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Parliamentary Paedophiles - Establishment Cover Up Culture And The Child Abuse Scandal

The Daily Stirrer has always tried to bring you a controversial and off-message view of major news stories. We have raised the issue of a cover up culture that exists in both national and local government and throughout the public sector since we came online and before that under different guises. Allegations of a paedophile ring in Parliament are alsost as old as 'allegations' of Jimmy Savile's depravity. And with cases in Rochdale, Rotherham and elsewhere illustrating how pervasive the corrupting culture of politically correct thinking, cover ups and marginalization of the white working class have become.

John McCain’s Widow Comments on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking ChargesJohn McCain’s Widow Comments on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Charges

via Infowars Picture: YouTube screenshot via Infowars

Speaking at a human trafficking event in Florida, McCain revealed that her family was quite familiar with Epstein’s wrongdoings as one girl from her daughter’s high school was actually among the financier’s underage victims, then suddenly acknowledging that she “knew” about his crimes.

“It’s like everything. It hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no legal aspect that would go after him”, Senator McCain’s widow said.

“They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him. All of a sudden, someone said ‘BS, we’re not afraid of you anymore and what you’re doing is not only wrong, but illegal’. It’s like a house of cards. It’s going to start tumbling”, she added.

Although it is unclear who Cindy McCain meant by using pronouns “we” and “they”, social media users soon rushed to express their consternation and resentment, accusing McCain’s family of complicity and concealment of Epstein’s crimes.

Jeffrey Epstein was convicted on charges related to sex-trafficking in 2008 but then was released after only 13 months in custody following a plea deal with the government. He has been under investigation for many years over other alleged sex crimes, dying in his jail cell last August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

His death, which was ruled a suicide, raised many questions due to his association with a number of the world’s most well-known figures and families, including the Trumps and Clintons, as well as British royal, Prince Andrew.

ABC TV News Covered Up Evidence On Paedophile Epstein, Whistleblower Former News Anchor Claims

When the furore about the convenient death of billionaire paedophole Jeffrey Epstein died down after the alleged sex criminal was found dead in his cell in a New York remand centre, many of Epstein’s rich and powerful friends who had been ferried by private jet to sex parties on his private Caribbean Island must have heaved a sigh of relief. But we predicted at the time that the story of Epstein’s crimes would not die with him.

Now a new undercover video from Project Veritas reveals that ABC News knew of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes, yet decided to ignore it ... READ MORE >>>

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The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles

by Craig Murray, April 16, 2015

As we feel it is in the public interest to broadcast this story as widely as possible and mainstream media reporting will certainly be incomplete, we hope that under fair use conditions Mr. Murray will not object to us posting it in this omnibus page on child abuse among the political elite. - The Daily Stirrer

The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute serial paedophile Greville Janner, for many years the leader of the Zionist lobby in the UK. I presume that his convenient senility is the reason for non-prosecution.

But the facts of Janner’s activities in Leicester care homes have been known for decades, and there was overwhelming evidence in one particular case. The failure of the state to act against Janner when he was a Labour MP and Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, is another example of the disgraceful impunity of the powerful in this country. In a pattern that has become familiar to us, police investigating the case were in 1989 warned off by their superiors.

Given Janner’s later preying on boys from care homes, I cannot read this without a shudder. In publishing it, I in no way intend to demean the dreadful suffering of the child survivors of the Holocaust. It appears that Janner may have been preying on the most vulnerable of children for his own purposes, and there could have been a sick motive to his concern:

I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children’s Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, by being out in the woods or by miracles in each case and they all spoke Yiddish and I didn’t speak Yiddish and it was very difficult to talk to them but we knew some of the same songs so we sang together in Hebrew they knew and I knew the songs and then one of them said to me the first Yiddish words I’ve ever learnt , he said “Gavreal”, which is Greville in Hebrew and (he) called me “Gavreal spishtie ping pong, ping pong” and he pushed back and forwards as though he was holding a ping pong bat so my first words in Yiddish were “ping pong” and I played Ping Pong with them and they taught me a few words of Yiddish and I found it such a moving experience that for the next eighteen months I went back to them every weekend.

My emphasis. Indeed I wonder if this is where it all started for Janner?

Janner is on “leave of absence” from the House of Lords. But according to the parliamentary website, he still retains the following positions, and it appears that not one of these organisations has repudiated him:

Vice President – The Association for Jewish Youth
Vice President – The Jewish Leadership Council
President – The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women
Advisory Board – Community Security Trust
Vice President – The World Jewish Congress
Chairman – The Holocaust Educational Trust
Director – The United Jewish Israel Appeal

It is wildly inappropriate, in particular, for the Association for Jewish Youth and the Community Security Trust not to formally dissociate themselves from Janner, and I call on all these organisations to make a statement. The silence is deafening.

The Hypocrisy Of The Elite

Lord Janner criticised justice system for excusing alleged Nazi war criminal who had dementia

Lord Janner, the Labour peer who escaped charges over alleged child sex abuse because he suffers from dementia had in the past criticised the justice system for excusing a suspected Nazi war criminal for the same reason.

