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Russia Responds To UK's "Very Dangerous" Coup Allegations

As the COVID narrative crumbles under the weight of evidence that the vaccines do not work, masks are useless and lockdowns kill more than they save a new scaremongering narrative - or a revamped old one - is emerging as the threat of war with russia is the latest fear and panic vehicle to scare the people into compliance with tyranny ...

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23 January 2022 2021
23 January 2022


Russia has blasted this weekend's allegations by the UK government that it's planning to install a pro-Kremlin puppet leader in Ukraine. "We have information that indicates the Russian Government is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine," the UK statement published Saturday began. 

The Kremlin responded by urging London's Foreign Office to stop pushing "nonsense" and "disinformation" while further highlighting that the UK has merely been on the sidelines as diplomatic dialogue and a way forward is being sought by Moscow, Brussels, and Washington.

via AP

"We strongly urge London to stop foolish rhetorical provocations, which are very dangerous in the current overheated situation, and contribute to the real diplomatic efforts to ensure reliable guarantees for European security," the statement issued by the Russian Embassy in the UK said.

"The latest news, concerning Russia’s plans to bring to power in Kiev former Verkhovnaya Rada deputy [Yevgeny Muraev], who remains under Moscow’s sanctions as a person posing a threat to national security, is completely anecdotal," the embassy said further. "Having found itself on the sidelines of real diplomatic processes, London views its role in the constant incitement of anti-Russian sentiment."

"The logic is simple - every day accuse Russia of plotting ‘inevitable’ invasion of Ukraine and try to play the role of an ideological leader, defending itself from ‘autocrats’ and aiming to ‘free the world’," the statement concluded.

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