarity are growing deeper by the day as the coronavirus crisis threatens to split the bloc. The response of European leaders has varied from panic, as several member-states have takeen unilateral action including severe border closures, to a laissez - fair attidude, notably from France's idiot president Emmanuel Macron who favours total inaction, having said complacently that viruses don't recognise borders.

US John Hopkins University Prof Says Don't Believe Corona Virus Numbers
The number of confirmed cases outside of China roughly tripled once again this week, and if this outbreak continues to escalate at this pace there will be more than a million confirmed cases in less than a month. But as bad as the official numbers are, the truth is that there are a whole lot more people walking around out there that have caught the virus but have not been tested.

University free speech society told free speech a 'red risk', external speakers must be vetted

Sheffield University’s recently formed Free Speech Society has been warned that free speech is a “red risk” and all external speakers at events it organises will have to be vetted by the University Thought Police squad and the topics they intend to talk about shown to be in line with ideas and opinions the titty - sucking babies who run the Student Union are not frightened by. Coninue Reading

Biden the Democrats least hopeless hopeful? Or is he?
A senior U.S. Republican reportedly said recently that the most difficult ticket Donald Trump could face in the next election would be Joe Biden partnered by Elizabeth Warren. This was not, needless to say, because Biden was a brilliant debater or a lethal political adversary. “If he was any stupider, my you’d have to water him”, the anonymous Republican quipped.See also >>>

Black Man Kicked Out Of Labour Party For Telling The Truth About Islam
Trevor Phillips, a life long campaigner for equality and former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has been suspended by The Labour Party and faces an investigation and could be expelled from the party over comments made some years ago amout the unwillingness of many Muslim immigrants to integrate into British society and particularly about the treatment of women in Islam.More on Labour Party

Underage Girl Used Like ‘Piece of Meat’ By ‘Asian’ Grooming Gang
Four “Asian” men have been found guilty for their roles in sexually grooming a 15-year-old girl, who the court heard the men passed around like a “piece of meat”. The grooming gang members were found guilty of rape and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The men were convicted at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday

Spain Arrests People Traffickers And Drug Smugglers Crossing From North Africa in Speedboats
Spanish police announced the arrest of 90 people involed in a smuggling rackets that moved both people and drugs from Africa to Europe. The Civil Guard released a statement today stating that the smuggling network regularly moved people and drugs from Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in northern Africa to The Costa del Sol in high powered semi inflatable speedcraft of the type often used to move illegal immigrants from Libya to Italy or Turkey to Greece.

Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt OffensiveTurkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive
Conflict in Syria’s Idlib Province has escalated during the past week, with Turkish forces attacking the Syrian army and claiming to have killed over 50 soldiers. Russia, the main Syrian ally in the conflict, took the pressure off Assad and sent a clear message to Turkey’s President Erdogan by sending in warplanes to halt to Turkish assault ...

Le Pen Calls For Referendum To Stop “Submersion” Of France Via Mass ImmigrationMarine Le Pen, leader of the French Rassemblement National (National Rally) has called for a referendum on immigration policy to stop what she called the “submersion” of France via a “globalist” program of mass immigration. Speaking in a debate on problems caused by mass immigration, Le Pen told the French Parliament that the political establishment had betrayed French people ...

EU Borders at Breaking Point as Migrants Shipped to Frontier
This blog has always tried to point out to the lefties who screech about “open borders” that the European Union commitment to free movement of Labour only applies to citizens of EU member states moving withing the Union. They are closed minded and bigoted on the subject of course, “open borders” facilitating the movement of hundreds of millions of uneducated third world peasants to the developed nations is one of the sacred cows of their ideologically driven agenda ... Continue reading

February 2020

U.N. Chief Guterres Wants To Redistribute Power & Wealth and Fight ‘Gender Inequality’
That The United Nations Organisation has ambitions to become a world government is well known, this site and many others have reported it's moves and agendas for years. Now it seems the U.N. has become part of thatcabal of supra - national bureaucracies and, to borrow a line from a Paul Simon song, loose affiliations of millionaires and billionaires such as The Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum. Their latest move to impose cultural uniformity on the world however, is only going to lose them credibility

Physicists accidentally stumble upon mind-blowing new material
American physicists believe that they have discovered a strange state of matter entirely new to science. uSch unintentional breakthroughs never seem to happen anymore. Western university-industrial complexes are burdened with paperwork, and huge resources are devoted to ethical and health and safety requirements. These modern innovations have their benefits, of course, but they do have a major downside ...