Greville Janner has criticised the Old Bailey jury system for allowing an 86-year-old man to escape being questioned in 1997 over Nazi atrocities that had taken place in 1941 and 1942…

…Lord Janner, a former Leicester MP and chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust had said: “I am sorry that he was not tried while he was fit enough to stand. War criminals have managed to evade prosecution under our system of justice for decades.

“There were absolutely no reasons why he should have escaped charges for ever.”

“I don’t care what bloody age they are,” he said in 2012, according to The Jewish Chronicle. “These criminals should have been dealt with years ago.”

Source: The Independent

More on this:

15 More Men of South Asian Descent Charged With Child Sex Offences
West Yorkshire Police have charged 14 men and a 16-year-old boy with sex offences including the rape of a girl under the age of 16 in Keighley, a small town in the old Woollen Industry distict of the county. The offences centre on one female victim, with one allegation involving a second who was also under 16 at the time.

Adolescent Girl Raped By 60 Men In Asian Grooming Gang
A trial jury atThe Old Bailey, London, heard yesterday the harrowing ddetails of how two schoolgirls were groomed and raped by an paedophile gang based in Aylesbury, Bucks, while aged just 12 and 13. Eleven gang members, accused of carrying out the crimes between 2006 and 2012 face 49 criminal charges between them including statutory rape, child prostitution and creating child pornography, The Daily Mirror reports.

Tony Blair under pressure to come clean over Labour minister child sex abuse cover-up
Pressure mounted on Tony Blair tonight to answer questions over the Mirror’s revelations that a child sex abuse probe was axed after a minister in his government was named as a suspect. MPs joined forces with a victim of abuse to call on the former Prime Minister to reveal if he knew about the alleged cover up or of any allegations against the politician.

Abuse Rotherham
Abuse Rochdale
Abuse crimes around Britain

BBC and Savile: Phrases like 'Tip of the iceberg' come to mind
We can't prove sex with children does them harm' says Labour-linked NCCL

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Jailed Paedophile will Be Ordered To Name VIPs Involved In Abuse Scandal

by Arthur Foxake

Recently jailed paedophile Charles Napier, former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange and half-brother of a Conservative MP John Whittingdale will be questioned again by detectives after being sentenced last week to thirteen years in prison after being found guilt of abusing 23 boys. Officers probing claims dating back several decades think the former schoolteacher can name Establishment figures including peers, Government ministers, civil servants and police. Another aspect of the case is that in spite of many attempts, some made by members of Parliament even, to have the allegations investigated properly, the case was always covered up. Napier, 67, was treasurer of Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which campaigned on behalf of paedophiles in the 1970s and 1980s,arguing that the age of consent should be lowered to FOUR and had the support of now Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman and other senior figures in the Labour Party. Dossiers compiled by campaigning Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens and former Labour Minister 'Battling' Barbara Castle and handed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s which contained damning evidence about the group were seized by Special Branch police officers. Officially they have been reported lost but another MP, John Mann (Bassetlaw) claims to have seen copies of both quite recently. The allegations now form a key part of the large-scale Scotland Yard probe, which includes claims
three young boys were murdered by a powerful VIP network. A source close to the ­investigation said: “Now that Napie has been jailed police are going to want to talk to him again. He was treasurer of the PIE. That means he would know the names of a lot of the people ­involved. He must have more to tell the police.” The Metropolitan Police are now trying to find the missing files compiled by Mr Dickens and Lady Castle as well as other files connected with the case which have been 'mislaid' by civil servants. Officers recently revealed there are now 18 separate operations probing historic sex abuse allegations in the 70s and 80s and campaigners believe Napier would have had a full list of people who were involved with PIE. Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, a former local authority child protection chief who has been fighting to bring abusers to justice, said: “Napier is an evil, calculating, manipulative paedophile. "The charges he was found guilty on were the tip of the iceberg.

Establishment Closed Ranks When Police Investigations Into Child Sex Abuse Allegations Closed In

John Mann MP: has campaigned to expose establishment paedophiles

In a stunning new development in the ever growing scandal over the cover up of allegations that elite politicians, lawyers, showbiz and media celebrities and business people were involved in systematic child sexual abuse groups, police officers have now claimed a series of covert police investigations into alleged VIP paedophiles were shut down as they went 'to the heart of the Establishment'.

Serving and former detectives have turned whistleblower on a closed internet chat group for current and ex police officers, claiming Scotland Yard investigations into child sex abuse were ‘canned’ during the 1980s and 1990s as they closed in on powerful figures, some of whom were said to be at ‘cabinet level’. A member of the group gave internet investigative news site Exaro access to the forum. In another article Exaro reveal some of what was contained in the private forum exchanges: Paedophile MPs and prominent people protected say police officers These latest revelations come as John Mann, a senior MP, said he was aware of six police probes into child sex abuse being shelved, five of which were run by Scotland Yard.

