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Thousands clog streets in central London to protest against vaccine passports

August 29:Unreported by mainstream media as in previous months, crowds numbering tens of thousands gathered in London on the last weekend of the month to protest agains the government's plans to introduce vaccine passports next month.


Picture: Ruptly

Protesters have packed into central London in a demonstration against the government’s ongoing plans to introduce so-called vaccine passports. Though largely ignored by the media, “thousands” of people reportedly took part.

The protest march kicked off at Hyde Park on Saturday afternoon and set off across Vauxhall Bridge and toward Clapham Common. London’s Metropolitan Police reported road blockages and bus delays along the route, and officers remained in close proximity to the marchers at all times.

Video footage showed a dense crowd of people in attendance. Some waved religious banners, some held placards opposing vaccination full stop, and others demanded the government drop its plans to require patrons of certain venues be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Save Our Rights UK group had previously promoted the “medical freedom march,” which would be “standing against mandated vaccines and vaccine passports.” Pictures and video shared on Twitter showed protesters gathering at Hyde Park on Saturday. People could be seen carrying placards and banners saying “no medical dictatorship” and “no vaccine passports,” while smoke flares appeared to have been released in one place. The Metropolitan Police warned of disruption to traffic and bus services as roads became blocked.

Needless to say this eveny was not reported by mainstream media in fact The BBC (Biased Broadcastic Corporation) a mouth piece for globalist propaganda with no tongue whenever anto - narrative, pro - liberty protesters turn up, made not a single mention of the protest while a much smaller event organised by eco - terrorist unwashed crusties of Exstinktion Rebellion received blanket coverage. You will see report on human rights abuses in East Timor or Tanzania though. Their team had a nice time at your license fee expense going those places.

Vaccine passports a vague concept protesting agbased on the Chinese Communist Party's social credit system, protesting aginst coercive attempts to persuade us to inject an experimental gene therapy into our bodies in order to access a normal event or building is a violation of our inalenable human rights set out in the Geneva Convention of 1948 and now incorporated in international law. Protesting against this 'vaccine' being injected into us when 90% of us, in the 18 months of the pandemic, have not experience a single symptom and our children without their parents' consent when it is known that children are not susceptible to COVID vannot be justified in any way. The injection is not in fact a vaccine as it does not make recipents immune (amply demonstrated in Israel, the first nation to claim herd immunity with over 90% vaccinated, while this vaccinated nation now has the highest per capita rate on infections. The Injection is in fact a gene therapy that alters DNA and so far seems to be killing and maiming thousands across the world (check the UK yellow card scheme and VAERS).

Highlighting the consistent lies and propaganda that our 'dear leaders' are ramming down our throats through the torrent of propaganda rammed down our throats through corrupt news media in order to keep us in our houses, scared of a normal regular virus that hasn't killed anymore people than a usual bad flu year. Just take a bit of time to research the facts that are far from 'vague'.

The best protest is orchestrated disobedience to Covid entrance passes. This best is attained by subverting the flaky technology upon which passes will be based (derivative from the NHS phone 'app' and the contact tracing 'app'). Paper documents can be forged and electronic passes are easily spoofed.