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Animal Rebellion’ Vegan Nazis Pour Milk On Supermarket Floor in ‘Plant-Based Future’ Protest

As if ordinary people did not have enough to cope with, soaring living costs, an energy crisis, the threat on nuclear war and possible food stortages on top of what shakespeare described as 'The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to,' the Extinction Rebellion crusties and their offshoot groups of eco nutters have chosen now to start making like even more difficult for people ...

A group of vegan Nazi eco-warriors and animal rights activists protested against nourishing food in supermarkets across Britain on Saturday, pulling bottles of milk from shelves and pouring the contents on floors and other items on sale to advocate for a mandatory plant-based diet.

Several supermarket chains in Edinburgh, London, Manchester, and Norwich were hit by members of the Animal Rebellion organisation who vandalised the aisles, by dumping milk on the floors and on other dairy products, including several large and expensive looking wheels of cheese.

According to a press release from the group, they performed the stunt in order to “highlight the need to support farmers in transitioning to a sustainable, plant-based food system.”

Watch Video of Milk Pouring Vandalism On Twitter

The self-righteousness and arrogance of those people is there for all to see. They get to play their little "activist games" to show their friends how noble they are, while some poor member of staff who is actually working for a living has to stop and clean it all up on top of their normal job. The Karens and Tarquins who did this should be made to do 100 hours of hard labour for every bottle of milk that they touched.

During the Mark Steyn show on GBNews (Mon - Thurs, 20:00 - 21:00) one of his guests on Thursdays program. It was a spokeswanker for the JustStopOil band of eco-fantasists and I have not encountered someone like that in years. He was utterly brainwashed and the smugness on his face seemed to invite working class lads to punch him and keep punching until his brains ran down his nose. This self - righeous poltroon just kept on spouting self righteous and utterly specious nonsense over the host and would barely let Mark Steyn get a word in. They think that this tactic wins arguments.

In fact it only serves to show how ignorant, ill - informed, poorly educated and ill - mannered these people are.

We knew what was coming when Mark questioned his opening comment and the kid leaned forward and said with a smile: "Are you a climate denier my friend?" The condescension was off the scale but like most of his fellow travellers this clown was unaware of how nonsensical his cliche is, as nobody has ever denied there is a climate. But oblivious to grammar, syntax and common sense he was way reeling off a script probably written by Greta Thunberg, the retarded Swedish trollette who has become an icon to climate change loons. At one point as he was saying: "We have enough oil in storage now for the next 8 years, which will cover the transition time to stop using it altogether. We do not need to drill for any more."

It was a good thing that the kid was in another studio, although Mark Steyn did well to restrain himself from saying what most of the viewers must have been thinking. The thoughts of many of us were summed up by a viewers comment after the break which simply said: "These people need to be sectioned."