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June 2019

Society is Sick with Validation Fever.

from Terry James blog at Minds

There is a meme going around for a while, its called Clown World, represented by Honkler, Pepe the frog dressed up as a clown, where everything is upside down and crazy. While it certainly works(and enraged the left), for me, it doesn't hold as much weight as seeing the West as sick with Validation Fever. And what is Validation Fever? Its forcing everyone to be validated. The foremost example, for me, is transgender people. Trans people deserve to live the life they want to lead free of violence(full disclosure, I have a trans relative who I actually like a lot as a person). But that doesn't mean we push trangenderism on three-year-old children and destroy women's sports. Men are not women. Women are not men. For example, pretending men can get pregnant is insane. If you can get pregnant, you are a woman, full stop! Calling yourself a man doesn't change reality. Its validation fever setting in. Trans people must be validated, despite being 0.3% of the population, and to do so, you must accept a warped world view which breaks down the second you apply the logic to anything other than gender. "I'm a dragon, you must refer to me as a dragon and bow down to me when you see me, because I am a dragon and deserving of worship. Not going to pretend I'm a dragon? You're a dragonphobic bigot." I'm sorry, while you can do what you want, I'm not going to pretend a trans woman is an actual women. Just because you say it is, does not mean it is. Sorry... READ ALL >>> MORE on the sickness in society

Turning away from the dollar: Russia & EU keen on switching to national currencies for mutual trade

Moscow and Brussels are keen on quickly extending the use of the ruble and the euro to bilateral payments, the Russian Finance Minister said, after a meeting with the European Commission for Energy Union’s vice-president. During their talks in Moscow this week, Russia’s Anton Siluanov and commissioner Maros Sefcovic, discussed switching to the national currencies for payments for energy resources. “We have agreed now to study this issue in more detail at the level of specialists and to set up working bodies for this decision,” Siluanov said on Friday, as cited by TASS. READ FULL ARTICLE >>> MORE on De - dollarisation:
Fascism Spreads From Tech Corporations To Finance Sector As Mastercard Blocks Conservative Clients
Blocking payments to individuals or groups by financial service firms because of their political views impedes freedom of speech in a free society, journalist Ben Swann has told RT, following reports that MasterCard is allegedly on course to censor the far-right by blocking payments from supporters. READ MORE >>>

Facebook Steps Up Censorship in Britain, Bans Populist News Site

Facebook continues on its course to become the UK's Ministry of Truth, (the government department tasked with ensuring government propaganda can never be questioned in George Orwell's novel '1984'.) by expanding its censorship of websites US Liberals like the social media site's Mark Zuckerberg do not approve, or that question the globalist policies of Theresa May's authoritarian regime, by removing from its platform content posted by anti - EU populists and critics of Islam in Britain ...

‘I’m still a big advocate of enlargement!’ Juncker admits EU expansion plans go beyond Europe

EUROPEAN Commission president Jean Claude Juncker has revealed plans for a bigger EU as Britain battles to unchain itself from the bloc’s 46-year hold.
The politician from Luxembourg boasted of his
plan to expand Europe in an interview with Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, in which the reporter took him to task about the minimal amount of times he has bothered to visit Warsaw. Mr Juncker said: “I would like to remind you that when I decided to expand the Union, I was this great advocate. Only nobody remembers it!” When confronted about not visiting Poland, he went on to list times he has not bothered to visit other member states, such as the UK.
MORE ON Extended Europe

Huddersfield Grooming Gan g‘Drugged, Raped and Trafficked’ Girl from Age of 11, Court Told

A young girl living at a children’s home in Huddersfield was “deliberately targeted” for years of sexual abuse by Mohammed Akram and Usman Khalid, a jury has heard.

The Yorkshire Examiner reported “extremely vulnerable” victim “could properly be described as a little girl” when Huddersfield residents Akram, 33, and Khalid, 31, began grooming her to be raped and abused throughout her childhood, the prosecution alleged.

“They each, on separate occasions, took her out of the children’s home where she was living without permission and with a sinister, ultimately sexually motivated, purpose,” prosecutor Richard Wright QC claimed in Leeds Crown Court.

Jurors heard how, after she was allegedly targeted by the defendants in the West Yorkshire town, the girl “found herself drawn into a world in which she had little or no control of her life and was utterly unable to make truly free or informed choices about anything where sex was concerned”.

“Throughout her childhood she was deliberately targeted by men who wanted to use her for their own sexual purposes,” said Mr Wright, stressing that “This case concerns her childhood when, as you will hear — and it is important that you understand that there is no dispute about this — she was raped and abused by multiple men over several years.”

READ ALL at Breitbart Europe
The Rotherham Scanal - where it all started
Grooming gangs and abuse cases throughout Britain

Fifty years Of Apocalytic Global Warming Predictions And Why People believe Them

Scientists have known for some time that their predictive models of global warming were at increasing odds with the data. More recently, they have begun to pinpoint some of the faulty assumptions in the models used to make projections (not observations) of global warming. One example of this type of correction is a 2018 article published in the prestigious journal, Science.

Nitrogen availability is a central controller of terrestrial plant growth and, thereby, of the carbon cycle and global climate change. It has been widely assumed that the atmosphere is the main source of terrestrial nitrogen input. Surprisingly, Houlton et al. now show that bedrock is just as large a nitrogen source across major sectors of the global terrestrial environment.

Climate scientists have long known that plants offset some of the effects of climate change by absorbing and storing CO2. But they assumed that the ability to plants to perform this function was limited because the availability of nitrogen in the atmosphere was limited. As an earlier 2003 study published in Science stated, “there will not be enough nitrogen available to sustain the high carbon uptake scenarios.”

But this idea that the only source of nitrogen for plant life came from the air has been refuted in a more recent article, also in Science ... READ ALL >>>

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April 2019

Eco-Activists Bring London to a Standstill, Majority of Britons Oppose Protests

A survey by YouGov has found that 52 per cent of Britons oppose the recent actions of climate change protestors as London faces its third day of disruption by Extinction Rebellion. This is compared to 36 per cent of Britons who back their actions. Opposition is found across all age groups of those polled, apart from those aged 18-24 who tend to support them (47 per cent to 41 per cent)... Continue Reading >>>

Creepy AI Monitoring UK Employees' Work Tasks In Real Time

Over 130,000 people in the UK and abroad are being monitored by an artificial intelligence system known as Isaak - which scrutinizes staff behavior minute-to-minute, according to The Guardian.
Dozens of UK businesses are using the "Isaak" system which analyzes tasks such as who's email who, and when, how workers are collaborating, and which staff are "influencers" or "change-makers," according to the report. Designed by London-based company Status Today, the system can pinpoint "certain individuals within a network" to better allocate workloads and responsibilities, "ultimately improving the overall workplace environment and reducing stress and overworking." Thus far, Isaak has gathered data on more than a billion actions. >>

MORE on A.I. threat to jobs

NATO's Official Purpose Makes No Sense, but It Is Likely To Outlive Us All

Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO, but the question is, is this a happy birthday for a lively meaningful organization or time for us to pull the plug on a Cold War dreg that has lived well past its purpose?

After WWII it was inevitable that there would be a conflict between the Liberal Capitalist world and the growing Red Communist one. Perhaps if the Soviet Union would have resigned itself to being the only Communist nation rejecting any form of proselytization and rebranding itself as some kind of Democracy B as a mild alternative to the West’s Democracy A then the Cold War could have been avoided.

But this did not happen and was very unlikely to do so. The motto of the Soviet Union on its seal was “Workers of the World Unite!”. That was workers of the “world” not “only Russia”. So it is not surprising that the West took a preemptive move and formed NATO to gang up on the USSR.

However now the Soviet Union is dead and gone. NATO fulfilled its mission a little after turning 40. Sadly rather than phasing out and riding off into the sunset it had a midlife crisis ... READ MORE at Strategic Culture Foundation

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March 2019

The EU is shutting out views that do not chime with the Brussels elite. We can't leave too soon

by Tim Worstall, Daily Telegraph

We need to leave the European Union as soon as possible. The EU is rapidly becoming the trusted enforcer for the aims of left-leaning activists seeking to restrict commerce, individual freedom and the freedom of competition that is so essential for business.
The EU is turning into the epitome of the interventionist big state that squeezes out views and organisations that do not conform with the ideological preferences of the Brussels elites. READ ALL >>>

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How Left Wing /Hero Benn Convinced Margaret Thatcher EU membership was ‘greatest FOLLY'

Daily Express,29 March 2019

MARGARET Thatcher strongly campaigned to remain in the European Economic Community (EEC) during the 1975 referendum on the UK’s continued membership – but, in a dramatic U-turn, she came round to Tony Benn’s eurosceptic view only a few years later, the left-winger claimed in a throwback interview.

Independent Study Says Google Influenced Midterm Elections, May Have Cost Republicans Seats: Study

New research reveals that Google built biases into its search results that influenced the 2018 midterm elections - possibly costing Republicans three congressional districts.

First things first - the study was conducted by Dr. Robert Epstein - a San Diego-based Harvard Ph.D. who founded the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. He's also a Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), a UCSD visiting scholar, and served as editor-in-chief of Psychology Today.

He also supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 (just like Google!). READ ALL at Zero Hedge

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Google omnibus

Brexit is a DISASTER but ‘not for the British'

‘Germany Must EXIT THE EURO!’ Says Investment Expert

Holger Schmitz, CEO of Schmitz & Partner AG, said the British “should be happy to have turned their backs” on the Brussels club, while for German savers Brexit is a disaster. He also hit out at EU chiefs for “overlooking the impact of Brexit on the EU’s” strongest economies, which could enable EU member states heavily in debt to “govern undisturbed in the future”, meaning the bloc would instead become a “transfer union”.

As the EU’s strongest economy, Germany would become the “cash cow” to the Union, he warned.

Writing for DASInvestment, Mr Schmitz said: “The structural deficits of the confederation of states are becoming increasingly apparent and can not be remedied. In addition, there is no political will in the southern European countries for urgently needed economic reforms. READ ALL >>>

Researcher Warns: Algos Are "Using And Even Controlling Us!"

Researcher Dionysios Demetis has published a warning to everyone that “we are setting ourselves up for technological domination,” claiming algorithms are increasingly “manipulating and even controlling” human beings.

Humans are surrounded by algorithms and Demetis is not as thrilled as technology fanboys about the future direction of technology and its grip on humanity. “Our exploration led us to the conclusion that, over time, the roles of information technology and humans have been reversed,” Demetis, a professor at the Center for Systems Studies at Hull University in Yorkshire England, wrote in an essay for The Conversation. “In the past, we humans used technology as a tool. Now, technology has advanced to the point where it is using and even controlling us.” This is not the first time Demetis has tried to warn humanity of the problems with advanced technology either. Demetis built on a paper he published last year with Allen Lee, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems. The researcher also contends that we are in fact “deeply affected by them in unpredictable ways,” and humans made it that way. “We have progressively restricted our own decision-making capacity and allowed algorithms to take over.” READ ALL at Zero Hedge
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EU: Now Telling Europeans What To Think

by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute

The first European Media Literacy Week, an initiative of the European Union, will take place March 18-22 in various European cities. The week is a new initiative by the European Commission, putatively "to underline the societal importance of media literacy and promote media literacy initiatives and projects across the EU". The European Commission explains its policy of strengthening 'media literacy' within the EU -- which could have been a noble and useful initiative -- the following way:

"With the rapid rise of digital technology and its increasing use in business, education and culture, it is important to ensure everyone can understand and engage with digital media.

"Media literacy is vital for economic growth and job creation. Digital technologies are a key driver of competitiveness and innovation in the media, information, and communication technology sectors."

As part of its "Digital Single Market" strategy, the European Commission addsflimsily:

"Media literacy concerns different media (broadcasting, radio, press), different distribution channels (traditional, internet, social media) and addresses the needs of all ages... A high level of media literacy is a key factor to enable citizens to make informed decisions in the digital age. Media literacy is a pre-requisite for a vibrant, modern democracy."

One does not have to scratch the surface much, however, before it appears that at least certain aspects of the European Commission's Media Literacy policy are less about enlightening citizens, than about heavy-handedly guiding them on what to think.

READ MORE at Zero Hedge Index of posts on Europe
Free Speech murdered

Emmanuel Macron says Brexit presents a 'danger' to EU, demands 'minimum European wage' that would bankrupt poor nations

Emmanuel Macron has called for a "minimum European wage" across the EU and a guarantee that workers will receive "the same pay in the same workplace". The French President set out plans for a "road map to European renewal" in the wake of the Brexit vote, which he said represents a "danger" to the future of the European Union. He said that the UK's decision to leave the EU symbolised a crisis in which the EU was failing to respond to "its peoples' needs for protection from the major shocks of the modern world".


Internal Facebook Leak Reveals Global Bribery Scheme To Soften Data Privacy Laws

A leak of internal Facebook documents reveals that the company has conducted a global lobbying campaign to against data privacy legislation, targeting politicans around the world with promises of investments and incentives, according to The Guardian.

The documents, which have been seen by the Observer and Computer Weekly, reveal a secretive global lobbying operation targeting hundreds of legislators and regulators in an attempt to procure influence across the world, including in the UK, US, Canada, India, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia and all 28 states of the EU. - The Guardian

The Guardian reported Facebook:
• Lobbied politicians across Europe in a strategic operation to head off “overly restrictive” GDPR legislation. They include extraordinary claims that the Irish prime minister said his country could exercise significant influence as president of the EU, promoting Facebook’s interests even though technically it was supposed to remain neutral. • Used chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg’s feminist memoir Lean In to “bond” with female European commissioners it viewed as hostile. • Threatened to withhold investment from countries unless they supported or passed Facebook-friendly laws. Facebook posts catalogue

Brexiteer MP warns voters will 'RIOT IN STREETS' over second referendum

Brexit supporting MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan said her constituents in Berwick-upon-Tweed would “literally be rioting in the streets” if there was a second referendum on Brexit. British voters would be “rioting in the streets” if there was a second referendum on Brexit, claimed Anne-Marie Trevelyan. Referring to her constituency of Berwick-upon-Tweed, the Brexiteer MP argued a second vote would “not go down well”. Ms Marie Trevelyan told BBC’s Politics Live: “We have not had time to put the Withdrawal Agreement implementation bill through for instance, I think that would be a perfectly good reason to provide extension. But I do not think that’s naturally where anyone wants to go, unless it is for another two years. READ MORE >>> Posts on Brexit

Internal Facebook Leak Reveals Global Bribery Scheme To Soften Data Privacy Laws

Trump Vows Executive Order Removing Fed Cash from Colleges Which Don't Defend Free Speech

Daily Caller, 3 March, 2019

President Donald Trump announced Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that he will be signing an executive order protecting free speech on college campuses.
The president invited Hayden Williams, a conservative activist with The Leadership Institute, to speak on the CPAC stage. Williams was assaulted last month while tabling for Turning Point USA at University of California, Berkeley, but promised that students would continue to defend the president so long as he defended them.
“These students do it because they have a love of our nation and freedom and, frankly, a love for you Mr. President,” Williams said of conservative activists on campuses. READ ALL

Free Speech Murderd

NHTSA Investigating Two Tesla Crashes Days After Two More Driver Deaths

The USA's National Highways & Transport Safety Association (NHTSA) is investigating Tesla cars yet again according to our sources in the USA, after two new separate fatal accidents that took place in Florida over the past week and a half. This new investigation comes while legal arguments abouit a spate of fatal and near fatal accident involving Tesla cars last year. A spokesperson for the NHTSA said that the agency was in the midst of an "ongoing investigation" involving both crashes and that the agency would "take additional actions if appropriate".

The NHTSA has the authority to demand a recall models if it believes a design defect or technical fault poses a risk to the public. The NTSB, also investigating the second crash, makes safety recommendations. The NHTSA and NTSB are investigating the role of Tesla’s Autopilot in fatal accidents and numerous battery fires in Teslas where the betteries have reignited hours after being doused by firefighters, following crashes crashes. This problem, though to relate to the technical dodge Tesla have used to claim better battery life than rivals, occurre in one of the recent accidents.

We reported on the first accident just about a week ago, where a Tesla in Davie, Florida burst into flames after striking a tree, killing its driver. READ ALL at Reuters >>>

Technology rules you

We desperately need to be honest about the links between race and gang violence

Trevor Phillips, 2 March, 2019

Anne Longfield’s report, published yesterday, into childhood violence and vulnerability asserted that some 27,000 under-19s identify themselves as gang members. More than 300,000 admit to knowing someone who is in a gang. In the past week alone, nine boys have died in English cities, mostly from stab wounds after vicious, coordinated attacks. NHS officials report that the number of non-lethal assaults of this kind is now running into the thousands. Some of those involved with gangs, according to the Commissioner, have yet to see their tenth birthday..
.READ ALL - Daily Telegraph

February 2019

'Italy PRIMED and ready' to follow Brexit Britain and QUIT EU – Brussels 'terrified'

A radio caller has insisted that Italy is ready to follow Brexit Britain out of the European Union. Speaking on talkRADIO, the caller, known as Geoff, whose wife is Italian, claimed the whole of Italy is “watching” what Britain is doing. He said: “We are very lucky, myself and my wife, to own a second home in Calabria in Italy, my wife is Italian.
Talk Radio host Mike Graham stepped in, claiming the crumbling of the Brussels bloc “is absolutely what the EU is terrified of”.

MORE ON BREXIT More on Social Breakdown

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains "Deboosting" "Troll Report" & Political Targeting in Interview

Project Veritas is the last bastion of undercover investigative journalism in the United States. Judicial watch working through the courts and people like myself working to bring it all to the forefront. Veritas investigators have obtained Veritas and published documents and presentation materials from a former Facebook insider. This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech. Screenshots from a Facebook workstation show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as “[e]xisting strategies” taken to combat political speech.

(Other brave individuals who feel compelled to expose wrongdoing they witness can contact Project Veritas here.)

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said that to expose dishonesty and censorship in big tech companies, he will be relying upon more insiders, informants and leakers in the future:

See video of the full interview

Read the documents.


GP ‘bribes’ to diagnose dementia undermine patients’ trust in doctors

Paying GPs to identify dementia undermines patients’ trust in doctors, a study suggests. In recent years, health officials have introduced a series of schemes which typically pay family doctors £55 a head for every patient classed as having the condition.

The initiatives came despite concern from some GPs that they would be seen as “bribes” which could sway doctors towards misdiagnosis.Researchers from the University of York examined more than 7,000 practices in England to examine the impact of the schemes, which began to be introduced in 2013.

href="">READ FULL STORY >>>

Daily Stirrer, February 2019

Tesla Slams Into Tree In Florida, Bursting Into Flames And Killing Driver Before Reigniting in Tow Yard

We learned testerday that a Tesla involved in an accident caught fire a second time while sitting at the tow yard.

While the details of the accident still remain undisclosed, Local 10 News in Broward County, Florida reported on Sunday evening that a Tesla driver was killed after his vehicle crashed into a tree along Flamingo Road in Davie, Florida. As the incident was being reported, shocking video surfaced on Twitter of the vehicle engulfed in flames. Eye witness reports state that firefighters were unable to rescue the driver because there is no external door handle on the model.

It was later reported that the Tesla involved in the accident caught fire a second time while sitting at the tow yard. This phenomeno of Li - Ion batteries reigniting hours after electrical fires have been put out is a known problem with Tesla bettery technology.

Electric car fireworks

04 / 02 / 2019

EU Hails Social Media Crackdown On Hate Speech


EU officials on Monday hailed progress in the fight against online hate speech, saying major technology companies have significantly increased their ability to combat the phenomenon.

"Companies are now assessing 89 percent of flagged content within 24 hours, and promptly act to remove it when necessary," said Andrus Ansip, European Commission vice president for the digital single market. "This is more than twice as much when compared to 2016."

Technology companies, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft, are removing 72 percent of flagged content within that period, up from 28 percent in 2016. EU officials said a Code of Conduct to tackle online speech established that year has proved successful, but noted more needed to be done.

However, Critics have described legislation forcing technology companies to delete content as an attempt at censorship. But EU officials on Monday said that while the Code of Conduct was voluntary at the moment, Brussels reserved the right to enact regulation to combat hate speech.


MORE ON CENSORSHIP AND FREE SPEECH Free Speech murdered by Mainstream Media
Death of Democracy

Latest Posts

Macron will 'HAVE TO GO' if he loses referendum - shock warning to president

from Daily Express

EMMANUEL MACRON is said to be considering a referendum to address key issues raised by yellow vest protesters, however, critics warn the embattled French President will “have to go” if he loses the vote. The 41-year-old leader is “considering this possibility as a way out of the yellow vest crisis,” a high-ranking government source told Le Journal du Dimanche.

It is understood a referendum is being considered for May 26, the same day as the European parliament elections, and the Elections Office has already contacted printers and paper suppliers in the event of a snap vote.

The referendum would, among other things, ask voters whether they want to reduce the number of lawmakers and limit the number of terms they can serve to prevent career politicians from clinging on to power, both campaign pledges by M Macron.

While one of the main demands of the yellow vests is for popular votes to be held on key policy decisions, Mr Macron’s political opponents have warned against rushing into a referendum, which they say will do little to dilute popular rage. READ ALL >>>

France, index
Yellow Vests latest, week 12

Islamic school ‘stopping girls from having lunch until boys have eaten theirs’

from RT

A Muslim school in Birmingham, England, is still enforcing gender segregation by ordering girls not to eat their lunch until the boys have finished theirs, UK government school inspectors have told MPs.

Al-Hijrah school was instructed to end the unlawful practice by the Court of Appeal in 2017. However, Luke Tryl, director of corporate strategy at Ofsted, the government body charged with carrying out school inspections, says the West Midlands school is still contravening gender segregation rules.

Tryl also told the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee that the school continues to teach from “very discriminatory texts... encouraging violence against women.” READ ALL >>>


03 / 02 / 2019

Corporations and the Speedway to Serfdom


To further explain: on the one hand, the more one pushes towards equality, the more one has to control the huge variation in human traits and preferences [ ... ] On the other hand, the more one pushes towards freedom, the more one has to be content with the aforementioned variation in human traits and preferences leading to some people being extraordinarily successful while others having barely anything.

In theory, you can find reasonable justifications to both approaches; however, one of the above requires active intervention – while the other does not. If both systems lead to a certain form of injustice, I’ll always take the one which isn’t man made.

More on Corporatism

A Kindly, Old Billionaire’s Advice to Millennials


In the article, “Langone to Millennials Embracing Socialism: ‘I’ll put you on my plane and fly you to Venezuela,’” the arguments of Ken Langone, CEO of Home Depot, leave out many crucial facts and bring up points that are not very relevant. For example, in the interview, he argues that those who are leaning toward socialism should be forewarned that it is not a good system. First of all, in our mixed economy, we already have socialist elements in our economy and society?—?our post office, our fire departments, our public school system, our military?—?that actually work better than they would if we were to hand them over to independent capitalists to run. And, we also have capitalist elements that work better as independent, capitalist operations than they would if we were to hand them over to the government or to socialist co-ops to run. Even Senator Bernie Sanders, who is an avowed democratic socialist, has said that he did not believe that “the little store on the corner should be run by the government”; >>
More On Socialism

January 2019

NHS landlords PHP and MedicX strike £1.3bn merger

We have told you many times when you hear Corbynistas and Momentum idiots wailing and gnashing their teeth over "The evil Conservatives nationalising the NHS (National Health Service,) ignore them. We're not saying the Conservatives are good (the Daily Stirrer editorial lines is that all politicians are wankers,) but it was evil New Labour under the traitor and war criminal Blair that privatised the NHS:

NHS landlords PHP and MedicX agree merger
wo of the biggest NHS landlords will join forces in a “transformational” £1.3bn all-share deal as they look to cash in on rising spending on primary care.
Primary Health Properties, a FTSE 250 firm, and MedicX own a total of almost 500 properties, including GP surgeries, pharmacies and dentists’ offices worth a combined £2.3bn.
Healthcare property has become highly prized as investors seek the safety of long-term income that is guaranteed by the NHS.

