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Syria - style Chemical Weapon False Flag Attacks Coming Soon To Ukraine

While mainstream media reports on the current conflict in the all too predictable globalist style of 'Ukraine man good, Russia man bad,' the truth of how we came to the stage of armed conflict in Ukrain that threatens to spill over into a much bigger war, it is worth questioning the role The USA and NATO have played in making Russia's action inevitable ...

Life is becoming impossible for the people of Ukraine's beseiged cities - Picture: Business Insider

For two weeks now the content of mainstream media ews has been dominated by by the Russian incursion into Ukraine attack launched with the sole aim of conquering Ukraine and absorbing it back into the Russian empire, thus advancing Vladimir Putin's alleged ambition to recreated the Soviet Union. Bizarrely there is almost no mention of the fact that Russia;s action is a response to almost nine years of Western provocations.

These provocations were initiated  by a coup d'etat enginered by the deep state agencies of The USA and other NATO member states and culminated in the Euromaidan colour revolution in November 2013, which ousted the corrupt but democratically - elected administration of then-President Viktor Yanukovych. The real reason Yanukovych was overthrown was that globalist interests were miffed at his  decision to suspend an EU trade deal and move his country towards closer economic ties with Russia. 

As soon as the new US / NATO /EU sponsored, Russia hating, far-right sympathisers that made up the Western-backed post-Maidan government took office they began moves to force ethnic Russians out of Ukraine. This led Moscow to annex the Crimean Peninsula and to the predominantly ethnic Russian Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine region breaking away from Kiev’s control and declaring themselves independent republics in April 2014.

A near eight-year long civil war in Ukraine, involving Kiev-supported neo-Nazi factions such as Azov Battalion and Right Sector, and ethnic Russian guerillas in the breakaway republics have so far cost an estimated 14,000 deaths across both sides.

The Minsk Agreements between Ukrainian and Russian leaders, brokered by France and Germany for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe set out a framework within which Donetsk and Luhansk would be granted a degree of autonomy whilst still remaining under Ukrainian rule.

However the Kiev regime decided that they would not honour their side of the deal, a as well as the continuing their attacks on the ethnic Russians in Donbass, giving themselves a false sense of security based on the assumption that Ukraine would eventually be admitted as a NATO member and host weapons and troops intended to attack Russia,.Their belief that NATO membership would ultimately force Moscow to accept the genocide of ethnic Russians in Ukraine was incredibly naive. Their failure to understand the continued harassment of Russians in Ukraine would eventually provoke Moscow into launching a military intervention into its Western neighbour in order to “demilitarise and de-Nazify” the country was beyond stupid.

In the two weeks since Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border the military-industrial-complex / media narrative of the ‘Ukrainian resistance’ has made it clear that of the US and its allies is to drag Moscow into a military quagmire in the second largest country in Europe which will not help the people of Ukraine about whom the US led alliance claims, this conflict is being waged. Neither will it help the oppressed people of Ukraine's breakaway Donbas region who have been under attack by the Ukrainian government for the pas eight years. In fact the aim of the west seems only to be the creation of a war of attrition that will cripple Europe's second largest nation and a vastly important food producer with the result that living costs will soar in prosperous nations and there will be serious food shortages in many poorer nation of Africa and South East Asia.

The American led western alliance used the same ploy against the Kremlin  in 1979, at the height of the Cold War, American and European deep state agencies would bean surreptitiously arming and training Islamist fundamentalists known collectivey as the Mujahideen and including a group led by Osama Bin Laden that would later become Al Qaeda.

Years later, in an interview Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's National Security Advisor to US President Jimmy Carter recounted how, in 1979 drawing the USSR into a costly military intervention was a motivating factor in the activities of the CIA, MI6 and the French secret service.

Despite the current intention of the deep state and the war lobby apparently being draw the Russian Federation into an Iraq war-style mess however, there also appears to be an element who favour a far more dangerous approach. They are calling for a Libya-style no fly zone over Ukraine, with US / NATO air forces given orders to engage and shoot down Russian aircraft, which would inevitably trigger a catastrophic third world war involving the use of nuclear weapons.

Despite this clamour for a Western military intervention in Ukraine, which is getting vociferous support from people in internet comment threads who are so deluded from reading nothing but propaganda, as to believe such a war is winnable by either side, US President Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg have stated unequivocally that such an act is not an option, citing the global nuclear conflict that would undoubtedly follow would result in, to use a cold war phrase, Mutually Assured Destruction.

Whatever the common sense being uttered by the current military advisers of our leaders, word on the street is the deep state elements in these military powers are already preparing to carry out a false flag operation in Ukraine, one with the intention of implicating Moscow in an act so outrageous it will be impossible to resist calls for military escalation, and to manipulate public and political opinion into supporting a NATO military intervention.

We have been here before of course, in 2017 the government of Bashar Al Assad in Syria had been involved in a six-year long conflict with Western-backed, Islamic fundamentalist irregulars armed and trained by US and allied nations. The guerillas, known as ISIS, al Nusra, ISIL and various other names were a proxy for a NATO / United Nations regime change campaign launched in response to Assad’s 2009 refusal to allow Qatar and Saudi Arabia to build a pipeline through his country, a development that would have, and was intended to undermine Russia's position as a key exporter of oil and gas to Europe..

 The funding and training of Islamic terrorists groups by the west powers, with the openly declated intention of replacing Assad’s secular Muslim government with a Western-friendly religious fundamentalist theocracy amounted to a proxy war by the American led coalition on a nation that was an ally of Russia, China and Iran.