The extraordinary claims of a cover-up made in the forum will heap pressure on the Government and Scotland Yard to speed up progress on the string of investigations, including the massive cover ups of activities at Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square both of which are allegedly locations the historic child sex abuse allegations linked to politicians focus on. A former detective constable said: ‘In the 90s I uncovered a middle class paedo ring at [a police station in east London]. It linked into a massive UC [undercover] paedo job which was being run by [a named detective sergeant]. ‘The UC who shall remain nameless found that it went to cabinet level and four years of work was pulled overnight.’

Tom Watson, a Birmingham MP, told David Cameron at Prime Minister's Question Time:
"The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.

"One of its members boasts of a link to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.

Watson continued: "The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10."

Cameron, who had earlier told the Commons that the BBC has "serious questions to answer" over allegations that Jimmy Savile abused children, told Watson he would look into the claims, The Independent reports.

"You raise a very difficult and complex case," said Cameron, "and I'm not sure which former prime minister he is referring to, but what I would like to do is to look very carefully in Hansard to the allegations you have made, the case that you have raised and look very carefully - and to see what the Government can do to give you the assurances you seek."

An article by David Aranovitch for The Sunday Times reports that Edwina Currie, a minsiter in both Margaret Thatcher and John Major's conservative governments knew that an aise to Mrs. Thatcher, Peter Morrisson, was an active psedophile and that the Conservative Perty's managers were complicit in covering up his crimes and protecting him. Morrisson privides a link via Paediophile Information Exchange leader Peter Righton to the Disc Jockey and TV Presenter Jimmy Savile, whose appalling sex crimes only came to light after his death.

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Child Protection Chief Who Failed To Act Against Pakistani Rape Gangs Rehired on £1k a Day
A senior child protection officer, who quit her post with a six-figure payoff, after being censured for failing to speak out about widespread sexual abuse by Pakistani gangs involved in grooming and sexual abuse of vulnersble under age girls has immediately been re-engaged as a consultant and is being paid almost £1,000 a day.

Child Abuse Cover Up In Sheffield Biggest So Far?
Sheffield and Rotherham sit next to each other in the old steel making area of South Yorkshire. Rotherham has already given us a major scandal when the cover up by police and local coucil officials of massive organised abuse of young girls in the local authority case ststem, and the pressures that were put of people who tried to demand a proper investigation of these crimes by politically correct Labour politicians and party managers was revealed

Were Rotherham Abuse Victimes sacrificed To Save The Labour Party
One of the victimes of Rotherham's grooming and child abuse gangs has put a political perspective on the scandal by claiming she and other victims were ignored, effectively sacrificed to the tender mercies of the gangs to ensure Labour did not lose votes in the town. The young girls were abused by Muslim men for years on end, but council did nothing to stop the crime.

Prince Andrew allegations: Suday Mirror Asks: Is this the London house where 'sex slave' says she romped with him?

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Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’

by Ian R Thorpe, 24 November, 2014

Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’

It looks as if the Westminster Paedophile Ring scandal, that has been covered up by the establishment with the complicity of mainstream media and the police and security services is finally about to get the attention it deserved. The Daily Stirrer and our companion Boggart Blog have covered the topic many times. We even had one of our posts taken down by the invisible hand of whatever organisation censors the internet. It was a post in which we discussed at length the strange disappearance of a dossier on allegations of a paedophile ring operating within the government, compiled by Barbara Castle, former MP for Blackburn.

Like the file compiled by Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens, the documents have disappeared. Some time after the even Dickes revealed provately to friends and family members that he had been pressured into denying that his documents contained any substantial evidence of wrongdoing.

Castle had been a senior government minister and knew better how things worked. When security forces visited her home and demanded she hand iver the file, the vetran Labour MP had already made and distributed copied. One of these was taken from the officfe of investigative journalist Don Hale, the camaigner responsible for having the arranged verdict in the so called Bakewell Tart murder overturned. Halse says he was warned that he must never speak of what was in the file. he did suggest however that the copy seized from him was not the only one in existance.

Now the mainstream papers have been forced by alternative media journalism to take up the case investigations are breaking out all over, like this article from The Guardian:


London gangs ‘pressuring 9yo girls into group sex’ – UK Home Office report
A new report from the UK Home Office, the government department that deals with law and order reveals that the street gang culture imported along with these illegal immigrants has led to girls as young as nine unlucky enough to live in areas 'controlled' by these gangs are being sexually exploited and forced to service multiple men, after being groomed to think such behaviour is 'normal'.

And now they're covering up the cover up of the coverup.
The latest development in the blocking of an inquiry into the cover up of the fudged cover up of the original scandal is run by The Mail On Sunday today.

