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Latest News Stories We Read on 27 August 2022

The pages linked in this cataloguge are items from all around the web that we read, usually on topics that Greenteeth or The Daily Stirrer feature regularly. We do not necessarily agreed with all that you find on such pages but our editorial policy has always been so support free speech so we are happy to feature a wide range of opinion and content.

Todays topics include: Germany withdraws support for Ukraine; UK immigration levels; Harmful effects of COVID vaccines; Energy Crisis;


Posts from around the web that we recomment to our fellow sceptics, dissidents and challengers of establishment narratives.

What The Fuck Just Happened? Dutch Protest Party AsksDutch Farmers-Citizen Movement is projected to become the equal largest party in the senate, in a blow to Mark Rutte's four-party coalition 

'Bailout or Bust'? European Bank Risk Rises As Credit Suisse Stock Tumbles After €50bn BungYesterday we reported the first stage in the inevitable collapse of Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse. Last Friday saw the total failure of the Silicon Valley Bank, the 16th biggest bank in the United States. The biggest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis.

Ukrainian Official Says Kyiv Doesn’t Have the Resources for a Counteroffensive
A senior Ukrainian government official told The Washington Post that Kyiv doesn’t have the resources to pull off a big counteroffensive in the coming months as Ukraine is lacking skilled troops, munitions, and other equipment.

AI experts are increasingly afraid of what they’re creating
In 2018 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had something to say: “AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire.” Pichai’s comment was met with a healthy dose of skepticism. But nearly five years later, it’s looking more and more prescient. College professors are tearing their hair out because AI text generators can now write essays as well as your typical undergraduate ...

