Greenpeace stunt backfires. Exposes Green Energy Scam!

Poor Greenpeace. Once the glory boys of the radical environmental marxist movement they are rapidly becoming the clowns of the Watermelon Circus Show. In James Delingpole's excellent book "Watermelons: How Environmentalists Are Killing The Planet, Destroying The Economy And Stealing Your Children's Future", the green agenda is exposed as nothing more than a manifesto of The World Domination Society.

While government in Spain, Denmark, Holland and Germany have found out the hard way that when the wind does not blow hard enough (or blows too hard) wind turbines do not generate electricity. At the fist sign of criticism of the totemic wnd turbines that now litter our beautiful countryside, as the first hint from the government that the obscene subsidies paid to green greedy bastards who got their snouts in the trough of taxpayers money and our own Politically Corrent Thought Police go into action to suppress dissent. Thus few people in the UK are aware of the astounding levels of subsidiy paid to greedy landowners and rapacious wind farm developers for not generating electricity.

Here, roughly, is how the spoils will be divided among the troughers who have a stake in the highly publicised Ovenden Moor wind farm. The landowner will be paid £401,000pa, index-linked, for the next 25 years. The operator will get an income of around £2,679,300 index-linked, over the same period. The vast bulk of this will come straight from the taxpayer in the form of compulsory subsidies, which shows up as the "Green energy supplement" on our untility bills. We pay this stealth tax even if the turbines produce no power.

We would not have seen that damning paragraph, it would not have been published by mainstrewam media had it not been for Greenpeace's sterling efforts. Yes, they though we would be please to know a 15% tax is being added to our fuel bills to cover the cost of stuffing the pockets and filling the boots of wealthy elitists with OUR MONEY.

I was once talking about those wonderful German composite words like schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others) and Weltanschauung (A comprehensive concept of humanity's relationship with the universe) . A German blog friend, Justgrrl, told me there is a word, "Zwangsbeglückung" which means 'to make people happy by force.' While sure this is a wind up I am happy to go along with it for the sake of entertainment but wonder is there a word in German for 'Making people green by force'. That would seem to be the only way the watermelons are going to win this argument.

Adding a dash of scented oil to the bath of scadenfreude in which we sceptics can now wallow, I find the Greenpeace stunt may have backfired. Have a read of this: (H/T Global Warming Policy Foundation)The government have discovered the amount of money we will be paying to those little pigs with their snouts in the green energy trough will outweight the reduction in borrowing requirements achieved by the hugely unpopular austerity measures.

Here's a quote from Global Warming Policy Foundation:

Apparent attempts by senior government figures to dismantle UK renewable energy commitments will prove disastrous to solar and other clean technologies, leading industry figures have warned. An undercover film released yesterday by environmental body Greenpeace revealed the apparent extent to which the Chancellor George Osborne and other senior ministers and MPs are trying water down legally binding commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions through investment in low carbon energy generation.

Although those implicated in the film have denied its claims, renewable sector advocates say the impression it gives of divisions within the coalition government will 'completely destroy' confidence in the industry.

What a wonderful irony. Greenpeace thought they wetre going to provoke outrage as the governments dastardly plan to destroy the planet, instead they have made it possibe for us libertarian bloggers to inform taxpayers of exactly how much money the tree hugging weirdie beardies are helping their corporate fascist buddies to steal from us. "Noooooo," scream the lefties, "Greenpeace are nice, Greenpeace are cool, Greenpeace locfe small furry animals, Greenpeace hate money." Is that so? Then how come in 2011 their total gross worldwide income was €241 million ($311million) ( Not surprisingly Greenpeace are a bit coy about how well they are doing out of the fear and panic industry so H/T to Matt Sinclair: Let Them Eat Carbon for digging out that info.)