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Islam on the streets of London, Paris, berlin etc.

One of the great follies of the left wing political philosopht dunned Cultural Marxism by its critics is the belief in multuculturalism, i.e. that peoples of different ethnicities, cultures and religions can live together in harmony under socialism. The evidence of the past fifty years shows they can't
Explore our posts on Islamic extremism and fundamentalism to understand why Muslims find it so hard to integrate with people of other creeds and cultures...

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Our Posts On Islam's Clashes, cultural and explosive) with western civilisation

Omnibus Pages on Muslim Grooming Gang scandal

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From Syria to the schoolyard, the Jihad

France's Week Of Riots Signal Failure Of Virtue Signalling Immigration Policies
The mass riots that rocked French society over the past week put the spotlight on the disaster of liberal mass immigration policies in the European democracies and the total failure by Western societies to assimilate the new arrivals welcomed through years of mass immigration, into the culture, traditions and laws of the host nation, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has claimed.

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