As Energy Crisis Looms, UK Delays Closure of Coal Plants, Looks to Fast Track New Nuclear
Breitbart Europe:With a potential decade of “terrible winters” and years of economic pain ahead, European nations are looking to ease the pain, with the United Kingdom arranging for coal power stations to no longer shut down to meet green goals, and calls within government to fast-track new nuclear.
The British government could change planning rules to allow itself to fast-track new energy generation, minister Greg Clark has said, previewing potential medium-to-long term fixes being eyed by the government to mitigate the predicted years of annual energy shortages under the coming new government.
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German Foreign Minister Says Support For Ukraine Will Continue "No Matter What Voters Think"
Summit News: Despite soaring energy prices that threaten the stability of the country, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said she would continue to support Ukraine “no matter what German voters think.” Baerbock made the remarkable comments during an event in Prague yesterday organized by the NGO Forum 2000.
“If I give the promise to people in Ukraine – ‘We stand with you, as long as you need us’ – then I want to deliver. No matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine,” she said. The German official said that such an approach would not change even if large numbers of people were out in the streets protesting against crippling energy bills.
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Western Allies Led By UK's Johnson Sabotaged Tentative Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal... In April
Zero Hedge: There's mounting evidence that the war in Ukraine could have been over by this point, but key Western backers of Kiev sought to sabotage the potential for peaceful settlement through negotiations. That's precisely what regional Ukrainian media reports concluded as early as May, soon after the UK's Boris Johnson showed up in the capital on a "surprise" visit to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky for the first time the month prior.
This is what a bombshell story in Ukrainska Pravda said at the time, but which was almost completely ignored in Western mainstream media:
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After self-censoring shame over lockdown, how can journalists stay silent on vaccine danger?
TCW Defending Freedom: TOWARDS the end of 2020, editors of major UK media outlets were summoned, one by one, and not for the first time, to individual briefings at Downing Street. Apparently, all the meetings followed the same format. Each editor was shown into Boris Johnson’s office, where Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance gave a presentation about how a devastating next wave of ‘Covid’ was going to kill 500,000 people and cripple the NHS.
The usual bogus decontextualised data and ludicrously misleading graphs were waved in their faces. Then the two witch-doctors slithered out of the room and Johnson instructed the editors to get behind a winter lockdown.
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PROVEN RELATIONSHIP: COVID Boosters and Excess Mortality in 2022
Igor Chudov, Sunstack: This article will show that there is a very strong statistically significant association between excess mortality in 2022, and uptake of COVID boosters. The booster rate as of Jul 1 explains excess deaths in 2022, by country, using linear regression with R^2 = 40% and P-value an incredible 0.0002, giving this relationship ironclad statistical significance!
What is this about?
There is much discussion about excess mortality and elevated cancer rates in 2022. I also wrote about it recently (I am not Gammadion)
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Right-Wing Nationalist Sweden Democrats are Poised to Become the Nordic Country’s Second Largest Party
Big League Politics: The right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats (SD) is making significant progress and is expected to have a big splash in the Swedish parliamentary elections on September 11, 2022.According to Euractiv, SD are set to be the second largest party once the smoke clears from the parliamentary elections.
A recent poll from SVT/Novus, revealed that SD will be the principal rival to the incumbent Social Democrats.SD are projected to be at 21.5% compared to the Moderate party’s 17.4%. The ruling Social Democrats are hovering around 27.8%.
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Great Replacement Protest: Dutch Government Increases Town's Population by 30%, Fills With African Migrants
RAIR: In the Dutch town of Ter Apel, near the German border, a massively overcrowded refugee and migrant camp are causing frustration and dangerous conditions for the locals. In the small town of only 10,000 inhabitants, there are almost 3,000 refugees and migrants, primarily military-age African males.
“We say genuine refugees are welcome, like the people from Ukraine or the people fleeing Islamic terrorism, but these are young African men we can no longer tolerate,” explains a town resident. Also, “their different cultural origins are a source of trouble and problems. So time and again, violence erupts.”
There has been an increase in thefts, home invasions, violence, intimidation, and unauthorized camping throughout Ter Apel, explains locals. Meanwhile, while the town is being destroyed and families live in fear, the migrants have protested their living conditions.
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The sinister reasons COVID Vaccines are not being updated annually like Flu Jabs despite the alleged SARS-CoV-2 Virus mutating several times
The Expose: regular flu shots have been updated every year to match the prevalent variants in circulation. But there have been no updates for Covid-shots since the first vaccine which was designed against Wuhan Hu1 of 2019. But Wuhan Hu1 was computer generated. It was not isolated from an infected human host as we shall prove below..
At this point for the benefit of the sceptical reader who may not believe that the Covid-19 virus exists or may not believe that any viruses exist at all I say this. Computer viruses exist because mankind knows how to hack the Windows operating system. Mankind developed the capability to hack our genetic operating system, which builds our bodies, around 40 years after Crick and Watson finalised the structure of DNA in 1953. Dr Robert Malone managed to provide entry of synthetic RNA into cultured human, mouse, rat and fly cells in 1989 using a lipid case for the RNA. So by the early 1990s mankind was in a position to create genetic viruses and coincidentally Windows 95 appeared in the mid-90s along with various computer viruses.
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30 August

US Embassy Anti-Air Defenses Activated Over Baghdad As Death Toll Rises In Night Of Chaos
ero Hedge:

The American embassy in Baghdad has reportedly engaged inbound rocket attacks with its air defense system, the C-RAM which protects aerial threats against the Green Zone.
Some reports suggest the streets have finally grown calmer in the early morning hours (local time), but this is after an evening and overnight death toll of at least 15, including unconfirmed reports of police casualties. AFP citing local medical sources also says some 350 protesters were injured. Continue reading >>>

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One of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, Yara (in Norway), slashes production due to skyrocketing natural gas prices
Another European fertilizer manufacturing plant is cutting production due to skyrocketing natural gas prices across the continent.
Yara, based in Norway, is one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers – or at least it was one of the largest fertilizer producers before the ongoing energy crisis destroyed its bottom line.
No longer does it make financial sense to continue producing as much ammonia as before, Yara says, which is raising questions about how Europe is going to grow enough food for survival.
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[ Russia - Ukraine food supply ]

