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One of the reasons the founding old Gits decided to publish The Daily Stirrer was because they detected a convergence of perspective in the political arena and the news media. A package of opinions, that perpetual economic growth was achieveable through borrowing, that immigration was good for the economy, higher taxation circulated through benefits equals economic growth, multiculturalism worlks, science is infallible and so on were being imposed on the population. Our aim was to promote freethinking and diversity of opinion.

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After a hectic year in which we campaigned for Brexit and played our part in causing the abandonment of the two 'free trade' treaties TTIP and TPP which were not about free trade in the usual sense but would have freed global corporations from the constraints of national law we were exhausted by late summer. But there was to be no let up, while we never actually supported Donald Trump's candidacy in the US elections, we felt it our duty to get the truth about 'Crooked Hillary' Clinton, and news of her dodgy dealings with foreign governments and 'selling influence' to billionaires like George Soros to as many people as possible, we decided to take a break.

News was dominated by post election controversies as the US Democrats, stunned by Clinton's defeat, went running to the courts in several bids to overturn US electoral law, demanded recounts (alleging voter fraud by the Trump campaign) which resulted in even bigger margings of victory for Trump, accused the Russians of disrupting the election process, all of which failed to achieve anything other than making the Party look even more unfit to govern than eight years of Obama's childishness, petulance, racism, obsession with gay and transgender issues, incompetence and comtempt for law and the constitution had. None of this particularly interested us, we are a British site after all.

The Daily Stirrer is back now, with a new look and more controversial reporting and opinion, ready for the European election battles to come this year, the collapse of the EU, the continuing decay of the USA (unless Trump can neutralise the authoritarian warmongers of the deep state, and we don't think he can) and the ongoing problems caused by the flood of illegal immigrants from the third world to Europe and North America. We certainly do live in Interesting Times.

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