More on NHS Private finance initiatives

Health index

Angela Merkel makes thinly-veiled dig at Brexit chaos in Davos

Angela Merkel has taken a dig at Brexit as she praised the founders of global institutions such as the EU as people 'who knew what they were doing'.
Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos today, the German chancellor said she feared the 'knowledge and insight' of politicians who set up international bodies after World War II would be forgotten.
In her speech - which could be her last appearance at the annual event - Merkel made a vigorous defence of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.
She said Germany and the EU were 'dependent' on a good relationship with Britain but said it was partly 'up to Britain' to ensure one.

Merkel is correct up to a point, after WW2 the European Common Market was set up by German former Nazis, with French and Belgian collaborators who saw it as a way to build The Fourth Reich.

Belgian Senator Blasts Elites over Consequences of Mass Migration

Belgian Senator and former Secretary-General of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Alain Destexhe has slammed “elites” for their handling of mass migration and the lack of debate on the long-term effects of migration.
The veteran Belgian politician, who was first elected in 1995, released a book entitled Immigration and Integration: Before It’s Too Late… last month, which sounds the alarm on integration problems and other issues stemming from the migrant crisis. Dr Destexhe discussed his book and explained his concerns in a recent interview with French newspaper Le Figaro.
Destexhe claims that Belgium, along with other countries like France, has “lost control” of immigration, saying: “About three-quarters of immigration, in Belgium as in France, is beyond the control of the country’s administrative authorities ... Continue reading

MORE ON MASS MIGRATION: Immigration Omnibus
Germany's immigration problem
Sweden dystopia

Govt May Call on Queen to Block Anti-Brexit MPs Reversing Brexit

Government sources have confirmed that the Queen may be advised to refuse to grant the Royal Assent to parliamentary legislation aimed at blocking Brexit. The confirmation came from a senior minister who spoke to the Telegraph following publication of a Policy Exchange paper on the subject by Sir Stephen Laws QC, a former First Parliamentary Counsel. Remain MPs are currently advancing various plots to take control of the Brexit process from Theresa May, who is at least nominally opposed to delaying exit day, scheduling a re-run of the 2016 referendum, or ruling out a clean, No Deal withdrawal from the EU ... Continue reading >>> MORE ON BREXIT

US Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Transgender Military Ban

In a decision that is bound to 'trigger' millions across America (while the majority go about their days giving exactly zero f*cks), the U.S. Supreme Court cleared President Donald Trump’s administration to start barring most transgender people from serving in the armed forces.
As Bloomberg reports, transgender troops have been serving openly since June 2016, when President Barack Obama’s administration began lifting a longstanding prohibition. Opponents of the ban say reinstating it would violate the Constitution’s equal protection clause.
The justices, voting 5-4, put on hold lower court decisions that had blocked the administration’s planned ban from taking effect.

NASA detects ‘MASSIVE anomaly’ below Antarctica sparking SHOCK Nazi WW2 claim

A NASA satellite detected a “gravity anomaly” below the ice of Antarctica, sparking outrageous conspiracies of a secret underground Nazi base from World War Two.
The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) was a joint mission of NASA and the German Aerospace Centre that ran from March 2002 to October 2017. By measuring gravity anomalies, GRACE showed how mass is distributed around the planet and how it varies over time. Continue reading

London Yellow Vests picking up strengthSmoke bombs and blocked roads outside Parliament today caused major disruption, with at least 100 people wearing the high visibility ‘Yellow Vests’ gathered at Westminster, setting off smoke bombs as they marched along Whitehall on the way to Trafalgar Square.

More on Yellow Vests

The Ironies of Illegal Immigration
by Victor Davis Hanson

Estimates suggest that there are 11 million to 13 million Mexican citizens currently living in the United States illegally. Millions more emigrated previously and are now U.S. citizens. A recent poll revealed that one-third of Mexicans (34 percent) would like to emigrate to the United States. With Mexico having a population of about 130 million, that amounts to some 44 million would-be immigrants.
Such massive potential emigration into the United States makes no sense. Read all >>> MORE ON IMMIGRATION

Masculinity Is A Mental Illness According To Liberals

Lunacy: New guidelines for top psychiatric group declares ‘traditional masculinity’ to be ‘harmful’
The Left’s war on men got another boost this week when the nation’s top psychiatric group issued new guidelines that include a declaration that “traditional masculinity” in this day and age is “harmful.”
“What is gender in the 2010s? … It’s no longer just this male-female binary … If we can change men, we can change the world,” said University of South Alabama’s Dr. Ryon McDermott, a psychologist involved in drafting the new guidelines for the American Psychological Association

Are You Suffering From Toxic Masculinity? Know The Warning Signs

It's called "toxic masculinity," and it's the latest disease to plague the nation. It can affect every aspect of a toxic man's life. Worst of all, toxic masculinity is contagious, so if you're infected, you need to know right away so you can avoid spreading it to your friends and family.
Are you or a loved one suffering from toxic masculinity? Know the warning signs so you can seek help:
Even the faintest whisper of facial hair - If you have a mustache, schedule a check-up. If you find a goatee on your face, consider going into the emergency room. If you have a full-grown beard, well, it's probably too late for you.
A belief that men and women are at least a little bit different - Should you be infected with the cancerous idea that men and women are even the slightest bit different from one another, you could have toxic masculinity. If you're a woman who believes this, then you suffer from an even worse disease called internalized misogyny.
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Gillette ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Commercial Set to Break into Most Disliked YouTube Videos List

Gillette’s recent commercial against “toxic masculinity” has reached 700,000 dislikes on YouTube and is quickly approaching the top 50 most disliked YouTube videos of all time after just several days on the platform. As of writing, the commercial has just over 700,000 dislikes, against just over 300,000 likes. On Tuesday, the video has 330,000 dislikes, with the number of dislikes more than doubling in just one day.

December 2018

Five Times Higher Ed. Cried "White Supremacy" In 2018

Campus Reform rounded up the top five instances of students and professors branding others "white supremacist" or teaching about the concept in class...
Dominguez Hills have made the list.
1. That time some conservative students tried to buy coffee in their MAGA hats Students at Fordham University staged a protest against “white supremacy.” The hour-and-a-half-long protest consisted of chants like “hate speech is not free speech” and signs reading “White Supremacy Kills."

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Dream of United States of EU ENDED

POPULIST Government emerging across the European Union will foil the plans of further European integration Jean-Claude Juncker devised during his leadership of the European Commission, economist Alan Winters claimed.
The European Commission will struggle to promote plans for further integration among European Union member states because of the rise of populist movement across the bloc. Prof Alan Winters forecast the bloc will face "a hard time" as countries like Hungary and Italy solidify their defiant stance against decisions taken in Brussels. The British economist also suggested the EU will focus on protecting the single market from the aftermath of Brexit.
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‘Having a penis and competing as a woman is not fair’: Lesbian Tennis Star Navratilova inflames transgender fury

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova was forced to apologize for comments she made on social media saying that natural born men who ‘proclaim themselves female’ should not be allowed to compete against women. Navratilova’s remarks came in response to a question about transgender women in sport. “Clearly that can't be right. You can't just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” the nine-time Wimbledon champion wrote. “There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”

MORE LGBT issues

TRUMP overturns Obama-policy that ordered teachers to refrain from disciplining minority students

President Donald Trump’s administration officially got rid of the disastrous ‘discussion not discipline’ mandate for minority students in schools, as ordered by the Obama Administration, which determined that it could ease racial disparities (with whites) by discouraging teachers from disciplining or punishing disorderly, disruptive and/or even violent minority students.

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Call for Macron to step down to restore peace and end the chaos in France

Pictures and videos are surfacing across social media of French police levelling firearms at Yellow Vest demonstrators protesting the failed President Emmanuel Macron’s government austerity plans.
The sixth week of protests, despite being the Saturday before Christmas, still had a fair turnout, though less than previous weeks.
Things were chaotic in the capital on ‘Act VI’ of the Yellow Vests protests. Some calling it a day of rage as riot police used tear gas and baton charges with at least one officer pulling a gun on protesters.

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November 2018

European Lawmakers Chide Mark Zuckerberg After No-Show For Testimony

Lawmakers from nine European countries ripped Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after the company chose to send its vice president of policy solutions Richard Allen in his place.
The UK's Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport tweeted a picture of an empty chair with the caption "Where is Mark Zuckerberg?"
Zuckerberg has repeatedly declined to appear in front of UK lawmakers - ducking a similar hearing in April when the company sent its chief technology officer, Mich Schroepfer. That same month the Facebook CEO appeared in front of US lawmakers to answer questions - however, thanks to a November 14 New York Times exposé, we know that Facebook lobbyists have been able to influence which topics lawmakers would avoid, thanks in part to New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, whose daughter works at Facebook.

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October 2018

Berlin protests against far-right politics draw thousands

Maybe that headline should read, "Thousands of left wing extremists take to the streets of Berlin to protest against democracy and free speech - Daily stirrer)

from DeutscheWelle: Over 200,000 people have taken to the streets of Berlin to face down the rise of far-right populism in Germany and Europe. The protesters were demanding more solidarity with marginalized groups.
Berlin produced an absurdly hot and sunny fall day on Saturday to welcome an estimated 240,000 people demonstrating against racism and calling for solidarity against the rise of far-right populism across Germany.
A 5-kilometer (3-mile) stretch of the capital city's center, from Alexanderplatz through the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column, had to be closed down to accommodate the huge parade, which was united under the hashtag #unteilbar ("indivisible"). READ MORE >>>

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Censorship Comes To The Internet - Goodbye Free Speech
Censorship has always been a sore point in democratic societies, without the right to free speech democracy does not exist. So why have we for years now been willing to tolerate the efforts of Silicon Valley high tech corporations and their left - leaning (that's left as in Chairman Mao or Pol Pot,) been willing to tolerate this.

How Many Times Can Dr. Merkel-Who Regenerate Her Government
>This week the new series of Doctor Who launched amid much ballyhoo about The Doctor being played for the first time by a woman. While many pedantic Whooverans are appalled and complain that the lead role belongs to a man, in my opinion Jodie Whittaker (best known to date for Broadchurch,) the thirteenth Doctor Who, looks as if she may be the best Doctor since David Tennant.

Algorithms Are No Better At Telling The Future Than Tarot Cards Or A Crystal BallAccording to a new report “An increasing number of businesses are investing in advanced technologies that can help them forecast the future”. It’s true , almost every day we see supposedly intelligent people who believe that with things called ‘Data Science’, ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ and ‘Big Data’, machines can already be relied on to make better decisions than humans, and that soon computers will surpass us in actual intelligence.

E.U. Parliament Members Call for Facebook Audit, Competition Law Overhaul
Though not widely reported (well the proceedings were boring,) a number of parliamentary hearings in the European Parliament and the elected assemblies of member nations, have investigated Facebook’s user data breach scandal involving the data thieves Cambridge Analytica. European Union MEPs, including those from Britain have called for a full audit of the social media company and an overhaul of E.U. competition law.

Vaccine Damaged Child Compensated By US Special Vaccine Court. As they started their family, Mooresville residents Theresa and Lucas Black dutifully got their children immunized, never doubting their doctor’s word that vaccines are safe and necessary. But their faith in those promises was shaken in 2001, when their 3-month-old daughter, Angelica, developed life-threatening seizures and brain damage just three days after getting several vaccinations.

How Many More Lives Does Angela Merkel Have Left?
Germany was the most prosperous and stable democracy in Europe under Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel until she won her third term as Chanellor. That victory had the same effect as being declared divine once had on Roman Emperors. Merkel began to believe she could change the world by supporting schemes to unite Europe under a single government and flood the continent with third world migrants. And she believed she could succeed because Germans, the ignorant masses, would march in lockstep behind her.

Supreme Court Fiasco Shows The US Democratic Party Is No Friend Of Democracy
A look at the way efforts by the US Democratic Party to shaft Trump have backfired on them. Trump is no politician for sure, he's undiplomatic, confrontational, crude, economical with the truth when it suits him, and very direct in expressing his views (a change from the mealy mouthed equivocation favoured by most politicians, but whatever his failings, he's a smart operator and he's outwitting the Democrats every time.

How Can The 'Left' Talk Of Equality When They Don't Tolerate Diversity Of Opinion
One of the first things I learned at my Grandfather's knee was the importance of free speech and of exposure to different ides and shades of opinion. Grandad had been a member of the Labour party before World War One and had lived through the class wars early in the twentieth century. My Dad was a Labour man too, until as a newspaper reporter, he learned things about socialism that shocked him.

Brexit has terrified 'Brussels bubble' - German insider The EU elite "lost faith in their own appeal and abilities" following the Brexit referendum vote and the surge in support for nationalist parties. The knee jerk response of the Brussels bubble was to try (and fail) to punish Britain for defing Brussels in the same way as they had punished small nations like Greece, Portugal and Ireland, which in their perception was the only way to prevent the EU breaking apart.

How Russia plans to disentangle its economy from US dollar
The Russian Finance Ministry this week officially revealed a plan to end the country's dependence on the US dollar for foreign trade. Economic analysts are warning it will be a long process, but Russia and China, with support from Iran and a number of other oil rich countriies whose oil trade is restricted by US use of the petrodollar to manipulate makets, are several years along the road to economic independence alredy ... MORE in Currency Wars

September 2018

New Report On Middle Aged Drinkers Shows Scaremongering Scientists Are Out Of Touch
A new study by ‘scientists’ in Australia claims that adults aged between 30 and 65 have only “minor” concerns about the health effects of alcohol. In spite of frequent scaremongering campaigns by governments and ‘scientists’ a huge number of people who drink more than the ridiculous recommended limits advised by governments are living happily and healthily to a ripe old age.

How Google Tried And Failed To Fix 2016 US Election For Hillary Clinton

Over the past two years, since Donald Trump unexpectedly defeated Hillary Clinton to become President Of The United States we have suffered an almost daily barrage of fake news from liberal and left leaning news sources about how the Russians, in collaboration with the Trump campaign, hacked servers, used bots to flood Facebook with pro Trump propaganda and swung the election for Trump.

Is US Department Of Defence Regime Change Agency Planning Color Revolution In Nicaragua
As civil unrest takes hold in the Central American republic, we are seeing reports that Nicaraguan student protest leaders have met with Washington DC, neocons, a publication funded by the US government’s regime change arm, the ludicrously misnamed National Endowment for Democracy (NED), boasts of spending millions of dollars “laying the groundwork for insurrection” against Daniel Ortega

Britain Should Be Facing Global Outrage Over Skripal Saga, Not Russia
It may be pure coincidence that in the same week as Britain and France entered discussions with the US government about appropriate measure in retaliation for a chemical weapon attack in Syria that has not taken place yet, the increasingly ludicrous story of the assassination attempt on former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia has come to the top of the news again.

Russia Accuses US Of White Phosphorus Attack In Syria
Aallegations that President Assad of Syria has already authorised the use of illegal weapons (poison gas) in the coming assault on Idlib, continue to proliferate in western media. Idlib province in Syria is the last stronghold of the ISIS / Al Nusra rebels who, armed, trained and funded by Washington its NATO allies and The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, have been trying to ovrthrow the Assad regime for the past four years...

Bulgarian TV journalist who covered EU corruption brutally murdered

A TV reporter who covered EU funds fraud cases was brutally murdered and allegedly raped in northern Bulgaria. The horrific indent is the third murder of a journalist in the EU amid concerns over press freedom.

The body of Victoria Marinova, 30, who hosted a show on local TVN, was found dead on a popular jogging route near the Danube River in the city of Ruse on Saturday. The city has never seen such a brutal crime, according to experienced criminologists cited by local media.

The woman was raped and beaten, and succumbed to head injuries and suffocation, according to local media citing investigators... Continue reading


Failing IPCC Ramps up Climate Hysteria with New Doom Litany Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued its latest Summary for Policy Makers – and it’s the usual farrago of dubious science, wailing hysteria and worryingly eco-fascistic policy prescriptions.

Sea levels are rising. [As they have been, by the way, at the same harmless pace, for centuries]
The crisis is so dire that even if all the countries stick to their Paris Accord commitments, it still won’t be enough to stop the planet heating by 2 degrees C or more.
Drastic lifestyle changes must be made, drastic carbon emissions cuts must be implemented to stave off further disaster
$2.4 trillion must be spent by 2035 on sustainable energy projects such as wind and solar
Climate-related risks to health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, human security, and economic growth are projected to increase as the planet warms
Vector borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever will likely increase

One observer – Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation – describes it as the IPCC’s “Hail Mary”: its last, desperate shot at trying to scare a world which just doesn’t care any more.

The reason increasingly few of us believe all “last chance to save the planet” stuff is first that we’ve heard it too many times before, secondly that it hasn’t been supported by real-world evidence and thirdly because thanks to the internet and sites like this we’re all better informed.


Scientists Sound Alarm Over DARPA Plans To Spread Viruses Using Insects

A team of scientist sounds the alarm in a new Science Policy Forum report about a mysterious US government program that is developing genetically modified viruses that would be dispersed into the environment using insects. The virus-infected or 'Frankenstein' insects are being developed as countermeasures against potential natural and engineered threats to the US food supply.

The program is operated by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) could be viewed as an attempt to develop an entirely new class of bioweapons that would prompt other nations to seek similar weapons, they cautioned.

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July 2018

Tory and Labour MPs Follow UKIP, Say ‘Update Treason Law’ to Punish Jihadists
Ancient treason laws should be updated so British terror recruits and jihadists returning from war zones can be prosecuted, a cross-party group of MPs, a former minister, and a former top judge have said
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MP Who Highlighted Pakistani Rape Gangs Given Extra Security by Terror Police
A Labour MP who spoke out against the UK’s “problem” with Pakistani grooming gangs has been given extra security by terror police after sustained attacks from “anti-racist” and Muslim interest groups. Sarah Champion is the representative for Rotherham, South Yorkshire, where around 1,500 “mostly” white girls were groomed, trafficked, drugged, and raped by gangs of predominantly Pakistani-heritage men, according to a government report.
Rotherham child abuse scadal - omnibus

June 2018

Italy stuns EU as Conte reveals shock migrant plan.
With Angela Merkel's political future at stake as a special EU summit to discuss the immigration crisis, and almost half of all member states having rejected a Franco - German plan to resolve the problems caused by mass immigration with even higher levels of mass immigration, the recently inaugurated Italian government made a bold bid to become leader of the Eurosceptic states which reject federalism and greater surrender of national sovereignty to Brussels bureaucrats by presenting their own plan for dealing with unwelcome migrants.

Currency war can end global US dollar dominance & those who own gold have power

The world is facing a currency war and the only hedge against the crash of the US dollar is real gold, a precious metal analyst has said in an interview with RT. With geopolitical power shifting from West to East, US dominance may be ending. "But isn't this just one person's opinion?" you might well ask.

In this particular instance it is, but this page has spent enough time over the past few years reporting on the coming currency war, the move by China, Russia and a group of emerging economic powers including India and Brazil, to abandon the US$ as the reserve currency ...


Irish PM Meets HRC, Insists Europe Needs More Migrants to ‘Enrich Societies’

Europe needs more mass migration from the Global South because it “enriches our cultures and societies”, according to Leo Varadkar, who announced he will import more asylum seekers to Ireland after meeting Hillary Clinton.

White working class children 'lack aspiration and drive' of migrant communities, says Ofsted chief
Children from white working class families can the "lack the aspiration and drive" of migrant communities, Amanda Spielman of Education overserr Ofstead cited analysis from the Department for Education (DfE) which showed that schools in these areas struggle to recruit teachers and have challenges with capacity.
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March 2018

Police Forces Taking Days to Respond to 999 Calls … While Hate Crime Declared a Priority
Following the declaration earlier this year by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, that in future London’s Metropolitan Police Force would not investigate minor crime but would in future be proritizing the prosecution of those deemed to have committed ‘hate crimes’, other police forces in Britain are following suit and declaring that tackling so-called hate crime a “priority”.

21 March

Liberal’ witch-finders hunt for heretics in modern Britain
The activities of those we call the 'illiberal liberals' are well documented in Daily Stirrer and Greenteeth pages because it is quite shocking to observe how authoritarian liberalism and left wing ideologies have become, whereas we expect an authoritarian approach from the right ("Ve haff vays of making you konform"), but in fact the war on free speech is coming from both sides of the political spectrum.

20 March

Lay Off Cambridge Analytica, Facebook Are The Evil Doers

Information Technology firm Cambridge Analytica are being attacked by the hysterical mainstream media mob for their alleged role in the alleged collusion between The Kremlin and Donald Trump to steal the US Presidency in 2016, and similar abuse of private date to influence the result of the Brexit vote. It should be Facebook under attack, Cambridge Analytica only took advantage of a deal Facebook offers on the open market ...

19 March

Pentagon Struggles to Defend America’s Secret War in Niger
The government and military authorities of the USA must be suckers for punishment, already struggling to manage international opposition to their ongoing efforts to effect regime change in Syria and with the bitter taste of failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya still strong in their mouths, they are still escalating US involvement in foreign wars.

18 March New From DARPA - If You've Never Heard Of DARPA You Need To Read This

DARPA - the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are the people who brough you the internet and biological warfare and some chemical weapons they'd rather not talk about (or maybe Washington does not want to talk about how these weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists and tyrants. DARPA are behind a lot of the technology governments are using to keep us all under digital surveillance.

India And Pakistan: Inching Toward Their Final War?
India and Pakistan are the nuclear powers mainstream media tends to forget as they focus on USA, Russia, China and North Korea, but both have between 120 and 140 nuclear warheads, probably not equipped with the latest guidance and stealth technology, but good enough to do a lot od damage according to the Arms Control Association ...

Pro-war trolls resort to smears as their ‘rebels' lose miserably in Syria
Bureaucrats, Politicians and media talking heads who have consistently supported military intervention in Syria, and championed Obama's stated aim, that the priority was not to defeat ISIS terrorists but to remove the Assad rgime have gone apeshit following the collapse of the rebels final strongholds. The war loving 'liberals' are throwing everything they have at the level headed people who counselled against intervention ...

17 March

Reports Of USA Preparing Military Attack On Syria To Depose Assad.
Last April the US fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria, in ostensibly in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime on its own people. It was later confirmed by United Nations officials in Syria that there was no evidence to suggest the Assad regime was responsible, in fact such evidence as existed pointed to terrorist groups funded, armed and trained by the USA were responsible.

16 March

'Islam Doesn't Belong to Germany' - New Interior Minister
While mainstream media was hailing the political mastery of Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel in negotiationg a new coalition deal to keep her in power for another four years, The Daily Stirrer (and other alt_news sites to be fair) warned that the new government of Europe's most powerful economy was fragile and full of holes. Only days after Merkel was sworn in for a fourth term, the holes in her coalition started to appear ...

14 March

Outrage as Swedish TV Portrays Suspected Gang Rapists as 'Victims'

News coverage by mainstream media in Sweden of a gang rape case, in which a European woman was subjected to continual sexual assaults for 10 hours, has triggered a scandal as Swedish nationals finally show they are no longer willing to accept the ruling elite's constant pandering to violent, lawless immigrant groups, after the alleged perpetrators were portrayed as "victims" by national broadcaster SVT.

#MeToo movement silence in response to Telford sex abuse scandal shows they are hypocrites and virtue signallers

When a report in UK weekend newspaper The Sunday Mirror, on 11 March, revealed the shocking abuse experienced by hundreds of of young and often vulnerable women and girls in Telford, Shropshire, it was not unreasonable to expect the #MeToo feminists to express outrage at this case of the most serious sexual crimes committed on such a lage scale while the authorities looked the other way.

