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All The People Who Never Had A Job?
Information released by the government shows one point four million Britons have never had a job. A Boggart Blog investigtion shows the unemployment problem is further reaching. Many of the waged do not have proper jobs, they are public sector tax eaters whose candy floss jobs have been created onlu to make the unemployment statistics look better.

All The People Who Never Had A Job?
by Ian R Thorpe
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All The People Who Never Had A Job?

The lead story in today's news reveals that 1.4 million people in Britain have never had a job.

This is bad enough in itself even if we think of the hard core unemployed as being like the characters portrayed in television comedy Shameless, work-shy, drunken, sex obsessed, drug addicted, criminally inclined layabouts. The Daily Mail would have us believe such types are a threat to the moral fabric of our nation, the politically correct left think of them as victims of society.

The problem is not confined to sink estates like the fictional Chatsworth where the show is set. The joblesness in those areas is largely a result of automation and the closure of factories. In a less democratic society the solution would be easy, when surplus people become a problem, kill them. When we look beyond the real life equivalents of Chatswoth Estate however the true scale of the problem becomes apparent. It is not just the unemployed that are a drain on the national economy and a burden to the anion, it is the vast army of tax eaters employed unproductively in the public sector too.

Employing people to sit in government offices gathering information, shuffling files, making paper clip chains and photocopying their arses (or other peoples' arses if they get lucky) make be good for the unemployment statistics but such activities contribute nothing to the economy. In spite of this approximately a third of workers in jobs are employed by the state with the figure rising to almost fifty per cent in some regions. On top of that are the people employed indirectly by national and local government or state controlled organisations such as the National Health Service. (figures Office of National Statistics - see also Times Online)

If we take a level headed approach and err on the side of caution by saying a third work for are employed by the state, another third are pensioners, children or students and therefore not in the workforce and ten per cent are unemployed it leaves about 25% of the workforce actually earning the money that buys all our food, oil, shoddy tat from China, recreational drugs, fetishistic underwear and electronic gadgets. We no longer make any of these things ourselves.

So what are these tax eater supposed to be contributing in lieu of getting some work done? We reviewed a few job adverts for public sector careers a while back and found there were numerous vacancies with job titles like domestic violence co - ordinator, substance misuse support worker, sex industry outreach worker and one, mystifyingly for a lean practitioner. WTF does a lean practitioner do? There are whole armies of administrators, co - ordinators, support officers and outreach workers, they are probably kept busy trying to find out what their job involves.

This is not to mention the army of social workers employed to support and protect the most vulnerable and dysfunctional members of society. These people will inevitably fail to notice that a very young child is being systematically starved, beaten and sexually abused but will seize and put into a state run care home any child whose parents smoke, possess a Bible or allow a seven year old to walk twenty five yards from school bus stop to front door unaccompanied.

Boggart Blog investigative reporters found there are about 500 million people employed in such work in the UK and even then the public sector is so hopelessly understaffed union leaders and left wing politicians are demanding we abolish immigration controls and recruit unskilled semi - literate non English speaking daughter sellers from developing nations to fill the billions of vacancies being created every day by the public sector.

The problem does not end there. On top of the hard core unemployed and the notionally employed tax eaters secure in their candy floss jobs, right at the very heart of the unemployment and underemployment problem are the people who run the country or who used to run it and would like to again. We are talking about the investment bankers and all their hangers on, we are talking about the CEOs and directors but most of all we are talking about the politicians.

When did any of these people ever get any real work done? Has David Cameron ever clocked on in a factory, can you imagine Nick Clegg driving a lorry? The Miliband bros, aka Deadward working as rude mechanicals rather than members of a metropolitan elite. Could Diane Abbott make her living as a lap dancer, George Osborne may look like a turnip but can you imagine him digging them up? Does Ed Balls know how to flip a burger, can Vince Cable wire up and electrical socket, would Frank Field fillet fish for a living?

Here is the point you see, why should the workers work at shitty jobs when people who are running the show have no experience of real life. Politicians leave higher education and go straight into politics. Everything is theory to them, just a great big social engineering experiment. How can such clowns solve the problem of joblessness when they don't know what a job is.