So Who's Making Up Innuendos About Leon Brittan
Why have the left been so keen to cover up for paedophiles

Taxi Customers In Heywood / Rochdale Ask For 'Local' Drivers

Bassetlaw MP John Mann's campaign to expose Westminster child abuse

Now Sheffied Paedophile Grooming Scandal Explodes In Establishment's Face
Former Surrey Comet news editor gagged over reporting of alleged paedophile ring

Beautiful Children With No Love In Their Eyes
With Black Friday shopping madeness out of the way for another year, here's a poem to remind us that life is not all about money and material possessions. Parents have become obsessed with creating perfect children, from expensive dentistry to playing Moart up Mum's chuff while she's preggers. But don't we owe our children a shot at happiness too? Must they be perfect little clone kids, obedient consumers not smart enough to question anything.

Retired Scotland Yard detectives back up claims that paedo MPs murdered boys at sex orgies

One of the worst aspects of the Westminster Paedophile Ring cover up was the way mainstream media caved in to political pressure and did not digigently pursue their investigations when rumours first began to circulate. OK, it must be a difficult situation for a newspaper editor when the security services threaten him, his family and his publication, but the thing to do is go public. If a high profile publication runs the story it is then in the public domain and any crimes committed in revenge would certainly bring down the government of the day. Now, thirty years too late for justice to be done, it seems the tireless campaigning of alternative media publications such as this one, funded out of Ian Thorpe's own pocket to ensure pressure from adversisers can never be an issue, have shamed mainstream media into reporting the case. And the cesspit that is being exposed looks as if it could bring down the entire establishment. The story below, from The Daily Mirror, is an example of how even police officers who were aware of the sickening activities of senior figures in our government (and yes I can name them and have in the past) were intimidated into staying silent on what they knew about the sex crimes of the elite.

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Rotherham Child Sex Abuse Probe Puts 42 Police Officers Under Invesitigation
allegations against police officers include neglect of duty by failing to adequately investigate on the basis of evidence or to deal with incidents appropriately, inappropriate comments and evidence of corrupt relationships between police officers and offenders.

Authorities Have Been Blind to Sex Abuse, There Are More Grooming And Abuses Cases To Be Exposed
OFSTED, the quango responsible for overseeing England’s schools and child services has for years been so obsessed with form filling, box ticking and making sure targets were schieved so that the government statistics would look good, it became blind to the scale of systemastic abuse of young girls by gangs of adult males.

Judge Cuts 20 Year Old's Rape Sentence By 15 Years Because 'He Did Not Mean To Hurt 3-Year-Old Victim
It could only happen in the land of politically correct twattery of course, while here in the UK Labour Party supporters and the Islington Screechers corps wail and gnash their teeth over the fact that pedophiles are denied fulfillment and must be given the right to fuck four year olds, in California the judiciary are acting to rectify the situation ...

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Westminster child abuse and murder claims 'tip of the iceberg' in scandal, Home Secretary May warns

by Arthur Foxake - 23 November, 2014

Home Secretary Theresa May suggested during Andrew Marr Show appearance this morning more allegations and revelations are likely. She also admitted the Government is 'unlikely' to hit its net immigration target.

Allegation that politicians raped and murdered young boys at paedophile orgies held at the Elm Guest House in south London are "only the tip of the iceberg" in the Westminster historic child abuse scandal, Theresa May said while being interviewed on BBC television by journalist Andrew Marr.

The Home Secretary expressed shock and concern that institutions such as the police and local authority social services departments, tasked with protecting children and vulnerable had failed so often in the past and that, in the Westminster case, as in Rotherham and Rochdale, these failures to act properly were as a result of political pressure from 'the highest levels'. She said her department was determined to bring those guilty to justice, whatever their position.

Mrs May also gave her strongest indication yet that the Government will miss its target to bring annual net migration below 100,000, saying reaching the goal by next May was "unlikely". This will not play well to voters already angry and disillusioned with mainstream politics, especially in view of the fact that the Rochdale, Rotherham, Birmingham, Sheefield, Oldham, Bradford, Oxford, Reading and Glasgow cases of gangs grooming indrage girls for sex, abusing them and pimping them out involved mainly men of immigrat origins.

The Elm House rumours have been around a long time, but in recent weeks new allegations have emerged suggesting MPs murdered and abused boys as part of an establishment paedophile network in the 1970s and 80s. Police are investigating the claims.

Birmingham child abuse case similar to Rochdale and Rotherham.
Why are the left so fond of paedophiles
Covering Up The Cover UP

It's Labour's Failure To Act On Child Abuse, Not UKIP's Poster That Is Despicable

Taxi Customers In Heywood / Rochdale Ask For 'Local' Drivers

A taxi company in the child-sex scandal hit town Heywood, is now offering customers option of requesting white-only cab drivers, after two former 'Asian' drivers were imprisoned for their roles in the sexual exploitation gang.