Via, 26 February, 2010

Google (corporate motto: don't be Evil, that's our job,)is planning a move that will force ir's British its British users to agree that their accounts be moved out of the regulatory jurisdiction of European Union privacy regulators, instead placing them under US jurisdiction instead, the company confirmed on 19 February. The move is intended to prevent the UK government from acting to protect UK internet users' data after the nation separates from the EU at the end of 2020.

A deadly sickness is sweeping across Ethiopia – and no one knows how or why it came to be

For most of this month the news has been full of the coronavirus outbreak in China, and the possibility this will turn into a pandemic like the Spanish flu' outbreak in 1919 which killed millions of people worldwide. First we need to allay freas spread by scaremongering propaganda aimed at diverting public scrutiny for several very unpleasant and undemocratic agendas currently being implemented by the ruling elites ...

VW Audi Suspends Electric Vehicle Production Due To Battery Shortage
Today in “news that affects all electric vehicle manufacturers”, Audi has announced that it has suspended production of its e-Tron electric SUV effective February 20 and won’t resume untilfurther notice. The suspension has been a resolve of “resolving production issues”, which are mainly attributed to bottlenecks in battery supply, according to Business Insider.

Worst polluting coal and wood fires banned in fight to cut emissions
Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

Macron Vows to Fight ‘Islamist Separatism’ with New Reforms

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared his government will fight against “Islamist separatism” with reforms including ending residency for foreign imams.

Switzerland’s environmental agency announces national moratorium on 5G
This blog has warned about the health risks of 5G wireless technology before, almost from the moment it was announced people who understand this technology (and two out of the three of us do,) have been saying that while there is always a risk from electro – magnetic radiation, with earlier technologis it was easily manageable if a loittle common sense was deployed. The exponentially higher intensity of 5G frequencies however, takes the health risks to humans to a whole different level.

Criminal damage in Cambridge reveals the police soft peddaling on Extinction Rebellion crimes Nobody is allowed to walk on the grass outside Trinity College Cambridge. I suppose an exception might be made if you were a 365-year-old don who once lolled under the famous apple tree with Sir Isaac Newton (probably a couple of those old fellows still holed up in the port cellar).

Otherwise, set one foot on that sacred turf and you will soon find yourself experiencing the full force of Newtonian gravity; rugby-tackled to the ground by a puce-faced porter in a bowler hat.

Germany's ruling party split over how to respond to AfD
Germany's Christian Democrat party (CDU) is as deeply divided as Britain's Labour Party over how to respond to the upsurge of nationalism. Facing a serious challenge from the nationalist (but not far right please, they are not that,) Alternative for Germany party (AFD) the CDU seems pitifully unprepared for departure of the Chancellor Merkel at a point when Germany its facing most serious political and economic crisis for decades.

Afer EU Engineered Hiatus Italy Heading For New Elections?
Matteo Salvini's Lega are by far the most popular political party in Italy and have been for some time, only a stitch up engineered by the Brussels bureaucracy has kept them out of power. But Brussels determination to prevent any Eurosceptic party becoming part of a governing coalition in any member state reveals the true, authoritarian nature of the European Union.

Sweden dystopia omnibusSwedish Communist Party: The Left Has Abandoned the Working Class For Migrants & LGBT issues
Are the left getting it at last? Is the message sinking in that the grass roots movements have been infiltrated and hijacked by middle class intellectuals. Are they starting to realise that the obsession with identity politics has supplanted income inequality, housing availability, jobs and the cost of living ... ?