UK Government website says vaccine not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women
Norman Fenton:TracyK2017 on twitter has alerted a lot of people today to the fact that the UK Government has a website page with this document that was "updated on 16 August 2022" (although as explained below there do not appear to have been significant changes since March 2021). Katy also notes now that people are pointing out that the document has not in fact been recently updated; apparently the wayback machine shows no changes since March 2021. However, this would make things even worse as it means that the Government officials and the NHS have been recommending pregnant women get the vaccine against the official Government document advice.
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[ Covid Vaccine risks ]

WEF Proposed Sound Waves For Mind Control In 2018
Great Game India:The WEF is truly one of the most pernicious entities to have ever graced this planet. In 2018 they published an article entitled, Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works. Of course, it was scrubbed from their site, but thanks to the Wayback Machine we have the evidence of their technocratic depravity.
Antoine Jerusalem, a professor of engineering science at Oxford University, finds himself in as he researches the potential of ultrasound technology to tackle neurological diseases and disorders. In an interview, conducted as part of the World Economic Forum's annual gathering in the Middle East of scientists, government and business, he tells us more about this growing field of research. Antoine Jerusalem, a professor of engineering science at Oxford University, tells us more about this growing field of research:
"I can see the day coming where a scientist will be able to control what a person sees in their mind’s eye, by sending the right waves to the right place in their brain. My guess is that most objections will be similar to those we hear today about subliminal messages in advertisements, only much more vehement.
This technology is not without its risks of misuse. It could be a revolutionary healthcare technology for the sick, or a perfect controlling tool with which the ruthless control the weak. This time though, the control would be literal." In usual Hegelian dialects fashion, the WEF create the problem, let the mass formation psychosis reaction to the problem play out and then swoop in with the “solution”;
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[ Living Within The Conspiracy ]

Europe still hasn’t learned from its lockdown debacles
The Spectator:n his fascinating interview in the current issue of The Spectator, Rishi Sunak revealed the black hole at the centre of the British government’s 2020 lockdown policies. The former Chancellor claims that two crucial things were lacking at the time of the lockdowns – political candour and a ‘grown up conversation’ between Boris Johnson’s government and the quarantined population. Two and a half years later, though, there’s been no such conversation, especially in the European countries where the legality of lockdowns has already been questioned.
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[ Europe Unglues ]

10 Facts Electric Vehicle Advocates Don't Want You To Know
PJ Media:
There are a host of reasons why the Left is absolutely determined to force Americans out of their privately owned, gasoline-powered cars and trucks and into unreliable public transportation and costly Electric Vehicles (EVs), none of which have to do with “saving the environment.”
The central reason the Left loves EVs is that the process of forcing Americans to convert to electric-powered transportation will destroy forever the incredible freedom and prosperity associated with privately owned gas-powered vehicles.The future will instead be centrally controlled by rich elitists and their corrupt politicians, power-hungry bureaucrats, and ideologically driven “experts.”Continue reading >>>
[ Technology Rules You ]

Farmers in Belgium Attempt to Break Into City Hall Protesting Against EU-Inspired Green Agenda
Breitbart Europe:Farmers in northern Belgium attempted to break into the town hall of Hoogstraten after staging a mass protest in response to the government’s EU-driven agenda to cut nitrogen emissions, as is being attempted in the Netherlands.
The European Union’s Natura 2000 network, which mandates that the 27 member states must protect designated habitats in a “sustainable manner, both ecologically and economically,” and therefore must cut nitrogen emissions — spurring widespread unrest among the Dutch Farmers — has now spread to the heart of the EU in Belgium, with farmers driving their tractors to the centre of Hoogstraten on Monday evening.
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[ Europe ]

Gazprom To Slash NatGas Deliveries To France's Top Utility As Squeeze Worsens

FT via ero Hedge:
On Tuesday, Europe faced a worsening supply crunch after Russian energy giant Gazprom PSJC informed French utility Engie SA that natural gas supplies would immediately be reduced because of contract disagreements, reported Financial Times.
Engie said Gazprom notified it of "a reduction in gas deliveries, starting today, due to a disagreement between the parties on the application of some contracts."
Gazprom's reductions in NatGas over retaliation for sanctions related to its invasion of Ukraine have primarily targeted Germany and eastern Europe but now appear to extend to France. The continent is facing the worst energy crisis in half a century, sending prices of NatGas to record highs on supply shortage concerns ahead of the winter season.

