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Content: Helga Ross:
Canadian poet and historian Helga specialises in short, poignant poems covering topics such as nature, relationships and her beloved cats. [ On The Cusp ]
The imminent Canadian winter poses a threat of forces more powerful than any man made disaster could unleash, gales, ice storms, blizzards, floods. In this nature poem Helga Ross celebrates her Canada homeland and finds beauuty in the threat of nature's awesome power.

[ Reluctant Bride ]
Canada is one place people cannot help learning a lot about snow. In this nature poem Helga Ross looks at snow from a different perspective finding in this annual phenomonon of nature many metaphors for aspects of the human condition.

Janet Caldwell:
In an era that sees poetry almost becoming a branch of psychology with so many poets writing only intoverted and self - regarding poetry Janet is a one off. her poems are very personal, moving often shocking, a biogrphy in blank verse of a life that starts with childhood abouse at the hands of a cruel and sexually depraved stepfather, moves on through many love affairs, several marriages, alcohol and drug abuse and finally to breakdown, suicide attempts and eventually a liver transplant. Janet is happy and settled now but cannot bring herself to face the sustained effort of writing a prose biography. Janet's poems can charm her readers or grab them by the troat and bounce them off the walls of their comfort zone. What they wll never do is leave behind that slightly nauseous feeling that comes from gazing too closely at somebody else's navel.

What Lies in Sight

Five Degrees
to Separation

First Haircut

Daddy #2

Closed Circuit


Ancient Lover

Deja Vu Tide


Pancake Girl

Ian Thorpe
The Young River
This poem about a river in its early stages, its role in the environment and the wildlife it supports is a tribute to nature and an acknowledgement of how natural spaces can improve our quality of life.
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Pastor Penny

Pastor Penny preaches his hellfire and damnation sermons warning of the tools Satan can use to lead the weak from the path of righteousness. Drugs, Liquor and The Temptations Of Eve are high on his list. But does he always practice what he preaches? Like drink, sex and drugs religion is an addiction. And when it comes to addictions Pastor Penny has a full house.

The End Of Days
KEYWORDS: Revelations, apocalypse,gothic,humour,humor,satire,comic verse
The Book of Revelations makes The End Of Days sound pretty grim. But the Biblical Apocalypse was written a long time ago. Armed with what we know now it is easy to see things could actually be a lot worse than the most dire predictions.

Health Of The Nation
This is a very sad poem about the privatisation by stealth of the UK National Health Service. Sad; because I wrote it almost twenty years ago and it is just as topical now. Being familiar with the wrong side of the institutionalised incompetences perpetrated by public service bureaucracy I hate to think what human rights abused could be dreamed up by healthcare accountants in pursuit of a profit.

No Morning Kisses
The lament of a mistress, the clasic cry of the "other woman" who may enjoy the sex, the romantic attention and the thrill of forbidden fruit in a relationship with a married man but cannot have thecompanionship of support she would hope for from a fully committed partner.

Favourite Boy Ever wondered what happened to that little shit who made your life misery in school, the little shit who was fortunate enought to be good at the school sport which gave him immunity from any rule or sanction. He was the bully but anyone who fought back was punished. He stole the nerd's homework project and copied it but the nerd was accused of copying. Such people teach us a valuable lesson of course, authority will always favour those who kiss its arse. [ poetry ] ... [audio ] ... [ Humour]... [ Featured Writer ]

Doctor, I'm In Trouble
A reference to the 1950s comic song in the title but the similarity ends there as this comic verse describes the process by which the medical professions make us dependent on prescription drugs and thus make us patients for life. If you have ever asked yourself, "Medical Ethics, what's that all about? Here is the answer: It's the money.

Boys Games: There is a type of man who like girls and women to be tomboys, sporty, not into fashion or high heels,more at home in the bar or the gym than the beauty parlour. This comic verse suggests such men are keeping something in the closet.
Feel The Burn: The arguments continue about climate change, is it entirely the result of human action or are we in a natural cycle of global warming brought about by things we barely understand let alone are able to control. What is beyond doubt is thigs are changing and we must act to preserve our world and ways of life.

Climate change, cultural conflict, overpopulation, algae bloom killing the oceans, volcanic winter, asteroid collission, Armageddon has many disguises and the purveyors of fear and panic are eager to use them all. In this poem which could be classed as comic verse, British poet Ian Thorpe ponders what might await those who survive Armageddon. It is not nice.
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Many people are familiar with the situation of desiring somebody and knowing the attraction is mutual but being unable to express that desire openly. Maybe people are imprisoned in an unsatisfactory relationship, thwarted by religious differences or they live in an oppressive family environment. Love can be trapped in many types of prison, sometimes there is no way of escaping.

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A Beginners Guide To The human Body
This collection of anatomically inaccurate nonesense (about 35 verses) was assembled through a particularly wet holiday weekend not long after I was discharged from hospital. Having to face up to the fact I was not indestructible made me much more aware of the wonderful design and engineering skills nature displayed when creating the human body.

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As we hear more and more of prophecies that foretell the end of the world I sense a growth of fear and tension in people's behaviour. So I want to tell everybody not to worry. The world may be in trouble but - the Bureaucrats have a scheme to save our civilisation. Whatever disaster threatens, the pen pushers have it covered. Remember how when the world faced the threat of nuclear war, they sent out a leaflet advising us...

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