Now Sheffied Paedophile Grooming Scandal Explodes In Establishment's Face
What is it with the political left? They love paedophiles
It all went pear shaped when the elite hijacked the Labour Party More Child Abuse Cases Like Rotherham, Rochdale To Be Revealed Says Top Police Officer
Sex Gangs Operating In The Child Care System - Why Didn't People Come Forward.
Why The Intellectual Elitie Truly Despise The Lower Classes

Bassetlaw MP John Mann's campaign to expose Westminster child abuse
Bassetlaw MP John Mann is spearheading a campaign to investigate rumours of child abuse involving Westminster politicians. Mr Mann and two other Labour MPs, Rochdale’s Simon Danczuk and Rotherham’s Sarah Champion, say they will pressure home secretary Theresa May to act on evidence they have passed on to her. Mr Mann alleges that there has been systematic abuse of under-16s by MPs dating back decades which he believes has been covered up by successive governments.

Richmond Officials Crapping Themselves As Elm Guest House "Cover-ups" Are Exposed

There can be no doubt at this stage on the Operation Yewtree investigation that immensely powerful and grotesquely depraved people were involved in a 'paedophile ring' centred on Elm Guest House, in the London Brough Of Richmond. And according to Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, one of a small number of Members of Parliament which crosses party lines to keep challenging efforts to cover up the scandal, that paedophile sex abuse crimes and even murders were "systematically covered up" by officials, police and political party managers.

Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park, said child abuse and possible murder links to the guest house were hidden and victims were failed by lack of action. His claims came after the father of an eight-year-old boy abducted in July 1981 accused Scotland Yard of covering up murder links to the notorious Rocks Lane site. Note here the similarity with the Rochdale and Rotherham grooming gang cases, where police and local government officials dismisses serious and credible evidence because to investigate it would raise politicallky sensitive issues.

Mr Goldsmith told The Richmond Guardian: “I have zero doubt that grotesque things happened at Elm Guest House and other parts of London at the hands of depraved and powerful people, and those things were systematically covered up. That is why I originally pushed for a Hillsborough-style inquiry, and why I will raise these issues in Parliament for as long as it takes. Victims need to be heard, and criminals need to face the law.”

Vishal Mehrotra disappeared while walking home to Putney shortly after watching the Prince of Wales’ and Princess Diana’s wedding procession. He was last seen less than a mile from the guest house, which is now at the centre of the Operation Fernbridge investigation. His father, Vishambar, a retired magistrate, told the Telegraph newspaper he recorded a telephone call in which a male prostitute said his son may have been taken to the guest house in Rocks Lane, Barnes.

Mr Mehrotra said he handed the recording to the police at the time of his son’s disappearance and they refused to investigate, which he believes was because of a “huge cover up”. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he said: “At that time I trusted the police. But when nothing happened, I became confused and concerned. “Now it is clear to me that there has been a huge cover-up. There is no doubt in my mind.” He added, "He said: “This guest house was right next to where Vishal disappeared. There were predatory people there who were taking young boys and abusing them. It seems to me that it all adds up, so I can’t understand why the police have again failed to get in contact with me.”"

Part of Vishal’s skeleton was found in woodland in West Sussex in February 1982 and a coroner said “foul play” was likely to have contributed to his death.

Councillor Stephen Knight, leader of Richmond Council’s opposition, said the story of Vishal’s disappearance and murder builds on the “growing body of evidence” surrounding Elm Guest House. He said: “Even more horrific is that the failure of the authorities to deal with all these alleged crimes at the time are beginning to point to a cover-up at a very high level within the establishment.”

Last week, the Metropolitan Police said it was investigating possible murders linked to the Barnes guest house and former Scotland Yard detective Roger Stoodley said he believed potentially 17 murders were connected to the guest house. A new inquiry began after an alleged victim of the guest house claimed he saw three boys murdered, including one allegedly strangled by a Conservative MP during a sex game. Mr Goldsmith has secured a debate in Parliament on Thursday, November 27, about the progress of the historic child sex abuse inquiry.

In another development a detective (now retired) who was involved in the investigation into the murder of Vishal Mehrotra more than 30 years ago has voiced fears of a “cover-up” following claims that the child died at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring. Jackie Malton, said to be the inspiration behind Helen Mirren’s character in the ITV series Prime Suspect, said the investigation into Vishal Mehrotra’s death in 1981 could have been compromised by the “power of politicians” at the time.

Vishal, eight, was abducted as he walked home to Putney, south-west London, after watching the marriage procession of the Prince and Princess of Wales. He disappeared less than a mile away from the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes. His bones were found in a Sussex field six months later. Last week, the Metropolitan Police announced it was investigating possible murders linked to the guesthouse.

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Westminster Paedophile Cover Up: This Is Hot Stuff
I'm on my teeny weeny notebook today because I'm out of the house all day, so this will be brief but cannot go without being recorded on Boggart Blog.
As you know we've been following the paedophile scandals from when the first stories about the depravity of a certain DJ / TV Presenter who 'did a lot for charidee though he didn't talk about it' (but made sure everyone else did. We were one of the first blogs to name ...

