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New World Order Big Brother Regime Needed To Save Civilisation From Climate Change

by Ian R Thorpe.

Leading "Liberal" thinker Naomi Klein has become the first leftie to come out of the crypto fascist closet and calls for an Orwellian New World Order and totalitarian global government. Well if you can't win by arguement, resort to compulsion and force

Leading "Liberal" Thinker Comes Out Of Crypto Fascist Closet Calls For New World Order And Totalitarian Global Government

by Ian Thorpe
15 November, 2011

No Logo author Naomi Klein has come up with a solution to climate change: it involves punitive taxation; massive wealth re-distribution from the poor, middle class and modestly rich to a handful of super rich elitists (Ms Klein did not actually say as much but that is how redistribution always works;) abolition of free trade and free markets; a state-enforced end to to the "cult of shopping"; the replacement of democratic and non democratic governments of nation states with a self appointed world government" of the obscenely wealthy, senior academics and intellectuals; the whole to be controlled by a New World Order of selfless illuminati who will rule for the benefit of all humankind (and who presumably are fanatical worshippers at the altar of science, militant atheists and have impeccable left wing credentials like never having done a day's hard work in their lives). Strange, she did not find it within her to rail as the cult of self esteem through possession and propose a million per cent luxury tax on iPads, smartphones, designer labels and all the other stuff young, left leaning pseuds "just can't live without."

Well it's nice to see the internationalist left finally poking their heads out of the neo Nazi closet and letting us see their true colours. Were it not so frightening, so reminiscent of ideas being aggressively promoted in Germany and Italy in the late 1920 and early 1930s it would almost be funny. How can somebody who has been through university (at the expense of Canadian taxpayers) and is regarded as an intellectual and an original thinker be so wrong in so many ways about so many things. And how can such a privileged member of the intellectual elite be so ignorant of the history of Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China and Fascist Italy and so unaware of modern literary classics like 1984 and Brave New World she can advocate the policies of murderous authoritarian regimes and they type of society predicted in those works of fiction.

Observe how this loony leftie Canadian activist, without producing any evidence whatsoever deploys the Goebbels / Alinsky tactic of simply repeating a great lie in the hope that it will became embedded as an undisputed truth in the minds of the great unwashed without producing a single scrap of evidence. Observe the facility with which she declares that the time has come to strip the humanity of all our hard-won and cherished freedoms in order to save the planet from a nonexistent threat. Unfortunately Klein and other leftie wannabe tyrants are deadly serious and, even more dangerous, her audience of academics, business leaders and students take her seriously. But tyranny and the political left have always gone together like peaches and cream or socialism and eugenics,

Just read the first comment posted below her plea for multiple coup d'etats and the imposition of totalitarianism:

I can't say enough good things about this article. It's a manifesto for the next 100 years. Corporate capitalism is doomed by the immutable fact of finite resources; it will require planning and sharing to sustain civilization in the future, which is heretical thinking in the boardrooms of elite capitalists.

How easily the left forget that civilisation grew organically but has always collapsed into dystopian chaos when the social engineering policies of authoritarian governments of the oligarchic collectivists have been experimented with.

But how does Naomi justify the statement that only by doing away with democracy, freedom and individualism can we save civilisation from being destroyed by global warming? Is there some new scientific theory she is aware of that demonstrates more of what fucked everything up is the only way to fix things. Will more centralisation, more micro management of individual lives by agencies of the state, and more forcing of a totally unrealistic set of values on the entire population really combat global warming? Is there perhaps some new evidence showing once and for all that the real world observations are wrong and global warming didn't stop in 1998? that it will continue on predictable trend, accelerating at a consistent rate until all of the planet that has not been flooded by icecap melt is turned into a barren desert Will she show us a dazzling refutation of Svensmark's cosmic ray theory? Surprising new data showing that, contrary to the false consciousness promoted by the running dog lackey capitalist pigs who write our history books, totalitarian social engineering regimes of the kind lefties and crypto - fascist pseudo-liberals advocate in fact brought nothing but bounty, happiness and environmental loveliness to Stalin's Soviet Union, Hitler's Germany, Mao's China, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Kim Il Sung's North Korea?

