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Italy Pondering Total Ban On Unvaccinated In The Workplaces

Italy's unelected governments, which has already faced riots and massive resistance to its authoritarian measures to strip away citizens rights and liberties under cover of pretending their actions are necessary steps to deal with the pandemic, now risks plunging the country into greater chaos by mandating vaccines for the workplace.

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4 January 2021

Italy Pondering Total Ban On Unvaccinated In The Workplaces

Since the start of the pandemic the government of Italy, which is a coalition appointed by the European Union bureaucrats in Brussels in order to keep nationalist parties Lega and Brothers of Italy out of any governing coalition, has been one of the most enthusiastic in folowing 'The Science' and imposing authoritarian measures which have and will do nothing to help the country to return to something approaching normal.

harsh penalties enforce mask wearing in italy
Due to penalties imposed by the authoritarian government few people go unmasked in Italy. (Picture Getty via Breitbart Europe)

The government of Italy is currently considering the practicalities of imposing a total ban on unvaccinated individuals from workplaces.

Some members of the Italian government support a proposal to implement the so called Super Green Pass in workplaces, an action which would result in the complete exclusion of unvaccinated individuals workplaces thus denying them the right to earn a living unless they surrender their human rights to the globalist doctatorship. Germany and Austria, two European nations which like Italy have a track record for police - state government, are reportedly planning similar moves.

The afonementioned “Super Green Pass” in Italy can only be obtained by producing evidence of being fully vaccinated against the Chinese Coronavirus, or from having recovered from the disease. However, being double vaccinated is no longer sufficient to be considered fully vaccinated. In the latest move aimed at corecing full complance the World health Organisation has decreed that only people who have had two regular shots of the toxic serum plus a booster are fully vaccinated and plans to require a fourth shot are already being formulated.

While having recovere from COVID can be used as proof of immunity, that fact that somebody has repeatedly tested negative cannot, 'The Science' has apparently decreed that the natural immunity which has assured the survival of our species since men first stood erect, no longer exists.

According to a report in Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the Italian Health Secretary, Andrea Costa, hopes that an expansion of the green pass would nudge more people towards vaccination. “I believe that, given the numbers of infections and increasing hospital pressure, it is reasonable to immediately extend the super green pass in the workplace,” the publication reports Costa as saying. “It will be a big boost to speed up the vaccination campaign and impose severe restrictions on those who do not get vaccinated.”

Costa also expressed confidence regarding the possibility of such a ban passing in Italy’s legislature, which is rather surprising as the govdernment does not have a majority in the national assembly and is currently ruling by decree. Unfortunately a lot of Italians are wise to the fact that the vaccinations to not make people immune, and that the government is shafting them with its coercive measures so even if the measure is pushed through without debate, it is only likely to increase civil unrest in Italy.

Members of the government have also dismissed concerns regarding public opposition to the measure, despite previous anti-COVID restrictions implemented by the government leading to thousands-strong protests and rioting.

“This initiative could create tensions, but the Government’s priority is to return to normalcy and not to close the activities,” Andrea Costa said. “We cannot allow the positions of a minority to jeopardize the results achieved to date.” Funny that a government nobody voted for, that was shoehorned into power because the left wing, globalist parties it is made up of faced an election wipe out after the last legitimate government lost a vote of no confidence, regards itself as representing the majority

Costa, who apparently has a picture of dictator Benito Mussolini tattooed across his bag fat hairy arse, (sorry I made that bit up,) also said that, despite being in favour of compulsory vaccination himself, he doubts that a compulsory vaccination mandate could successfully be implemented in the Mediterranian country.


14 September 2021
Source: France Soir

Backed by Professors Sucharit Bhakdi, Stefan Homburg and Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Auschuss, a new forensics institute held its first press conference on Monday to present the evidence now available on the fatal accidents that may have resulted from so-called anti-covid injections.

According to a report in the German newsletter Corona Transition, forensic scientists Prof. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Walter Lang presented the results of ten autopsies performed on six Germans and four Austrians, all of whom died as a result of the injections, in Reutlingen on Monday 20 September. The autopsies are the result of a collaborative effort by several forensic experts in Austria and Germany; other autopsies are still being evaluated.

They were performed at the formal request of the families. Of the ten deaths, seven are “probably” related to the injections, five of which are “very probably” related. For the last three cases, one remains to be evaluated, another appears to be “coincidental”, and for the last, the link “is possible but not certain”.

A “crisis of lymphocyte madness”

Accompanied in Reutlingen by Prof. Werner Bergholz, a quality expert who was responsible for monitoring their work, Prof. Burkhardt and Prof. Lang summarized the consequences of the injections as a “lymphocyte madness crisis” (Lymphozyten-Amok). Lymphocytes are a subset of white blood cells associated with immune responses.

The main factors of this lymphocyte madness that they observed were these:

During these autopsies, the two forensic doctors were confronted with disease profiles that were unknown to them until then. While it cannot be said that vaccination was the sole cause of death – because death is always multifactorial, “not a single organ, not a single bodily function, is unharmed” following an injection, according to Professor Burkhardt.

Three extremely rare autoimmune diseases

Particularly strange and unexpectedly, Dr. Arne Burkhardt discovered three extremely rare autoimmune diseases during these autopsies: Sjögren’s syndrome, leukoclasmic vasculitis of the skin, and Hashimoto’s disease.

As for lymphocytic myocarditis, the most common diagnosis, it is difficult to detect even under the microscope and is often interpreted as simple infarction. Currently under investigation: the risk of post-vaccination death caused by pathologies of the endothelium, vasculitis, perivasculitis and erythrocyte agglutination.

Prof. Bergholz, a quality expert, explained how the term “probability” should be understood in this specific context. In recent years, only 20 deaths in Germany have been linked to vaccinations. In contrast, between January and July 2021, i.e. since the start of the anti-covid campaign, 80 to 90 million injections have been administered in Germany, followed by 1,230 reports of deaths as vaccine accidents. This is at least ten times the number of deaths compared to conventional vaccines, not to mention the tens of thousands of vaccine accidents that did not immediately result in death.

“Never in the history of medicine…”

The forensic scientists observed that the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is responsible for recording vaccine accidents in Germany, makes access to accurate data very arduous, even for a specialist, unlike the Norwegian or English pharmacovigilance. The forensic scientists showed many slides, some of which showed foreign bodies lodged in the tissue, such as steel. The manufacturers replied that steel is used for prostheses, which they consider unacceptable. One of the first to perform autopsies was Prof. Klaus Püschel from Hamburg: he concluded that the vast majority of the people he autopsied, who theoretically died of “Covid-19”, had in fact died of other diseases.

Supported by Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and by Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Auschuss, Prof. Burkhardt agreed in July 2021 to lead this work within an association of type 1901 Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie, e.V.” (MWGFD – Doctors and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy) because “never in the history of medicine (…) have so many serious accidents and deaths occurred in the vicinity of a vaccination”. The costs of the autopsies are covered by the association, which is managed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg, professor emeritus of public finance at Leibnitz Universitaet Hannover.

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