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Welcome to The Greenteeth Terror and Terrorism Catalogue

Jenny Greenteeth, Chief Ectoplasmic Officer of Greenteeth Multi Media welcomes you to the UK home page of her rapidly expanding multi media empire. This page deals with posts on Torror attacks, terrorism and how to travel safely. Terror attacks by extremists, whether on the scale of 9/11, or lone wolf incidents such as the 2016 Bastille Day attack in Nice, France grab headlines for weeks and paralyze national life. Disrupting society through fear and panic is the objective of terrorism of course, but in reality people who take a few simple precautions have very little likelyhood of being caught up in such events.

Greenteeth Terror and Terrorism Catalogue

If you are looking for a "terrorism for dummies" type page you are in the wrong place. We are more concerned with chronicling terror events and their consequences and with advising people on what steps they can take to avoid being caught up in any trouble. In reality there is little chance any individual will be involved as a victim in a terrorist attack and the best way we can discourage those who would disrupt life in civilised commuities is to carry on living as normal, thus demonstrating their tactics do not work.

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