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[ Ukraine war Europe gas ]

The Fantasy World of Renewable Energy

Learning from history and from our own experience is usually reckoned a sign of wisdom. Strangely, that appears not to be the view of those employed at Carbon Brief. They have published a strikingly foolish prediction that renewable generation such as offshore wind will be vastly cheaper than gas generation in the late 2020s. That is a long way off. History tells us that price booms in oil and gas markets are invariably followed by price busts.
Carbon Brief’s argument is based on bids submitted by offshore wind farms in the latest round of the U.K. Government’s auction of Contracts for Difference (CfD), which were announced in July 2022. Carbon Brief claims that the average price of £48 per megawatt hour (MWh) in today’s money is “nine times cheaper” than the £446 per MWh current cost of running gas-fired power stations. For context, and so as not to mislead the naïve, including those who enthusiastically tweeted approval of Carbon Brief’s article, it might also have noted that the cost of running gas-fired power stations in April 2020 was less than £25 per MWh. That figure was, of course, inflated by the high cost of buying carbon dioxide permits.Continue reading >>>[ Energy: Clean Green Dreams ]

28 August, 2022

Bio-structures in Blood Vessels: People are already dying Post-Covid Vaccination but hundreds of thousands more will die unless we find a solution now
The Expose:In the final segment of the Infowars Show on 23 August 2022, Mike Adams shared laboratory results regarding the composition of post-vaccine clots as well as the composition of one of the Covid “vaccines” which includes trace amounts of industrial metals and elements [...]
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[ Vaccine harm posts ]

Climate change DEATH CULT declares war on essential elements of life
News Target:Saving the planet from climate change sounds like a virtuous platform, one where people can come together to stop pollution and hold big industry accountable. However, the climate change narrative is currently run by a GLOBALIST DEATH CULT that has declared war on the most essential elements of life. Anyone who dissents to the climate change narrative is labeled a “climate change denier.” This ad hominem is used as a manipulation tactic to get more people to blindly go along with whatever the god-complex globalists want.
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[Climate change posts ]

Autopsy Data Confirm Deadly Heart Inflammation From Covid Vaccines But Not From Covid Infection
COVID-19 illness, caused by infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and COVID-19 vaccination, ostensibly to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and serious COVID-19 morbidity, have been associated with the development of myopericarditis, i.e., inflammation of the heart muscle itself (myocarditis) or its suspending sack (pericarditis). This brief review demonstrates, first, the dubious association between SARS-CoV-2 infection and myopericarditis, and second, the robust association between COVID-19 vaccination, especially with mRNA vaccines, and myopericarditis, including, in particular, the study of fatal cases upon autopsy.
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[ Coronavirus taboo topics ]

Inspirational Message To The Unvaccinated
Pierre Kory, MD, MPAA member of the FLCCC team sent around this message written by an anonymous person. I found it extremely powerful and felt it needed to be shared. Due to the relentless bombing of the world’s citizens with thought control weapons (global propaganda and censorship), of the many hundreds of patients I have treated for acute COVID, pretty much the near entirety have been unvaccinated. Why you ask? Easy answer: in general, those who have succumbed to the vaccine lie have also been mentally conditioned to not seek out care from “quacks” who use “horse de-wormers” or “Trump drugs” as part of their combination therapy protocols.
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Exhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination
Eugyppius:Excess mortality in Germany 2020–2022 is a preprint by Christof Kuhbandner (a psychologist at Regensburg) and Matthias Reitzner (a statistician at Osnabrück) that applies sophisticated actuarial analysis to the publicly available all-cause mortality data provided by the German government. It turns out that when you account for historical mortality trends, the virus no longer looks so dangerous, and the vaccines no longer look so great.
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Anti-Immigrant, Eurosceptic Sweden Democrats Set To Become Nation's 2nd Largest Party
Zero Hedge:The far-right, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats (SD) party overtook the main right-wing opposition party in the polls on Monday ahead of the parliamentary elections on 11 September, becoming Sweden's second largest party general elections in September, Euroactiv reported. According to the latest opinion poll from SVT/Novus, the Sweden Democrats are now the main challengers of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s incumbent Social Democrats currently leading a minority government.
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[ Sweden immigration dystopia ]