13 March

May 'under incredible pressure’ from colleagues to blame Russia in ex-spy poisoning
In a scathing tirade, British Prime Minister Theresa May came as close as possible to blaming Russia for the murder of former double agent Sergei Skripal and the poisoning of the spy's daughter Yulia as possible without actually declaring war. The astounding attack is believed to have been a result of intense pressure put on her by members of her government and the political opposition eager to find a scapegoat and mainstream media hungry for sensation.

Scientific American Article Counsels People to ‘Chill Out’ over Global Warming
The usual hysteria which seems to inform any writings from the scientific community on climate change seems to have cooled significantly in recent months. Doomsday scenarios predicting the catastrophic effects of global warming are being dismissed as the work of research grant phishing frauds who cite output from mathematical models which use ‘adjusted data’ to perform their calculations.

Russia Threatens UK: "One Does Not Give 24Hrs Notice To A Nuclear Power"
Following on from the above story of Teresa May's pointing fingers at the Russian government for the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK, and a similar accusation accomanied by veiled threats from Germany, and Germany's pressure this morning, Russia has cranked up their response to '11' on the Spinal Tap amplifier of global armageddon.

February 2018

February 19

Verhofstadt: ‘Not Acceptable’ for UK to Limit Immigration After Brexit

The EU continues on its path of negotiating by trying to command Britain on the Bexit process. In the latest attempt to humiliate Britain, European Parliament Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofshit said, "it is not acceptable for the UK to control its own immigration policy after Brexit and throughout the so-called “transition period”.

There will also be a "crisis in British politics" if the British Parliament votes down any Brexit deal agreed by Theresa May, said Guy Verhofstadt, predicting another general election. Clearly this ugly little Euronazi Belgian toad seems to think the EU will retain control over all policy areas it had before the vote to leave.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Verhofstadt said a trade deal would not be finalised before the divorce date and insisted no changes could be made to fee movement rules during the transition period.

"It’s not acceptable for us that rules will continue without change for financial services, for goods, for whatever other business and only for the citizens their situation will change," he said. Does the clown not understand the situation has changed.

Smoooth face crapaud Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator, has also been pushing for mass migration to continue after Brexit, contradicting an agreement struck with the UK in December. These ivory tower dwelling bureaucrats do not have to live among the third world scumbags they are intent of filling Europe with of course.

Last month, a report found that a million more migrants could come to the UK and stay permanently if free movement rights are extended for two years. Remember, free movement means anyone within the EU, not just bona fide citizens of EU member nations.


Telegram Could Raise A Staggering $2 Billion In Biggest-Ever ICO; Is It Just Another Scam?

Telegram, A messaging app popular with cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ISIS recruiters, has completed its presale of Gram tokens, raising a stunning $850 million from VIP investors from Silicon Valley and crypto community. That sum alone qualifies it as the largest ICO ever - far surpassing the ~$230 million raised by Tezos, which is now mired in litigation over its failure to keep many of its promises to investors...

The category of Internet based startups known as 'Unicorns', that is companies without an established revenue stream, any product beyond an app, or a viable business model, are inexplicably successful at raising vast amounts of cash by floating the business in specialised tech markets but have very poor track records at actually taking the cash raised, investing it in their idea and turning it into a functioning business.

Telegram's founders have insisted however, that the presale is only the beginning: If TechCrunch's calculations are correct, the company could raise close to $2 billion after sales are opened to the public.

That's an enormous sum for a company that has no revenue, especially when the founders insist their service should be kept free to users - and free of ads - for as long as possible. Telegram was founded by CEO Pavel Durov and brother Nikolai, two of the creators of VKontakt, better known in the west as the "Russian Facebook."

Citing a document submitted to the SEC earlier this week which purports to show the money raised by Telegram is "for the development of the TON Blockchain, the development and maintenance of Telegram Messenger and the other purposes," TechCrunch points out that the Gram tokens are described in the document as "purchase agreements for cryptocurrency." The whole thing looks so dodgy and insubstantial it is beyond belief that people are putting real money into it.

And while some investors might reassured that Telegram is apparently complying with vague regulations surrounding ICOs, which were released last summer when the agency released its report on the DAO hack, one Forbes columnist warns that investors who expect their investment - or Telegram - to turn a profit may be sadly mistaken.

Don’t Believe Mainstream Media: Russia Didn’t Attack US Troops in Syria

On February 16 Bloomberg published an article headlined: "Don’t Be Fooled: Russia Attacked U.S. Troops in Syria." It was the start of the latest Russophobic shitstorm unleashed by the 'liberals' of mainstrteam media and social media in the USA against Russia.

To give this story a little context, although under international law U.S. troops are in Syria illegally a U.S. led coalition purportedly supporting kurdish independence fighters (but really still poursuing barack Obama's aim of deposing the Assad regime,) conducted air and artillery strikes against what were reported to be pro-government forces in Syria on February 7, 2018, allegedly in response to an “unprovoked attack” launched by these pro-regime forces. Not long after, reports stories filtered out of The Pentagon via the usual suspects that significant numbers of Russian personnel were included in the over 100 dead and wounded, though Russia has since denied this at first. As the evidence began to mount, the accepted version of events on both sides was that those involved were Russian mercenaries and contractors, not official troops.

When asked about the incident initially, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said he had no idea why they [pro-government forces] would attack there, the forces were known to be there, obviously the Russians knew.

"We have always known that there are elements in this very complex battle space that the Russians did not have, I would call it, control of," he added.

Bloomberg added, "there is overwhelming evidence that those Russian contractors were working at the behest of the Kremlin. What’s more, the Russians knew U.S. military personnel were in Deir Ezzor, which has been part of successive agreements to separate, or ‘deconflict,’ forces fighting in Syria."

The U.S. provided air cover for Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to retain a substantial portion of this area in 2017 and retains its military presence there in order to enable SDF’s occupation to continue.

If Syrian forces, backed by Russian troops (whether they are official military personnel or iregular mercenaries, decide to launch an attack to retake a Syrian oil field from rebels, it is not the U.S. that is under the attack. The U.S. military presence, as this news blog has always maintained, is an illegal invading force that has been attacking Syria since 2014 without any legal basis for its operations, and continues as an illegal military presence in order to carry out its illegal dangerous foreign policy agenda of removing the legitimate governmet of Syria from power. It wouldn’t matter if the U.S. had one soldier or a hundred thousand on the ground in Syria, Russia’s presence has been sanctioned under international law and America’s hasn’t.

February 18

PROOF that vaccines target blacks for depopulation

Scientific research paper reveal infertility chemical inserted into vaccines for African women

A paper, published in the open access journal Scientific Research under thetitle "HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World," Authored by John W. Oller, Christopher A. Shaw, Lucija Tomljenovic, Stephen K. Karanja, Wahome Ngare, Felicia M. Clement and Jamie Ryan Pillette, not only appears to confirm the widespread 'conspiracy theory'that a contraceptive chemical was deliberately introduced into vaccines injected into African women in Kenya. The authors also name the actual chemical used.

Here’s the full abstract from the study, word for word (bolding emphasis added):

In 1993, WHO announced a “birth-control vaccine” for “family planning”. Published research shows that by 1976 WHO researchers had conjugated tetanus toxoid (TT) with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) producing a “birth-control” vaccine. Conjugating TT with hCG causes pregnancy hormones to be attacked by the immune system. Expected results are abortions in females already pregnant and/or infertility in recipients not yet impregnated.

Repeated inoculations prolong infertility. Currently WHO researchers are working on more potent anti-fertility vaccines using recombinant DNA. WHO publications show a long-range purpose to reduce population growth in unstable “less developed countries”. By November 1993 Catholic publications appeared saying an abortifacient vaccine was being used as a tetanus prophylactic. In November 2014, the Catholic Church asserted that such a program was underway in Kenya. Three independent Nairobi accredited biochemistry laboratories tested samples from vials of the WHO tetanus vaccine being used in March 2014 and found hCG where none should be present.

In October 2014, 6 additional vials were obtained by Catholic doctors and were tested in 6 accredited laboratories. Again, hCG was found in half the samples. Subsequently, Nairobi’s AgriQ Quest laboratory, in two sets of analyses, again found hCG in the same vaccine vials that tested positive earlier but found no hCG in 52 samples alleged by the WHO to be vials of the vaccine used in the Kenya campaign 40 with the same identifying batch numbers as the vials that tested positive for hCG.

Given that hCG was found in at least half the WHO vaccine samples known by the doctors involved in administering the vaccines to have been used in Kenya, our opinion is that the Kenya “anti-tetanus” campaign was reasonably called into question by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association as a front for population growth reduction.

Let there be no mistaking the conclusion reached by the authors of this published science paper. Vaccination programa are a front for population growth reduction. They have unveiled all the following shocking truths that the mainstream media absolutely refuses to publish:

1) Tetanus vaccines are used as a “medical front” for depopulation vaccines.

2) The program is administered in conjunction with “public health” initiatives engineered by the World Health Organization.

3) The goal of this program is the depopulation of blacks in Africa.

4) The hCG infertility chemical used in this genocidal “vaccine violence” against black women causes a woman’s body to turn against its own unborn child, attacking it as a foreign invader, causing a spontaneous abortion.

These shocking but true revelations confirm what Natural News has been accurately reporting for years: Namely, that vaccines have been weaponized against humanity and are deliberately laced with depopulation chemicals before being injected into the young women of ethnic groups which are targeted for population reduction. While this news blog fully agrees there is an urgent need for birth control in their world areas where a population explosion over the past fifty years means populations have now reached unsustainable levels, our libertarian stance insists this reduction must be achieved through education and not imposed by interfering wester do-gooderfuckers like Bill Gates.

Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants

A team of scientists has grown hybrid embryos in the womb of a sheep that contain human stem cells, moving the sci-fi idea of developing human organs inside animals one step closer to reality, and sparking ethical concerns.

The development could potentially save thousands lives among people who are in a need of vital organ transplants. Many patients die before they reach to the top of a queue, but scientists have long claimed organs like a pancreas for example, grown inside a pig, sheep or some other animal, could possibly not only save a life but also cure a chronic illness such Type 1 Diabetes.

This week, the team from Stanford University announced they had grown a sheep embryo injected with adult human stem cells for 28 days, including 21 days inside a sheep mother. The news was revealed at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas, the Guardian reports. The experiment had to be terminated, as U.S. law forbids developing cross-species embryos, called chimera, for more than 28 days.

Researchers had already created the first human-pig hybrid. The major difference this time is they achieved a much higher ratio of human cells to animal cells in the hybrid embryo, which is one human cell to about 10,000 sheep cells, according to Dr. Pablo Ross from the University of California.

To prevent the natural abortion of the unnatural embryo and create the part-human, part-animal chimera, the researchers use a gene-editing technique. First, they deleted genes needed for developing a certain organ in an animal embryo, then they injected human stem cells to fill the void. In 2010, Japanese scientists were the first to use this method to create a mouse and rat chimera, where the rat cells were introduced into a mouse to form a missing pancreas.

Last year, the same team that is now working on a sheep embryo, announced that it had, for the most part, cured diabetes in mice after transplanting a mouse pancreas it had grown in a rat.

There’s still a long way to go until this could be possible to replicate on humans, the researchers said. Unlike the rats or mice, both sheep and pigs have organs similar in size to those of a human.

"It could take five years or it could take 10 years but I think eventually we will be able to do this," the study’s co-author Hiromitsu Nakauchi of Stanford University said.

GM babies? How About The Frankenstein Lobby Try A Bit Of Honesty And Call It Eugenics
As the British Parliament debated legalising the use of techniques to create three parent babies and the dishonest champions of scientific fascism claim is is a perfectly safe development to remove faulty genes from humanity and in no way similar to programs with the same aim carried out in Nazi Germany, we challenge them to be honest and admit what they propose is Eugenics, a morally repugnant quest to create a master race. And all three main political parties support it.

Transhumanism and Eugenics
We have said many times that the science community is at war with humanity. Scientists are out of control, evry day we hear of some new scheme to try to control nature, be it human nature or the climate. Given what we ought to have learned from all previous attempts to control nature we can only conclude that scientists are insane psychos willing to risk destroying life to show off how clever they are.
Transhumanism: Join The Resistance
Transhumanism, the creation of - or turning us into - part human, part machine cyborgs is generating a lot of discussion and a lot of spontaneous ejaculations in the scientific community as they contemplate having their brains replaced by a computer. There are no limits on the ambitions of scientists fantasies, they even envisage creating robots that can interbreed with us, but how much is realistic?
Transhumanism: They will get under your skin
We seem to be talking a lot about transhumanism, the process of turing us into human - animal or human -machine hybrids recently. The Daily Stirer thinks such technological visions are nothing more than the fantasies of sick minds, but politicians and corporate leaders, ever eager for more power and control, seem willing to stump up infintie funding. Technology and Transhumanism
Prof Mark Post, a researcher at the University of Maastricht, has spent several years developing a technique for growing meat in the lab. Yesterday, he unveiled the product of his work: a petri-dish beefburger, grown from stem cells. Genetically, it is beef, but it has never seen a cow. The eye-watering price tag represents the cost of the whole project (Google’s Sergey Brin was picking up the bill). The shamburger was cooked via a live video stream on the internet, and was pronounced as basically meat-like (if lacking salt and fat) by a panel of chefs, who for some reason ate it without ketchup.

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Kill Human Society?
The media, the so called 'experts' and politicians hail every technological advance as if it will btransport us from reality to a utopian paradise. but does Artificial Intelligence and related internet and computer technology pose theats to human society that far outweigh any possible advantages? Whateve, Google plan to put machines in our place on top of the food chain.

Is Technology Creating Physical and Psychological Hazards In The Digital Age?
Scientific research used to be the area of work that trailblazers, those with an unquenchable desire for new experience and a hyperactive sense of adventure wanted to be involved in. Now those who label themselves 'scientists' seem to have become the high priests of an ultra - conservative religion, determined at all costs to block progess that may lead to understanding that the dogmas of the past are just wrong

The Mummers: The Controlling system And The Illusion Of Freedom
We live in a world of deception, where truth is an ephemeral thing, slippery as an eel and shadowy as a spectre. What we are expercted to perceive as reality is just spin and misinformation designed to ensure the elite maintain their control. There's eff all you can do just get on with your life, say the shills for big government and authoritarianism. But are we really nothing more than slaves of the system?

How many Parents?
A Computer With Human Abilities
Will your brain interface with a computer
Transhumanism in Google's ambitions
Science and technology
Transhumanism index

February 16

Italians Horrified As Immigrants Barbecue Dog At Welcome Center

by Arthur Foxake, 16 February, 2016

Left - wing Italian animal rights activists are finding themselves somewhat conflicted over a news story from a refugee centre that broke this week. White left wing dogma prohibits criticism of immigrant or any people of the dark skinned races, news of a man's attempts to barbecue a dog at an immigrant welcome center in southern Italy have shocked Italian animal lovers, while spokespeople for migrants insist the practice is normal where they come from.

Members of the Carabinieri, an Italian para - military police force, intervened after receiving an alarm call from an employee of the center who had witnessed a 29-year-old Nigerian man preparing a barbecue feat in which the butchered dog was the main course at the center in Vibo Valentia, in the Italian region of Calabria.

The man had succeeded in skinning and chopping up the canine and was in the process of grilling it for himself and some friends when he was stopped by armed police officers. The young woman who called the police is also a volunteer at a pro-animal organization in the area.

Explaining to police that such a practice is “normal where we come from,” the migrant insisted that he didn’t kill the dog but had found it dead by the side of the road and had decided to grill it (which makes the act even more disgusting.) He also pleaded ignorance of Italian laws forbidding eating cats and dogs. Police transferred the migrant to a different welcome center, located in the former Hotel Miragolfo in the nearby town of Nicotera.

Among countries of origin, Nigeria accounts for the largest single group of migrants entering Italy at present, with nearly twice as many (15.7 percent) Nigerians entering Italy during 2017 as those from Guinea, the second largest immigrant group by country of provenance (8.4 percent). Note, there are hardly any genuine refugees fleeing conflict zones in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq among the arrivals so we should drop the pretence that these savages are refugees.

Nigeria has been the focus of much local media attention in recent weeks, with reports of growth of a "ruthless" Nigerian mafia on Italian soil, and the brutal murder and dismemberment of an 18-year-old Italian girl, Pamela Mastropietro, allegedly at the hands of three Nigerian migrants.

Mastropietro’s dismembered corpse was discovered earlier this month in two suitcases outside the central Italian town of Macerata, but was missing her neck, heart and genitals. I suppose we should be grateful they didn't try to eat her too.

Africa index
Immigration composite

Vice News Celebrates 'No Whites' Vacation Program (Because Racism is Bad, OK)

The virtue signalling of these American 'liberals' just gets crazier and more hypocriticall all the time.

To paraphrase Malcolm X, the white liberal differs from the fascist only in one respect: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative and more hypocritical than the fascist. Both want absolute power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the friend and benefactor of minorities, and this winning their allegiance, and support, the white liberal is able to use minorities as a pawn or tool in this political agenda.

Belgian court orders Facebook to stop collecting data on citizens, threatens fines of up to $125mn

Facebook is in trouble again with a European regulator for ignoring local laws. A court in Belgium has imposed an order preventing Facebook from continuing to collect data about the country's citizens, and compelling them to delete information already in their posession. The order threatens to fine the cybersnooper network €250,000 a day if it fails to comply.

In the ruling, the court deemed that Facebook does not properly inform users of what information it is collecting from them. "Facebook informs us insufficiently about gathering information about us, the kind of data it collects, what it does with that data and how long it stores it," the court said, determining the social network had broken privacy laws. "It also does not gain our consent to collect and store all this information." The court also censured Facebook's use of various covert methods of tracking the online behavior of people who when they are not logged in, or even if they aren’t members of the website, by placing cookies and invisible pixels on third-party sites.

If Facebook fails to comply with the court’s judgment, it will be fined €250,000 (US$311,232) per day, with a cap of €100 million.

The case came after the Privacy Commission watchdog filed a case against Facebook in June 2015. At the time, the social network said it was confident there was no merit in the case, calling the watchdog’s decision to take it to court “theatrical.” Facebook previously said it was only subject to laws in Ireland, the site of its European headquarters. It also described cookies as being industry standard, stressing that internet users had the option to opt out.

The Friday ruling comes after Spain’s data protection watchdog fined Facebook €1.2mn in September, also saying the social network breached laws designed to protect people’s information and confidentiality. In December 2016, the European Union fined Facebook €110 million after finding it guilty of providing misleading information before winning approval to buy the messaging app WhatsApp in 2014.

Netherlands' Lies Over Putin’s ‘Aggression’ Expose NATO War Agenda

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who can do without any geopolitical dramas because he leads a fragile coalition government, this week faced a vote of no confidence in the national parliament after his foreign minister finally came clean over a dangerous lie he has been telling for two years concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

FM Halbe Zijlstra quit in shame on Monday after admitting his claim about personally hearing Putin plotting to create a "greater Russia" was untrue. Rutte, who has suuported Zijlstra's claims and been one of the most belligerent European leaders against Russia faced the "no confidence" motion from parliamentarians. In the end, Rutte narrowly survived the vote. If a majority had voted against his leadership, his coalition government would have collapsed.

But the damage done to the Dutch government's credibility will not be easily repaired, and Rutte’s survival as premier may in fact bakfire on his country's standing internationally. What has been exposed this week is a senior member of his government irresponsiblt telling bare-faced lies in an attempt to slander Russia, poison international relations, and ratchet up already dangerous geopolitical tensions.

Zijlstra had claimed two years ago, in 2016, that he had personally witnessed Russian leader Vladimir Putin boasting about how he was creating a "greater Russia" which, the Dutch Foreign Minister claimed, would incorporate Ukraine, the Baltic states, Belarus and Kazakhstan. He claimed to have heard Putin making the remarks while present with others at the Russian leader’s dacha (summer house) back in 2006.

This week, Zijlstra finally admitted before parliament that he hadn’t in fact been present at the alleged gathering, which the Russsian government said all along was the case. He still maintains, somewhat ridiculously, that a confidant who was among those present at Putin’s dacha informed him of the alleged greater Russia plan. But how can we now trust the word of a self-confessed liar?

Zijlstra’s boss, Prime Minister Rutte, also sought to downplay the debacle, claiming that his foreign minister had made a big mistake – but that “lying was not a deadly sin”. If the lie leads to nuclear conflict however, a few people may dispute that (the rest of course will be dead.)

Rutte, a smug shite at the best of times, is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he can get away with such complacency again. His government has been caught telling a lie whose ramifications concern issues of war and peace in Europe, it will not easily be trusted.

Since the US and European-backed illegal coup in Ukraine in early 2014, geopolitical reality has been turned upside-down. American and European corporate media have peddled relentless anti-Russia propaganda accusing Moscow of aggression and expansionism in Europe.

This torrent of Russophobia spewed out by Washington, the Pentagon, NATO and the European Union has created the worst crisis in relations with Russia since the Cold War ended nearly three decades ago. There are real fears that the mounting crisis could escalate into an all-out war involving nuclear powers.


Turkey, EU Exploit Syrian Refugee Crisis: Create New ‘Slave Trade’
So how is that deal between the EU and Turkey to control the flow of illegal immigrants into europe playing out. Well as expected Tutkeys gangster president is doing little to slow the tide, but like all blackmailers is making more demands. And the EU look like giving in; well what do the bureaucrats care, it's only taxpayers money.

Patriotic Parties Rights Violated in European Parliament The democratic rights of patriotic parties in the EU parliament are constantly violated, Belgian MEP Frank Creyelman said on Friday. "It is very difficult for patriotic parties to work in the EU parliament as their democratic rights are violated constantly," Creyelman from the Vlaams Belang party said. Total Opacity Of 'The Most Transparent Administration Ever'
The US Freedom of Information Act, like its British equivalent, requires a response within 20 business days, but government departments easily sidestep that deadline by replying with a non committal acknowledgement.It's what bureaucrats do; when dealing with government departments in my role as a business consultant I would lay out my problem, followed by my suggested solution and conclude by saying if I had not received their reply within seven working days I would assumed they agreed with what I was proposing and go ahead ...

Soros Encourages Obama Administration To Further Interference In Ukraine While western leaders continue to pose as the guys with white hats in the confrontations with Russia and China, hacker collective CyberBerkut has leaked some hacked documents which show Russia is not behind the escalation of provocation, but the guys in black hats who really run western governments, led by George Soros.

US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government. By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government's policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

Teacher Forced To Resign For 'Sharing' Material Critical Of Obama And His Beloved Muslim Terrorists
The supporters of the wannabe King of the American Empire like to describe themselves as 'liberal', 'progressive', and left wing. If they were really any of those things they would not be as fanatically committed to the idea of suppressing free speech as they are.

Libya, Syria, Yemen: Sectarian conflict threatens entire Middle East
Another failure of US foreign policy leads to threat of war as a coalition of 10 Sunni Arab states launches a military offensive against Shiite Houthi militants in Yemen, recently proclaimed by America’s president as a brilliant example of war on terror, but now catapulting the Middle East into the inferno of battle.

US Becoming Isolated As Key Ally Japan Considers Joining China-Led Investment Bank
Japan's foreign minister signaled cautious approval of the institution that the United States has warned against. The opposition to the AIIB began crumbling after Britain said earlier this month that it would join the institution, saying it was in its national interest. France, Germany and Italy swiftly followed suit.

The World Rejects USA Attempt To Manipulate Venezuela
Last week, President Obama signed an executive order declaring a “special state of emergency,” saying that the situation in Venezuela represents an extraordinary danger to U.S. interests and foreign policy.It is all total bollocks of course, for resons that are not entirely clear, Washington has decided that Venezuela will be the next nation to be destabilised in pursuit of the U.S. global hegemony agenda.

Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'
We have learned via Reuters news feed that Venezuela’s National Assembly on Sunday (15 March) voted Sunday to grant President Nicholas Maduro powers to rule by decree in defense and security affairs amid an escalating confrontation with the US Government in Washington. The special powers were approved by a show of hands in the assembly after two hours of debate ...