Is the World Health Organization involved in biological warfare research?
Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law, talked in a recent interview with about the Wuhan coronavirus now sweeping through the far east, laboratory in Wuhan, China, where the genetically modified virus appears to have originated, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) clandestine involvement in biological warfare research ...Continue reading

13-year-old fights school policy allowing ‘trans girls’ into girls’ changing room February 7, 2020 (Paul Smeaton, LifeSiteNews) – A 13-year-old UK girl is taking her local council to court after it issued guidance that would allow boys who identify as “transgender girls” to access girls’ bathrooms, changing rooms, and dormitory rooms on student trips.
The guidance was issued last year as part of the Oxfordshire County Council’s “Trans Inclusion Toolkit for School 2019” project.

RACIST BRITAIN: ‘Black Studies’ Professor Says British Empire Was Worse Than Nazi GermanyBritain’s first professor of “Black Studies”, (yes you can get a Mickey Mouse degree from Toytown University in Black Studies,) who is aquiring quite a reputation for uttering ‘hate speech’ against Britain and white people in general, has now opined the British Empire did “far more harm” than Hitler’s Germany, and branded “whiteness” a “... Continue reading”.

Big Pharma billionaire charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors
Not long ago it would have been inconceivable that one day a Big Pharma company founder and owner would be arrested for running a criminal drug cartel, but that is exactly what happened a few days ago. “Federal authorities arrested the billionaire founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics Thursday on charges of bribing doctors and pain clinics into prescribing the company’s fentanyl product to their patients ...

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified BioweaponFor the past two weeks mainstream media reporting of the epidemic of a new strain of coronavirus in China has been getting more and more hysterical. However, reports have pushed back against one "conspiracy theory" about the origins of the virus that has now infected as many as 70,000+ people in the central China city of Wuhan alone (depending on whom you believe).

Corona Virus: Should We Worry
The official data coming out of China and from other sources including the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to suggest an exponential growth rate. With more and more infectious disease experts are now openly calling the virus a full-blown global pandemic, many people are asking should we in the west be worried and how bad might things get?

The Islamic Republic Of France
France’s left-wing elite are accused of cowardice for failing to support 16-year-old girl facing death threats after she insulted Islam online, the ruling class have been also accused of cowardice for failing to support a 16-year-old girl who has faced death threats after she allegedly insulted Islam online.

Clinton Kill List To Determine Who Will Be US 2020 Presidential Candidate?
And then, in accordance with Murphy’s law, which states just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do, Hillary Clinton has emerged, having found what she obviously thinks is a sure – fire route to the presidency, to offer her services as vice presidential candidate to whoever wins the nomination. And just to show how far The Democrats are removed from reality, many leading figures in the party and the left leaning media think it’s a good idea.

January 2020

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified Bioweapon
The theory that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan before it somehow escaped could be an attempt by the establishment (the Davosocracy,) to spread fear and panic as they see resurgent nationalism across the developed world and growing scepticism about

Italy most likely member to quit the EU and demand independence after Brexit -shock poll 23:01 (11 pm) 31 January, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union.

Throughout the day, the last on which the UK will be a member of the European Union, more than 7,000 people took part in an online, and completely meaningless except as a gesture, poll which asked which nation they thought would be next to leave the 27 member bloc ...

US Democratic Party Orders Google To Spread Globalist Propaganda
The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has demanded, in a letter to Google CEO Sudar Pichai that the Internet Search giant demonetize climate skeptics, and provide 'education' to millions of people who have been exposed to “dangerous misinformation”. Key actions demanded of Google by The Democrats are:

Time is NOT real: Physicists show EVERYTHING happens at the same time

The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening RIGHT NOW. That is the theory according to a group of esteemed physicists who aim to solve one of the universe’s mysteries.
Most people do not even consider the concept of time but there is nothing in the laws of physics to state that it should move in the forward direction that we know. The laws of physics are symmetric ultimately meaning that time could have easily moved in a backward direction as it does forward. Indeed some adherents to the ‘big crunch’ theory say time WILL run backwards when the universe stops expanding and starts contracting back in on itself.