Environmentalists Have Turned On The Lithium Industry world is preparing for a lithium boom, mainly due to the anticipated increase in EV production and uptake over the coming decades. Several celebrities and tech billionaires are backing lithium mining in a bid to support a green transition. In addition, many countries are rapidly developing their mining capabilities to establish their place in the global minerals and metals market, which is expected to expand significantly over the next decade.
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[ Rare earth ]

The End Is Nearing: A World Slowly/Openly Turning Away From The USDollar the USD losing influence, it would be the understatement of the year to say that we live in interesting times, for we certainly do. But despite the inevitable attacks of appearing sensational, un-American or just plain cynical, I feel a more appropriate phrase boils down to this: Below, I bluntly address the “Fed pivot debate,” the “inflation debate” and the USD’s slow global decline in the setting of a now multi-FX new normal in which gold’s historical bull market has yet to even begin.These views are not based on biased politics, but honest economics, which for some odd reason, ought to still matter.
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[ Currency wars ]

Universities drop Chaucer and Shakespeare as ‘decolonisation’ takes root
Telegraph: Arriving on campus this autumn, students may find their modules peculiarly devoid of Geoffrey Chaucer, Jane Austen, or Shakespeare’s sonnets. This is for their own good, according to the many British universities, which have sought to “decolonise the curriculum” and liberate courses from the inequities of “white, Western and Eurocentric” knowledge. The syllogism seemingly accepted across many university departments runs like this: Western knowledge is a product of colonialism; colonialism is an evil to be opposed; therefore Western knowledge must be opposed.
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[ Politically correct nonsense ]

The British Government Has Begun Paying $140,000 for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Victims.
The National Pulse: The United Kingdom has rolled out a financial compensation program for individuals and families who have been harmed by the COVID-19 vaccine, despite repeated claims by U.S. corporate media entities denying any negative health impacts of the vaccines created by their largest advertisers. Under the program, the first payments, which amount to a maximum of almost $150,000, have already been made to family members of individuals injured or killed as a result of the experimental vaccine.

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[ Vaccine eugenics ]

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27 August, 2022

German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid "Escalation Spiral"

German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid "Escalation Spiral"
Zero Hedge: A group of German lawmakers have had enough of the Ukraine arms shipments following Berlin's boosting its military budget by €100 billion. They've sent a letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with the title, "The weapons must be silent!"
Instead of pumping weapons into a hot conflict with a nuclear-armed superpower, the group within Scholz's own party want to force the Ukrainians to the peace talks table
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The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized
For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity. ... Continue reading >>>

