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Russia Ukraine Dirty Bomb Claim - Some Reality

As the situation in Ukraine gets more desperate with casualty numberrs mounting, half the national infrastructure in ruins and Russia upping its game in response to US / NATO military assistance privided to the neo nazi nutters in Kiev, a false flag event seems the only way to provide an excuse for direct US intervention. And the USA has a track record for fgalse flag events ...

 by Egbert Nohbakkon, 25 October 2022


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The Russian Foreign Ministry went public last week with an astounding claim that the government of Ukraine is in the 'final stage' of building a 'dirty bomb'. Despite a flurry of warning from Russian diplomats and defence officials western leaders were quick to dismiss the warning and claim that Moscow is planning and will carry out a false flag attack using a nuclear device.

The claim came as Kyiv's top general admitted President Volodymyr Zelensky's office is 'worried' about the threat posed by Vladimir Putin's nuclear weapons.While war coverage in mainstream media sugggests Moscow may resort to such desperate tactics because they are losing the war, well informed sources ignored by corporate publishers and broadcasters paint a very different picture of what is happpening in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army have taken vast losses, (some reasonable estimates 300,000 Ukrainian troops are dead or seriously wounded, while Russia's losses. though significant, are much lighter.

In fact balanced reports (we Boggart Bloggers look at news sources based in India, Singapore and Israel for confirmation of stories we see in European or american government propaganda mouthpieces,) suggest it is the Ukrainians who are desperate. Remember, it is Bellendskyyyyy who has constantly sought more and better weapons from NATO in order to escalate the conflict, while the neo - Nazi nutters in Kiev have repeatedly tried to draw the USA and NATO into direct involvement with Russian combat units in Ukraine.

Moscow has throughout indicated its willingness to negotiate while Ukrain will consider nothing but total surrender from Russia. And back in April, before the US and its allies started throwing money and weapons into Ukraine's war effort, Turkey's President Erdogan brokered a negotiated peace but Bellebdskyyyyy was ordered by the US and UK that in no circumstances could they negotiate directly with Russia. Ukraine needs to find a way of escalating the conflict and getting NATO troops on the ground, and a false flag event involving a dirty bomb would certainly do that (and also start World War Three.

Russia on the other hand, has nothing to gain by such an act, just as they had nothing to gain from sabotaging the Nord strem pipelines or attacking the Kerch Bridge, both of which are important Russian assets of key economic and strategic importance and which in  both cases The Kremlin was blamed for by the west.

What is a dirty bomb?

Western reporting would also have you believe Russia has suffered a series of embarrassing battlefield setbacks which have prompted the Russian government to issue thinly veiled threat s late last month that they would be willing to resort to using nuclear weapons. Nuclear sabre rattling has also come from other Russian hardliners. Strangely thse media reports omit to mention the threats of nuclear escalation mage by the Biden regime.

On Monday (24 October), the Kremlin stood by its allegation that Ukraine may be preparing to detonate a so-called dirty bomb, which disperses radioactive material.

'According to the information we have, two organisations in Ukraine have specific instructions to create a so-called 'dirty bomb'. This work is in its final stage,' Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov claimed in a statement on Monday. 

Ukraine, the United States, Britain and France have dismissed Moscow's claim athough what is not being reported is the flurry of defence officials flying to and from washington and European capitals, discussing (reportedly,) how NATO might respond to a nuclear event.

Pictured: Smoke rises from a building after it was attacked by Russian suicide drones in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 17, 2022. Russia has claimed Ukraine is in the 'final stage' of creating a 'dirty bomb', further raising fears that Moscow will carry out a false flag attack


Pictured: Daily Mail:  Smoke rises from a building after it was attacked by Russian suicide drones in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 17, 2022. Russia has claimed Ukraine is in the 'final stage' of creating a 'dirty bomb', further raising fears that Moscow will carry out a false flag attack

The purpose of the Ukrainian "dirty bomb" would be to simulate a Russian tactical nuclear weapon. Detonation of the device would (Bellendskyyyyy and the neo - Nazi nutters hope,) trigger the entry of the US 101st Airborne Division into Odessa.

