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The Labyrinth's Fiction Libray

Quick Fiction (Up to 2500 words

Bye Bye Blackbird (21st century version)
Not the usual kind of parody for humorous effect but a rewriting of the jazz classic's lyric to make some comments on the way we live now.(recorded by Brother Bastion for Bastion Music, currently awaiting conformation that the song is out of copyright before release on his next album.)

Season Of The Witch
Strange things can happen on Halloween Night, especially in Lancashire a county rich is the traditions of paganism, withcraft and the old religions.

What the Dickens - Chapter 2

In the first episode of What the Dickens, only fragments of which survive, Oliver Nicklefield, heir to a substantial fortune and his father's egg pickling business is orphaned when his flaky mother dies suddenly following a visit by the family physician Dr. Mordaunt. Oliver is taken in by his greedy step - uncle Grasper Pickweasel and sent as a boarder to Noynces Academy, run by the nightmarish Pervisal Noynce. After six weeks working on a treadmill to help him learn the multiplication tables Oliver runs away....A brilliantly comical parody of Dickens style

[ index.html ] ... [ comedy menu ] ... [ bog of blogs ] ... [ Boggart Blog ] ... [ Boggart Network News ] My Hero by Ian Thorpe.
Short comic story based on one of Spike Milligan's monologues and written in his style as a tribute to the great comedy innovator. A chilling tale of reckless daring, murder, mystery, curry sauce and ginger wigs in the Hindu Kush, the legenday North West frontier where the British Empire met the ancient civilisations of the east.

Short Fiction (2500 to 5000 words)
Gordfellas - Is The Labour Government Really Like Goodfellas?
Stories coming from Downing Street accusing Labour Prime Miniter Gordon Brown of bullying and being tempramentally unstable should worry us all. We know little of what goes on inside the seat of government and what we hear makes it sound like the movie Goodfellas. Read this hilarious pastiche then decide.

The King Of The Ribble Delta Blues
Whacky and surreal humour from Ian Thorpe.
Most people think Blues music origniated among the black slaves working the cotton and tovacco plantations of America's Southern states. The area around the Mississippi Delta is particularly associate with Blues and Cajun music. New Orleans too is a home of a particularly American music, Jazz. But if modern Blues was born in Dixie, the musical form which is heavily influenced by the Celtic folk music of Ireland, Scotland and Norhern England. In the land along the banks of the RiverRibble , in the cotton country of Lancashire where the workers in spinning mills and weaving sheds worked long hours in dreadful conditions for meagre, sought solace in beer and whisky and told of their miserable existence in poignant songs was the land where The Blues was born. This is the story of the greatest of the Ribble Delta Blues singers, Whistling Willie Sidebottom, his brief flirtation with fame and his tragic downfall.

Olivia: Lost And Found by Helga Ross
Still emotionally bruised and hurting from a painful breakup, Olivia has no intention of looking for romance of her vacation. Olivia just wants to have a good time with her friends and try to put behind her the damaging experience of herrelationship. Sightseeing, sunbathing and curling up with some good books are the only things on the agenda. If we could control our desires though live would be unspeakably dull so when the sun, a few cocktails and an idyllic island setting combine, things quickly change as the admiring glances of a fellow vacationer convince her life is too short for wallowing in self pity.

Girl In A Blue Dress
Lifelong loves come in many forms. Can a momentary meeting of eyes in a busy market be enough to trigger a lasting passion. It depends what we mean by passion of course, we make love with our minds not our bodies and the human mind is capable of creating all sorts of realities. False mrmories the dullwitted may say but far from being false The Girld in A blue Dress is a very real lover to the mind that cherishes her memory. A sensulal mildly erotic story is told in this gentle fiction.

Part Works : (Longer Stories presented in several parts)

Garry Trotter and the Portal Of Pleasure. (Harry Potter spoof for adults) A story in seven parts of a boy wizards journey through adolescence as he sets out on his quest to find The Portal Of Pleasure. Eventuly with the help of his classmate at Swinemoles Academy, the lovely Briony, he discovers there are things in the world far more magical than spells and potions.
Part 1 : The Magic Wand
Part 2 : The Chamber Of Privacy
Part 3 : The Jungle Of Mystery
Part 4 : The Delta Of Venus
Part 5 : Lavender and Dragonmusk
Part 6 : The Portal Of Pleasure
Part 7 : The Phoenix Rises Again....and again and....

Mr Wilde's Farewell. (Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
The Gilded Lily is one of the last pubs in London where people can find good beer and wine, a good atmosphere and a welocome for those who hate television, background music, games machines and television. That undefinable quality the Irish refer to as "The Craic" is all the customers at The Gilded Lily require and Landlord Splicer is happy to provide it. but even the seemingly ageless Splicer cannot hold back the march of progress. He is forced to sell his beloved bit olf Old London to a "leisure corporation." No sooner is the contract signed that the coroprate conformity police move in, intent on changing the pub forever. A most unusual regular has other ideas though.

The New Olympians ( Part 1)
( Part 2 )
( Part 3 )
( Part 4 )
Corporate ethics go out of the window when family man and devout Christian Robin Johnstone puts his principles ahead of loyalty to the multinational corportation that employs him in this story of power politics in the workplace. Pharmaceutical giants New Olympian Corp. have a new product they are sure will help governments create a brave new world (and make New Olympian Corp. a stack of money) and are determined nobody and nothing will stand in their way. Murder at a high level in the workplace in this fantasy fiction short story involving drugs, religion, big business, corruption, politics and power.

Psycho benefit Fraud
When Boggart Blog's FatSally read of a man in New York who dressed in his dead mother's clothes in order to claim social benefits some rather familiar spooky music started playing in her head