Migration Watch UK slams Tories over immigration levels saying it is a ‘betrayal’ of their voters
Unity News Network:“Another set of astonishing figures that show the total absence of immigration control. A record 1.1 million visas to come and live in the UK makes it ever-clearer that the government had no intention of delivering on their promise to control and reduce immigration. This is a betrayal of our communities and an assault on the environment and services – already under unbearable pressure. This is what broken promises mean.
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Medicine Regulators admitted in October 2020 that they knew the COVID Vaccines would cause Heart Damage
The Expose:Every serious adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines that medicine regulators in both the USA and United Kingdom have been forced to admit is occurring was predicted by the very same medicine regulators to occur before the Covid-19 vaccines were even rolled out.
The following video was released by the US Food and Drug Administration in October 2020 and the person presenting the slides within the video skips past a slide entitled ‘Draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes’ as fast as he possibly can.
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UK Energy Crisis Could Be Worse Than 2008 Financial Collapse
Summit News:The severity of the UK’s energy crisis in terms of its impact on households could be worse than the 2008 financial collapse, according to Bloomberg.A report citing data from the consultancy Baringa Partners warns that the soaring cost of electricity and gas bills would imperil the financial security of millions of households. “The impact to society will be higher than the 2008 crash in terms of the impact on households,” James Cooper, a partner at Baringa, told Bloomberg.
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Pussy - whipped Climate Change Hand-Wringer Prince Harry Took Private Jet to Polo Match
Daily Sceptic: Pussy whipped congentital idiod Prince Harry, who regularly preaches his views about the ‘climate crisis’ hitting the world, was spotted arriving for a flight on a private jet to set off for a one-day polo match – before the aircraft sat idling on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes as it waited for his staff to arrive in a gas-guzzling SUV to drop off his polo kit.
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More evidence – as if it were needed – that ministers terrified the public into complying with lockdown
CapX: In an interview in The Spectator, Rishi Sunak has revealed that the Government used targeted messaging to frighten the public and stifle dissent. This is no surprise to me, because advisors to the government broke cover to share their concerns about nudge and fear-mongering for my book A State of Fear. Simon Ruda, one of the founders of the Nudge Unit reflected in Unherd that ‘the most egregious and far-reaching mistake made in responding to the pandemic has been the level of fear willingly conveyed on the public’.
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Half Of UK Households Will Be In Fuel Poverty By January
Great Game India: Since it purchases gas from the EU, the UK is still susceptible to the consequences of EU’s political activity even after Brexit. This has led to the projection that half of the UK households is set to be in a fuel poverty by January.
EDF, a French utility with operations in both the UK and France, has warned that the unabating rise in energy costs might trigger fuel poverty for as many as half of British families.
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Heartbroken pub owners tell GB News they are being forced to close amid the cost-of-living crisis
Two pub owners have told GB News they are being forced to close amid the cost-of-living crisis.Owners of the White Horse Inn in Hampshire, Shekhar and Alex Nailwal have opted to close their family business after struggling ever since the Covid-19 pandemic.Speaking on GB News, the pair said they were “heartbroken and disappointed”, adding that the situation is “totally out of control”.
Shekhar said: “I mean since everyone knows that the hospitality industry has been suffering since Covid hit and we’ve been slowly trying to slowly trying to get a grip of the losses which we have incurred.
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Italian Election Pollster: Left Likely Cannot Bridge Gap with Right-Populist Coalition
Breitbart Europe: An Italian pollster says trends indicate that the left-wing parties will not be able to bridge the gap with the centre-right coalition, which is polling around 20 points ahead.
Lorenzo Pregliasco of the firm Youtrend has claimed that the large gap between the right-populist coalition, which includes firebrand social conservative Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, populist Matteo Salvini’s League, and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, and the left-wing parties is not likely to reverse before next month’s national election.
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The Expose: Technocratic World Economic Forum wants to microchip your Children in order to track them
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has stated in black and white that there are “solid, rational reasons” for implanting a chip inside children so that they can be tracked. They have also laughably stated in black and white that if the idea of implanting a chip in your body makes you cringe then you should “consider all the pharmaceuticals you take without question”. The justification comes despite the WEF insisting the entire population of the world should get an experimental Covid-19 injection that fails to prevent infection, fails to prevent transmission and is known to cause serious complications ... Continue reading >>>
[ Globalism ] ... [ Health Tyranny ]

Europe’s economy plummets as war in Ukraine drags on
Natural News: As the world slowly eased out of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic restrictions, economic activities were expected to boom as businesses and consumers accept the “new normal,” but then the Ukraine war erupted and crises started cascading. Europe is now facing a looming recession, enduring record-high inflation and continuing energy shortage. This outlook is even likely to worsen before any significant improvement well into 2023. ... Continue reading >>>>br>

[ Europe unglues ] ... [ Ukkraine war ]

Post-vaccine myocarditis is not ‘mild’, warn doctors
TCW Defending Freedom:DR Jonathan Engler and Dr Clare Craig, the co-chairs of HART (Health Advisory & Recovery Team), with some 70 doctors and scientists from HART, have written to Dr Jenny Harries, the Chief Executive, UKHSA, urging her to take the cumulative and disturbing evidence of post-Covid vaccine myocarditis with the seriousness it warrants. Below we publish the letter, which details how myocarditis adverse events have been dangerously downplayed by the UK’s medical authorities, gives up-to-date evidence of its severity and cumulative effects, and outlines the actions immediately required from government. ... Continue reading >>>
[ COVID fear and panic ] ... [ Vaccine harm ]