Child abuse scandal and cover up in Rotherham Latest Posts

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The Left Are So Hopeless, They Can't Even Conspire Properly

by Daily Stirrer Team

I was in a thread about the Westminster paedophile cover up earlir this week, one of the subjects being discussed was the Geoffrey Dickens dossier that was conveniently lost when the current controversy over cover ups of Cyril Smith's activities arose.

Naturally the name of ex Home Secretary and Former Future Prime Minister Leon Brittan started to be bandied about then, as Smith was not tho only MP about whome rumours had circulated since the 1980s (another, to make it a genuine all-party affair, was Greville (now Lord) Janner.

There was much good humoured banter of the nudge-nudge, wink-wink variety going on (I contributed a couple of Hush Puppies references) when a commenter who tagged himself 'Andy' decided to put us all straight about the Dickens dossier and sill conspiracy theories in general (and no I'm not going to give him a link, the tawt will only think he impressed me.)

He seemed to think that a statement made by Dickens in 1987, saying he believed the Home Secretary had acted properly and the dossier had subsequently gone missing when a UFO hovering over Dolphin Square had lifted three boys who had complained of being abuse and other evidence relating to Parliamentary paedophines in a tractor beam before going into warp speed and entering a wormhole that took it to a galaxy on the other side of the universe. Or something like that.

Lies, lies, and more lies. The facts are that Dickens went to see the Home Secretary in November 1983 and the following year (March 20th) a letter was sent to him from the Home Office stating that any relevant information had been passed to the Police. In Parliament Dickens acknowledged that he had always found the Home Office very cooperative and on 31 March 1987 said "I should like to place on record my thanks to the Home Office and the departments within the Home Office for following up the many cases that I keep sending to it. I should also like to thank the Attorney-General. They have been very helpful and a strength to me in my campaigns.”

As Dickens remained a member of the Commons until he died in 1995 and at no time (as far as I can see) did he object to the way the Home Secretary had acted. As you give no evidence to refute this your comments must be regarded as rubbish.

Poor Andy was blissfully unaware that since the current scandal blew up, several witnesses (including a serving Labour MP, John Mann of Bassetlaw) have said Geoffrey Dickens confided to them he had been pressured to make that statement and had 'feared for his safety.

In fact our conspiracy theorist theorist was quite convinced the fact that Dickens statement was recorded in Hansard, the record of Parliamentary proceedings, should have put the matter to be and only right wing nut jobs kept going on about it.

Funny that, who would have thought that a lie is recorded in Hansard would make it true. Does anyone else remember a certain A C L Blair standing up in The House Of commons, waving a folder and claiming it was a dossier on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. It was recorded in Hansard.

And of course when Cyril Smith was questioned about his obnoxious appeties, Hansard records his denials. And recently, when David, (now Lord) Steel, one of the few politicians of the past 50 years that most people trusted) was asked why he did not act to ensure the Smith allegations were properly investigated he told The House Of Lords he had heard no allegations against Smith.

A few days after that a former Lib Dem employee leaked a meno steel had sent while still the leader, recommending that the party in Rochdale do whatever was necessary to cover up the Cyril Smith story. But Steel's denial is in Hansard so it must have been true according to our reality challenged friend.

And then there's ALL THIS:
Metropolitan Police detective's fears of Westminster paedophile ‘cover-up'

Then there was this:
Westminster Paedophile Network update; Dolphin Square - liveleak

I really have nothing against very stupid people who readily swallow the propaganda pumped out by mainstream media, but I do wish they would not interrupt with their idiotic conspiracy theories, ("Oh yes, it's that David Icke you know, he's in it up to his neck, conspiring with Farage and Guido Fawkes.") when the grown ups are trying to have a bit of fun.

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Child Abuse Scandal and cover up in Rochdale
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Notorious paedophile gang ‘could have covered up 17 child murders and be linked to VIP guest house’

The detective who led the investigation into Britain's most notorious child abusers has claimed there could be another 17 unsolved murders at the hands of the brutal gang.

Former Scotland Yard detective Roger Stoodley also believes investigation files relating to the group - which abducted, abused and murdered children during the 1980s - could contain vital evidence about a VIP paedophile ring which allegedly abused boys at a London guest house.

Under Operation Orchid, Mr Stoodley helped expose the murders of three children by a gang of paedophiles, of which fairground worker Sidney Cooke was one of the ringleaders.

The victims were Jason Swift, 14, six-year-old Barry Lewis and Mark Tildesley, seven.

But detectives believed at the time that as many as 17 other abductions and murders were connected to the notorious gang.

Mr Stoodley said detectives worked on the premise that there were 20 victims involved in Cooke's gang, but that only three were established.

'It seems unbelievable but we were told there may have been twenty paedophile murders,' he said. 'We proved there were three and there may have been more. There are potentially 17 unsolved murders.'

Detectives at the time also investigated links between Cooke's group and the Elm Guest House in Barnes - where it is alleged politicians and other VIPs attacked and abused children - but could not find a link.

Scotland Yard last week launched a new probe into the possibility of murders linked to the guest house, which is at the centre of the inquiry into the establishment paedophile conspiracy.

