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Putin, Macron To Hold Urgent Talks To Halt Military Escalation In Ukraine

Even though the leaders of Ukraine itself are talking down the threat of war with Russia over the breakaway region of Donbas, America and Britain are still beating the war drums and demonising Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Russia insists they have no plans to invade Ukraine and one western leader at least, France's Emmanuel Macron, seems to be listening to messages coming out of the East European trouble spot...

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the daily stirrer

20 February 2022


While President Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson continue to talk up the idea that Russia is committed to an invasion of Ukraine that could happen "within the next few days, (even though that next few days has stretched from late January all the way through February without any have evidence that Russia had any plans to invade,) French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed in a phone call on Saturday, to take urgent measures to deescalate the situation in eastern Ukraine, the Elysee Palace announced in a statement on Sunday. 

 The two leaders  also discussed Putin's plan to withdraw Russian troops from Belarus now that President Likashenko is formly back in charge after a bid by 'unknown non - state actors' (i.e. the usual suspects',) failed bid to forment a colour revolution to overthrow the regime..

 Putin and Macron agreed to work within the 'Normandy format' - which will also include German and Ukrainian leadership - and will begin discussions "in the next few hours" in order to negotiate terms for a ceasefire in the Donbas region. (Picture: Zero Hedge)

As a result of the telephone discussion a meeting between French and Russian ministers of foreign affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian and Sergey Lavrov, will occur in the next few days. A statement issued by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs set out the scope for these negotiations.

"This diplomatic work should make it possible to progress on the basis of the latest exchanges by involving all the stakeholders (Europeans, allies, Russians and Ukrainians) in order to achieve, if the conditions are met, a meeting at the highest level in to define a new order of peace and security in Europe."

The Kremlin confirmed the statement, saying "it was agreed to continue contacts at various levels. Serious concern has been expressed over the sharp deterioration of the situation on the line of contact in Donbass. The President of Russia noted that the escalation has been caused by the provocations of the Ukrainian security forces," the Kremlin statement reads in translation.

According to RT, the Russian online news service that has strong links with The Kremlin, Putin brought up "the ongoing pumping of Ukraine with modern weapons and ammunition" by NATO countries, which is pushing Kiev "toward a military solution to the so-called Donbass problem." Because of the "intensifying shelling," citizens in self-proclaimed breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine had to evacuate Russia.

The Ukranian government in Kiev continues to accused America and Britain of hysteerical rhetoric as they continue to claim Russia plans an imminent invasion, but offer no evidence to back uo these claims other than pictures showing large numbers of Russian troops stationed withing 50 miles of the Ukraine border, which is exactly where they have been since 2014 when the Obama regime in washington backed by David Cameron's coalition UK goverrnment, draged us through a very similar exercise in warmongering. 

Separately from the Putin / Macron initiative,Russia and Belarus will extend their joint military exercises, according to Bloomberg report based on information from sources in the Belariusian Defense Ministry.

The training exercises were scheduled to finish on Sunday and Russia had said it would return its troops to their bases afterward. While those drills are in Belarus, which is north of Ukraine, the defense ministry statement cited the deteriorating situation in eastern Ukraine for the extension,, a likely reference to NATO’s recent deployment of more troops eastward. -Bloomberg

In the past week, since the shelling of an infants' school which may have been accidental or a false flag event according to various reports, fighting between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian  government forces in the breakaway Donbas region has escalated - with allegations of violations on both sides of a 2015 ceasefire, The Minsk agreement. 

According to Ukraine, the separatist leaders are increasing the rate of attacks, including on civilian targets, to force a response and create a pretext for a Russian invasion. Donbas leaders say they're responding to Ukraine firing on them.