5G Health Risks: How Much Exposure Can Humans Withstand?
Childrens Health Defender:Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) radiation is an ever-growing health risk in the modern world. The Cellular Phone Task Force website has a long list of governments and organizations that have issued warnings or banned wireless technologies of various kinds and under various circumstances, starting in 1993. Another long list of organizations representing doctors and scientists are also among them, including an appeal for protection from nonionizing EMF exposure by more than 230 international EMF scientists to the United Nations in 2015 ... href="">Continue reading >>>
[ Health ] ... [ Technology rules you ]

Global Leaders Are Manufacturing An Economic Crisis To Pursue Their ‘Climate Change’ Goals
Great Game India:Global leaders are presently manufacturing an economic crisis just to pursue their ‘climate change’ goals. The result is a deliberate economic contraction and a global recession, which we are currently experiencing. [...] Western governments, in particular those of western Europe, North America (the United States and Canada), and Australia/New Zealand, are seeking to actively slow down economic growth in order to make up for the deliberate decline in energy production. This is the fundamental consequence of the World Economic Forum’s Build Back Better (BBB) agenda. ... Continue reading >>>
[ Climate change ] ... [ Net zero agenda ]

Another week with deaths far above normal in Europe
Unreported Truths: I will keep saying this until someone pays attention: NO ONE EXPECTED DEATHS TO REMAIN ABOVE NORMAL ONCE COVID DEATHS FELL. In fact, demographers and scientists generally assumed the opposite would occur. Covid deaths typically occur in people near the end of their lives, either from advanced age, morbid obesity, or other severe comorbidities. So demographic experts generally imagined deaths would run below average for months or years after Covid ended or nearly nearly ended.Instead the opposite has occurred.

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[ Corona vius bad science ]

You Can Be Sure That Net Zero Carbon Emissions from Electricity Generation Will Never Be Achieved. Here’s Why.
Watts Up With That:The currently-proclaimed goal of the climate movement is to achieve “Net Zero” economy-wide carbon emissions by 2050, if not sooner. The governments of essentially all the Western countries with the most advanced economies have committed, in one form or another, to achieve this goal. [...] In fact, it will not be done. Not just will Net Zero in electricity generation not be achieved worldwide by 2050 or any time close to that, but it also won’t be achieved in any individual country, no matter how committed to the Net Zero goal that country may currently seem to be. If you have any doubt about that, I suggest looking to some of the following indicators
[ Net Zero ] ... [ Energy green Dreams ]

Prolonging the agony, and milking the war for vast profit.
Tap News Network: The British and Norwegian defense ministries have agreed to supply “Black Hornet” micro drones to Ukraine for free. The supply costs 9.25bn dollars. The amount includes the cost of transportation and training of the AFU (Armed forces of Ukraine) servicemen. The delivery will be paid by the British side, while Norway contributed 41.1m dollars to the project.
The main functions of the drone are reconnaissance and identification. The Norwegian Ministry of Defense noted that drones are quite easy to use, difficult to detect, and well assembled. The drones were developed back in 2014, their mass application began in 2018. It is noted that the drone developed by Norwegians is a leader in the global market. It is used in several countries, including the United States, Britain, and France. ... Continue reading >>>
[ Ukraine war ] ... [ Russians are coming ]

Rishi Sunak slams lockdowns saying scientists had too much power
Unity News Network: Rishi Sunak has criticised the government’s response to Covid – suggesting independent scientific advisers were given too much authority. Sunak told the Spectator magazine there had not been enough discussion about the negative side-effects of lockdowns. He said he had felt “emotional” when he argued to keep schools in England open. Downing Street said the economy and education had been “central” considerations in decision-making. Sunak also hit out at campaign posters showing Covid patients on ventilators, saying it was “wrong” to “scare people”. ...

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