British Workers Compete With Immigrants For JobsThe main controversy in today's news stories is the response of Work amd Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith to the citicisms made by the Archbishop of Canterbury about the government's handling of the long term unemployment problem.

Bank Of England Man Backs New StimulusAs if one disastrously expensive round of economic stimulus aka quantitative easing aka printing money anf flooding the economy with it had not been enough to teach them the lesson, the bankers and economists are calling for more stimulus and more of the stuff that caused the mess in the first place.
Jobless Benefit Claimants rise in OctoberOnce again, in a welter of obfuscatory statistics we learn that while the overall number of jobless people has fallen the number claiming jobseekers allowance as risen. Though presented as good news by the government this can only mean more people have gone past the time limit for claiming jobseekers allowance and been transferred to income support, claimants of which are not included on the figures.
Mr. Bean Speaks Out On The EconomyIt is absolutely shocking to sombody like myself whose career was spent in finance to hear a senior official of the Bank of England saying the things Charles Bean said yesterday ... yet here we have Mister Bean, yes that is his name, saying that the only way to save the UK economy is for consumers to start spending again. Then he compunds his insult to the already heavily indebted workers who have little job security and the worry of price inflation which in real terms is running at around ...
Conservatives Plan Immigration CapDuring the election campaign the big issue for voters was immigration. Strangely it was the issue none of the politicians wanted to talk about. Now as unemployment refuses to come down and we face up to a jobless future and the government are looking at limiting numbers of immigrants the left are screaming about the need to ease immigration controls still more.
Graduate Unemployment Reaches A New High News that there are 70 applicants for each graduate vacancy as this years University output start the soul destroying business of seeking jobs cannot have cheered anybody. But what are te reasons for this disastrous state of affairs. Could it be anything to do with governments pushing University for all to mask the true extent of our declime as an industrial nation?

Fit To Gossip
Ironic isn't it that not so long ago when unemployment was much lower than it is now but was a cause for alarm nonetheless, the government was pushing to get people declared disabled so they could go on incapacity benefit and off the jobless figures. Now they want to get people off incapacity and registered as unemployed because jobseekers allowance costs less than incapacity benefit...

No Real Jobs In The New Economy
Gordon Brown's Labour government and the failing Obama administration in the USA, feeling power slipping through their fingers, are trying to lull people into a false sense of security with claims the 'green' and the 'digital' economies will restore prosperity. This as a blatant lie, nobody needs a PhD in economics or Social Science to understand that the "new economy" of green businesses and digital commerce will destroy not create real jobs...

Minimum Wage Folly A Return To Speenhamland?
The minimum wage is meant to alleviate poverty and resolve problems with unemployment but as Ian R. Thorpe shows, as with all the cure all, politically correct social engineering wheezes dreamed up by the "progressive left" every time a minimum wage scheme is implemented it achieves the opposite of what is intended...

The Real Unemployment Figure
New unemployment figures released yesterday show unemployment fell by 0.1% in the three months December to FebruarY. Contained in the figures was a statistic that undermines government talk of an economic upturn. This is the number of people in work. Headline unemployment has fallen the number of people in work has also fallen. What's going on?

Bond Villain Targets Britain's Future by John De Roe.
Bill Gross, the world's biggest bond investor might have voted for Obama hnd has some sympathy for Labour because they talk of creating jobs, but he thinks the British economy is in worse shape than anyone is going to admit and is quite willing to take advantage of our vulnerability." The Jobless Economy
Politicians, economists and others with an interest in talking up the economy to get us all spending and taking on debt and mortgage loans again may rave about recovery. With our industrial base so depleted where will the jobs come from that we need to lead a recovery?" They may call it fiscal prudence, we call it loonytoons economics...

Interesting Times - Which Way Will The Global Economic Crisis Go In 2010?
Which way will the economic crisis go in 2010? Cracks are apearing in the Europen Single Currency scheme and China which has massive holdings of US treasury bonds is making unhappy noises about the dececits being run up by the Obama administration as they pursue loonytoons economic policies...

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