All Naomi can offer by way of justification for robbing us of our liberty is this:

"Before I go any further, let me be absolutely clear: as 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists attest, the Heartlanders are completely wrong about the science. The heat-trapping gases released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels are already causing temperatures to increase. If we are not on a radically different energy path by the end of this decade, we are in for a world of pain."

Er, a world of pain? The fascistic, science worshiping left are supposed to love had facts and leave emotive rhetoric to us freethinkers. I'm miffed. But here are some things she should know and could easily research for herself before embarking on another fascistic, democracy hating eco-tyranny fear-and-panic spreading rant.

That "97 per cent" figure: it's um, you know, an urban myth. Like the urban myth so beloved of climate science cultists that "not one serious scientists has questioned global warming theory." No, not one but 32,000 of them. Strangely, when I posted a link to a list of climate research projects that questions the quasi religious dogma ot the Warmageddonist cult I was asked by a Warmageddonist elder why we sceptics are so obessed with numbers? We are not of course, we are obsessed with the repetition of the lie that no respectable scientists has ever questioned global warming and the fact that these cheats and liars try to claim the moral high ground by saying they are motivated by a desire to get to the scientifuic truth when in fact they are so dumb they don't know the difference between zero and 32,000 or so dishonest they are not prepared to admit there is a difference.

The heat-trapping gas and fossil fuel theory: it's at best doubtful because the "feedbacks" – as she would know if she'd done her research – are still so ill-understood.

Saving the planet at what cost? Has anyone done a cost benefit analysis of the climate scientists big idea to pump sulphur dioxide into the upper atmosphere so simulate a volcanic winter? And if so does it stop at the cost of poisoning the upper atmosphere or does it take into account the damage that will be done to forests and other vegetation by acid rain that will be the synthetic global cooling. Can anyone show us that the freedom-destroying, economy-ruining totalitarianism you advocate will either make the blindest bit of difference to global mean temperatures or cause less pain than a world where it's ever so slightly warmer and where people are free to shop without jackbooted Canadian eco-activists stamping up and down shrieking: "Das ist Verboten!"?

Well in the unlikely event of you reading this Ms Klein, Naomi - if you will excuse my familiarity because you people are so alike, so faithful to the template I feel I have met you many times, Well, Naomi Babe (how long is it since anyone called you ?Babe, even with tongue in cheek, you're not a bad looking girl but that smug, superior expression, that cold, fantical glint in your eye that tells us we must never question the authority of the pseudo - liberal hierarchy is about asa sexually alluring as leprosy.

And before I leave you Naomi, have you actually asked any of the people you would crush beneath the jackboot of "liberal" self righteousness if they are willing to be enslaved by your liberal-Nazi regime and to commit future generations to slavery under a fascist oligarchies to "save the planet or if they would rather die, hungry, thirsty, dusty, sunburned but free?

I think not.

Truth Murderering GreensWhen the Heartland Institute launched an ad campaign comparing climate alarmists to mass murderers the green lobby rather predictably threw a hissy fit. Unfortunately the weirdie beardies, tree huggers and raffia mafia had forgotten they were the first to introduce this Nazi tactic into the debate.
UN Panel Says Redesign The World Economy For SustainabilityPoliticians can phrase their press communiques in fine words and soaring rhetoric but in the end they cannot disguise the fact that their latest initiatives on saving civilizartion are just another thinly disguised move towards global government, a global economy and culture the suppression of the individual and a New World Order.
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Will Warmageddonists Tell Us Where The Missing Heat Is Or Shut The Fuck UpAfter recent revelations from NASA and NOAA that the earth is not warming as quickly as climate scientists mathematical models predict, the Warmageddonist loobby came up with a ridiculous (even by their standards) respose that some of the heat has gone missing. Respected global warming sceptic ...
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