Past Perspectives- History seen from different angles.
< Most history we learn, be it in junior school or university is wrong. And not just wrong but intentionally misrepresented. History tells us the Roman Empire was a civilising force but in fact the brutal fascist regimes that ruled Rome put progress in reverse. Christianity too is credited as a civilising influence but early Christians were on a mission to destroy the accumulated learning of the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians and Egyptians. The real story, if you can find it presents our ancestors in a much kinder light than we are used to seeing them. The curious and open minded will find a lot of interesting information in our history pages. It may change the way you view the world.

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How American Forces Network Saved Our Lives Britain in the 1950s was a monochrome society, a rigid, unyielding social order and overt class consciousness constrained social interactions, people were reluctant to do the right thing for fear of it being deemed by "polite society" as the wrong thing. Fortunately a radio station we should not have been listening to, and the subversive music it played took the lead in releasing us from our bonds

  What Did The Romans Really Do For Us
and more about the ancient world.

20 History Questions They Refuse To Answer In School
Not a test on the ancient beginnings of human civilization but on the honesty of academics in the education system because the questions here, if posed to almost any university history factulty will be answered by lies and evasions. So how far back does human history stretch. Much further than you are ever likely to be told it seems.

The Island Of Hy Brasil: Another Atlantis Or Insula Mirabilis
The myth of Altantis, the lost island continent that was the birthplace of civilization has fascinated human curiosity since the earliest times. Though the first written mention of +Atlantis occurs in Plato's dialogue Critias in which the Greek +Philosopher to refers to his ancestor Solon, one of the Seven Sages of Athens recounting the story of a lost +civilization.

A Return To Hy Brasil, The Other Atlantis
Before dismissing Hy Brasil as the stuff of Fairy stories it is worth reminding ourselves that the Atlantic Ocean as we know it now is not as it was always known. Firstly Columbus was motivated not by the desire to advance scientific knowledge but by stories of a fabulously wealthy land across the ocean which he hoped to claim for Spain and thus get stinking rich. Another scientific fairy story told of Columbus is that ...

Our Debt To Islam
In the dark ages the light of wisdom was almost extinguished in Europe and North Africa by the religious fanaticism of Christians. Read how the scientific knowledge accumulated by ancient civilisations in India, the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea was kept alive in the Islamic world and retransmiited to Europe through the independence of Christian monastic orders.

Blake's Heaven
Its amazing how many people can talk of a sense of deep calm, of oneness when looking at the ocean. Maybe it is the vastness, perhaps that water is so essential to all life and such a large part of us. Or again, maybe deep in the subconscious there dwells a realisation that the sea is the cradle of all life. But is the ocean instilling that sense of spiritual oneness or does it merely reflect our being?
A Short history of Contraception and Abortion: Part 1.
Cavewomen and Contraception: first in a four part series on the way removing women's right to control their bodies was a powerful tool in subjugating the gender. This opener deals with the earliest beginnings among the mother worshipping tribes and clans of the neolithic age.

A Short history of Contraception and Abortion: Part 2.
Bronze Age Birth Control: Part 2 of the four - parter moves on to the Bronze Age when great advances were made in technology and healing resulting in huge improvements in the quality of human life. As the seeds of civilisation were sown so began the dominance of the Patriarchal God and the male hierarchies that served him.

A Short history of Contraception and Abortion: Part 3.
Witchcraft, The Burning Issue: moving forward to the Christian era and the determination to stamp out anything the Church could not control. This led to the persecuaion of women who practiced herbalism and had the skills to use parts of plants and shrubs to prevent or terminate pregnancy.

A Short history of Contraception and Abortion: Part 4.
Medieval to Modern: The concluding part deals with the explosion of the birth rate after the Induistrial Revolution, the corresponding high infant mortality rate and the appalling incidence of deaths in childbirth. We relate the story of the brave women who stood up to church and state to win back womens' rights to control their bodies.

  The Brutal March Of Christianity: Medieval Europe
Killing History.
The government constantly whines that not enough pulips in their later school years take up sciences. The government itself however is pushing history off the curriculum. So as they strip the nation's young people of a sense who they are and destroy the national culture inthe name of diversity and multiculturalism can they complain if those young people feel alienated and do not wish to contribute positively to the national community.

Before The Big Bang - Part 1: Ian Thorpe : Space and Time

Ian brings a comedy writers perspective to this examination of the cosmology proposed by the theoretical physicists who unequivocally support the Big Bang theory

Before the Big Bang - Part 2 : Ian Thorpe : Space and Time

In Part 2 of this less than totally serious examination of Big Bang theory Ian steps sideways in time to show how wrong the experts might actually be.
  The Colonialists - The Age Of Exploration and Conquest
  Gtting Steamed Up - The Industrial Revolution

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