Venezuelan Social Movements Take to the Streets to Oppose U.S. Aggression
And now, with the security situation more dangerous that any time in the past fifty years, the peacemaker and joybringer, Barack Hussein Obama, The Obamessiah, is looking to start yet another civil war and plunge another nation into failed statehood. This time, as we reported a few days ago, his target is Venezuela

Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
The Obama Administration, which in 2009 provided backing for the coup that overthrew the progressive democratic President of Honduras and put into power a junta of oligarchs; a rerun as it turned out for the bloody coup that replaced the corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, ad installed in Kiev a rabidly anti-Russian, equally corrupt, right wing extremist Government ...

Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
The Obama Administration, which in 2009 provided backing for the coup that overthrew the progressive democratic President of Honduras and put into power a junta of oligarchs; a rerun as it turned out for the bloody coup that replaced the corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, ad installed in Kiev a rabidly anti-Russian, equally corrupt, right wing extremist Government ...

Germany Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance On Ukraine
As the US pro war rhetoric pumps up the tensions between Russia, its allies and the west in Ukrain we revisit once more the truth about which world power has been relentlessly pushing for war since 2009. It isn't Russia or China, though they are not likely to back down.

OSCE saw no military hardware, weaponry crossing from Russia to Ukraine – mission head
One American attempt to raise worldwide support for military intervention in Ukraine was an allegation that US spy satellites had photographed Russian military convoys heading across the border into territory held by Ukrainian separatist rebels.
When challenged to provide proof the US government showed us some pictures so fuzzy and indistinct

Soros Encourages Obama Administration To Further Interference In Ukraine While western leaders continue to pose as the guys with white hats in the confrontations with Russia and China, hacker collective CyberBerkut has leaked some hacked documents which show Russia is not behind the escalation of provocation, but the guys in black hats who really run western governments, led by George Soros.

Russia, Ukraine and the Petrodollar

US Becoming Isolated As Key Ally Japan Considers Joining China-Led Investment Bank
Japan's foreign minister signaled cautious approval of the institution that the United States has warned against. The opposition to the AIIB began crumbling after Britain said earlier this month that it would join the institution, saying it was in its national interest. France, Germany and Italy swiftly followed suit.

De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Washington "Allies" Follow Australia To China-Led Bank
For many years the dollar has been the currency in which the world's nations settled cross-border transactions and the so called petrodollar became the only currency in which oil could be traded. In recent years however, as other nations, particularly the BRICS group, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the leading nations outside the dominant US / European group, have been making moves to end the domination of the US dollar.

Germany Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance On Ukraine
As the US pro war rhetoric pumps up the tensions between Russia, its allies and the west in Ukrain we revisit once more the truth about which world power has been relentlessly pushing for war since 2009. It isn't Russia or China, though they are not likely to back down.

De-Dollarization Accelerates: Russia Launches SWIFT-Alternative Linking 91 Entities

Among the information revealed in The Great Leaks of 2013 were the documents that exposed the extent to which NSA and GCHQ had been secretly 'monitoring' the SWIFT payments system and recording details of cash flowing between nations and organisations. It appears the revelation was the last straws for Russia, China, and other sovereign nations ...

Money From Rock Better Than Money From Air
Strange things are happening in the finance markets, very strange. As the FT and Dow Jones main indexes go up and down faster than a whores knickers, commodity prices are behaving weirdly too.

February 15

Turkey, Russia, and Iran Meet For Summit On US Meddling In Syria

The leaders of Turkey, Iran, and Russia have agreed to hold a summit in Istanbul in the near future on the topic of Syria. Looming large over this is US relations. The three middle eastern regional powers have met in the past on trying to get a peace process going in Syria, but have been thwarted by western involvement in supporting groups trying to topple the Assad regime. Currently big issue occupying their minds is increasing hostility from the US.

Turkey’s invasion of northern Syrian Kurdish territory has them facing potential conflict with US troops embedded in Manbij. The Pentagon has made clear their presence in Syria is at least in part intended now to fight Iran, and over the past week, US forces killed scores of Russians in the east accoring to stories rejected by Russia as fake news..

These three nations have never seen eye-to-eye on Syria, but increasing hostility with the US, following Washington's announcement of plans for a permanent military presence in Syria risks being a major unifier for them, with countering the US / Saudi Arabian agenda in Syria likely a top priority. There has already been a shift in this direction, with reports claiming Russia has endorsed Turkey’s invasion of Afrin, and Russia has pressured Israel to halt attacks on Iranian positions in southern Syria.

Dutch Foreign Minister Admits To Lying About Putin / Russia

Every tyranny needs a scary monster in the form of a singular menacing villain, a Dr. Evil, to keep the people from rebelling against the scary, oppressive regime that rules them. This manufactured enemy also serves to justify massive military expenditures, the usurpation of democracy and centralisation of authoritarian powers, and endless wars. For the west, following World War 2, Moscow filled this role, reds under the beds, the evil empire. But the fall of Soviet Union in 1991 meant the Kremlin could no longer sustain sufficient fear levels. For years in the 1970s and 80s the risible spectacle of a half dead Leonid Breznev, pumped full of booster drugs and propped up by two burly guards, waving mechanically to the May Day crowds in Red Square had been presented as an existential threat to the liberal democracies. Then suddenly they bogey bear was gone. For a decade things looked to be going well then 9/11 threw up a new monster, Islamic fundamentalists: Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, ISIS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and "jihadism" generally kept fear alive and with it many of the control mechanisms "the deep state" relied on to maintain control. After 9/11, a series of unsuccessful middle eastern engagements did nothing to enhance the myth of western military subremancy. The FUKUS axis (France, UK, USA, failed to bet a rag tag bunch of ragheads armed with WW2 rifles and improvised bombs in Afghanistan, blanket bombing drove the resistance underground in Iraq and all over the middle east the tarnished reputation of the USA was driving small nations into the arms of Russia and Iran. Barack Obama spent eight years (including up through his final year-end news conference) mocking the notion that Russia posed a serious threat to the U.S. given their size and capabilities, and meddling provocatively in the affairs of states which bordered on Russia. Obama's talk of American exceptionalism really meant Obama exceptionalism, he really did think he was President Of The Entire Universe and everything else besides, in fact he probably thought he was doing the people of Libya, Africa's most prosperous and socially advanced nation, a favour when he ordered the bombing campaign that ousted the dictator Mummar Gadaffi and subsequently turned the propsperous state into a failed state. Somehow Obama next managed to forment rebellion in the middle easts other secular Muslim nation, Syria, where a US inspired civil war was pinned by mainstream media on Russian intervention. ********************** Human nature craves a belief in an existential foreign threat because it confers a sense of purpose and cause, strengthens tribal unity and identity, permits scapegoating, shifts blame for maladies from internal to external causes, and (like religion) offers a simplifying theory for understanding a complex world. One of the prime accusations sustaining this script is that the Kremlin is drowning the West in “fake news” and other forms of propaganda. One can debate its impact and magnitude, but disinformation campaigns are something the U.S., Russia, and countless other nations have done to one another for centuries, and there is convincing evidence that Russia does this sort of thing now. But evidence of one threat does not mean that all claimed threats are real, nor does it mean that that tactic is exclusively wielded by one side. Over the past year, there have been numerous claims made by Western intelligence agencies, mindlessly accepted as true in the Western press, that have turned out to be baseless, if not deliberate scams. Just today, it was revealed that Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra lied when he claimed he was at a meeting with Putin, in which the Russian president “said he considered Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic states as part of a ‘Greater Russia.'”

February 14

Number of Illegal Migrants Crossing Sea to Italy DOUBLES in One Month

With crucial government elections just over a month away,the EU Border Agency (Frontex) has revealed the number of illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean to enter Italy illegally has doubled in the space of a month.

"The number of migrants arriving in Italy via the Central Mediterranean route in January rose to more than 4,800, double the figure from the previous month, when smuggling activities were affected by fighting in Libya near the embarcation points favoured by the organized crime networks that control people smuggling rackets. This increase has come in a season when it might be expected poor weather would slow the flow," the agency reported.

"According to preliminary data, Eritreans were the largest group of migrants detected on this route, followed by nationals of Pakistan and Tunisia," the report added.

A response from the Italian interior ministry claimed that the number of illegal migrants is down overall but appeared to agree with the last point, with ANSA reporting the number of Eritrean arrivals at 1,312, followed by Tunisians at 763, Pakistanis at 279, and Nigerians at 252.

Mass migration has been responsible a rapid collapse in support for the EU among Italy’s younger voters in recent years, with a 2017 report noting the number of resident foreigners has exploded by 270 per cent since 2002.

Opinion polls ahead of the elections suggest Italians are unhappy with the changes in society mass immigration has broyght about, particularly in the cities, with the younger generation the most sceptical about the new, multicultural Italy. A huge 65 per cent of under-35s said they had a negative view of immigration in a recent survey, and polling shows the Italian public’s faith in the supranational European Union, which does much to encourage open borders, is collapsing. The outcome of the election could see an anti - EU coalition take power and fulfill pledges to hold an in / out referendum similar to Brexit.

After becoming the new front line for Europe's migrant crisis, Italy stopped short of adopting the tough love policy on boat migrants of Australia, which brought seaborne people-smuggling (and drownings) to an end by insisting that illegal migrants would all be turned around or processed offshore and housed in safe countries nearer to home if found to be legitimate refugees.

EU Mediterranean Crisis
EU refugee quotas
Euroipe immigration burden
Italian referendum soon?

Algorithms Are No Better At Telling The Future Than Tarot Cards Or A Crystal Ball

According to a new report "An increasing number of businesses are investing in advanced technologies that can help them forecast the future of their workforce and gain a competitive advantage". It's true, almost every day we see more and more bollocks being written by supposedly intelligent people who believe that by using something called 'Big Data' machines can already be relied on to make better decisions than humans, and that soon computers will equal or even surpass us in intelligence.

Such people are to be pitied rather than despised, obsessed with 'science' they are simply not intelligent enough to distinguish factual information from the far fetched fantasies of science fiction writers. Having already put a very successful career in Information Technology behind me (I had to retire early due to health problems,) I have always maintained that machines will only be capable of behaving intelligently if we radically redefine what we mean by 'intelligence'.

Personally I am quite sure there is a little more to our thought processes than the ability to parse vast amounts of data extremely quickly and filter / match certain keywords. Language is how we communicate not only information but ideas, emotions and stories. And machines have no ability to infer meanings from words. You can feed a million words into a computer, along with definitions. And when you enter that word and ask for a definition, a simple program will display the answer almost instantly, without the machine having the slightest idea what any of it means.

Many analysts and business consultants however continue to believe that, with enough data, algorithms embedded in currently fashionable People Analytics (PA) applications can predict all aspects of employee behavior: from productivity, to engagement, to interactions and emotional states. Predictive analytics powered by algorithms are designed to help managers make decisions that favourably impact the bottom line. The global market for this technology is expected to grow from US$3.9 billion in 2016 to US$14.9 billion by 2023.

Despite all the usual promises and all the geek mythology, predictive algorithms are as mystical as the oracles and auguries of the ancient world. One of the fatal flaws of predictive algorithms, the one that has made such nonsense of the predictions of climate change soothsayers, is their reliance on "inductive reasoning". This is when we draw conclusions based on our knowledge of a small sample, and assume that those conclusions apply across the board. It is the methodology that predicted the Remain campaign would win Britain's EU referendum and that Hillary Clinton would anihilate Trump in the US Presidential election.

Where inductive reasoning falls down is it 'thinks' like a machine. To put it in human terms, a manager might observe that all employees with an MBA are highly motivated. According to inductive reasoning it therefore follows that all workers with an MBA are highly motivated. The conclusion is flawed because it assumes a consistent pattern where there are many unpredictable factors in play.

Experience to date informs us the pattern exists, so there can be no reason to suspect it will be broken. In other words, inductive reasoning can only be inductively justified: it works because it has worked before. Therefore, there is no logical reason to consider that the next person our company hires who has an MBA degree will not be highly motivated. That is how machines think. A human manager, in looking for a highly motivated candidate to fill a position would not make assumptions based on the kind of qualification candidates hold, but would frame certain questions in the interview to explore that aspect of a candidate's suitability.

And until machines can handle unpredictability we should stop indulging fantasists by talking about Artificial Intelligence and refer more realistically to data processing.

READ MORE on how People Alaytics is used in advertising >>>

Could 'DNA editing' lead to designer babies? Designer babies, human / animal hybrids, these things have been in wet dream territory for scientists for a long time. But now due to techniques such as DNA editing, they are getting worryingly close to reality. And as has been demonstrated many times, scientists have zero uderstanding of where the ethical boundaries lie.

IBM Lays Billion Dollar Bet On Artificial Intelligence System Called Watson: They'll Lose
This publication has always been sceptical of the claims made by computer scientists that'the thinking computer is just around the corner'. The fact is pointy heads have been saying arificual intelligence would be with us in two or three years for the past forty years. And the old computer professional who owns the site says we are no nearer than when he wrote his fisrt program.

Nothing Good Has Come Of The InternetWhen a technophobe denounces the internet as anti - social, anti jobs, a force for dumbing down or a waste of time it can easily be dismissed but when the CEO of a major technology company like Sony saays nothing good has ever come of the internet we should perhaps listen..

The Robotification Of Human Society Is being Implemented
Are you ready to surrender your humanity to science, accept having computer chips implanted in your skull that will link your brain to the internet (via a Google server) and let your life be controlled by machines? That's what The Controllers are planning for you ...

Internet Access As A Human Right?A survey carried out by the BBC found a majority of people around the world believe internet access should be a basic human right. We suspect a bit of statistical rigging because the majority of people in the world live below the poverty line and probably have more urgent priorities than surfing the net.

Is The Internet Making Us All Stupid.The more gullible and wide eyed among academics like to burble ecstatically about how the internet has ushered in a new age of creativity. We have to wonder just how much time these self styled experts have spent surfing scial networking sites
Web Induced DementiaIn most civilised societies there are laws governing what outrageous claims advertisers can make for their products. This does not apply on the web it seems, where 'revolutionary new world changing technology' means 'not fit for purpose'

Computer Cops Will Arrest You Before You Commit A Crime
Innocent until proved guilty has always been a basic principle of British and before the Union, English and Scottish justice. Since late in the ninth century when King Alfred signed into law the Liber Judicialis, the presumption of innocence has stood.Thinking of committing a crime was not punishable, only in George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984" has Thought Crime ever been a punishable offence. Until now ...

Is Technology Creating Physical and Psychological Hazards In The Digital Age?
Scientific research used to be the area of work that trailblazers, those with an unquenchable desire for new experience and a hyperactive sense of adventure wanted to be involved in. Now those who label themselves 'scientists' seem to have become the high priests of an ultra - conservative religion, determined at all costs to block progess that may lead to understanding that the dogmas of the past are just wrong

The Mummers: The Controlling system And The Illusion Of Freedom
We live in a world of deception, where truth is an ephemeral thing, slippery as an eel and shadowy as a spectre. What we are expercted to perceive as reality is just spin and misinformation designed to ensure the elite maintain their control. There's eff all you can do just get on with your life, say the shills for big government and authoritarianism. But are we really nothing more than slaves of the system?

Google's Brave New World Of Artificial Intelligence - And The Destruction Humanity
Almost every day we hear scientists burbling about artificial intelligence and how very soon machines will be smarter than humans. As scientists are nowhere near as smart as humans its hard to see how science can build something smarter. The problem is of course we don't understand what contsitutes intelligence - those who think academic qualifications are the only indicator are retards. So where will this madness to replace us with machines end?

Transhumanism - What The Elite And Their Science Whores Have Planned For You
Transhumanism, the creation of - or turning us into - part human, part machine cyborgs is generating a lot of discussion and a lot of spontaneous ejaculations in the scientific community as they contemplate having their brains replaced by a computer. There are no limits on the ambitions of scientists fantasies, they even envisage creating robots that can interbreed with us, but how much is realistic?

Don't be Evil, Google Will Do It For You
Google have abandoned their "Don't Be Evil motto. Good thing really, they are becoming more evil every day. The latest plans to integrate our brains with their servers may seem like a science fiction freaks wet dream, but these creepy nerds are serious ...

Google wants to change the way you see the world
News Used To Be Important - Now It's Just EntertainmentPeople talk about technology, mainly television, cellulat telephones and the internet having given us an unprecedented ability to communicate. But have they? OK, we can trade meaningless messages with strangers on the other side of the world, we can join the cacophony of social netwoks where everybody yells at once and nobody listens, or we can sit in isolation, shouting inmto the void. But none of those are communicating. Technology has actually inhibited communication. ...
Google Evil Empire In New Privacy ViolationOnce again the neo-Nazi nerds at Google are in trouble for playing fast and loose with our privacy. Google have bypassed browser privacy setting to track our movements on the web, the bettrer to target us with ads for poxy shite no sane person would buy. What is it these arseholes find difficult to understand about the idea that in the real world or cyberspace same rules apply ...
Google Has Comptely Forgotten 'Don't Be Evil' As The World Domination Agend Gathers PaceAt last Google has been caught stealing information from a business rival rather than private induviduals. Will people now wise up to these scumsucking pirates of the internet search engine world.
Science Brings Doomsday Closer - scientists announced we are nearer to a global catastrophe than we were a year ago
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World Watches as All-Out War Between Israel and Iran Inches Closer

Following last week's shooting down of an israeli warplance over Syria by unknown agents, over last weekend, the Israelis used the tired old threat from Iran as a pretext to launch a barrage of airstrikes on targets in Syria. According to Israeli media, an Iranian drone launched from within Syria flew deep into Israeli airspace, which gave Israel an excuse to not only down the drone, but to also target the base the drone was allegedly launched from in Syria.

In turn, Syria activated its Russian supplied air defenses, which saw Israel lose one of its fighter jets (sic) soon after. Not satisfied with this result, Israel launched more retaliatory strikes against Syria’s air defenses, including targets allegedly staffed with Iranian military personnel as opposed to mere proxy forces. Israel claimed, somewhat outrageously, that it successfully destroyed half of Syria’s air defenses. Because this is allegedly the first time Israel has struck Iranian targets as opposed to the Arab militia groups that are Iran's proxies on the ground in Syria, the developments undoubtedly represent an escalation.

"We are seeing a renegotiation of the rules of the game with regard to the kind of military activity that each side tolerates in the other," said Ofer Zalzberg, the senior analyst for Israel/Palestine at the International Crisis Group. "We will see more and more friction between the parties, given that we are seeing more and more this sense that Assad has the upper hand [against Syrian rebels]", he added.

Tehran has always denied it launched the drone in the first place (they would say that, wouldn't they,) stating its forces are in Syria in an advise-and-assist capacity only, but mainstream media in the west has taken Israel’s claim at face value. Maybe a drone did enter Israeli airspace, but the implication that Iran launched it still requires further proof given the drone almost certainly came from within Syria, which has a government and military of its own. Further, a pertinent question worth examining is why Iran would launch a drone into Israeli territory in the first place. On the other hand Israel, having sat out Obama's war to oust the Assad regime, is seething because the result of that kerfuffle was not the one it wanted.

February 13

US Strikes Kill Russian Fighters In Syria

the daily stirrer
Russian mercenaries in Syria (source)

On the back of a bombshell report of the deaths of Russian soldiers fighting for President Assad's forces in Syria that came through last night while this news site's contributors were sleeping, this morning Bloomberg claims an exclusive story, according to which the Russian body count is far greater than had been disclosed: U.S. forces reportedly killed "scores" of Russian contract soldiers in Syria last week "in what may be the deadliest clash between citizens of the former foes since the Cold War", Bloomberg reported.

According to unnamed US and Russian sources quoted by Bloomberg, "more than 200 mercenaries, mostly Russians fighting on behalf of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, died in a failed attack on a base and refinery held by U.S. and U.S.-backed forces in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region"

The U.S. official estimated the death toll for Russians fighting on the ground in Syria at about 100, with 200 to 300 injured.

This development may not be as dangerous as it first seems: the Russian involvement in this engagement was not officially ordered, these are mercenaries not personnel serving in the Russian military, and the assault "may have been a rogue operation, underscoring the complexity of a conflict that started as a domestic crackdown only to morph into a proxy war involving Islamic extremists, stateless Kurds and regional powers Iran, Turkey and now Israel."

For these reasons Russia’s military not only did not lodge an official protest or demand an explanation from the US for the deaths, but said it had nothing to do with the attack. The U.S. military accepted that claim. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has called the whole thing “perplexing,” but gave no further details.

“Coalition officials were in regular communication with Russian counterparts before, during and after the thwarted, unprovoked attack,” U.S. Colonel Thomas F. Veale, a military spokesman, said in a statement. “Russian officials assured coalition officials they would not engage coalition forces in the vicinity.”

The deadly fight took place about 8 kilometers (5 miles) east of the Euphrates de-confliction zone on Feb. 7, when opposing forces opened fire and in a "battle formation supported by artillery, tanks, multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars," Veale said. No fatalities were reported on the coalition side and "enemy vehicles and personnel who turned around and headed back west were not targeted."

Shortly after the attack, al-Masdar reported that the pro-government "ISIS Hunters" released an official statement on Sunday condemning the US Coalition’s airstrikes that killed several members of the Syrian Armed Forces on February 7th.

The ISIS Hunters specifically condemned both the US Coalition and the Kurdish forces that are currently in control of the majority of the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. Echoing the sentiment, the government in Damascus called the U.S. action “barbaric aggression” and a “war crime.”

In troubling news for Putin, however, the death toll from the skirmish, already about five times more than Russia’s official losses since it entered the war in 2015, is still rising, according to a mercenary commander who anonymously that dozens of wounded men are being treated at military hospitals in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Syria - Turkey war
It has been coming a long time but it seems Syria and Turkey are on the brink of full scale war. The Daily Stirrer did warn the Arab spring would end in regional war when Obama first stirred up the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti western elements of Islam

EU punishes Turkey For Repairing Relations With NATO Public Enemy No1 Russia
Leaving aside the current spat between The Netherlands and Turkey which is a different thing altogether, The EU’s diplomatic service is currently trying to punish Turkey for seeking better relations with Russia, after their supporting different sides in the Syria conflict brought the two nations close to war. It is true that NATO member Turkey has recently shown less commitment to the West, but there are probably good reasons for this ...

Iran's Ayatollahs save SyriaPutin and Now That Russia's Putin and Iran's Ayatollahs Have Neutralised ISIS in Syria the focus of terror shifts to Turkey, the NATO members that, with the fuill knowledge of the USA ans European powers has been helping ISIS in its bid to overthrow the Assad regime.

The Final Curtain For Hillary's Presidential Dream
The Obama Administration helped ignite the civil war in Syria as “the best way to help Israel,” a newly-released Hillary Clinton email published by Wikileaks has confirmed. Silly Hilly, then Secretary Of State wrote: "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad."

NATO Warships in the seas Odysseus Sailed Spell Trouble For EU
In an apparent effort to reduce the flow of migrants making their way from Turkey to Greece across the Aegean Sea, and because of the mistrust between the nations on either side of that body of water, pressure has been put on NATO (of which both Greece and Turkey are members)by the EU to deploy ships to the Aegean Sea ...

Guess Which Political Grouping Wants To Legalise Incest and Necrophilia?
Has the headline sunk in. Yes it says there are people out there who want to legalise incest (brother /sister or parent / child sex) and necrophila (sex with dead people). Puzzled about who would want to legalise such repugnant things? I'll give you a clue, they aren't conservatives, libertarians or nationalists.

EU HoldsBack New Regulation For Fear Of Strengthening Brexit Case
The unelected leaders of the EU in Brussels are smothering discussion of new pan – European laws that would impact the United Kingdom and all other member states, increasing the amount of money they have to contribute to the EU budget and transferring yet more sovereignty to Brussels ...