Ukraine watchers expect the false-flag attack to happen somewhere in Nikolayev. The city is already being evacuated for this purpose. The device would  probably consist of several depleted fuel rods from some Ukrainian nuclear power plant and up to 1000 tons of conventional explosive. The resulting radioactive mushroom cloud would be almost indistinguishable from that of a nuclear blast and spread radio - active dust over a wide area. The explosion would be timed to coincide with the arrival of Russian Kalibr missiles.

It would take several hours to analyze the fallout to determine that the origin of the fission products is a nuclear reactor and not a bomb. (The relative abundance of isotopes would tell the time of their creation.) Americans would not publish their results until maybe much later.

The Western media would scream about a Russian nuclear attack and demand retaliation. Remember, this is the same media that told us Russia bombed its own nuclear power plant and blew up its own gas pipeline and exploded a truck bomb on its own bridge.

It would make no difference, that the fallout would be from uranium, while Russian nuclear weapons use plutonium or that there is a world of difference between the radioactivity levels of reactor fuel and wasp[ons grade plutonium. The headlines would read, "Evil Putin used a uranium bomb to create terror," and not even consider the event migh be a a false-flag.

Let's develop the theory that (a) a dirty bomb is set off and (b) Russia knows it did not do it. The west will claim that Russia was to blame and the MSM etc will produce all sorts of evidence that they did. So whatever happens Russia will be vilified in the west.

There is or would an argument that Ukraine has gone rogue and against the wishes of its NATO handlers, but that does not appear to be what is happening. It appears to me and almost certainly to the Russians (who appear to know the score) that this is in fact a NATO false flag. You note I'm ruling out the "Russia did it really" hypothesis here.

Well would Russia react? Yes. They have to. How? My guess is by calling a full moblisation and moving to whatever they call 'shock and awe' in their language. The response would involve crushing  Ukraine totally. Along with a total boycott of vital exports to NATO nations. And I'm guessing there would be malfunctions at various oil refineries etc

How would NATO react? Well Defcon 3 certainly, but possibly also the deployment of troops into western Ukraine - securing Odessa and the offshore oil and gas fields, possibly Polish forces acting as peace keepers in eastern Galicia. Maybe some attempt to get into a shooting war - no fly zone for instance. Maybe direct conflict on the ground.

What about the rest of the world? It's possible the people who run large third world nations may not be as stupid as the western public. There are a huge number of scenarios that might encompass Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, China etc etc. None of them good.

The world would be in a very dangerous place. One step from the cold war bogeyman Mutual Assured Destruction.

So why would NATO risk all this? This scenario must have been rehearsed dozens of times. My guess is that it has escalated badly in every one of them.

The obly conclusion that makes any sense is that the NATO actors have lost their collective grip on rationality here. So if it is completely irrational could it be a Russian false flag? The only reason would be if Putin was indeed the mad bad Vlad, the crazy, vengeful, bloodthirsty psychopath  the media paint him to be. And I cannot see he would have survived as Russia's leader this long if he really was insane. What would Russia have to gain? Like most here I assess the Ukraine's chance of a military victory as vanishingly small. And given Ukraine's behaviour over the past 8 months (and eight years singce NATO, the EU and USA installed the neo - Nazi nutters government in Kiev, the Ukrainians will have to pay a massive price if they want a peaceful settlement now.

So we are left with the view that the current USA (and UK) Military / Industrial Complexes are out of control, in the USA because POTUS is senile and the profits being made from this wart by the Corporate pirateocracy are on a par with those made by the Big Pharma cartel throughout the COVID pandemic hoax. Who knows who is in really charge in the UK or EU? But maybe some faction or cabal in the DC swamp thinks it needs to risk nuclear war to be able to fight Russia? Or maybe they think they can in some way prevail in a nuclear war?