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Welcome to The Greenteeth Money and Finance Catalogue. Jenny Greenteeth, Chief Ectoplasmic Officer of Greenteeth Multi Media welcomes you to the UK home page of her rapidly expanding multi media empire. This page is a catalogue of our posts on trade and commerce and how the fortunes of nations, busineeses and ultimately us are affected by games the rich and powerful play.

Greenteeth Trade and Commerce Catalogue

Mony makes the world go round they say, but without trade and commerce the world would not go anywhere and money is the oil that keeps the engines of commerce turning. Few people have a good understanding of how the global economy works and how the banking system, stock and commodity markets and currency exchanges are rigged to the benefit of global corporations and wealthy, powerful investors. We aim to remedy that.

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Money makes the world go round, but poor management can bring it to a standstill

The Great Recovery Illusion
An audience member was quickly on his feet to point out that the figure was misleading as people in zero hours contracts and part time jobs are classed as ‘in work’ to get them off the statistics. The young man could also have reminded the programmes studio and television audience that people who are out of work for two years are reclassified as ‘not economically active’ and removed from the unemployment register. Even if these people would love to work and ...

Europe's Bank Crisis Arrives In Germany: €29 Billion Bremen Landesbank On The Verge Of Failure
... yesterday we observed a surprising development involving Deutsche Bank, namely the bank's decision to quietly liquidate some of its shipping loans. Reuters reported, "Deutsche Bank is looking to sell at least $1 billion of shipping loans [a market sector] whose lenders face closer scrutiny from the European Central Bank.