Road To World War III: Turkey Shells Syria For Second Day As Saudi Warplanes Arrive
The geopolitical world was rocked yesterday when Turkey began shelling Syria’s second largest city, Aleppo, where the Syrian opposition has its back against the wall in the face of an aggressive advance by the forces of President Assad’s government and the Iranian Republican Guard supported, of course, by Russian airstrikes.

Crazy Obama Administration Claims It Brought Peace And Security To Syria In 2015 As fighting intensifies between ISIS, The Assad regime and its Russian, Iranian and Chinese allies and the FUKUS axis (France, UK, US) with support from Turkey as that rogue state wages a genocial campaign against the Kurds, the increasingly insane warmongers of the Obama administration is telling US voters they have brought peace and security to Syria Fortunately for Americans with enough nous to question the official narrative, new media is getting the truth out to ever increasing audiences.

Is The World Turning Against The New World Order Elitists
2015 looked like being a good year for the 'New World Order', the year the banksters and international psychopaths succeeded in provoking a global conflict as the final step to the establishment of a global government. Thanks largely to Vladimir Putin, and in a small part to the incessant questioning by new media we know know which NATO country has been acting as middle man for the powers that sponsor regime change, where the money that keeps the ISIS show on the road is coming from, and who our real enemies are ...

ISIS Oil traffic ISIS Oil millionaires Turkey supplying arms to ISIS ISIS a US creation NWO fails to annexe Ukraine Regime change an NWO speciality ISIS in Syria Syria, Turkey proxies for USA war with Russia Evidence of ISIS links with Turkey Latest Posts

UK Will Have Global Influence, Lots of Trade Deals After Brexit - Oil Boss

The United Kingdom will continue to exert a major influence on world affairs and many of countries will want to seek bilateral trade agreements with the British government after Brexit, according to BP boss Bob Dudley.

"There are a lot of countries around the world that would like trade deals with Britain bilaterally down the road, I hear that a lot," the American chief executive told The Times.

Dudley, 62, dismissed suggestions that the nation’s status would be reduced after she left the European Union (EU), telling the newspaper of record: "I don’t think British influence is diminished. BP works all over the world and I see the importance of Britain in what we do and how they view BP."

The senior figure in British business also said that Brexit would have a “very minor” impact on BP, the world’s sixth largest oil and gas company headquartered in London which last week reported profits of $2.8 (£2.02) billion across 72 countries.

Few among the people campaigning to stop Brexit understand the extent to which EU bureaucracy obstructs EU member states from trading with non - EU partners on mutualy beneficial terms.

Brexit: Britain quits EU omnibus page
Europe unglues

Russophobia a futile bid to conceal US, European demise

Some people would try to claim we should not draw attention to this as it's in Russia Today and "everyone knows Russia Today" is just a Kremlin propaganda sheet (which goes some way to explaining why this site does not provide comment threads.). Well we would not be stupid enough to believe all we read in RT, just as we do not believe all we read in The Times or The Guardian, the New York Times or the Washington Post. But when something makes sense we will offer it to our readers.

It is an age-old statecraft technique to seek unity within a state by depicting an external enemy or threat. Russia is the bête noire again, as it was during the Cold War years as part of the Soviet Union.

But the truth is Western states are challenged by internal problems.

Ironically, by denying their own internal democratic challenges, Western authorities are only hastening their institutional demise.

Russophobia — “blame it all on Russia” — is a short-term, futile ploy to stave off the day of reckoning when furious and informed Western citizens will demand democratic restitution for their legitimate grievances.

The dominant “official” narrative, from the US to Europe, is that “malicious” Russia is “sowing division;”“eroding democratic institutions;” and “undermining public trust” in systems of governance, credibility of established political parties, and the news media.

This narrative has shifted up a gear since the election of Donald Trump to the White House in 2016, with accusations that the Kremlin somehow ran “influence operations” to help get him into office. This outlandish yarn defies common sense. It is also running out of thread to keep spinning.
READ MORE in Russia Today >>>

The Russians Are Coming Currency wars American exceptionalism

February 12

Why Are European Governments So Terrified of 'Fake News'?

We have for years been writing about the problems being created in European and American societies because of the uncontrolled influx of migrants from backward, third world societies, people who live in lawless communities controlled by corrupt officials, manipulative religious leaders and by gangsters. Unfortunately these people, particularly the religious leaders and gangsters have somehow gained the impression that they are entitled to bring the corruption and lawlessness with them. The problem is too deeply enbedded in developed societies to be undone now, so how can the powers that be conceal what is going on from voters.

European Governments Are Terrified Of 'Fake News' - Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute,

The Swedish government's innovation agency, Vinnova, is financing a project led by the combined forces of Swedish mainstream media to, in the words of Vinnova, "prevent fake news and unfounded statements from spreading and playing a decisive role in the Swedish elections in 2018".

The next elections, which take place every four years, are scheduled to take place on September 9, 2018. The Swedish media giants involved in the project consist of Swedish State Television, Swedish State Radio, Bonnier, Schibsted Sverige, and NTM. Together, these media companies effectively own Swedish mainstream media in the form of newspapers, online news outlets, and state and private television and radio. The Swedish state is financing the technical aspects of the project with 1.9 million Swedish kroner ($240,000), while the Swedish mainstream media is financing the remaining project costs themselves. The "fake news" project was originally launched in October 2017.

According to Maria Rimpi, chief editor of Svenska Dagbladet, one of the main Swedish mainstream newspapers: "There are several successful examples of editors who have collaborated on fact-finding in different parts of Europe. As a result, the people in the steering group, who have great faith in each other, began to discuss whether we can do something similar in Sweden.

"We have seen how false statements and apparent news have been widely spread and influenced elections in other countries. To go into the depths of an assertion, and, for example, trace sources of origin, are very resource-intensive. Through this collaboration, more voters can access correct information".

How adorable that Swedish media, which has been going out of its way to conceal and beautify news about Sweden – migrant rapes and other crimes, for example -- in its news coverage, suddenly and conveniently in election season, pretends to care about whether Swedish voters can access correct information. Correct information has not exactly been a priority until now: Swedish media never reports the ethnicity of rapists, for example, thereby not only making it harder for the public to help locate the perpetrators, but also refusing to depict reality as it is. READ MORE>>>

Death of Demoracy
Free Speech Mourdered
Sweden dystopia (omnibus)

Brexit: The Point Of No Return? It’s Much Ado About Not Much Trade

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via The Mises Institute,

Negotiations could run right up to March 2019, when Britain must leave the EU. If no agreement on exit terms has been reached by that date, both sides might agree to extend negotiations, but that only seems likely if there is a good prospect of an agreement. Otherwise, Britain quits and falls back on WTO trading rules, or does away with tariffs altogether. This is seen by the EU negotiators as a threat to Britain, believing it is Britain which is running out of time. The EU of course cannot conveive of the possibility that britain would leave without a deal, which is why they have felt they could get away with being completely intransigent in negotiations so far, having responded to Britain's concessions by increasing their demands rather than yielding a concession in return. Clearly if Britain's government really wants a trade deal, it must make clear that a no-deal option is an attractive. And, it must make sure the EU, and voters in Britain understood the negotiations only cover a minor part of the UK’s overall economy, post Brexit the EU will have no influence on our economy.

WTO terms and conditions apply only to physical goods, £143bn of exports from the UK’s £2,000 billion trade with the EU, and we import from the EU of a larger £235.5bn. Excluding agricultural products of some £5bn (net of spirits), average trade-weighted tariffs on goods imported into the EU from non-member states without a trade agreement is only 2.3%.[i] Therefore, the EU’s external tariffs which will be applied to UK non-agricultural goods exports to the EU involves only 7.5% of the UK’s GDP, and is a tax on EU citizens amounting to roughly £2bn. Is this really worth arguing over, and paying massive divorce fees?

The main issue is services, those sold direct to consumers, such as retail banking services, and wholesale services, such as capital market operations, commercial lending, legal services, architectural services, etc. The retail services involved are not material, and in any event are easily distributed through locally-incorporated subsidiaries in Dublin and Luxembourg. Wholesale services are generally excluded from trade agreements for practical reasons.

Therefore, if a trade agreement is not forthcoming, the cost to British business as a whole is not as material as the EU negotiators, Conservative, Labour and SNP Europhiles, remaoaners in mainstream media (especially the economically illiterate wankers at The BBC and The Guardian and lobbyists working on behalf of global corporations businesses would have us believe, and certainly less than the implied cost of normal currency volatility on cross-border settlements. One should conclude that the absence of a trade agreement costs considerably less than the UK Government paying money to the EU for an implementation period.

So where does the Brexit Debate now stand?

Remainers are, and have ever been driven by little more than a quasi - religious belief in globalism and Cultural Marxism, they see Brexit as pro-capitalist and their hatred and distrust of free markets blinds them to the authoritarianism of the EU's central bureaucracy. Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister in the Conservative/Liberal-Democrats coalition from 2010 to 2015, has recently published a book entitled How to stop Brexit (And make Britain great again). There are no substantive arguments in favour of Remain, not even a neo-Keynesian discourse, only an emotive appeal to do-gooderfuckers that we can solve Europes problems if the 27 EU member states plus Britain all join hands and sing Kumbaya. Make Britain great again? The book is a fraud. There is nothing in it about making Britain great again, only stuff about making Britain a province of a pan - European federal superstate.

Clegg works from the assumption, which he appears to share with other leading Remainers, that Brexit is just plain wrong, and no intelligent, well educated person could possibly disagree with that. He is of course an elitist, one of that class sometimes referred to as 'the one per cent', and so holds the working class in utter contempt He makes much of the Brexit campaign’s supposed lies about the extent of the rebate when Britain leaves the EU. There was no lie and nobody ever said the money would go to the National Health Service ("some of the money which now goes to the EU will be available for the NHS," means something quite different): Brexit campaigners also merely failed to differentiate between the funds Britain would save, and the money that is spent by the EU in the UK funded by the UK taxpayer. The latter amount is decided by the EU, not the UK, so all the Brexiteers were quoting was a gross figure sent to Brussels, which on Brexit would become available to the Government to save or spend as it sees fit.

The main plank of the Remain campaign was “project fear”, the Remainers concerted effort to frighten voters into voting Remain. But, as we saw only this week, the pro-Remainers in the establishment are at it again. They prepared and leaked another negative report based on the same economic modelling. A reasonable person would have been so embarrassed by the failure of the first attempt at economic propaganda, as to not repeat it. But we are dealing with a mindset that has more in common with The Spanish inquisition than with Cicero, Pitt the Elder, Benjamin Franklyn and David Lloyd George.

February 11

Putin Warns Israel Against Military Escalation In Syria

Iran has described Israeli claims that they sent a UAV into Israeli airspace "ridiculous," while an Iranian commander warns that they could unleash "hell" on the "Zionist regime" by destroying all US bases in the area if Israel continues attacks on Syria.

"The claim about the flight of an Iranian drone and Iran’s involvement in the downing of a Zionist fighter jet is so ridiculous that it does not merit a comment,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi, while claiming that Iranian officials are only advising the Syrians “at the request of the… legitimate and lawful government."

Moreover, any "aggressive actions" by Israel would trigger a serious response by Iran, creating "hell for the Zionists" according to Brigadier General Hossein Salami, deputy head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Israeli Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu in a Saturday phone call to avoid an escalation of the situation in Syria, reports Reuters, while Netanyahu asserted Israel's right to "defend against aggression."

Washington Admits There Was No Evidence Assad Used Poison Gas On His People

Amid the ballyhoo about this memorandum and that dossier was and who collaborated with whom to swing the 2016 election for whom, what was perhaps the most significants political revelation of the year so far in Washington went largely unreported by mainstream media. It was of course statement by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis that the U.S. had "no evidence" that the Syrian government ever used the banned nerve agent Sarin against its own people.

This assertion flies in the face of the White House (NSC) Memorandum which was rapidly produced and declassified to justify an American Tomahawk missile strike against the Shayrat airbase in Syria.

Mattis offered no temporal qualifications, which means that both the 2017 event in Khan Sheikhoun and the 2013 tragedy in Ghouta are unsolved cases in the eyes of the Defense Department and Defense Intelligence Agency. This news blog reported at the times that on the basis of what evidence was available, it seemed likely the gas attacks were launched by anti - Assad rebels as false flag attacks in a bid to turn world opinion against the Assad regime.

Mattis went on to acknowledge that "aid groups and others" had provided evidence and reports but stopped short of naming President Assad as the culprit. It must be remembered that as his troops, with help from Russia and Iran, were gaining the upper hand against the ISIS / Al nusra forces, Assad would have had nothing to gain and a lot to lose by ordering such attacks

There were certainly casualties from organophosphate poisoning in both cases. But the Obama Administration was rather too quick in accusing Assad of direct responsibility for Sarin attacks and the cocksucker-in-chief even blamed Russia's President Putin for culpability in the Khan Sheikhoun tragedy, saying he had irrerutable evidence of the Russian President's involvement.

Experienced chemical weapons experts and independent U.N. investigators such as Hans Blix, Scott Ritter, Gareth Porter and Theodore Postol have all cast doubt on "official" American narratives claiming that President Assad employing Sarin. Now the US government's military boss has said on the record that there was no evidence to support this conclusion. In so doing, Mattis tacitly impugned the interventionists who were responsible for pushing the "Assad is guilty" narrative twice without sufficient supporting evidence, in order to justify escalation of US / NATO involvement in the conflict.

Obama Admin Denies Saying “No Boots on the Ground” in Syria After Saying It 16 Times This is our second report today that catches Barack Obama and his administration of 'homies' in a blatant lie. The first related to the TTIP trade treaty, this one concerns the decision to deploy American ground troops in Syria, after Obama had repeatedly stated there would never be any US soldiers on the ground in Syria

Europe Rejects Obama Doctrine - US Exceptionalism Is Not Acceptable
With a backlash against his efforts to bully Britons into voting to remain in the EU pushing the leave campaign into a narrow lead in opinion polls Obama's vistit to Europe last week could hardly be described as a success. And now he has been told a foreign policy based on 'American Exceptionalism' is not acceptable and the USA must abide by the same international law as the rest of the world

The Final Curtain For Hillary's Presidential Dream
The Obama Administration helped ignite the civil war in Syria as “the best way to help Israel,” a newly-released Hillary Clinton email published by Wikileaks has confirmed. Silly Hilly, then Secretary Of State wrote: "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad."

Treasure "Trove" Of ISIS Documents Detail Secret Oil Trade With Turkey
We detail the route by which ISIS transports illegal, undocumented crude to Turkey via Zakho-based smugglers and how that crude ends up at Ceyhan where tanker rates seem to mysteriously spike around ISIS-related oil events. All of this, we suggested, was done with the help of the Turkish government up to and including Erdogan's son Bilal who owns a shipping company

Guess Which Political Grouping Wants To Legalise Incest and Necrophilia?
Has the headline sunk in. Yes it says there are people out there who want to legalise incest (brother /sister or parent / child sex) and necrophila (sex with dead people). Puzzled about who would want to legalise such repugnant things? I'll give you a clue, they aren't conservatives, libertarians or nationalists.

Terrorist Friendly Obama Doctrine In Foreign Policy Has Made The World More Unstable A highly critical look at the ongoing disaster of American Foreign Policy, in particular relating to the middle east, during the Obama administration. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are the main catastrophes, there are plenty of others.

EU HoldsBack New Regulation For Fear Of Strengthening Brexit Case
The unelected leaders of the EU in Brussels are smothering discussion of new pan – European laws that would impact the United Kingdom and all other member states, increasing the amount of money they have to contribute to the EU budget and transferring yet more sovereignty to Brussels ...

Turkey Blames Kurds, Assad For Terrorist Attack, Vows Swift Response
Yesterday came the first terrorist attack on Turkish soil. As this blog predicted President Erdogan of Turkey is blaming the Kurds and President Assad of Syria for yesterday's bomb blast in the Turkish capital which killed and injured many people.It was predictable would the attack would be blamed on Assad and the Kurds, thus giving the nutter Erdogan an excuse to intensify his actions against Assad and the Kurds

Road To World War III: Turkey Shells Syria For Second Day As Saudi Warplanes Arrive
The geopolitical world was rocked yesterday when Turkey began shelling Syria’s second largest city, Aleppo, where the Syrian opposition has its back against the wall in the face of an aggressive advance by the forces of President Assad’s government and the Iranian Republican Guard supported, of course, by Russian airstrikes.

‘I’m back from Syria. The media are lying to you.’ Eva Bartlett
Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist/freelance journalistst. Eva has lived cumulative 3 years in Gaza, spent time in Lebanon and visited Syria 3 times since April 2014. Anti-zionist, anti-imperialist, pro-justice. Find out more about Eva’s trips to Syria on her Websites: InGaza and Syria Solidarity Movement or watch the embedded video from YouTube at the web page linked above ...

US Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Terror Groups In Syria
The idea that ISIS has very close links with the USA has gone beyond conspiracy theory, or anti US propaganda, the proof is out there. We have previously reported on the US government's links to ISIS and revealed the vital role of NATO member Turkey in supporting the terrorists in their campaign which aims to create an Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf

US Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Terror Groups In Syria
The idea that ISIS has very close links with the USA has gone beyond conspiracy theory, or anti US propaganda, the proof is out there. We have previously reported on the US government's links to ISIS and revealed the vital role of NATO member Turkey in supporting the terrorists in their campaign which aims to create an Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf

Turkey and Sadui Arabia Already Have Troops Fighting In Syria
Even mainstream media has been forced to concede that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are apparently ready to send ground forces to the Syrian battlefield as Assad's forces, backed by Russian air power and Iranian elite troops but continue to grind down ISIS forces equipped with US made arms and ammunition via Saudi Arabia and funded by Turkey's illegal oil trade with the terrorist group.

US Military Contractors Happy With Escalating Conflicts in the Middle East
My friends and I have been telling you since the US led coalition invaded Afghanistan in 2001 that the USA's perpetual war on terror was not about making the public safe and secure but instead about corporate profits and political power.

Crazy Obama Administration Claims It Brought Peace And Security To Syria In 2015 As fighting intensifies between ISIS, The Assad regime and its Russian, Iranian and Chinese allies and the FUKUS axis (France, UK, US) with support from Turkey as that rogue state wages a genocial campaign against the Kurds, the increasingly insane warmongers of the Obama administration is telling US voters they have brought peace and security to Syria Fortunately for Americans with enough nous to question the official narrative, new media is getting the truth out to ever increasing audiences.

Captured ISIS fighter says ‘trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer than Syria’
Yet another report from the middle east offering more evidence that Turkey is supporting ISIS in every possible way and acting as the USA's proxy in the Obama administration's efforts to depose the regime of President Assad in Syria.

ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS
Who is funding ISIS, how has the terror group managed to assemble such a large, well equipped and (apparently) well fed fighting force and been able to wage a two year war against the Assad regime in Syria, the forces of the autonomous Kurds and the army of the Iraqi government, such as it is? Who is facilitating their illegal oil trade that is keeping Islamic State afloat.

To Join Obama's Proxy War Against Russia In Syria Would Be Cameron's Greatest Folly
A look at our prospects should tway - boy Cameron succeed in obtaining parliament's approval for his wish to join Obama's coalition ofg dodgy political opportunists in their attempt to overthrow Syria's President Assad. Given that Putin has said many times, Assad stays, our outdated war planes don't stand an ice cube in hell's chance against Russian S34s and Growler Surface to Air missiules (SAMs). And that's without factoring in China's pledge to support it's allies Putin and Assad.

ISIS Oil expopse "Raqqa's Rockefellers", Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection
More on how the USA and its allies Israel and Turkey have been central to the criminal business of stealing oilf from wells rightflly owned by Iraq and the autonomous Kurdish region and laundering it through Turkey into western markets and how the Turkish crook President Recep Edrogan is making hundreds of millions of dollars from the trade.

ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS Here at last is the story behind the shooting down of a Russian military jet by Turkey's air force. It will also answer questions about how ISIS can afford all those Toyota pick up trucks, but it is not pleasant reading for people in the west who just want to hear that the good guys are winning

Turkish Warplanes Shoot Down Russian Su24 Near Syrian Border
Hot news from the middle east all day today, it looks like what we all feared is about to happen as Turkish and Russian warplances clash, with Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter and then a gang of insane religious fantatics (or moderate Syrian rebels as Barack Obama calls them) shoot down the helicopter Russian officers sent to rescue their downed planes crew.

Russian Pilots shot By Syrian Rebels While Parachuting To Safety
Hot news from the middle east all day today, it looks like what we all feared is about to happen as Turkish and Russian warplances clash, with Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter and then a gang of insane religious fantatics (or moderate Syrian rebels as Barack Obama calls them) shoot down the helicopter Russian officers sent to rescue their downed planes crew.

February 10

Israeli attacks on Syria imperil Russia-backed de-escalation zone warns Moscow

Wreckage of israeli F16 warplance shot down over Syria.
Israeli security forces guard the wreckage of the stricken F16

A flare-up of hostilities in Syria on earlier this week resulted in Israel launching attacks on Syrian and Iranian targets after an Israeli warplane was shot down by a SAM fired by by unknown source. Israel later launched a cross-border attack on an Iranian target in Syria, where it believes the missile was launched. Syrian air defenses responded to the attack and one Israeli jet crashed. Israel eventually launched more attacks on Syrian and Iranian targets inside Syria.

The attacks by Israeli forces on targets in Syria are a cause of serious concern for Russia, the foreign ministry said. They may trigger violence and destabilize the de-escalation zone in south of the country. The jewish 'homeland', the major US ally in the middle east appears to have assumed the role of lead player in the bid to remove Syria's President Assad in the wake of Barack Obama's humiliation after his attept to deliver secular Syria into the hands of Muslim fanatics was thwarted by Russia and Iran.

In a statement released on Saturday (10 Feb,), the Russian ministry called on all regional players to "exercise restraint and avoid any action that could further complicate the situation.” It stressed the need to respect the sovereignty of “Syria and other nations in the region."

“Our special concern is the threat of escalation of tension inside and around the zones of de-escalation in Syria, the creation of which became an important factor for reduction of violence on the Syrian soil,” the ministry said. The four zones, including one in southern Syria, are a mechanism backed by Russia, Turkey, and Iran, meant to deflate the conflict potential in Syria and lead to a negotiated peaceful transition.

Moscow added that there were Russian service members stationed in Syria and said it considered any threat to their lives unacceptable.

February 9

What constitutes ‘foreign interference’ in democracy?

A day after it was announced that Hungarian billionaire George Soros was to support a new campaign to overturn the Brexit referendum vote and keep Britain in the EU, news that US billionaire Soros donated £400k to an anti-Brexit group during the campaign came on the day that Google offshoot YouTube said they found no evidence of Russian interference in Brexit.

So let's sum up: "Unproven Russian involvement in Brexit – terrible! Impose more sanctions on Moscow! A £400k check from a globalist billionaire and world government advocate for an anti-Brexit campaigning group – that’s no problem; it’s helping our democracy!"

You don’t have to own a brand new £999 state-of-the art Hypocrisy Detector from Harrods, to pick up on the double standards. Just having a few functioning brain cells and thinking for yourself will do. For months in the UK we’ve been bombarded with Establishment-approved conspiracy theories – peddled in all the ’best’ newspapers – that Russia somehow ‘fixed’ Brexit. Getting Britain to leave the EU was all part of a cunning plot by Vladimir Putin, aka Dr. Evil, to weaken Europe and the ‘free world.’

There is a move among the super - rich to defy the will of the people and impose their will, from their homes in tax havens well outside the EU it seems. Part of the plan is to blame Russia, just as the US Democrats first tried to stop Trump winning the Presidency, then to get him removed from office by claiming collusion with Russia, so the Soros plan for a federal Europe including the UK inludes blaming Russia for rigging the referendum vote. Even West End musical impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber has been taken in by it. "By quitting Europe, I fear that we are hastening Putin’s dream of the break-up of the EU – and with it, potentially, western civilisation," the noble Lord declared in July. Never mind Andy, when you find yourself "all alone in the moonlight, you can smile at the old days" when you still had your sanity.