Mr Stoodley told the Times: 'The Orchid files - if they still exist - could hold the key to renewed concerns over the handling of police investigations into two child abductions.

'Elm Guest House came up in our inquiry but it was not within our remit at the time. It is in our system but we could not establish a link with Cooke.'

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New Elite Sex Scandal allegation
Birmingham is the latest child abuse scandal to break

14 Somali Men Convicted of Raping and Pimping Underage Girls In Bristol
In the latest outrage involving the systematic abuse of underage girls by immigrant males, a court in Bristol has delivered verdicts on the sickening activities of a gang of Somali men in the city who groomed underage girls, repeatedly raped them and forced them into a life of sex slavery and prostitution. Thirteen Somali men men abused girls as young as 13 and tricked these vulnerable children into thinking they were the girlfriends of their abusers.

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The Elm Guest House: How an Establishment paedophile network was covered up for 31 years

from The Tap

The Elm Guest House story broke on 7th August 1982, when the Daily Express reported that “at least three MPs, a member of staff at Buckingham Palace, and leading lawyers, doctors and City businessmen” were questioned as part of inquires relating to “a vice ring” in “a brothel in a smart London suburb”.

Over the next 10 days more lurid allegations emerged in almost every national newspaper. A police raid on the guest house in Rocks Lane, Barnes, involving ‘up to 60 officers’ found ‘a huge store of pornographic material including video tapes’. ‘There were also whips, chains and ropes’. ‘There were two little boys being used as child prostitutes’. It was also revealed that Scotland Yard detectives were investigating the disappearance/murder of eight-year old Vishal Mehrotra and fifteen-year old Martin Allen in connection with the guest house.

These links are all the national news reports that I have found for those ten days about the Elm Guest House paedophile ring:

Daily Express (7.8.82)
News of the World (8.8.82)
Sunday Times (8.8.82)
Daily Express (9.8.82)
Daily Mail (9.8.82)
Daily Star (a) (9.8.82)
Daily Star (b) (9.8.82)
The Guardian (9.8.82)
The Sun (9.8.82)
The Times (9.8.82)
Daily Express (10.8.82)
Daily Star (10.8.82)
Daily Express (16.8.82)

After those initial 10 days of reporting there was nothing more in the papers. The reason for this silence is revealed in an article which appeared in Capital Gay magazine from August 1982.

Libel threats were used to silence the newspapers from reporting on the VIP paedophile ring. The Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, personally investigated complaints from lawyers representing Elm Guest House. Sir Michael Havers played a leading role in the Sir Peter Hayman cover-up, and toldGeoffrey Dickens not to name the paedophile diplomat in Parliament. Havers argued that Hayman should have retained his anonymity, and didn’t think the British public needed to know that powerful Establishment figures abused children.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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Why do the left love paedophiles when the right produce them.
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Scallywag Article about Dolphin Square in Pimlico a hop skip and a jump to where Gareth Williams (Gay spy in a bag) was murdered

"We took them separately to Pimlico and asked them to point out the building where this had taken place. They were both positive in their identification. It turned out to be the private flat of a well known, and since highly discredited lobbyist who later went into obscurity in some disgrace because of his involvement with Mohammed al-Fayed and the ‘cash for questions’ scandal. At the time we ran a story entitled ‘Boys for Questions’ and named several prominent members of the then Thatcher government. These allegations went to the very top of the Tory party, yet there was a curious and almost ominous lack of writs.

The lobbyist was a notorious ‘queen’ who specialised in gay parties with a ‘political mix’ in the Pimlico area – most convenient to the Commons – and which included selected flats in Dolphin Square. The two young men were able to give us very graphic descriptions of just what went on, including acts of buggery, and alleged that they were only two of many from children’s homes other than North Wales.

There was, to my certain knowledge, at least one resignation from the Conservative office in Smith Square once we had published our evidence and named names. Simon Reagan"

Rent Boys of Dolphin Square SCALLYWAG ARTICLE circa 1994

Dolphin Square is not particularly exclusive - in the same way as, say, the Albany is. In fact much of it is rather tatty and gaunt. It is formidably large, somewhere between a village and a city with its own shops, sporting facilities, bars and restaurants. Any exclusivity it does enjoy is merely because you have to be "someone" to get in and that "someone" has to be au fais with the resident's Committee, which is dominated and was clearly motivated by the right wing element of its landlord's - Westminster City Council. There are some fifty MP's in the set of buildings (about one in seven of all members). They include some token non-Tories, like left-winger Tom Pendry, and former Liberal leader Sir David Steel.

But most of the inmates are well behaved Conservative back benchers who need a cheap London pad. Its other great advantage is its anonymity. As long as you don't upset other residents, people tend to let you get on with your life. There is also a very well run security system and service arrangements which guarantees this privacy. If you do dine there, as Portillo, Lilly and co. do quite often, you tend to find yourself in the "right company". The staff are the height of discretion.

