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Russian Long Range Missile Test Fuels Nuclear War Fears As NATO Pushed Ukraine To Escalate Conflict

Russia tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile yeserday, the Satan II has a range of 10,000 miles and can devastate an area of 250,000 square kilometers according to military experts. Bizarrely commentators in mainsteam and online news services portrayed this as a sign of weakness by Russia, though the same people cheered when Joe (Dementiaman) Biden threratened a nuclear response if Russia crossed his 'red lines' in Ukraine ...

An image from video footage released by Russia's defence ministry shows the launch of the new missile Credit: Russian defence ministry/AFP via Getty Images

Mainstream media reports of a Russian Intercontinental Missile test are accompanied by pictures of Vladimir Putin watchinf as a Russian Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile hit its target in Russia's far-eastern Kamchatka peninsula, almost 5,500 miles away, on Wednesday.

As Russian government press statements announced the end of the war in Ukraine's first phase, the Russian President played down the problems face by the Russian miliary in overcoming Ukrainian resistance as he applauded the engineers responsible for developing the weapon for their "achievements in the name of our Motherland".

Dialled into a conference call with military leaders including Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister, Putin was filmed for a Kremlin propaganda video as the rocket was blasted out of a snow-covered underground silo.

It was the first time for several weeks Putin and Shoigu had appeared together publicly. Mainstream media had claimed the defence chief had been sidelined from overseeing the war in Ukraine but this, and the hyperbolic nature of US / NATO / EU propaganda suggests such rumours were attempt to portray Russia's government as being in disarray. Previous claims that Putin was about to be overthrown and that the army was on the point of muting have been similarly discredited.

"This is a significant event in the development of advanced weapons systems for the Russian army," Putin claimed in an address aimed at Western observers. "The new complex has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is able to overcome all modern means of anti-missile defence."

The Russian president had made no secret of the planned launch, of which the United States Miliary Headquarters reported it was properly notified.

Plans for the design of the Sarmat – or Satan II – missile, which is not expected to be deployed until at least the end of the year, were first revealed at a military forum in 2019. 

It is said to be able to evade anti-missile defence systems because of its short initial booster phase, giving energy surveillance only a small window in which to track it.

News of the launch inevitably triggered an outbreak of Jingosm from western contributors to social media, who chose to interpret the move as an indication that Russia has been brought to its knees by Ukrainian resistance and US/UK/EU economic sanctions (which have actually backfired and are hitting the west harder than Russia,) with most comments calling for an escalation of the war by western powers.

Satan II certainly looks formidable but people asking what use is it, other than as a response to a first strike from the West, which is inconceivable? are quite reasonable until we remember that the Biden administration has threatened Russia with a nuclear response if chemical weapons were used in Ukraine as they were in Syria. As we all know Joe Biden's memory has been destroted by dementia but do his handlers really think the rest of us have forgotten the alleged chemical weapons attacks carried out by President Assad's forces on Syrian civilians have been shown to be false flag events, carried out by US / NATO deep state funded terrorists hoping to provoke direct military intervantion in Syria by the western powers.

Is anyone really suggesting that faced with direct, American - led intervention in support of Ukraine Putin would say "I'm so angry that you have been helping Ukraine to fight against us, I'm going to flatten Texas (or wherever)". Russia's new weapon is a deterrent, the sheer scale of the destruction it could wreak should be deterrent enough, but apparently not. The lunatics in Washington seem to think the answer is to provide the neo - Nazi nutters in Kiev with more, and more sophisticated weapons to escalate their proxy war. The phrase used throughout the cold was to explain the need for these weapons was "Mutually Assured Destruction, (MAD) and it was that outcome which has prevented global conflict for seventy - five years. Unfortunately recent behaviour shows some people in Washington have forgotten the meaning of MAD and are determined to instigate direct conflict.

This is from, and is pretty much what every article I have read, in military sources, is saying: “Russia's newest weapon is the RS-28 Sarmat "Satan-2" missile, with 10 heavy reentry vehicles, each with enough payload to wipe out an area the size of Texas or France. It also features hypersonic glide vehicles to make it less detectable by U.S. or space-based sensor systems and could be immune to American missile defense systems.” The International Institute for Strategic Studies is a world-leading authority on global security, political risk and military conflict...and says this… “the Sarmat’s ability to carry 10 or more warheads and decoys, and Russia’s option of firing it over either of the Earth’s poles, posed a challenge to ground and satellite-based radar and tracking systems – “this complicates where you’ve got to look”.

I appreciate that hardly anyone on commenting on the internet wants any facts or illustration of the reality in geopolitics right now to interfere with their virtue signalling, but the idea that in the conrtatemps with Russia we are dealing with a tin-pot country with no power is laughable and extremely stupid. What people need to realise is that the enemy faced by the people of Ukraine is not Russia, but the Ukrainian government, which provoked Russia into this confilict by waging an eight year genocidal campaign against Russian speaking minorities in eastern Ukraine. That government has demonstrated that it is intent on prolonging and escalating the war on the ground in the hope of drawing the NATO powers into the conflict.

As a professional sceptic I take the view that we are not helping the ordinary Ukrainians in any way whatsoever. I found Boris Johnson's comments about not being able to talk to Putin shameful,but it would need strong leadership and diplomacy to negotiate a solution with Russia, Blustering Boris, demented Biden and litle Napoleon Macron are not capable of doing that. Like anyone else, I have no idea what will happen, but I do think that the West, particularly the US and UK are determined to keep poking the bear, to the last poor Ukrainian, so maybe we will all find out to the long term cost of all humanity.