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Many years ago low grade folk demon Jenny Greenteeth found her natural habitat was shrinking due to modern agricultural methods. It is a fallacy that folk demons are stupid creatures made of fear and superstition, they are actually highly intelligent and Jenny discovered a new habitat for herself in electricity, which is as fluid as water though not as substantial. Living in the electricity system she could do mischief but had no way of making herself known. Then came the internet. Now CEO (Chief Ectoplasmic Officer,) of Greenteeth Digital Publishing, Jenny loves to cause trouble by spreading the information The Powers That Be would rather you remained unaware of.

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Evidence of Problems With Covid Vaccine Grow And Te Real Agenda Becomes Clearer.

Mainstream media have been distracting us with stories of successful mass vaccination campaigns, but as ever things are not quite what they seem to be and though the claimed 999% take up of the vaccines is not verifiable, the deafening silence regarding the huge numbers of serious adverse reactions to all type of vaccine and the significant numbers of unexplained deaths which have occured soon after people reveived the jab suggest there will be worse news to come in the future ...

Our political leaders and their scientific advisers continue to push the vaccine salvation narrative, constantly telling us that getting ourselves vaccinated is the only way we can be safe from the killer virus pandemic that does not kill very many people, and mostly the ones who are at death's door already. Meanwhile the growing mountain of evidence that the untested vaccines unleahed on the ovine members of the public who, incapable of thinking for themselves, have no choice but to believe the propaganda. Thus they are quite happy to point and scream "heretics, burn them," at anyone questioning the vaccines effectiveness or highlighting the numbers of serious adverse reactions and deaths that have hit people who gladly took the experimental medication that we know does not make people immune to COVID-19.

This was reported on the CDC website, on their “Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination” page.

They report that 3,005 people have now died following COVID-19 experimental “vaccines.”

(Note: not all of these deaths they are reporting have been entered into the VAERS database yet. Additional data is entered into VAERS every Friday.)

The CDC wants the public to think that this is an insignificant number, since over 189 million doses of COVID-19 emergency use injections have now been administered to the public.

But to put this into perspective, these 3,005 deaths now exceed the total number of deaths following ALL vaccinations from August of 2007, through the end of November, 2020, just before the experimental COVID shots started.

That is a time period of over 13 years, with 3,001 deaths following ALL vaccinations administered during that time frame.Try to start any dicussion of COVID vaccine related deaths however and one will be engulfed is a swarm of vaccine cultists and Bill Gates worshippers angrily buzzing the phrase "Conspiracy Theorist."

It is par for the course these days, along with racist, white supremacist, homophobe, transphobe etc, a convienient way for those who lack the intelligence, wit and vocabulary to argue their case to suppress open discussion of any controversial issue. The "Conspiracy Theory" label is one that needs to be applied with caution however. It is a phrase that was created specifically decades ago, to discredit people who questioned the official narrative on the assassination of President John F Kennedy and marginalise as crazies the people who had noticed that their governments were not being honest and wwere trying to make others aware of the gaping holes in that narrative.

The very people who are trying to rule our lives are the ones who created the "Conspiracy Theory ploy because, as in the case of the Kennedy assassination, they are unable to answer serious questions about their actions and motivations. So it is easy to just lump the perceptive people who recognise deception and question it in with those who think aliens run the world (they don't, although it is legitimate to question whether certain political leaders and technology billionaires are completely formed humans as several important components seem to be missing.)

Another trick used by leaders of the herd is to pretend the politicians do not know what they are doing. Our own Boris plays the "bumbling clown" role very well as a distraction to the reality that there is a very sharp, cold and calculating mind at work. He is not just a friend but an associate of politically activist billionaires including Klaus Schwab, president of the EEF, Bill Gates and George Soros, is party to the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their Great Reset and a suppoter of United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 both of which move towards abolishing private ownership. They have this in common with the part of the WEF's Great Reset that tells us by 2050 we will own nothing and we will be happy because the world government will provide all our basic needs.

To put it bluntly, do you believe that so many world leaders are all following the same script with their Covid responses and vaccine programs by coincidence? Are so many of them following the upcoming "Green Agenda" that will wreck our economies because they agree with the far left nutters that we can all live on lentils and have "green" jobs in the recycling business.

It is a hard stretch of the imagination to think that all of these leaders are happy to erase their own cultures unless they are working to a different goal where individuality must be swept away.

They are clearly not working in the interests of their own people, but I still think that we will beat them.

Signs of rebellion are breaking out like the green buds on the trees this spring season, yesterday the hospitality sector rebelled by flatly refusing to support a scheme which ould have them require their paying customers to produce a digital passport in order to gain access to restaurants, theatres, sports and music venues and a host of other everyday social activities. Representative of Britain's pub landlords and owners have alread told the government "forget it, we're not enforcing your human rights abuses and all who value freedom are joining the pushback. Thus it loos as if The New Normal is set to fail, Klaus Schwab's brainchild is about to be aborted. Digital passports were always the goal, the virus 0.1 IFR and 0.3% death rates, was never the real issue.

Witness the cognitive dissonance on jabs.

Jabs macht frei the new Nazis screamed. Yet here we are still face - diapered, still in a lockdown, still 'distancing', still following fake science, still inundated with fake dead counts, fake cases, fake infections, and still overwhelmed byscarmongering propaganda even as reports come in from US state Michigan, one of the first places to launch its mass vaccination program of vaccinated people getting COVID. Unfortunately Michigan’s efforts to “vaccinate” its way out of another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “spike” are failing miserably as a spate of new “cases” is being reported throughout the state, with many of those testing positive having been among the first wave to receive vaccines back in December and January.

Additionally, despite its madatory mask-wearing regime and draconian penalties for people caught reaching social distancing and stay home regulations, Michigan is seeing some of the worst numbers since last spring, prompting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head Rochelle Walensky to call on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “to close things down” once again.

Even though lockdowns never worked in the first place and are unenforceable, Governor Walensky wants Michiganders to remain imprisoned forever as a final solution to the problem of the Kung Flu. In other words, forced cultural, societal and economic suicide is Walensky’s final solution to the Chinese Virus, which will apparently never go away until Americans go away.

So early signs are jabs don't work. Post Feb 1 some 10 K died after all the oldies were jabbed. Ergo they failed. Same numbers died in previous years in feb from flu and other pnuemo-respiratory problems. The COVID jabs did nothing. Even worse: 1K dead from the jabs, 500 K injured. Ergo they failed. Diapers, distancing do nothing. The Lockdowns murdered some 50 K people......

There's the "European Database od Disease of adverse drug reactions for covid-19 vaccines," maintained by the European Medicines Agency a.k.a EudraVigilance. Their pages my not be accessible to the public, they don't show up on search results provided by a non - censoring search engine, but you will fing liks to parts of their site along with a lot more revealing information in an article posted in The Duran, I have tried to research the topic but can do no better than this, that there is a dearth of reliable, independent information available.

p>"F**K The Jab, Long Live Australia" - 20,000 Shut Down Melbourne Highway In Massive Lockdown Protest
Anti-lockdown protests have become commonplace in Australia since the latest round of "snap" lockdowns began two months ago although you wouldn't think so if you rely on mainstream media for information about what's going on in this increasingly insane world. Newspapers and broadcast news channels have almost totally blanked stories reporting the pushback against the Australian government's increasingly authoritarian measures