As yet, no matter which side of The Atlantic we are on, we don’t have a single shred of evidence to support Russian involvement in trying to influence U.S. or British elections, not one statement from Putin or other senior Kremlin figures saying that they actually supported Brexit or Donald Trump. Instead we have seen a lot of evidence that the Democrats tried (and failed) to cheat in order to stop Trump and the only interference in the Brexit vote came from a left wing capitalist billionaire.

And never mind that RT and Sputnik, which we are repeatedly told are “propaganda arms of the Russian government,” ran articles by pro- and anti-Brexit writers. The same people who told us Iraq had WMDs in 2003 were absolutely sure it was those dastardly Russkies who had got Britain to vote ‘leave.’ The irony is of course that there was significant

Even the best comedy writers could not make up this stuff, it's crazier than Mel Brooks or The Marx Bros at their very best.

Threat Of Major Scandal Prompted Early Election Move – UKIP
Leaders of the (UKIP) have made astonishing claim that Prime Minister Teresa May’s calling an early General Election was done to pre-empt a series of by-elections that could be called following alleged electoral fraud. Accusing the Conservative government of “putting party before country”, UKIP appeared to suggest the scandal and ensuing disqualification of MPs could rob the government of its slender majority.

Nigel Farage Swipes Back At Irrational, Screeching, Crazy Clinton
US Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched a hysterical, irrational attack, filled with half truths and blatant lies, against the most prominent figure in the campaign to get Britain out of the EU (Brexit), UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, during a speech at a rally today. Mrs Clinton, responding to Farage's address to a large and enthusiastic audience at a Donald Trump rally, may have been rattled at the prospect of having such a hihly effective campaigner in the rival camp ...

Rebellion Against EU Authoritarianism Escalates As 8th Member Nation Threatens Referendum
Brussels went too far, they crossed the line in moving from an economic union to a political pan - European political empire. In the end it was a race as to which member state would quit first, Britain, Natherlands, Denmark or Italy. In the event it is Britain.

Is Brexit A Harbinger Of Doom For The 'Experts' The Brexit vote, the decision by a democratic majority in Britain to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves around the world. Not only does the EU now face a tsunami of departures, the usurpation of democracy by 'experts' ( technocrats ) has been challenged and exposed as a sham.

BREXIT vs. GREXIT – The Truth About The European Union And How It Treats Members
Unless the testicularly deficient politicians stand up for their nations he only thing that will halt the European Union's push beyond Europe's geographical borders to incorporate Asian, middle eastern and north African nations is war. Power is addictive and the bean counters of Brussels have ambitions far beyond Europe.

The Hypocrisy and Snobbery Of The Remain Campaign And The Antidote
When I had to defriend a Facebook contact because she was arguing in favour of the EU, it was not simply because I support Brexit that I had become pissed of with her, it was the snobbish and condescending way she dismissed supporters of LEAVE and their case. People are entitled to their opinion on the European Union, but they should check the 'facts' they post in support of their arguments.

The Labour Case For Brexit by Kate Hoey M.P.
After my short intro is a savage indictment by Brexit supporting Labour MP Kate Hoey of the way the Labour Party has abandoned the working class and is now trying to betray the party's proud heritage and its roots in the industrial areas by taking Britain into an undemocratic, corporate controlled, capitalist friendly, elite dominated globalist control freak project.

Dutch Referendum This Week Shows why We Should Leave The EU.
Few of you were aware probably that there is an EU referendum vote in The Netherlands this week. As usual with anything negative about the EU barely a word has been printed in the topic in mainstream media and the silence from our notionally unbiased national broadcaster The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been deafening.

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroskepticism
Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don't be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay.

Head Of European Institute: Brexit ‘Better’ For Everyone
Brexit would be the best result of Britain’s in / out referendum for both Britain and the EU i a Belgian professor who heads up the European Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) has said.

Johnson’s article lines up his reasons why Britain must exit on June 23rd. It’s time to be brave
OK, I know a lot of you think Boris is most accurately described by a word many people find offensive, but he’s put together a very good argument here on why we must leave the EU. Published in part here under ‘fair use’ terms and conditions, in the public interest ...

Cameron’s EU Package: Not A Deal But A Few Turns In The Spin Machine As we and almost everybody else predicted, David Cameron's deal to improve Britain's relationship with the EU is worthless. It changes nmothing, and can be vetoed once we have voted to stay in.

Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe
David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc

EU Refuses to Block Eurozone Integration to Reach Agreement With UK
Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said at the E?U summit on British membership terms that the European Union wants to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom, but it is not prepared to compromise the banking union (financial integration) or the further integration of monetary union (UK being forced to abandon the pound join the Euro?) to achieve this goal.

Cameron's EU Deal Worthless. It Can Be Vetoed In European Parliament? Opinion polls show Britain is evenly divided on the question of whether to leave or remain in the EU, though it has been suggested up to 10 million other voters, many of them women, have yet to make a decision. How they cast their vote will shape the future of the world’s fifth largest economy and the EU itself. But what is really at stake is more important than economics ...

Obama's intervention in UK politics triggers angry backlash Angry Britons have launched a petition calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to be prevented from speaking in the UK parliament on Britain's forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

NATO Rhetoric About Russian Threat is 'Absurd'
The reasons being given for the latest NATO military buildup in Eastern Europe, the idea that the Russian 'Russian threat' to Eastern Europe grows every day is "simply absurd," according to former US diplomat and Senate policy advisor Jim Jatras. Effectively, Jatras says, the buildup is an attempt by the US to keep Germany and France on board with Washington's world domination agenda and ...

E U To Push TTIP Trade Deal Before Obama Leaves Office
TTIP, the Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership is being promoted bt the US government and the EU Commission as a free trade deal that will create thousands of jobs and bring economic benefits to partners. It's critics however claim it is a blatant attempt to shift power from national governments to corporate business.

EU Officials Say Europe Is "Going Down The Drain Common sense could not slow the charge of politically correct globalist politiciand towards merging the 28 member states of the European Union into a single federal entity, but their attempt to destroy democracy by flooding the continent with illiterate third world peasants has finally awoken the spirits of Europe's ancient nations.

February 8

Russians channeled big money to Clinton Foundation for giving them for uranium monopoly

While the buzz around online news sites continues to focus of attempts by the US Semocrats to convince the world their fantasies about the involvement of Russia in rigging the 2016 election for Trump consitute actual evidence, more serious concerns over Russian penetration into the political system in the 2015-16 election cycle via the Clinton campaign and the totally corrupt Clinton Foundation continue to simmeer on the back burner ignored by mainstream media. Allegations of corrupt deals betwen the Clintons and certain Russian oligarchs for the transfer of US uranium assets in exchange for worthless stocks and bonds to American taxpayers and multi - million dollar 'donations' to the Clinton Foundationare gaining momentum.

The Hill’s John Solomon reports that an FBI informant connected to the Uranium One controversy has testified to three congressional committees that Moscow had taken special aim at political figures in its attempt to corner the global market on nuclear fuel. That penetration involved the Clinton Foundation, William Douglas Campbell insists, and the Obama administration knew it.

The FBI informant,Douglas Campbell, said in the statement obtained by The Hill that he was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was in position to influence the Obama administration, and more specifically Hillary Clinton. Campbell told three congressional committees in a written statement that Moscow routed millions of dollars to America with the expectation it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton’s charitable efforts while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quarterbacked a “reset” in US-Russian relations.

The informant also said Russian nuclear officials told me at various times that they expected APCO to apply a portion of the $3 million annual lobbying fee it was receiving from the Russians to provide in-kind support for the Clinton’s Global Initiative, he added in the testimony.

The contract stipulated four payments of $750,000 spread over twelve months. APCO was expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative as part of their effort to ensure the Obama administration approved everything from Uranium One to the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement.

As Solomon reported in October, the FBI first discovered a corrupt Russian operation to gain control of US energy assets in 2009. Campbell became an informant for the FBI, pushing bribes with their knowledge, often with his own money to help obtain indictments. His efforts helped get lower-level indictments, but then events took an unexpected turn according to Campbell . Rather than shutting down the Russian efforts to gain control of US uranium producers, the Obama administration inexplicably approved the deals.

February 6

Google Patents Reveal Plan For Total Big Brother Home Surveillance

Recently filed patents reveal Google's latest anti - social plans to spy on children and families in the home and then issue verbal instructions via its tricksy little boxes on how they can improve their behavior. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (video below) discovered a patent application from September 2016 patent in which Google proposes that its digital assistants would be able "take control of your parenting, your relationship with your children".

In one example, Google suggests its technology will be able to track if children are attempting to 'interact' with their parent’s liquor cabinet and infer if “mischief” is taking place, before issuing a verbal warning to the child through the system’s speaker. We would comment that bringing up children requires tolerance, humour and humanity. People who talk of children 'interacting' with the drinks cabinet are not likely to possess any of these qualities.

In another example cited in the application, a hypothetical child called Benjamin is under 24/7 surveillance by Google’s cameras, whether he is using electronics or playing outside. The system would aim to “coach” families on “areas of improvement,” and scold them if they are not spending enough time eating together.

Google responded to the Fox News story by issuing a pithy statement that read, "We file patent applications of a variety of ideas that our employees come up with. Some of those ideas later mature into products or services, some don’t."

Google envisages sending the user personalized advertising based on what a camera observes. The Daily Stirrer has reported on the plans of tech companies to launch increasingly intrusive technology for years. We have reported plans from Google, Apple and Facebook among others to spy on user’s lifestyle choices and, "build psychological profiles which will be used for surveillance and minority report style invasive advertising and data mining."

Google’s plan to “use in-built microphones to listen in on user’s home conversations, tracking software on internet enabled television, radio or hi - fi equipmentt to direct targeted advertising at us based on their algorithms' perception of our "preferences."

Google Home and other “home assistant” devices from Apple and Amazon now have this capability.

These patent applications are a disturbing reminder of the level of control these companies seek over our daily lives.

February 6

Schools Boss Who Backed Infant Hijab Ban Faces Anti-Semitic Attacks

The head of the UK’s schools inspectorate has been targeted with anti-Semitic abuse after she backed a school’s decision to ban infant girls from wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Amanda Spielman argued that school leaders would ban under-eights wearing lipstick and high heels to class, they could also ban the hijab and face veil, which sexualise young girls.

There is nothing in Sharia Law which stipulates that pre-pubescent girls should wear the hijab or keep their hair covered, the wearing of headgear which totally covers female hair is a recent addition to Muslim dress rules for women which appears to have been invented by radical preachers hoping to emphasise the sense of otherness that serves to imose self segredgation on some parts of the Muslim community in Europe.

After the ruling Ms. Spielman quickly became the target of leftists and radical Muslims and received anti-Semitic attacks online, The Times reports.

February 5

German Politicians ‘Alarmed’ at Scale of Anti-Christian Hate Attacks

Hate crime figures leaked by police in Germany have revealed murder, assault, and arson numbering among almost 100 attacks by Muslim immigrants which targeted Christians in 2017. The authorities and mainstream media, dominated by the politically correct thinking of Cultural Marxism which has infiltradted all institutions of state, have been desperate to keep a lid on this statistic but discontent in Germany as the authoroties' failure to tackle immigrant lawlessness is now threatening to overwhelm all attempts to present third world immigrants as a benefit to society. The statistics, published by the
Funke media group several months before the official released of crime statistics, revealed Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) data showed attacks on churches and Christian symbols accounted for a quarter of the 97 cases. At least 14 of the cases in the report involved people admitted to Germany as asylum seekers and refugees, a figure which includes the murder of an Afghan Christian convert by a fellow Afghan in May last year which prompted politicians to urge the BKA to record “anti-Christian crimes” separately for the first time as they have been recording anti - jewish crime. Ansgar Heveling, law and order spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, described the figures as “alarming” and said that the state has a responsibility to punish these attacks severely and consistently in the way anti-Semitic attacks are rightly being tackled. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, of the right-wing Christian Social Union (CSU), told Funke group newspapers: “Integration in Germany has to require tolerating its Christian, Western values and culture without any ifs or buts.” At last it seems some German politicians are waking up to the realities of implanting people from backward, religion dominated Muslim societies among Christian, Jewish and secular westerners. Political science professor Berthold Löffler, of the University of Ravensburg-Weingarten, pointed out the minister’s using the word “tolerance” demonstrates that little is actually being asked of new immigrants, particularly those living at German taxpayers’ expense. “Requiring immigrants take on our values may be too much to ask, but they really ought to tolerate us locals, even if they feel our values are a bit suspect,” he sarcastically highlighted the message of Hermann’s statement in a piece published at Tichy’s Insight, where he noted the CSU minister’s “demand” was mild and discussed the country’s naive culture of welcoming imigrats who entered the country illegally. Stating the statistics are probably only the tip of the iceberg in relation to the true number of anti-Christian attacks carried out in Germany, Löffler writes: "One can confidently assume that the mainstream media would much rather report on Islamophobic incidents and xenophobic crimes committed by ethnic Germans." RELATED POSTS:
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Russiagate memo based on information fed through Clinton campaign — released documents

It is well known now that the 'evidence' Hillary Clinton supporters claimed would prove Donald Trump collaborated with Russia to steal the 2016 election and lead to his removal from office, was fictional but what was not clear was the depth of the Clinton campaigns involvement in actually feeding fake evidence to the former British spy it hired to 'get the dirt' on Trump.

Documents released today by the Senate Judiciary Committee show however which prove Steele was working directly for the Cinton campaign team. People close to Hillary Clinton were feeding information to Christopher Steele who compiled the Trump dossier on Trump's alleged connections with Russia, according to a criminal referral filed by Republican senators.

The newly-released document from the Senate Judiciary Committee says Steele wrote an additional memo, besides the controversial dossier, using information that came from the Clinton campaign.

The newly-released memorandum is an unclassified and heavily-redacted version of the criminal referral targeting Steele, filed on January 4 by Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham. It is addressed to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Director of the FBI Christopher Wray who Grassley and Graham are asking to investigate Steele.

The report reveals coordination between the extended Clinton circle and the Obama administration in an attempt to source damaging information about then-candidate Trump.

Steele was hired by private firm Fusion GPS in June 2016 to gather information on alleged links between Trump and Russia. His dossier, parts of which were leaked to the media before the elections, was the basis for the warrant to spy on Trump adviser, Carter Page, according to the memo released on Friday.

The report alleges that there was a circular flow of information between Clinton associates and Steele. A memorandum dated October 19, 2016 says that foreign sources provided the information to an unnamed associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton, who then gave the information to an unnamed official in the Obama State Department, who would then pass the information to Steele.

Congress Expands Probe into Crooked Hillary's Uranium One Deal After Claims Senate Misled Over Yellowcake Exports
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Snowflakes? They're today's fascists! Jewish Chronicle editor warns about the march of the PC brigade

Stephen Pollard Editor Of The Jewish Chronicle

Last weekend I, along with many around the world, commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day. As editor of the country’s leading Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Chronicle, it is a memorial of particular significance.

Through editing the newspaper, I am confronted daily with the legacy of that unique evil, including the suppression of debate, the distortion of truth and even the burning of books at the heart of that terrible chapter in our history.

I know, too, that the Third Reich’s totalitarian impulse – that only one type of question and one type of answer are legitimate, and all else must be extinguished – is far from unique because repressive regimes the world over continue to ban freedom of enquiry and freedom of expression.

We must be on our guard.

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German Refugee Worker, Plans to Move to Poland ... “It’s too late for Germany”

A refugee worker who supported Angela Merkel’s open doors immigration policy that allowed over a million uneducated, unskilled, predominantly Muslim migrants into Germany now admits the move was a disaster and planning to emigrate herself, to Poland, complaining, “It’s too late for Germany.”

After founding refugee support association Working Group Asylum + Human Rights in 2012, obsessive virtue signller Rebecca Sommer was delighted when Germany welcomed the deluge of migrants that began arriving in the second half of 2015.

“At that time I wanted to help everyone and truly believed that all these people were fleeing hell and were in a state of complete distress,” Sommer told Polish weekly Do Rzeczy.

Sommer, with 300 other volunteers, began holding German language courses for new arrivals in the hope of helping them integrate into European society.

Convinced that their medieval attitudes were going to change in time, Sommer soon came to understand that the Muslim migrants passed off by German and EU authorities as refugees have grown up with values that are totally different and opposed to the European view of society, they have been brainwashed from childhood with anti western propaganda and are indoctrinated by Islam and absolutely do not intend to adopt new values or to integrate.

She also noted that the migrants, "regard we infidels with disdain and arrogance," after they began to refer to her contemptuously as "the stupid German whore." Such contempt, which is standard in the attitude of migrants to Europeans, has led other volunteer workers involved with the refugee group to quit.

Sommer now acknowledges that her good intentions, led her to completely the wrong response to mass immigration and that Islamisation of society poses an existential threat to the Germany way of life, a problem that can only be exacerbated by the process of chain immigration and family reunification, which allows migrants will to invite their relatives to migrate to Germany.

Populist Leader First Casualty of New German Law Censoring Free Speech
Chechen Islamic Police Now Enforcing Sharia Law On Streets Of Berlin Gernamy civil conflicr
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World Hijab Day - A Celebration Of Muslim Authoritarianism And Feminist Hypocrisy

February 4

Students’ Union Campaign ‘Has Become Vehicle for Extremist Interests’, Warns Think Tank

A National Union for Students (NUS) campaign to end the government’s anti-extremism programme has become a “vehicle” for Islamic extremist interests, according to a leading think tank.

The Students Not Suspects movement, which became an NUS official policy in 2015, has hosted extremist speakers who have links to Islamic fundamentalists such as CAGE, MEND, the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), and Friends of al-Aqsa, while denying a platform to speakers offering alternate views, according to the report published last week by the counter-extremism think tank The Henry Jackson Society.

“‘Students Not Suspects’ has effectively become a vehicle for extremist interests,” author Richard Black warns. “It advances extremist tropes, extremist speakers and extremist narratives – while attacking anybody, NUS officials or otherwise, who distance themselves from its position.”

“They have accused critics and fellow students of being motivated by racism and Islamophobia,” the report continues noting that some 'progressive left' activists who have actively supported Students Not Suspects have publicly made anti-Semitic remarks yet instead of being expelled as anybody making anti - Islamic comments would, are still allowed to hold positions of influence in the union.

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Study Shows Kids are Born Creative Geniuses But the Education System Destroys Imagination

Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman were commissioned by NASA to help the space agency identify and develop creative talent. The two were tasked to research school children in an attempt to identify creative individuals from which the agency could pick to help with their many products. In a recent TED talk, Land described his team’s surprising findings on the education system which are nothing short of shocking.

It seems American schoolchildren lose their ability to think creatively over time. As students enter their educational journey, they retain most of their abilities to think creatively. In other words, children are born with creative genius. Employing a longitudinal study model, Land and Jarman studied 1,600 children at ages 5, 10, and 15.

Surprisingly, Land said they discovered if given a problem with which they had to come up with an imaginative, and innovative solution, 98 percent of 5-year-olds tested at the “genius” level. Simply put, their answers to how the problem should be solved were brilliant.

Upon entry into the school system, those numbers started to drop dramatically. When the team returned to test those same subjects at age 10, the percentage of genius-level imaginative and innovative thinkers fell to an unthinkable 30 percent. The indicators led the researchers to believe the current educational system is to blame.
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3 February

Merkel's last-chance coalition talks as her popularity dips

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is involved in a last desperate effort to form a ruling coalition after September's indecisive election which has left Europe's largest nation without an effective government for four months. There is now an urgent need to end the political instability, but experts are hinting that “her decline has begun” as she has support from just 25 percent of the country.

Politicians in Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Unionists (CDU) are also said to be growing dissatisfied with her leadership, according to Swiss website Aargauer Zeitung.

The claims have come as the Chancellor tries to prevent the latest round of negotiations from collapsing on the same sticking point as the previous talks, Merkel's immigration and refugee policy. To form a coalition with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), after elections in Germany last year failed to secure the CDU a majority, the CDU / CSU need to offer a workable policy that the SDP can accept.

The two parties have agreed compromises on care and pensions laws, but the emotionally-charged topic of reuniting temporarily sheltered refugees is said to be off the table. Coalition talks could end on Sunday night, with little desire in Germany for a government alliance between Merkel’s CDU and the SPD after the political intertia of the previous coalition.

Many members of the CDU are said to be angry about a push for a new direction in European policy, which the party had outlined in a fact-finding paper with SPD. These are some of their comments:

“From the chancellor, who can govern with everyone, to the CDU chairwoman, who has to govern with the SPD to survive.
“At the same time, the number of those who can and want to imagine a future without Merkel has grown.
“The party is not all that happy internally with their chairwoman, became evident this week after a meeting of the Union faction.”

Dresden-based political scientist Werner J Patzelt, himself a CDU member, has said Mrs Merkel needs to resist her “loss of authority” in the EU. He said: “It seems to me that some in the Union are waiting for Merkel to resist the external circumstances. Her decline has begun.”

A poll for the German website Cicero has found only 25 percent believe it is important for Mrs Merkel to remain as the country’s Chancellor.

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UK Educational Publisher Unveils Hard-Left, LGBT Classroom Programme

Education publishing giant Pearson today announced an ‘LGBT-inclusive’ update to its product range, which will now include a guide to pushing ‘social justice’ activism in every part of the school curriculum. In a shameful attempt to further politicise the state school agenda LGBT activist group Stonewall was invited to produce the guide, ‘Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum’ which will now be given to schools as an aid to planning a curriculum. Pearson owns the exam board Edexcel and publishes thousands of school textbooks as one of the UK’s biggest education companies.

Organised by subject, the guide lists some crazy sounding suggestions to ensure LGBT visibility across the curriculum, for example recommending teachers set questions which reference homosexual relationships in maths and science, and introduce terminology specific to the lifestyles of sexual minorities in foreign language lessons.

Claiming an inclusive curriculum is “a crucial part of tackling” homophobic bullying in schools, the handbook advises ways in which teachers can alter lessons across the syllabus so LGBT pupils “see themselves represented in what they’re learning”. In other words pupils who are unsure of their sexuality as many highly suggestible adolescents tend to be, will now be pushed by teachers and school staff towards GayBLT lifestyles at an age when they cannot fully understand the implications of that.

The foreword of the guide focuses not on education but the need to stamp out anti-LGBT bullying in schools. Launching the guide, the senior vice-president for schools at Pearson UK, Sharon Hague, said: "LGBT students will only feel comfortable to be themselves if they also get to see themselves in their classrooms." We're sure she thinks she knows what that means.

What you need to know about alleged FBI & DOJ abuses

The four-page memo compiled by the GOP Chair of the House Intelligence Committee accuses the FBI and DOJ under the Obama administration of securing a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign based on the notorious ‘Steele dossier.’

Declassified by President Donald Trump and published by the committee Friday over strong objections by Democrats, the DOJ and the FBI, the memo lays out the origins of the warrant to spy on Trump adviser, Carter Page, in the dossier funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The so-called Steele dossier “formed an essential part” of the FISA probable cause order obtained by the FBI from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) on October 21, 2016. The warrant was extended three times, also on the basis of the Steele dossier.

370598711 House Intelligence Committee Report on FISA Abuses by RT America on Scribd


European Pipeline Wars: When Realpolitik Meets Geography

The headlines are ablaze this month with news from all over about new pipeline projects coming into Europe. Never one to miss an opportunity to do the U.S. State Department’s bidding in how it presents pipeline politics, published a howler of a piece about the Southern Gas Corridor.

Titled, “Is This the World’s Most Critical Pipeline?” the piece is pure marketing fluff designed to make you think that Azerbaijani gas will change the face of European gas politics.