It creates the perfect setting for private parties and tete a' tetes and "model" agencies providing both young men and women are a thriving industry in Pimlico. In fact, the local rent-a-boy agencies provide an almost service industry to the complex.

Our "spy" in the building is a close observer of life behind the grey-white walls and tells us gay parties and "romps" go on most nights and he has got quite used to young gays wandering around looking for the next rave.

The political importance of Dolphin Square to the Tories on Westminster council is significant. The complex created the perfect role model to ensure a Tory balance in the wards. Dame Porter's stated goal was to move out unemployed, homeless, and obvious labour supporters from the marginals, and move in known Tories in what they called the Dolphin Factor - a large enclave of Tory votes carefully nurtured and looked after right in the centre of the ward.

Julian Lewis operates as "JRJ Lewis" in one of the more opulent pads at 110 Nelson house. The Westminster Connection

It is no mere coincidence that the main stages of this sordid drama fortuitously embrace not just the Houses of Parliament and Smith Square, but Dolphin Square and Westminster City Council who administer it and make very sure that there is a wide selection of their own friends and sympathisers in the building. If you are hunting for dirty tricks and gerrymandering it can all be found in less than a square mile of sordid intrigue and nasty conspiracies in the very heart of London.

Dolphin Square - the largest block of flats in Europe, and itself a hot-bed of political machinations - is in the safe Tory enclave of Pimlico, nick-named by politico wags as Pimp-lico for it is here that the rent-a-boy lobby have their headquarters.

While the City Council's invidious supporter Julian Lewis operates his business from "JRJ Lewis" at 110 Nelson House in Dolphin Square - a stone's throw from his CCO office - none other than our old friend Derek Laud operates his from a private house just round the corner in Winchester Street.

It was Laud, known as "Golly" who went on holiday with his boyfriend with the Portillos and Lillies. He is a fore runner and front man for Ludgate Communications, which overtly runs a gay lobby group providing evening soirees for like minded politicos. These are almost exclusively both gay and right wing Tories.

In another block at Dolphin Square is another old friend, Robert Atkins ( 4 Collingswood House), who played the most central role in the right-wing dirty tricks operation against Owen Oyston.

It is now accepted, at least by every fair-minded person of any hue that the council house for voters scandal, complete with slush funds, behind door conspiracies, acute nepotism from the top, and the active participation of the CCO, was one of the worst of its kind on modern politics.

We have now read the full transcripts of the Margill report, in which the District Auditor, John Margill of Touche Ross, carefully. witness by witness, delved for the truth of the matter. It was clear to him, and deeply reflected in is report, that Lady Porter and her cronies and lackeys, led by two mysterious advisors on her personal payroll, had identified ten marginal wards and actively set about turning them blue.

At a cost of £100,000 they bought up the services of five Tory activists to find out the political colour of every person in these wards. Houses which came empty were let in these wards only to known Tory sympathisers. Unemployed and homeless were shuffled off to the safe Labour seats.

So desperate were they to place labourites in the right ward that they allowed the homeless to inhabit two enormous tower blocks which had been condemned by their own health department for having toxic levels of asbestos poisoning. A full report confirming this is due in the autumn.

The significant thing about this is how many of the names turn up in this scandal who also are apparent in the Gay lobby scandal and the Dirty Tricks department run by Julian Lewis.

John Mann MP saw Dickens Dossiers - no-one believes they are lost

from Justice Denied

John Mann MP has been talking on BBC radio about the Mysterious disappearing trick performed by the Home Secretary on the Dickens Dossiers. John saw the original Dickens Dossiers in the 80's as did many other people he tells us. He confirms though that the Dickens Dossiers were covered by the Official Secrets Act.

He also talked about the highly respected investigative journalist Don Hale who was given a copy by Barbara Castle MP when she was a cabinet Minister. These were stolen from him on threat of prison if he complained by Police Special Branch.

John Mann MP (Labour Bassetlaw) talks to BBC Radio:

The Plot of this mystery is so ham so unbelievable if submitted as a script it would be cast out by any publisher. Simply no-one believes the Dickens Dossiers are Lost. I mean no-one and this carefully orchestrated drama costing the long suffering tax payer even more of their hard earned cash is just that a drama.

We are asked to believe the unbelievable because the Rt honourable this and the Sir this and the Sir that and a civil servant named Want less tells us so. Can anyone explain why Wanless is head of the NSPCC after a undistinguished career as a cover-up merchant for Michael Portillo?

The People are being asked to believe these fantasy merchants because they are a QC this and MBE that and so we as serfs must kowtow to our Lords and masters and hand them our kids to bugger, rape and murder. And we must stop complaining that we have to pay for all these pointless investigations designed to find no evidence against our Lords and Masters.

Then there are the copies given to Andrea Davison last one being stolen by two thieves in 2012. Evidence points to this copy being in the hands of Andrew West Manchester Crown Prosecution Service. We all know that MI5 have the files, lets have a bit of transparency. We know exactly where the files and evidence of CSA is located.

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