In June 2013, after Putin had faced down the bid of Muslim sympathiser Barack Obama to create a pretext for ordering American and NATO troops into Syria, Iran and the Hezbollah group in Lebanon entered the proxy war at the request of the Syrian government, providing a key role in assisting Damascus in repelling the Western-backed terrorist campaign. This was probably one of the main reason  behind Assad's survival in office.  tide of the conflict in the Arab Republic’s favour however, come in September 2015.

The decisive factor in the defeat of the terrorists, after they had swept through the region taking control of vast swathes of Syrian, Iraqui and Kurdish territory was the delivery of Russian air support and technical advisers, again at the request of the Syrian government, enabling the targeting of terrorist strongholds with air strikes and artillery bombardment, and which allowed Damascus to retake the vast swathes of Syrian territory which had come under their control, such as the key city of Aleppo.

The Syrian regime change operation was heading for an embarrassing failure when warmongers in the anti Assad coalition finally resorted to desperate , stupid measures.

In early April 2017, a false flag  attack with chemical weapons (chlorine gas) was launched on the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun, with western media leaping to denounce Syria's leader Assad as a war criminal within seconds of the bombs exploding. In spite of a lack of firm evidence that the attack was the work of the Assad regime, the US administration of Donald Trump launched cruise missiles strikes on a Syrian government airbase three days later.T.hough the regime-change lobby worked themselves into a state of hysteria demanding a full scale invasion, Trump stopped short of that fatal step which would have plunged the world into war.

A year later the same tactic was repeated when a poison gas attack on the the city of Douma, again  of dubious origin, resulted in the US, Britain and France launching air strikes against Syrian government targets, again stopping short of a full-scale intervention after Vladimir Putin repeated his warning that in the event of an attack on Syria Russia would give its ally full military support.

Without wishing to diminish the sheer criminality of using chemical weapons against civilians or even military personnel, the emergence of doubt about the originators of the attack remind us of how disastrous a NATO escalation of hostilities could have been. Should a similar false flag operation take place in Ukraine, perhaps also involving chemical weapons or a nuclear reactor  even a ‘limited’ strike against Russian military infrastructure would immediately place the world on an irreversible path to the most grave consequence of all – nuclear war.

Thus we should all be dismayed at rumours that certain elements among the nations and agencies supporting Ukraine in this conflict are considering a similar false flag outrage in order to force The USA,  UK and France to lead a direct military intervention to engage Russian forces on the ground and in the air in support of Ukraine and rapid escalation to the use of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately the propaganda signs suggest we are heading down the same road as in Syria, with anti Putin propaganda being ramped up just as anti - Assad was in the days preceding the alleged gas attacks there.

Only yesterday I hear on a BBC News report that Vladimir Putin "had invaded Ukraine in the same way as he invaded Estonia, Georgia and Syria. We know that the action in Georgia was not really an invasion but an incursion aimed at halting the process of Georgia's admission to NATO, I can find no evidence of any recent military action against Estonia beyond a couple of minor border incidents and as mentioned above Russian troops entered Syria in 2014 at the request of Syria's legitimate government, (whether the west likes them or not.) It was the US and NATO troops that were in Syria illegally although not in great enough numbers to be considered an invasion. However that BBC report and the way it was worded, though not important, illustrates how propaganda and misinformation are being used to ramp up support for western military involvement in Ukraine.

Aside provoking general outrage because of their indiscriminate nature and thus manipulating the public mood from opposition to the pointless death and destruction of large scale conflict to an almost bloodthirsty lust for revenge, chemical weapons are of little use strategically.  The gas attacks in Syria were a part of a disinformation campaign aimed at demonizing Assad and his regime. Experience gained in WW1 from large scale use of chemical weapons showed them to be  ineffective as offensive weapons.They’ve been used sporadically since then but were only deemed a necessary part of the military arsenal because 'the other side has them.' 

 Some people have described what took place in Syria as a crude attempt at using what were effectively swimming pool disinfecting chemicals to provide photo ops for the propaganda corps.

What hasn’t been widely reported in mainstream news is that there are a large number of biological laboratories in the Ukraine. The number reported as being under American control (26 if memory serves correctly) suggest it would be a good idea for them to be identified along with what they are working on. Ukraine is primarily an agricultural country so there could be all sorts of pathogens lurking quite legitimately in a lab that if released in an uncontrolled way could cause problems. But then, like Poland’s ‘secret CIA black site’, there’s always the possibility that something tucked away in an obscure part of a large country that nobody visits is up to something dodgy. Governments aren’t very trustworthy.

I recall that there was considerable controversy at the time over the allegations that Assad (not  Putin) had 'used chemical weapons against his own people' with scepticism being fuelled by news video of rescue workers dressed in T shirts, shorts and sandals (not a haz - mat suit insight) wandering among the wreckage tending the surprisingly healthy looking alleged victims of the alleged gas attack.
Initial reports from the Organisation for Prevention Of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)  seemed to support the official line that the Assad government was responsible for that attack, the weapons used having originated in Russia. This was debunked by a Wikileaks report which by revealing before and after versions of the report showed that the evidence and conclusions in the original had been heavily amended to bring the report into line with the US / NATO version of events which had been intended to provide justification for direct military action by US / NATO forces in Syria.
So Ed Miliband should not feel shame, he made the intelligent choice of turning away from nuclear war.Tom Harris however, should wear sackcloth for evermore for penning this idiotic driven if nothing else. Should The Pentagon succeed in dragging UK and Europe into a war with Russia it will become a nuclear war. And it's not a question of takings sides or of 'teaching that nasty bully Putin a lesson,' get real.   If you still think war with Russia would be a good idea keep repeating over and over to yourself that cold war phrase, "MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION" because  that is what the people who support war are cheerleading for.