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UK School staff receive threats of violence amid anti-vaccination campaign

Government plans to push their dodgy vaccines onto schoolchildren are meeting opposition. On the back of scientific studies showing children are at zero risk from cOVID and do not spread the virus parents, and citizens concerned at this fascistic coercion of citizens to accept an experimental medication are reacting in the only way they can.


Staff at one of the schools allegedly targeted by "anti-vaccination" campaigners have received abusive” and violent threats according to the head teacher.

David Phillips, head of Chilwell School in Beeston, Nottingham, has warned school staff to be prepared for possible protests outside the school after receiving threatening phone calls, emails and a “poster attack” in just 48 hours.

Mr Phillips told the PA news agency that he has reported the rise in anti - vaccine activity at the school as he condemned the actions of the anti-vaccination campaigners as “reprehensible”. To label the protestors "anti - vaccine protestors" is typical of the hysteria generated by government and corporate actors in response to any criticism or questioning of the experimental, untested and, from figures reported to the American VAERS (Vacccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System) the European Union's EudraVigilance database an the UK MHRA's Yellow Card system.

Deaths closely following vaccination with the COVID vaccines approved only for emergency use, have now surpassed by many thousands of times the number at which any other vaccine or medication would be withdrawn on safety grounds. That number is 50 and so far almost 25,000 deaths have occurred in people who had recently been vaccinated against COVID.

The other points to note are that children under 16 (and young adults for that matter,) have almost zero risk of becoming ill with COVID so parents are rightly concerned that the government has given , in one of its most authoritarian and fascistic measures yet, has given approval in principle to schools vaccinating children without parental consent. Though this is not happening so fer, the heavy handed tactics being used to pressure reluctant parents into giving consent are unacceptable.

In recent decades there has been a trend towards the usurpation of parental rights by schools and education authorities, but couples with plummeting standards and the replacement of lessons in academic topics with indictrination in left wing ideology has created a deep mistrust of schools among parents.

This incident and others around the country come after a government minister insisted teachers should not face “unacceptable” pressure from anti-vaccination protesters amid the rollout of the Covid-19 jab to children aged between 12 and 15. If the government believes that they should not have involved schools in the roll out of these highly suspect vaccines which do not immunise the recipent, do not prevent vaccinated people passing on the virus and have caused record levels of adverse reactions. If fact the only thing these vaccines do efficiently is boost corporate profits.

 The vaccination programme for 12 to 15-year-olds will reduce educational disruption, it is claimed, by alleviating the need for pupils to quarantine and self isolate after being in contact with a person who has tested positive.  This is unscientific bollocks of course, as the whole of the "science led" response to this hoax pandemic. The notion that people who have no symptoms can pass on the virus has no basis in medical science, claims made by vaccine manufacturers and government health advisers that there is no such thing as natural immunity and immunity can only be gained through vaccination is irrational to the point of insanity, if there is no such thing as natural immunity how did the human race survive Smallpox, Typhoid, Cholera, Tuberculosis and The Black Death, all of which were around centuries before vaccines were invented.

And how is it that the unvaccinated among us are now, proportionately, less likely to get sick from COVID than the double vaccinated. And where, if the vaccines work, is the logic in the government claims that those of us currently unvaccinated must be vaccinated in order to protect people who have been vaccinated from being infected by us. What is the point of being vaccinated and if the vaccinated can still carry the infection how will vaccinating all of us protect anyone?

On Thursday, Conservative frontbencher Alex Burghart condemned “dreadful anti-vaccination protests” taking place outside schools – which are primarily the sites where vaccines are being offered to children. The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) has urged campaigners to stop targeting schools amid reports of protesters leafleting students.

This blog urges schools to cease and desist from cooperation with the fascist government and stop usurping parental rights. Only then will they regain trust. Until they remember their role is to provide education, not to replace parents, angry parents have the right to tear the school apart if they suspect theie children and being mentally or physically abused or are being coerced into accepting medication without parental consent.