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The Daily Stirrer - 2024

Headlines - 9 May 2025

The electric car carnage has only just begun

by Matthew Lynn, Daily Telegraph, 9 May 2024

"They are cheaper to run. They can be simpler to manufacture. And of course, they are far better for the environment, playing a crucial role in hitting our targets to cut carbon emissions."

Rewind only a couple of years, and electric cars were the future. Yet this week, it has emerged that Ford will have to dramatically limit the supply of petrol cars to avoid paying huge fines for not selling enough of them. The fear must now be that the electric car carnage has only just begun – with Net Zero turning into a sledgehammer for the deindustrialisation of the West, and China the only clear winner.

As with so much of the legislation passed during the last five years, setting a quota for the percentage of EVs companies had to sell probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Manufacturers now have to ensure that 22pc of the cars they shift off the forecourt are battery powered, rising steadily to 80pc by the end of this decade, and 100pc by 2035. If they don’t hit their quota, the senior executives will get ten years hard labour in Siberia (well, actually it is a fine of up to £15,000 per vehicle, but it nonetheless feels extremely draconian). Like Soviet planners in the 1950s, the architects of this legislation presumably assumed that all you had to do was set a target and everything would fall into place.

The trouble is, quotas don’t work any better in Britain than they did in communist Russia.
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