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As the COVID narrative crumbles, the most authoritarian government in the western world refuses to accept reality as Canada's Prime Minister / dictator Justin Trudeau lashes out at anyone who challenges his unconstitutional authority ...

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24 February 2022


Boggart Abroad his not commented beyond merely noting events in reltion to the Canadian Freedom convoy and the brutal and authoritarian measures taken by Canada's liberal - fascist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to suppress the protest and crush opposition to his totalitarian government. These measures have included enacting new laws by Prime Ministerial decree to by-pass the usual scrutiny by elected representatives of the people that is expected in a parliamentary democracy.

After several weeks of citizens shocked and repulsed by Trudeau's heavy handed authoritarianism in response to the COVID pandemic exercising their legal right to express their opposition to government policy through non-violent civil disobedience, the gathering outside the Canadian parliament in Ottawa of truckers and other Canadian citizens struggling to uphold their right to not be subjected to forced “vaccination,” Justin Trudeau unleashed his Canadian version of Hitleer's SS. Thousands of militarized riot police (and other unidentified heavily-armed special ops squads) surged into the area, surrounded the protesters,and started breaking into trucks, arresting the occupants and beating them with batons and rifle butts. Yes, woke liberal - fascists like Trudeau, for all their hypocritical bullshit about inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism, do not tolerate opposition to their authority once their haver power.

In a particularly ugly incident, the Trudeau's Stormtroopers deliberately spurred their horses into a crowd of protesters, trampling among others an elderly lady with a walking frame. She had been talking to police officers on foot, reportedly saying something along the lines of “you break my heart … this is about peace, and love, and happiness.” Then the monted squad knocked her down and drove their mounts over her. It could only have been deliberate because horses will instinctively avoid threading on an unstable surface such as a moving body.

Despite an abundance of video evidence clearly depicting exactly what happened, the Neo - Nazi Ottawa city authority tried to spin it away as an unfortunate accident:

Here’s an overhead photo of the incident …

The big red arrow (courtesy of Marie Oakes) points to the lady’s walker, or an alleged “horse-assaulting bicycle.” Presumably, in the eyes of Trudeau supporters of Ottowa police authority, the face of the gentlemen above her also caused the horse “to trip,” or was in the process of causing the horse “to trip,” at the moment that this photo was taken.

After that particular show of callous brutality things only became worse. The “show of force” aimed at imposing the will of 'woke - liberal- fascist' dictator Trudeau on the people was just getting started. After all, this was not a “mostly peaceful” outbreak of legal dissent, including looting, mugging and arson similar to that witnessed in the USA following the death of career criminal, drug pusher,violent thug and otherwise model citizen George Floyd. The Freedom Convoy was a wholly unacceptable challenge to the rule of law involving was non-violent civil disobedience, children’s bouncy castles, makeshift saunas, horn honking, music and dancing, illegal barbecuing, and other forms of “terrorist” activity, which had to be crushed with an iron fist...