The beginning is the most telling, “Europe wants to become less dependent on Russian gas and use more clean energy…” This is a lie.

Europe doesn’t want this as a continent; the leaders of the European Union, who are aligned with the United States, who view Russia as the enemy, want to become less dependent on Russian gas.

Most of Europe wants Russia to supply them with natural gas because it is 1) cheap and 2) plentiful. For geopolitical reasons the U.S. doesn’t want an ascendant Russia. The EU technocracy agrees because a strong Russia owning more than 40% of European gas sales is a Russia that can’t be destabilized through currency and proxy wars.


World Hijab Day - A Celebration Of Muslim Authoritarianism And Feminist Hypocrisy

February 1

Today, February 1st is apparently World Hijab Day. This is the latest demonstration of the abject stupidity of liberal feminists and inevitably has its very own hashtag: #StrongInHijab.
Most of the usual suspects, the self righteous virtue signallers and professional hypocrites, politicians showbiz luvvies and media sheeple are jumping on the bandwagon, in the name of "Womens' right to choose."

What makes this a day which ranks as one of the most sickening displays of virtue signalling is that privileged middle-class Western feminists are lining up to display their multicultural credentials by donning a hijab as a fashionable symbol of liberation. In order to be seen to support Islamic human rights 110% pretend they to be ignorant of the brave women in Iran and other places in the Middle East where women are literally risking their lives to remove the hijab. To them it a hated symbol of oppression. The Iranian regime has decreed it compulsory for a woman to cover every part of their body apart from their face, and wearing a hijab is thus compulsory.

Yes on this very day, while western poseurs are fighting for Muslim womens' right to wear the hijab, in Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and all around the Islamic world women are being stoned or flogged for demanding the right NOT to wear the hijab. Punishments for removing a hijab in Islamic societies can be brutal – Islamist regimes are known to physically beat women for non-compliance with their dress codes. This is true not only in the Middle East but is increasingly becoming accepted in the name of multiculturalism in the West.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has joined in the chorus of the self-righteous and joined in the celebrations. Teresa The Appeaser told the House of Commons that "a woman should be able to wear whatever she wants". As ever the very worst kind of hypocrite, May makes absolutely no mention of women who do not want to wear a hijab and are regularly arrested, imprisoned or somehow forced to by huband, Imam or religious police for not wearing one.

France leads celebrity pushback against '#MeToo
Two Police Officers Escape Violent Death At The Hands Of Immigrant Mob On New Year’s Eve Fired Engineer Damore Sues Google For Discrimination Against White Male Conservatives

31 January, 2018


Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies

It is always possible of course (very likely in fact) that Turkey' President Erdogan was bluffing, when he said on Friday his troops will purge Manbij, Syria, of Kurdish fighters. The US backed Kurdish intependence forces, alongside whom US troops are embedded. could be under fire by week’s end, and NATO engulfed in the worst crisis in its history.

Erdogan’s foreign minister demanded that the US ends its support of the Kurds, who now control the Syrian border with Turkey east of the Euphrates, all the way to Iraq. The Kurds, a trbibal nation which was overlooked when the British and French carved up the old Ottoman Empire after World War One, their people being spread across Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, with enclaves in Azerbaijan and Armenia. They deserve their own state but nobody wants to give up territory for them. Added to that, Erdogan has long fancied grabbing the oil rich slice of Syria occupied by ethnic Kurds.

If the Turks attack Manbij, the US will face a choice: Stand by the Kurdish independence fighter, whose cause has long been supported by the governments of USA,UK, most EU member states and other economic powers and resist the Turks, or abandon the Kurds.

Should the US let the Turks drive the Kurds out of Manbij and the entire Syrian border area with Turkey, as Erdogan threatens, US credibility would suffer a blow from which it would not soon recover. To resist however might incur a hostile response from Russia. Vladimir Putin has never suggested he is a strong supporter of Kurrdish independence but his tolerance of US and NATO meddling in the internal politics of other states has been pushed to the limit.

And of course, Turkey is, somewhat illogically, a full member of NATO, while most NATO states support the Kurds. So if US ans NATO troops stand with the Kurds and oppose Erdogan’s forces, the ensuing shifts in alliegences could lead to a break up of NATO and loss of US bases inside Turkey, including the air base at Incirlik.

Turkey also sits astride the Dardanelles entrance to the Black Sea. NATO’s loss of Turkey would thus be a triumph for Vladimir Putin, who gave Ankara the green light to cleanse the Kurds from Afrin.

World politics and war America

Europhile Tory Patten brands votes like Brexit 'appalling and a sin against parliamentary democracy'

Former Conservative Cabinet minister 'Lord' Chris Patten has spoken of his 'horror' over Brexit and warned the EU was 'devouring' his party as Remainers rage, raged against the dying of the Europe projects hopinh to block the flagship EU bill during the first day of a marathon 48-hour debate. Long time Europhile and elistist meritocrat Patten slammed his hand down and declared 'I hate referendums', branding them 'appalling and a sin against parliamentary democracy'. (Yeah, well Chris, the two party stsyem is a sin against parliamentary deocracy too but you didn't have a problem with that when it was serving your personal interests.) Patten also said the EU referendum had been triggered to 'manage' the Tory party and it 'blew up' in the Government's face. Hmm, that's the problem with democracy, it doesn't always deliver the result the elite want. Patten concluded by saying the 'great sphinx' of EU membership was making 'a pretty good job of devouring the Conservative Party'. Brexit Minister Lord Bridges tore into Theresa May's dithering over Brexit - warning the transition period will be a 'gang plank into thin air' unless there is more clarity. He said the Government's strategy risks descending into 'meaningless waffle' as the PM has failed to answer basic questions about what a future relationship looks like.' Read more on Patten's 'I hate referendums!' meltdown

29 January, 2018

"There's Anger Building Out There" - One Man's Message To Davos Elites

Amid all the back-slapping exuberance of record high global stock markets and record high global net worth, John McDonnell, the U.K. opposition Labour Party's spokesman on finance, came to the World Economic Forum in Davos with an uncomfortable message for the global elite...

“I just warn the Davos establishment: There’s an anger building out there that you need to recognize and deal with,”

As Bloomberg reports, most delegates in Davos have adopted an upbeat tone this week -- reflected in the optimism of top bankers at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Deutsche Bank AG who told Bloomberg they see a continuation in a global boom in dealmaking.


New World Order omnibus
Jobs and unemployment

2018 Grammys Had The Lowest Ratings Ever As Award Show Turns Political

This year's Grammy Awards, the music industry's annual self congratulatory schlockfest was all about social and political causes: The #MeToo movement was heavily represented, and a sketch featuring celebrities - including Hillary Clinton - mocking President Trump by reading passages from Michael Wolff's controversial "Fire and Fury"

Unsurprisingly, this didn't go over to well with the millions of Americans who are fed up of being lectured by mediocre luvvies who have an exaggerated idea if their relevance. Millions who buy records, attend concerts and stream videos still unequivocally support President Trump and resent being talked down to by people who next day will be trying to seel them records, subscriptions or tickets. The disdain of paying punters for the pompous, pointless talentless tribe showed in the ratings.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the CBS telecast was down a staggering 21% from 2017 - potentially an all time low. This mirrors the slide in NFL ratings that several surveys have attributed to players' decisions to kneel during games.

Celebrity Menu

Politically Correct omnibus
Politically correct index

The Real Reason Why Washington Hates Iran So Much

Iran’s unapologetic self-determination, including its ballistic missile and nuclear energy program as well its resistance to economic imperialism, make it a constant thorn in Washington’s side. Washington’s hostility towards the Islamic Republic of Iran dates back nearly 40 years to February of 1979, when revolutionary forces overthrew the Western-backed monarchy of Mohammad Reza Shah.

The United States consistently maintains that its involvement began with the hostage crisis in 1979 and continues today due to Iran’s ballistic missile and nuclear program, as well as meddling throughout the region in places like Syria, Lebanon, and now Yemen (albeit without evidence in some cases).

What the media and Western governments don’t mention is that Iran’s core ideology stands directly opposed to U.S. military and economic expansion. The Islamic Republic’s promotion of self-determination indeed poses an existential threat to Washington’s dominance throughout the entire region — similar to that of communism during the Cold War.

The vilification of Iran through the military-industrial-media complex runs deep. So deep that they’ve successfully portrayed Iran as a sort of Shia version of Saudi Arabia. However, the Islamic Republic of Iran is nothing like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite the media’s almost childlike ignorance, Tehran and Riyadh stand at direct odds due to pervasive ideological differences rather than simple Sunni-Shia sectarian disagreements. READ MORE >>>

Clinton, Podesta And Others In Senate Crosshairs Over Dossier; Given Two Weeks To Respond

Congressional investigators have written six letters to individuals or entities involved or thought to be involved in the funding, creation or distribution of the salacious and unverified "Trump-Russia dossier" believed to have been inappropriately used by the FBI, DOJ and Obama Administration in an effort to undermine Donald Trump as both a candidate and President of the United States.

Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SCS) wrote six Judiciary Committee letters requesting information from: John Podesta, Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robbie Mook, the DNC, and Hillary For America Chief Strategist Joel Benenson. Read More >>>

Even Orwell and Huxley Couldn’t Imagine the Threat Posed by Facebook and Google

Soros defending democracy? This is beyond irony.

In addition to warning that U.S. President Donald Trump represents an immense “danger” to civilization, billionaire George Soros used the spotlight of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday to urge the international community to take seriously the threats posed by Facebook and Google, which he said could ultimately spawn “a web of totalitarian control” if they are not reined in.

Particularly alarming, Soros said, is the prospect of Facebook and Google—which he scathingly deemed a “menace” to society—teaming up with “authoritarian states” to “bring together nascent systems of corporate surveillance with an already developed system of state-sponsored surveillance.”

Such “unholy marriages” could result in a strain of authoritarianism “the likes of which not even Aldous Huxley or George Orwell could have imagined,” the billionaire investor cautioned.Soros went on to compare the tech giants’ impact on the internet—and social media in particular—to the effects of fossil fuel giants on the environment. READ MORE >>>

German Children’s Television Channel Features Migrant Teens Learning How to Remove a Girl’s Bra

German children’s television channel Kika posted a short video on its website, using teens from migrant backgrounds, to show its underage viewers how to remove a woman’s bra. The online post, entitled “Open Bra”, has been taken down by the children’s television channel after they received a backlash from many, including Germany’s largest women’s rights organisation Terre des Femmes, Berliner Zeitung reports.

Head of Terre des Femmes Inge Bell said she was horrified by the video which lasted just over one and a half minutes. “This is a completely wrong signal to the Kika target group of three- to 13-year-old children,” she said, and added that it encouraged bad behaviour in boys. Bell also made note of the fact that the boys involved in the video all came from migrant backgrounds, saying: “This selection has a signal effect, according to the video: migrant boys need special tutoring lessons in bra opening. Especially in times of the #MeToo debate, such an instrumentalisation of migrant boys in the media should be a no-go.” The video is just the latest scandal involving the children’s television channel. Earlier this month, Kika faced another backlash after it aired a documentary about an underage German girl and her Syrian boyfriend, who claimed to be under 18. While many took exception to comments made by the Syrian about how his girlfriend should dress more modestly and how Islam greatly influenced his life, the backlash came after it was revealed he was actually an adult. The situation escalated even further when it was discovered that the Syrian, named Diaa, had liked the Facebook page of radical Islamic hate preacher Pierre Vogel on multiple occasions. Diaa even entered a raffle to win a trip to the Islamic holy city of Mecca with Vogel and another radical preacher. READ MORE >>>

Italian Anti - EU leader Matteo Slavini Slams brussels

The E.U. can go fuck itself, says leader of popular Italian populist Matteo Salvini, frontrunner to win the nation’s coming elections, has said, in an explosive interview.

With no chance of any party contesting the Italian election winning an overall majority, Salvini, a member of the European Parliament and leader of the Lega Nord party, on Thursday agreed on a joint manifesto with two other right-leaning leaders, and the coalition is now favourite to govern Italy after the vote on March 4th 2018.

During a heated interview with Italian TV Channel Rete 4 this week, Salvini played up the eurosceptic position of his party, accusing brussels of meddling in the Italian election process and blasting the bureaucrats: "Europe can go f*ck itself! The European Union has been shafting us for the last 15 years and we are worse off than 15 years ago,” he added. "European measures are the last thing I am interested in."
Read more >>>

WHITES NEED NOT APPLY: Racist BBC Still Flouts Equality Law Again

The BBC is still advertising positions open to everyone except white people, despite figures showing Britain’s white working class are now at the bottom of the social ladder. “Newsbeat is looking for a Trainee Multi-Media Journalist,” announces a tweet from BBC Newsbeat, which produces news and entertainment content for BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra.

“This is a @_CreativeAccess scheme for people from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background. Know anyone who’d be suitable? Share this with them!” it concludes, with a link to the advertisement, which is accepting applications until February 4th, 2018.

The explicitly racial criteria for the position raises potentially uncomfortable questions around who does and does not qualify as “non-white”.

Project Veritas Exposes Twitter "Shadow Banning", Blocking Opposing Views

We have reported many times that under the Obama admistration in the USA, Internet techology companies, particularly those involved in search and social networking activities, had a too - cosy relationship with The White House and federal agencies, particularly those involved in security and surveillance. In Google's case, this eagerness to cooperate with Obama's authoritarian regime earned it a place at cabinet meetings in The White House. Out of these metings the belief that the government must censor internet content, a policy which has been carried on by Obama appointees under the Trump administration.

In the latest of a series of undercover operations targeting the mainstream media and now Social Media, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has just dropped a new undercover video which reveals Twitter "shadow banning" and creating algorithms that censor certain ideas.

The video contains a how/why on Twitter "shadow bans" of certain users:

Former Twitter software engineer Abhinav Vadrevu: explains "One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control. The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don't know they've been banned, because they keep posting but no one sees their content."

Oprah For President

Tanya Gold, writing about The Golden Globes awards, praised the acceptance speech given by Oprah Winfrey who was given a lifetime achievement award presumably for fronting a television freak show, and commented on the ridiculous calls from other 'liberals' in hollywood and Washington for Oprah to run against Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Oprah Winfrey, Praised As A Feminist Icon, Exposed As A Fraud Within Twenty Four Hours

London’s Met Police Won’t Investigate Minor Crime, Only ‘Hate Crime’

It’s official then, British heterosexuals are second class citizens, only members of minorities matter. A tad extreme you might well think, but how else are we to interpret the news that London’s Metropolitan Police force will in future investigate crimes if they are classed as major crimes or HATE CRIMES"
London’s Met Police Won’t Investigate Minor Crime, Only ‘Hate Crime’

Education: The Betrayal Of The Young

One of the great failures of progressive politics of both right and left has been education. Trendy theories on how children learn and political point scoring by politicians who promose change but only deliver stasis and failure have conspires to betray generations of young people and leave them at the end of thirteeen years or more of full timed education with heads full of Cultural Marxist propaganda and hearts devoid of aspiration and self esteem.
Education: The Betrayal Of The Young

4 January, 2018

Is Facebook Enabling The African Exodus To Europe?

In Europe, social media like Facebook and Twitter are removing posts and blocking authors opposing mass migration from the Third World as hate speech.

The hostile attitude to literally hundreds of thousands of Africans from Nigeria, Morocco or Ghana flooding Italy, Sweden or Germany is considered extremist behaviour by them. At the same time Facebook and Twitter are instrumental in the biggest human exodus in modern history. Social media have not been limited to a communication or marketing function for a long time. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter contribute to the creation of the political situation, as the events related to the Arab Spring or Kiev’s Euromaidan. Social networks have also become a channel that helps to organize the transfer of Africans to Europe.

Read full story at GEFIRA

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Immigration: Europe not the promised land

Petro-Yuan Looms - How China Will Shake Up The Oil Futures Market

3 January, 2018

The "huge story",as Graticule's Adam Levinson called it, will, it appears, be a "wake up call" for the West that seems to happily be ignoring this potential bombshell that is China's looming launch of domestic oil futures trading.

Additionally, Levison warns Washington that besides serving as a hedging tool for Chinese companies, the contract will aid a broader Chinese government agenda of increasing the use of the yuan in trade settlement... and thus the acceleration of de-dollarization and the rise of the Petro-Yuan.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt we’re going to see use of the renminbi in reserves go up substantially”

China has been planning this for a number of years and given rising tensions, now seems like a good time for China to flex a little.

Read more at Zero Hedge

Currency Wars

How Can The ‘Left’ Talk Of Equality When They Don’t Tolerate Diversity Of Opinion
One of the first things I learned at my Grandfather’s knee was the importance of free speech and of exposure to different ides and shades of opinion. Grandad had been a member of the Labour party before World War One and had lived through the class wars in the early decades of the twentieth century. My Dad was a Labour man too, until as a newspaper reporter, he learned things about socialism that shocked him.

December 2018

Declassified CIA Document Shows Real UFOs Were Spotted Flying Over Deception Island, Antarctica

For many years, you were perceived as a crazy person at the slightest mention of UFOs, let alone intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Today, however, it’s a much different story. Hundreds of thousands of pages of de-classified documents show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that intelligence agencies and global militaries have an extremely high interest in the UFO phenomenon, and have had this interest for a very long time.

For example, just go to the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act electronic reading room, and type in the word “UFO,” and you’ll see for yourself. There is no shortage of interesting documents that span not only the CIA’s website, but on a global scale.

“Everything is in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data.” – General Carlos Castro Cavero (1979).

On top of documents, their release has sparked a number of high-ranking officials from various fields, from top military brass, politicians, and credible figures from within academia, astronauts and more. Here’s one of hundreds of statements.

MORE at Collective Evolution

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The EU Plan Was Always To Destroy The Nations Of Europe

The EU Is Finished

From even before the creation of the EU, Merkel the fascists, The Communists and USI
have been working non-stop to overthrow the nations of Europe.
And with the barbaric behavior of Fascist Spain
the reality in Europe is now crystal clear: There is no Freedom in Europe
just as there are no longer any nation states inside the European Union!

Nations states are defined by their own borders, their own language and their own currency, along with their history and their social and political customs: All of these things without exception have been deliberately destroyed within the current states inside EU, with only a few exceptions.

What Fascist-Franco-Spain is doing to contemporary Spain is proof positive that there is no freedom of speech or thought within that place any longer. The elected people of Spain were asked to hold a public election on the Independence of Catalonia: The so-called state of fascist Spain forcefully blocked this, ruling in the process that the people of that nation do not have the right to have a voice in who governs them. What followed is no different from the elective policies of Franco when he sided with Nazi's to dominate Spain, by forcing Spain into becoming a Fascist State.

In country after country, the local currency was done away with in favor of adopting the Euro. The so-called interior borders of the EU were supposedly retained, but the people in the once separate-nations have no control now over who comes in or out of their so-called nations-state. Instead they are treated like the states in the US, just faceless places in subservience to a federal bureaucracy, wherein the rights of all the EU-states are now supposedly in service to a fascist-tyranny that no one in the EU has had a voice in electing.

It's the same in the USA. By the constitution, the right of the states is suppose to trump “federal-rights” yet now in the US, the States are secondary to the Feds. Witness the BLM and the UN both of whom have decided that they can govern this country as they please—the people be damned. And the Americans have no say in that matter at all. In addition to this OUTRAGE, Israeli policies now control US policy worldwide—and Americans have no voice in this treason either. Now it's Europe's turn to follow suit.

Europe has been having elections of late beginning with England, but in almost no nation of the EU has the massive spike in gang-rape, the war on the white race, or the savage barbarity of these invaders even been part of their elections, because the governments in most of the EU refuse to allow these crimes to be either reported or prosecuted.

MORE The EU Is Finished


Globalists Want to Mould All Nations in EU’s Image, Warns Orban

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Dark Side

The Hungarian prime minister has warned that “the forces of globalism are banging on the door” of Central Europe, “the last migrant-free zone” in the continent. Fidesz leader Viktor Orbán said his government wants “a secure, fair, civic, Christian, and free Europe”, but that eurocrats and mass migration advocates were working hard “to turn us Hungarians into Homo Brusselsicus” — Brussels Man.

Speaking on the anniversary of the 1956 uprising against the Soviet-backed Communist regime outside the House of Terror museum — formerly home to the Communist secret police — Prime Minister Orbán warned: "In the 20th century, it was the military empires that caused trouble. Now, it is the financial empires which have risen with the slipstream of globalisation."

Orban, who played a role in the fall of Hungary’s old Communist regime himself, said that the Hungarian experience since 2010 proved that despite the odds seeming to be stacked against him and his Visegrad partners, “we can stop migration, keep globalisation in check, curb Brussels, sabotage the plan of the financial speculator” — a clear reference to billionaire open borders activist George Soros — “and we can put a straitjacket on the insane idea of a United States of Europe.”
More on Europe
Europe unglued
Europe index

Monday 9 October

Grooming gangs 'are abusing girls across the country', victims and investigators warn

'Grooming gangs across the country are repeating the horrific abuse exposed in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and most recently Newcastle, victims and investigators have warned. There are mounting calls for nationwide action to combat sexual exploitation, with authorities accused of playing catch-up after ignoring victims “for decades and decades”.

Sammy Woodhouse, who was abused as a teenager by the Rotherham ringleader Arshid “Mad Ash” Hussain and has waived her right to anonymity, said abuse was underway “all over the country”.

“It’s an issue for every town and city, more people are being failed,” she told The Independent. “I’m hearing a lot of new complaints from survivors ...

MORE >>> [ Grooming gangs Rotherham ] ... [ Grooming gangs Rocghdale ] ... [ Sex abuse a national problem ] ... [ Even the elite are at it ]

Friday 6 October, 2017

‘Mafia Effect’ Keeps Islamic Terrorism at Bay in Italy

Italy has managed to avoid the brutal consequences of Islamist terrorism thanks to its decades-long war on powerful organized crime, according to a new article in the UK-based Economist magazine.

"The fight against Italy’s formidably organised criminals has given its police a wealth of experience in monitoring tightly knit target groups," the article states. "It was enhanced by the campaign to subdue the left- and right-wing terrorists who wrought havoc in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s."

Despite repeated threats against Italy, and Rome in particular, the Islamic State has so far been thwarted in its efforts to bring down the wrath of Allah on the Italian peninsula.

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North Korea Planning To Test Fire Missile Capable Of Reaching U.S. West Coast

Is this the stormy weather that Donald Trump was referring to yesterday?

Russian news agency Sputnik reports, that according to a Russian lawmaker, who has just returned from North Korea, Pyongyang is ready to test a missile capable of reaching the US western coast.

"They are preparing for a new test of a longer-range missile. They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the western coast of the United States," Morozov said.

"In the near future, they are going to carry out, as far as we understand, yet another launch of a missile, but this time with a longer range," the lawmaker said, adding that the general mood in Pyongyang is "rather belligerent."

Read more >>>

This "Russian Influence" Campaign Is Just A Click-Bait Scheme

Congress is investigating 3,000 suspicious ads which were run on Facebook. These were claimed to have been bought by "Russia" to influence the U.S. presidential election in favor of Trump.

It now turns out that these Facebook ads had nothing to do with the election. The mini-ads were bought to promote click-bait pages and sites. These pages and sites were created and then promoted to sell further advertisement. The media though, has still not understood the issue.

On September 6 the NYT asserted:

Providing new evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election, Facebook disclosed on Wednesday that it had identified more than $100,000 worth of divisive ads on hot-button issues purchased by a shadowy Russian company linked to the Kremlin.

The disclosure adds to the evidence of the broad scope of the Russian influence campaign, which American intelligence agencies concluded was designed to damage Hillary Clinton and boost Donald J. Trump during the election.

Like any Congress investigation the current one concerned with Facebook ads is leaking like a sieve. What oozes out makes little sense. READ MORE >>>

Thursday 5 October, 2017

Catalonia To Declare Independence From Spain On Monday?

