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Deaths among Teenagers have increased by 47% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine according to official ONS data

Shock news as ONS official figures for 2020 show teenage deaths in the UK were up almost 150percent against corrsponsing period in 2019. Just one of the many social costs of the governmen's over-the-top pandemic response NOT reported by mainstream media.

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30 September 2021


An investigation carried out by UK online news organisation The Expose looked into official ONS and NHS data and discovered that since the mass vaccinination program instigated by government at the behest of The World Health Organisation filtered down to teenagers  a few short weeks ago, as governments and supra - national bureaucracies continued their push to coerce everybody in the developed world to accept vaccination with a cocktail of toxic shite that does not immunise against the disease but in many cases causes catastrphic side effects, there has been a 47% rise in the number of deaths due to all-causes among the teen and early 20s age group.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advised the government in  an independent report on July 15th 2021, that children and young people aged 12 years and over should be offered the Covid-19 so - called clotshot vaccine only if they suffered from certain specific underlying health conditions.

The report does later state that ‘young people aged 16 to 17 years of age who are at higher risk of serious COVID-19, as currently set out in the Green Book, should continue to be offered COVID-19 vaccination’.Statistics worldwide consistently show that while children  of school age are at almost zero risk, the risk to over - 18s, though present is statistically insignificant. The way in which scaremongering propaganda and fake statistivs have been used to exaggerate the risks and convince gullible people who are alread double - vaccinated that unvaccinated children and young people pose a theat of infection to those who have been vaccinated. Apart from seeming veery like an admission that the vaccines don't work (otherwise how could a vaccinated person be a threat to the vaccinated, vaccines by definition immunise people against diseases,)this is also unscientific as it denies the existence of natural immunity.

Official NHS data found in the ‘Covid-19 weekly announced vaccinations 01 July 2021 – revised’ press releasewhich can be downloaded here, and accessed on the NHS website here, shows that between 8th December 2020 and 27th June 2021, 147,123 people under the age of 18 had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. 

Prior to this documents published by the NHS do not include an under 18 age group, so we can therefore assume that mass vaccination of under 20s began on 20th June  Office for National Statistics (ONS) data on deaths is registered weekly so it was not possible to identify increase in deaths in people aged between 15 and 19 following the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine to this age group. and we discovered the following.

However the 2020 edition of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales’, find it here, reveals that between the week ending 26th June and the week ending 18th September 2020, a total of 148 deaths occurred among 15 – 19-year-olds.

Significantly the 2021 editions of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, ( read it on the ONS website,)  shows that for the corresponding period of 2021,  217 deaths occurred among 15 – 19-year-olds.

The figures speak for themselves, not only are young people more likely to die of the vaccine than of the disease it does not protect them against, but once again we see that all previous safegusrds have been thrown out of the window with COVID. Until the SARS-COV2 virus which causes COVID appeared on the radar it had always been the case that any new medication, either drug or vaccine, would be withdrawn worldwide on safety grounds if it was linked to 50 deaths. Covid has surpassed that by many thousands of times and yet the oppressive measures aimed at coercing sceptical people into accepting what has been called "the euthanasia vaccine continue to be ramped up despite the fact that in 99% of the population it is either harmless or a trivial infection..

Something is not right here.