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The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized

As Europe's Energy crisis wrecks national economies and drives millions of families into poverty, the powers that be are still refusing to acknowledge that their green energy policies and obsession are more to blame for the crisis than anything Vladimir Putin has done


For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity.

The usual suspects (politics, the media and academic communities,) played down the fact that evidence for their predicted climate change scenarios came entirely from mathematical models of climate activity rather than real world evidence and played up the fear factor, cherry picking evidence from their results to paint pictures of a barren, lifeless planet if we allowed the concentration of the trace atmospheric gas Carbon Dioxide (which is essential to the continued viability of all carbon - based lifeforms (i.e. every living thing on the planet.). 

 It is all bollocks of course but that did not stop governments, advised by academics and cheered on by the media, pursuing loonytoons energy policies based on wind and solar panels (not quite smoke and mirrors but close enough for jazz,) and shutting down reliable coal, gas and nuclear power plants in favour of getting our energy from unreliable, intermittent sources. Wind does not blow at a constant speed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and in reality only blows at speeds within the optimum for wind turbines to generate power for around twenty - five percent of the time. And although the information seems to have escaped followers of the quasi - religious cult that worships a god named "The Science," the sun is only present in the skies above their solar panels for on average twelve hours a day.

It is due to ignoring basics like this we in the developed nations of Europe and North America find ourselves in the grip of an energy crisis. The energy crisis in Europe has highlighted  the challenges the world is facing in the what progressives global energy transition and realists think of as the return to medievalism

Throughout the decades in which 'sustainainable energy has been touted as the saviour of civilisation it is becoming increasingly clear that green energy has failed, wind turbines and solar panels cannot reliably supply enough energy to power modern societies and fossil fuels will remain the key part of the energy generation for decades to come.

In spite of vast investment of money and resources in wind and solar, and the headlong rush by government policy makers to embrace the 'net zero' committment so fashionable among 'climate scientists' although real scientific studies show it is unachievable, and attempting to get there will habe a disastrous effect on national economies and plunge millions of families into poverty and render the poorest destitute, the politicians and academics who have promoted green power and their servants in the media who have loyally reported their lies, misrepresentations and fake statitics continue to push this idiocy.

In 2018, Aluminum '18 Dusseldorf the “premier aluminum conference in Europe”, the weather alert app kept displaying daily ozone levels in the “high” or “extremely high” range and any delegates experienced a persistent cough. This, the organisers explained, was due to the dominant method of energy generation used in Germany, coal. A few years before that the German government had proudly proclaimed itself one of the leaders in the switch to green energy and the race to achieve the fabled 'net zero.' 

Unfortunately as well as phasing out its coal fired power plants, after the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster, the German government implemented a plan to shut down its entire nuclear operations no later than 2022

We can now see that decision by Germany was a real clunker, whether it was "led by The Science," (such decisions are always wrong,) or by a genuine but misplaced desire to save the planet (in which case it targeted the wrong demon,) it has resulted in Germany losing its leverage with Russia, because where Russia's need for foreign exchange balanced Germany's need for gas, now Germany, having shut down its alternative energy sources and abandoned coal, now relies on Russian gas, while Russia has alternative customers to sell to. 

And ironically Germany already had “clean energy” from its well managed nuclear installations but now must revert to 'dirty' coal to avoid blackouts.

Meanwhile, as the world watches the Russian invasion and also prognosticates the impact of sanctions, (the Boggart Bloggers forecast sanctions will have minimal impact for reasons stated here many times,) other European nations are falling into similar energy holes they have dug for themselves will badly thought out green policies.

And with the hit to energy supplies that must come from any prolonged conflict in Ukraine, German industrial, commercial and domestic energy users can expect rough (and expensive) times ahead.