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont is set to make a statement at 9 p.m. (1900 GMT) on Wednesday, after an all-party committee of the region’s parliament met to agree a decision on independence. The outcome of that meeting was a forgone conclusion and just moments before this article was posted, CUP, the pro-secession party that is a majority in the Catalan parliament, has announced it will declared independence from Spain in plenary session on Monday, ...
Catalonia To Declare Independence From Spain On Monday?

Harvard PhD Immunologist Destroys Mandatory Vax Logic

Not every medical researcher is on the pharmaceutical companies take. Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D., is speaking out on the matter and condemning the state, it’s legislators and the pharmaceutical companies for what is a blatant disregard for parental rights and science. She breaks down the failed concept of “herd immunity” and regards the Disney measles cases as mostly propaganda.Harvard PhD Immunologist Destroys Mandatory Vax Logic

>Free Speech Week: A Documentary


A personal view of Milo's free Speech Week at berkley University. Ben Shapiro observed something very important recently. He cited psychologist Baumeister, who pointed out the the most common form of Evil is Instrumental Evil, when a person basically makes an argument of, "By any means necessary." Where a goal is so good and righteous, that you can do anything good or evil to bring about that goal.?
Or as the founders of the Frankfurt School put it, the end always justifies the means if the end is to advance the agenda.
Free Speech Week Video

Russia Officially Accuses US of Helping ISIS in Syria, Threatens Retaliation
Russia Officially Accuses US of Helping ISIS in Syria, Threatens Retaliation

Wednesday 20 June, 2017

Russia Halts Cooperation With US In Syria, Will “Intercept Any Aircraft” In Russian Areas Of Operation

As we digest the news that King Salaman of Saudi Arabia has replaced his nominated heir, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, with his son, 31 year-old Prince Mohammed bin Salman, prominent in the Wahhabi sect, the most fundamental and implacably anti Christian branch of Islam and a far more radical figure, whose most recent role in the Saudi hierarchy has seen him in charge of managing the brutal war waged by Saudi Arabia on Yemen.
Russia Halts Cooperation With US In Syria, Will “Intercept Any Aircraft” In Russian Areas Of Operation
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Thursday 8 June, 2017

div id="170608-obama-hypocrisy">

Hypocrite Obama Warns Against Income Inequality While Delivering $7,700-a-Minute Speech

Former President Barack Obama spoke to the Chamber of Commerce in Montreal on Tuesday, warning against income inequality and the concentration of wealth—remarks from a man who reportedly commanded $400,000 a speech, or $7,700-a-minute at that rate, for his Canadian speech.

Obama said the world must do more to combat income inequality, noting that the concentration of wealth fans fears that governments exist solely to benefit the powerful, NBC reported.

“That’s a recipe for more cynicism and more polarization, less trust in our institutions and less trust in each other,” Obama said.

“And it’s part of what leads people to turn to populist alternatives that may not actually deliver,” Obama said in a thinly disguised jab at President Donald Trump without naming his successor specifically.

According to the Toronto Star, not everyone could afford to see the man calling for the end of income inequality.

More >>>

Who we are, how we live (catalogue)

Obama’s Bombshell Plot to Steal the 2020 Election Just Exposed

Democrats have been caught red-handed attempting to rig the 2020 election. Former President Obama has tapped his old analytic team to work on the upcoming census. This census will be used to redraw state and legislative district lines to help Democrats win in 2020. (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

Civis Analytics is a pro-Democrat data company that was built on the principles developed for Barack Obama’s successful reelection campaign in 2012. The company will work as a subcontractor with Young & Rubicon to conduct the 2020 U.S. Census after winning a $415 million advertising contract. Their work will form the basis of future redistricting.

The data company is unabashedly pro-Democrat and boasts on their website that, “We’re the minds that powered President Obama’s re-election campaign. Our mission is to help organizations find the truth in their data, and to spur them to actions that will change the world for the better.”

Of course, they mean “make the world better for globalists and their allies in the Democrat Party”.

Republican senators have expressed concern that an unflinchingly pro-Democrat group has been tasked with conducting what is supposed to be a politically neutral census. Partisan efforts to distort the census are particularly concerning since Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has openly stated that it is his mission to redraw district lines in favor of Democrat candidates.

More >>>

New World Order

Tuesday 18 April, 2017

France arrests two men suspected of plotting 'imminent' attack ahead of polls

French police found guns and bomb-making materials during searches of suspected terrorist bases in the southern city of Marseille on Tuesday (April 18). Two men suspected of plotting a major attack days before presidential polls were arrested, sources with inside knowledge of police operations said.
The weapons and bomb making tackle were discovered after the suspects – “radicalised) (i.e. Muslim) Frenchmen aged 23 and 29 – were taken into custody.The informants asked not to be named because they were not authorised to speak publicly.
France arrests two men suspected of plotting 'imminent' attack ahead of polls

Tuesday 18 April, 2017

France arrests two men suspected of plotting 'imminent' attack ahead of polls

French police found guns and bomb-making materials during searches of suspected terrorist bases in the southern city of Marseille on Tuesday (April 18). Two men suspected of plotting a major attack days before presidential polls were arrested, sources with inside knowledge of police operations said.
The weapons and bomb making tackle were discovered after the suspects – “radicalised) (i.e. Muslim) Frenchmen aged 23 and 29 – were taken into custody.The informants asked not to be named because they were not authorised to speak publicly.
France arrests two men suspected of plotting 'imminent' attack ahead of polls

16 April 2017

White House Report On The Assad Regime's Use Of Chemical Weapons - No Proof Whatsoever

If all what US and France governments can offer us is 'we believe' ... 'we assess' ... 'we have strong reasons to think' ... 'independent sources say' ... - in fact they don't have any proof of illegal weapons use by the Assad regime at all. You cannot bomb or invade a country based on this. These very same nations have armed and financed rebels in Syria, they're biased to accuse anybody now. Real aims? Break syrian-russian commercial and military alliance. Paving the way to invade Iran, for oil, next.

US Report On The Assad Regime's Use Of Chemical Weapons - No Proof Whatsoever

4 April 2017


In testimony last year to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Johnson said she was stripped of her gun and badge without explanation after discovering fraud and abuse. She was then offered hush money in the amount of a severance package of $100,000 if she would just sign a non-disclosure agreement and quietly go away.

It looks like officials were taking kick backs and were cuddling up to organized crime. Why am I not surprised? She said that during her investigation in 2013, she “discovered that EB-5 applicants from China, Russia, Pakistan and Malaysia had been approved in as little as 16 days” and that case files “lacked the basic and necessary law enforcement queries.” In other words, no one was vetted if they could pony up. Just imagine how many really, really bad guys have come in this way.

The Daily Caller reported that Johnson, who had more than a decade under her belt working at the DHS, was investigating the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS). More specifically, she was looking at a program called EB-5 that granted green cards to foreigners who invest $500,000 in the U.S, and discovered things that raised some red flags for her. READ MORE >>>

The reality of Hillary Clinton Clinton Soros links Obama the real danger to world peace The Clinton Crime Syndicate Scandals Keep Piling Up Global Corruption: USA Instrumental In Getting Saudi Arabia On UN Human Rights Panel British Elite Linked to Corruption, yet Media Only Focuses on Putin
30 March 2017

Trump Stands by Flynn Amid Federal Investigations Into Russia Ties

President Donald Trump tweeted support early Friday for Michael Flynn following a report Thursday night that the disgraced former national security adviser, who resigned after mischaracterizing interactions with Russian officials, has offered to testify to the FBI and Congress in exchange for immunity.

"Mike Flynn should ask for immunity," the president wrote, "in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!"

The Wall Street Journal first reported Flynn's offer to the FBI and the Senate and House intelligence committees, all of which are investigating his and other Trump team officials' alleged ties to the Russian government, based on an anonymous source familiar with the discussions. Flynn's lawyer, Robert Kelner, wouldn't confirm the offer to the Journal, but said the former Defense Intelligence Agency chief and Trump campaign aide "certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit." Read all >>>

Amnesty International warns U.S. coalition about Mosul civilian deaths

On Tuesday, human rights group Amnesty International said a recent sharp uptick in civilian deaths in Mosul, Iraq, suggests that the U.S.-led coalition isn't taking adequate care to avoid civilian casualties, a potential "flagrant violation of international humanitarian law." The U.S. military says it is investigating a March 17 airstrike in Mosul's Old City, called in by Iraqi forces trying to take the Western part of the city from the Islamic State; Iraqi officials say the death toll from that strike could hit 200 or more, making it one of the deadliest civilian attacks by the U.S. in Iraq.

The U.S. has confirmed the strike but not the casualties. "It is very possible that Daesh [ISIS] blew up that building to blame it on the collation," U.S. Army chief of staff Gen. Mark Milley told reporters in Baghdad on Monday.

Iraq collapses
Genocide in Iraq
The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Confined To Syria
Iran-backed Shi'ite militias threaten Turkey over incursion into Iraq

French Socialists Collapsing Just Weeks Before Election

France’s governing Socialist party was in tatters Thursday after former prime minister Manuel Valls spurned the party’s official presidential candidate and backed independent centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Valls’ endorsement of Macron seals the rift between what the former premier has described as “two irreconcilable lefts” — one still wedded to the class struggle, represented by presidential nominee Benoit Hamon, and another reformist camp led by Valls.

Successive Socialist leaders managed to hold the party together but under President Francois Hollande the tacit non-aggression pact between the two factions broke down, leaving the party in disarray.

Le Parisien newspaper said Valls’ repudiation of Hamon — a leftist rebel who quit the government in 2014 over its pro-business policies — was the “nail in the coffin” of the party.

Hollande has finished his party and France
France close to ci9vil war
Left Complicit In Violence Ripping Through Migrant Neighbourhoods?
France Falling Apart As The World Looks On
Hollande Proves EU Leaders Are Delusional And Out Of Touch
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After Brexit, 9 Reasons To Believe In Great Britain

by Daniel Stelter via Zero Hedge

Today Mrs. May finally officially announced Brexit and kicked-off the process of divorce from the EU. A disaster for Britain, according to officials in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. Really?

Rarely there is such broad consensus: The British voters made a huge mistake in voting for Brexit. The country will suffer for decades to come and deeply regret the decision while the EU and the Eurozone will continue to generate prosperity and peace for the continent. This view is predominant in the media of continental Europe and it is the key massage of its politicians, who fear nothing more than that other countries might follow the British example. Therefore the costs for Brexit have to be high and punishing.

Whenever there is broad consensus it is worthwhile to challenge it. Could it be, that the British end up much better off, than we think? Here are ten reasons why: Read more >>>

Brexit and Europe
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Operation Mosul: A Medieval Massacre

by Stephen Lendman

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described it this way weeks after US-led terror-bombing and Iraqi ground operations began last October – long before the worst horrors ongoing now. US-orchestrated operations are being conducted under “conditions of absolute information blockade,” Zakharova explained.

Nothing was done to protect, evacuate or otherwise help civilians. They’ve been on their own in harm’s way without humanitarian or any other type aid or consideration for their welfare and safety since last October. Hundreds of thousands remain trapped in the city. Others getting out risk their lives to do it – as endangered by US terror-bombing as ISIS fighters.

In the battle for Aleppo, Russia and Syria established humanitarian corridors – without aid from the UN or other countries. Great care was taken to avoid civilian casualties, why liberating the city entirely took so long. Moscow ceased aerial operations in October 2016 to protect civilians, long before the battle for Aleppo was won in late December.

The West and supportive media disgracefully portrayed a heroic Leningrad-type liberation as naked aggression.

They’re largely silent on the rape and destruction of Mosul. What’s reported falsely portrays liberation. Nothing about US terror-bombing mass murder. An orchestrated coverup of reality continues ... Read more >>>


‘I’m back from Syria. The media are lying to you.’ Eva Bartlett
No - one Invited US Troops To Raqqa, All Foreign Troops In Syria Uninvited Are Invaders
As Aleppo Falls ISIS Fighters Regroup To Recapture Palmyra
Fake News: Thousands Flee Aleppo to escape Assad troops. Real News: Thousands flee Aleppo to join Assad army’s advance
Syria: USA & NATO scream ‘War Crimes’ as US backed rebels shell Aleppo civilians

Orwell Rolls in Grave as Police Roll Out Unprecedented Drone Air Force to “Track Anti-Social Behaviour”

The Devon and Cornwall police force, tasked with the patrol of the largest geographical area in England, are pioneering perpetual drone surveillance by establishing an unprecedented 24-hour drone surveillance of its patrol area set to begin this summer.

The police drones, also identified as “unmanned aerial systems,” have undergone smaller tests last year. Multiple reports state that the drones will mostly be used for locating crime suspects and missing persons as well as surveillance of crime scenes.

Steve Barry, the UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council spokesman regarding police drones, touted the cost savings of choosing these devices rather than deploying police helicopters; according to a report from The Daily Mail, Barry predicts “forces across Britain would soon be using them as they are cheaper than helicopters and can perform some duties of bobbies on the beat.” The does not specify how deeply these police drones will be able to inspect individuals, including in regards to audio capacity.

The Mail noted that Barry has pondered the possibility of drones replacing some officers and said “there may be an opportunity at some point in the future to rationalise what we need our cops to do because we find drones can do it more effectively and more cost-efficiently.” However, Barry did not indicate that he approves of a reduced police force in favor of the devices, and other officers and experts were quoted in the report as viewing drones as a supplement for police rather than their replacement. Read more >>>

Surveillance society New World Order omnibus Death of Democracy omnibus The Orwell huxley dick Dystopia Index Technology: have we created a monster we cannot control?
<26 March 2017

>Space Travel…Will This Eventually Become A Reality?

The very concept of sending people into space has always been an interest to me, not because I actually believe it will happen, but just with the thoughts of how far we would have to advance, technically in order to achieve such a quest. I was reading an article which spoke of someone who was wondering if we would ever form colonies in space, and I felt compelled to respond. This was my response. Read more >>>

Canada Passes 'Blasphemy' Bill To Silence Critics Of Islam

Despite polls showing that 71% of Canadians would not have voted for the measure, Canada's Parliament, with the strong backing of Justin Trudeau's Liberal government, passed a motion this week 201 to 91 that critics say singles out Islam for special protection. Tabled by Muslim liberal MP Iqra Khalid, M-103 urges the federal government to “condemn Islamophobia” and to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.” The term “Islamophobia” is nowhere defined in the motion.
A petition on CitizenGo asking MPs to stop the “restrictive ‘anti-blasphemy’” motion has been signed by 79,500 people. Read more >>>

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Nunes Calls Comey, Rogers For "Closed Session" After Finding "Concerning Info" In Intel Reports

Last night we highlighted a Fox News story which suggested that Devin Nunes expected the NSA to deliver a "smoking gun" which would prove that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, as early as today.

Moments ago, Nunes fanned that speculation by holding an impromptu press conference announcing that he'll call both FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers before a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee to discuss topics which "they couldn't answer in a public setting."" See Nunes statement >>>

#Vault7: WikiLeaks releases ‘Dark Matter’ batch of CIA hacking tactics for Apple products

WikiLeaks has released the latest batch of documents in its Vault 7 series of documents related to the CIA’s espionage programs. The latest release, dubbed ‘Dark Matter,’ reveals the specific techniques used to target Apple products.
The release discloses the alleged details of methods employed by the CIA to compromise devices manufactured by Apple including the iPhone and Macbook Air.
In a statement from WikiLeaks, the whistleblower group said Thursday's ‘Dark Matter’ leak includes details of the ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ project, described by the CIA as a "mechanism for executing code on peripheral devices while a Mac laptop or desktop is booting."
Techniques named in the release detail methods that could allow devices to be compromised between the manufacturing line and the end user or by a CIA asset in close proximity to a target.
READ MORE: #Vault7: Assange says WikiLeaks ‘Dark Matter’ leak ‘small example’ of what’s in store

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Westminster Murderer Is 52-Year-Old Brit With Prior Criminal Convictions

After yesterday's balls up, in which the man who murdered four people near the Houses of Parliament was incorrectly named as an Islamic "hate preacher" who is actually in prison, today UK police said that the man they believe to be responsible for the attack in Westminster yesterday has been formally identified as Khalid Masood.
Masood, aged 52 (Dec 25, 1964), was born in Kent and detectives believe he was most recently living in the West Midlands. Masood was also known by a number of aliases. Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack.
However, as the Telegraph reports, he was known to police and has a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences. Read more >>>

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Islam in the west index

EU Parliament Head Sets ‘Red Line’ on Citizens’ Rights Post-Brexit

European Parliament chief Antonio Tajani said securing the rights of millions of EU citizens after Brexit was a “red line” when negotiations begin soon. In an interview with AFP, Italy’s Tajani said parliament would be a “protagonist” and hoped to hold its casting vote on a Brexit deal in late 2018 or early 2019.
“There is one sole red line: the interest of European citizens. There are no other red lines,” Tajani said late Wednesday at his office overlooking Brussels.The fate of 4.5 million citizens — both EU nationals in Britain and Britons living in the EU — threatens to be one of the thorniest issues in the Brexit talks.
Currently on both sides they have the right to live and work in each others’ countries, as well as receive benefits in many cases, but that is all at risk.British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to formally trigger the two-year divorce process from the European Union on March 29, beginning fevered negotiations.
The European Parliament head echoed EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, who said Wednesday that guaranteeing the rights of European citizens was the “absolute priority.” Read more >>>

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EU Nazi roots
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Nunes: Trump transition members were under surveillance during Obama administration

Members of the Donald Trump transition team, possibly including Trump himself, were under U.S. government surveillance following November’s presidential election, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) told reporters Wednesday.
Nunes said the surveillance appeared to be legal but that he was concerned because it was not related to the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the election and was widely disseminated across the intelligence community. “I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were, I guess, at least monitored,” Nunes told reporters. “It looks to me like it was all legally collected, but it was essentially a lot of information on the president-elect and his transition team and what they were doing.”
Nunes said he is heading to the White House later Wednesday to brief Trump on what he has learned, which he said came from “sources who thought that we should know it.” Read more >>>

Surveillance society
Left wage culture wars
Death of Democracy

North African Migrants Allegedly Rape Milan Schoolgirl in Broad Daylight on Commuter Train

A 15-year-old schoolgirl was allegedly groped and raped by two North African migrants on the commuter train from Milan to Mortara Thursday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, the girl was hospitalized with multiple bruises, a concussion and a broken rib, and police have launched a search for the assailants accused of aggravated assault and sexual assault.

According to police reports, after school—around 4:00pm—the girl went to the Milan station of Porta Genova to catch the local commuter train home, sitting with a friend in the last carriage. When the friend got off the train at an earlier stop, the girl was left alone. It was then that two young men wearing jeans and hoodies, whom the girl described as North Africans in their mid-twenties, accosted her with kicks, punches, and “insistent fondling of the crotch.” Read more >>>

New video details how SPIES on your most private thoughts, fetishes and conversations isn’t merely a massive retailer; it’s also a dangerous spy machine that collects detailed profiles of your most private thoughts, fetishes and conversations. Every device you use is actually a surveillance collection interface that’s translating your thoughts, beliefs and conversations into a “psychological profile” database at servers. For example: * Amazon ECHO devices constantly listen to your most private conversations and process your voice by uploading segments of audio to servers. Law enforcement agencies have already sought to use audio recordings from ECHO devices to incriminate individuals for words they uttered in their own private homes [...] * Every Amazon service is collecting data about your likes and dislikes, including Amazon MUSIC. It is the combination of all these data sets that is astoundingly dangerous because it “profiles” your mind without your consent. Read more >>> Keywords: Surveillance; psychology; RELATED: Surveillance society omnibus Science of mind control Nanny state menu New Wirld Order

Rochdale Rape Gang Set to Be Deported to Pakistan

Four members of a Muslim grooming gang look set to be deported after losing a legal battle to stop the government stripping them of their British citizenship. All four hold dual UK and Pakistani citizenship. Mr. Justice Bernard McCloskey, Britain’s most senior immigration judge, rejected their appeal against then Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to take away their British nationality. Gang ringleader Shabir Ahmed, 64, has already lost an appeal against his possible deportation in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), during which he claimed his convictions were a conspiracy by police and members of the jury to “scapegoat” Muslims. Last week, Mr. Justice McCloskey slammed the barristers attempting to block the deportations, accusing them of playing the system as they earn substantial fees at the taxpayer’s expense. The judge’s decision clears the way for the men to be deported. However, it is likely to take months or even years before they actually leave the country Read more >>> RELATED: Child abuse gangs, Rochdale
Child abuse scandal in Rotherham
Elitists involved in child abuse
Child abuse scandals involving Muslims spread nationwide

Europe Accelerates Move To Begin Elimination Of Paper Money

While the world has been disracted by Donald Trump's eccentric style of doing politics, the European Union has quietly launched the next offensive in the war on cash. These unelected bureaucrats have boldly asserted their intention to crack down on paper transactions across the E.U. and solidify a trend that has been gaining momentum for years.

The financial uncertainty amplified by Brexit has incentivized governments throughout Europe to seize further control over their banking systems. France and Spain have already criminalized cash transactions above a certain limit, but now the commission has unilaterally established new regulations that will affect the entire union. The fear of physical money flowing out of the trade bloc has manifested a draconian response from the State.

The European Action Plan doesn’t mention a specific dollar amount for restrictions, but as expected, their reasoning for the move is to thwart money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Border checks between countries have already been bolstered to help implement these new standards on hard assets. Although these end goals are plausible, there are other clear motivations for governments to target paper money that aren’t as noble.

Negative interest rates and high inflation are a deadly combination that could further destabilize the already fragile union in the future. With less physical currency circulating, these trends ensure that the impact of any additional central bank policies will be maximized. If economic conditions deteriorate, the threat of citizens pulling cash out of their accounts and starting a bank run is eliminated in a cashless system. So long as the people’s wealth is under centralized control, funds can be shifted at will to conceal any underlying problems. But the longer this shell game is allowed to persist, the more painful it will be when reality overrides the manipulation.


Cashless Society

EU foreign affairs chief says aging Europe needs migration (Russia today)

Aging and graying Europe won’t close its doors to asylum seekers, as it needs immigration, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said, adding that Europeans had been migrants themselves “up to few years ago.”

“I believe Europeans should understand that we need migration for our economies and for our welfare systems, with the current demographic trend we have to be sustainable,” Mogherini said.

Mogherini, who was speaking at the Senior Officials Meeting at the Valletta Joint Action Plan 2017, was joined by Maltese Foreign Minister George Vella, as well as officials from Europe and Africa. The meeting was convened to deal with migration through cooperation with third countries.

Mogherini slammed the stance of immigration opponents as “based on confrontation, instead of cooperation; on building walls, instead of building partnerships; on closures and bans, rather than dialogue,” promising the Europe will instead take a “fair” and “humane” approach. Read more >>>

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‘Hillary Clinton Means Devastation’: Marine Le Pen Backs Trump

Marine Le Pen has voiced her support for Donald Trump, warning that his rival Hillary Clinton would bring war and devastation to the world. Asked by CNN which U.S. candidate she supports, the Front National leader remarked that “everything but Hillary” would be better for France.

“As far as France’s best interest is concerned it’s, ‘Everything but Hillary Clinton’.

“It’s everything but Hillary Clinton because I believe Hillary Clinton means war, Hillary Clinton means devastation, destabilizing the world, economic choices that would be devastating for my people, geostrategic choices that would lead to global conflicts,” Ms. Le Pen said.

Ms. Le Pen, who is running as the populist, anti-mass migration and Islamisation candidate in the 2017 presidential elections next year, noted similarities between her campaign and Mr. Trump’s.

“What we have in common is that we’re not insiders, we are not taking part in the ‘system’, we depend on no one and do not take our orders from any financial institutions,” she told CNN in the interview taped and released yesterday.Marine Le Pen has voiced her support for Donald Trump, warning that his rival Hillary Clinton would bring war and devastation to the world.

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A linton presidency will be a tyranny
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