The BBC is panicking at the public’s rejection of its arrogant Left-liberal worldview
This is nearly over – this weird disconnect between what most of us understand as reality and the world as seen through the eyes of an all pervasive Authority that was apparently appointed (although we never knew by whom) to establish the limits of public discourse. The crisis of confidence at the BBC – and make no mistake, it is a full blown, all alarm bells ringing, catastrophic crisis ...

The grooming gang cover-up is Britain’s real racism scandal

Forget pathetic 'Princess Pushy' Megan Markle petulantly playing the race card when she found life in the goldfish bowl occupied by Britain's Royal Family was not to her liking, the grooming gang cover up is Britain's racist scandal - and it is far worse than the trivialities that get American libtards screaming about "White Privilege ..."

John McCain’s Widow Comments on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking ChargesJohn McCain’s Widow Comments on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Charges

Speaking at a human trafficking event in Florida, McCain revealed that her family was quite familiar with Epstein’s wrongdoings as one girl from her daughter’s high school was actually among the financier’s underage victims, then suddenly acknowledging that she “knew” about his crimes.
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French Intellectual Jailed for Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”
French intellectual Renaud Camus (above) has been conditionally sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for arguing that mass immigration in Europe represents an “invasion.” reports: The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

“Hard” Of Hearing? PornHub Being Sued By Deaf Man For Lack Of Subtitles
We read today that sex supermaket site PornHub is being sued by Yaroslav Suris, who has filed a lawsuit claiming that its lack of PornHub’s lack of subtitles for the hard of hearing is discriminatory. Suris’ bone of contention is that the website violates his rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act, according to showbiz gossip site TMZ, which broke the story ...

Quitaly Back On As Salvini Prepares To Take On The EU
While the bureaucraps of Brussels were still congratuating themselves on forcing Matteo Salvini’s Lega party out of Italy’s governernment, mainstream media barely bothered to cover the news that Lega won the state elections in Umbria towards the end of October 2019. Thus the story that should have had Europhiles like Emmanuel Macron and Guy Verhofshit crapping themselves was barely noticed.

Police Failed To Act Against Muslim Grooming Gang Due To Fears Over "Community Tensions" A new report based on the evidence of former Grester Manchester Police Detective Constable Maggie Oliver acknowledges that the force failed to stop dozens of girls being groomed and sexually exploited by a network of Pakistani men despite being fully aware of what was happening due to fears over creating “community tensions.” The report notes that the instruction to avoid prosecuting came "right from the top ..."

Asian grooming gang given free pass to rape; police officers told ‘find other ethnicities’ to investigate – detective.
A report published today, authored by child protection specialist Malcolm Newsam CBE and former senior police officer Gary Ridgway, comes following the reopening of an investigation into the death of 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia, who – after years of abuse and days after she was injected with heroin by a 50-year-old man – died in hospital of an overdose in 2003.

Greta Thunberg Slams Australia for Coal Industry, Expands List of Climate Demands
Little Greta Thunberg, who was elected by nobody apparently now speaks for us all on matters relating to climate change. The Swedish climate change hustler who is making a fortune for her handlers from donations to her campaign, again castigated Australia for continuing to mine and export coal despite her previous complaints, adding a call for an end worldwide to the actibity to her list of climate demands to be delivered at the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos ...

Macron Digs In Against The General Strike, But Could It Finish Him?
As the French braces itself for the latest wave of protests and strikes across the country, as attitudes harden against President Emmanuel Macron's pension and retirement system reforms. Karel Vereycken, vice-president of France's Solidarity and Progress Party, has given his version what's behind the recent wave of strikes and why Macron's efforts to calm the situation down are backfiring.

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