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COVID: Vaccinated people are dying as autoimmune attacks their vital organs

Bombshell report from two eminent vaccine specialists reveals COVID mRNA vaccine cause auto immune system to attack vital organs after injection. Autopsies reveal auto immune attacks damages the deceaseds; heart, lings, liver, brain and blood vessels.

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3 January 2022

 3 January 2022

Image: Bombshell: Vaccinated people are dying from autoimmune attacks against their own organs

We have menioned the name of the eminent doctor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. in these pages before. Indeed, Dr. Bhakdi has been one of the most prominent criticts of the "science led" responses to the COVID pandemic from day one and has consistently warned against the mRNA vaccines rolled out around the world, citing the scientifically sound reasons this technique for modifying DNA has in the past been studied and abandoned because of the unpredictable side effects. Now, in collaboration with Arne Burkhardt, M.D., Bhakdi has published a bombshell paper entitled, “On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination.” 

Bhakdi and Burkhardt's research was presented to an interdisciplinary symposium of Doctors For Covid Ethics, where various independent  researchers whose work has challenged the carefully contructed narrative of the World Health Organisation and governments around the world. The symposium  discussed the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccines which should not by any reasonable definition be called vaccines as they do not immunise those injected byt merely may (just 'may') alleviete symptoms of the disease somewhat.

The study took the form of a forensic evaluation of the cases of fifteen vaccinated patients (ages ranging from 28-95) who died between seven days and six months after receiving either a first or second shot of one of the experimental covid vaccines. The vaccines did not save their lives although it is unclear whether the deceased died 'with' COVID as that was not within the scope of the research, which set out to establish the effect of the vaccine on the patien's auto - immune system regardless of whether or not they werre carrying the virus.

 The findings showed fourteen of the deceased vaccinated patients suffered from extensiv damage in various vital organs due to their auto immune system attacking their body's own tissue. After their taking the vaccine, which genetically alters DNA to trick the body into making the notorious CO|VID Spike Protien, the pathogen released by the SARS - COV2 virus which is acyually responsible for creating symptoms, , their antibodies and T-lymphocytes turned against them, attacking their vital organs in the way that auto - immune system disorders such as Lupus, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Spike protein mRNA causes autoimmune attacks?

Ironic isn't it that after all the millions of words written and spoken and all the billions of dollars, pounds and Euros spent in propaganda campaings aimed as assuring us the vaccines are safe and effective, that one of the many side effects of the shot it it makes our bodies do to us the exact same thing as it is intended to prevent the virus from doing.

Unfortunately because coroners courts are not provided with staff properly trained to establish likely links between vaccines and various causes of death, most of the fatalities closely following vaccination were initially dismissed as 'unfortunate coincidences,' and in cases when bereaves relatives would not accept such  contemptuous treatment, were later determined to be caused by “arrhythmogenic heart failure.” 

Most of the patients in the styudy (eleven) were never hospitalized. They either died in their home, on the street, at work, in their car, or in a home-care facility. Four of the patients were treated in the ICU for more than two days. Therefore, the paper concluded that medical interventions were “unlikely to have significantly influenced the post-mortem findings.” One person who was not part of the study was the brother - in - law of Boggart Blog editor Ian Thorpe. Ian says, "Brian was 89 and had dementia so it is fair to say that his death could have occurred at any time. However when a frail old person is given an injection and within two hours complains of feeling ill, who then deteriorates over the next twenty - four hours and is rushed to hospital where he slips into a coma from which he never recovers, dying three days after being vaccinated, it is an insult to that person's family to tell them, when they ask why such a frail person who was not capable of giving informed consent, was injected without permission from the family.

While we are discussing what happens after vaccination, it is worth noting the process by which the body is genetically modified. Once the serum is injected, mRNA enters the body's cells and encodes through epigenetic processes the DNA to produce spike proteins in the cells. The genetic information delivered by the mRNA molecule is then translated in the ribosomes, the biological mechanisms within all cells, that perform biological protein synthesis, to mass produce an alien, toxic protein, exactly the sort of thing  millions of years of evolution has honed the auto - immune system to protect us from. 

In subverting the natural protein synthesis of cells, the vaccine reprograms the immune system to fight foreign proteins that were created by the body’s own, genetically modified cells. The immune responsive cells may sees the body’s healthy, modified cells creating foreign spike proteins, and immune responsive cells identify them as a threat to the body as a whole. As in all auto - immune disorders, including those cited above, this is likely to trigger an extraordinary autoimmune reaction and trigger a process of self-destruction.

In 14 out of 15 of the autopsies studied by Drs. Bhakdi and Burkhardt, the immune system was obsrved to have attacked the individual’s heart. In 13 cases, the immune system also attacked the individual’s lungs. The liver, brain, salivary glands and thyroid gland were all attacked in two cases each.  In the body of every deceased person, similar inflammatory pathological evidence was present in their tissues. The most important evidence was a high concentration of killer T-lymphocytes in blood vessels and the tissues surrounding them.

“Your heart muscle, and your liver and your lungs begin to produce these damn [spike] proteins, [and then] your killer lymphocytes go there … and destroy your heart, your lungs, your liver,” Dr. Bhakdi warned. Evidence of the “immunological self-attack is without precedent,” the doctors wrote.

“Because vaccination was the single common denominator between all cases, there can be no doubt that it was the trigger of self-destruction in these deceased individuals,” the report noted, warn ing also that more people will suffer similar adverse events as additional booster shots are approved.

This study also replicated the finding of other research (HERE, HERE and HERE,) showing the mRNA vaccines also penetrate the lymph nodes, teaching these cells to produce spike proteins instead of white blood cells. This may cause the T-lymphocytes to attack one of the body’s critical immune defenses. People who have been vaccinated will be more susceptible to various infections of viral and bacterial origin because one facet of their immune system is being trained to damage other facets of the immune system. 

This evidence has led one doctor, Dr. Peter McCullough, to declare covid vaccines the “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history.” Are the covid vaccines part of a depopulation agenda?

Watch the presentation to the Symposium, Doctors for Covid Ethics.