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Many years ago low grade folk demon Jenny Greenteeth found her natural habitat was shrinking due to modern agricultural methods. It is a fallacy that folk demons are stupid creatures made of fear and superstition, they are actually highly intelligent and Jenny discovered a new habitat for herself in electricity, which is as fluid as water though not as substantial. Living in the electricity system she could do mischief but had no way of making herself known. Then came the internet. Now CEO (Chief Ectoplasmic Officer,) of Greenteeth Digital Publishing, she would loves to cause trouble by spreading the information The Powers That Be would rather you remained unaware of.

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Getting To The Truth Of Covid?

The kind of people who read Greenteeth, The Daily Stirrer and our other online publications will also be the kind who have worked out for themselves that what we are being told in government propaganda broadcast and published by mainsteam media is out of kilter with the observed reality. Here Xavier Connolly recounts a family conversation that throws some light on the confusion around what kind of disease COVID actually is ... )

A friend spent some time in hospital earlier this year, in September in fact. The problem was not COVID related and was easily dealt with by routine treatments. She was discharged and returned home thinking that would be the end of it. A few days later she could hardly walk and was complainming of fatigue and aching muscles and joints. As the weeks wore on things did not improve and on returning to the hospital for further tests she was told she might have picked up a case of "Long Covid." Having trained and worked as a nurse she recognised this diagnosis as bollocks and found a piece in the Lancet on viral arthiritis. It seems any viral illnes is being rebranded as COVID these days, in order to perpetuate the fear and panic generated around this very mild (for 99% of us) illness.

I read the article; now I am not claiming any medical expertise but what struck me is that most viral illnesses present symptoms which overlap with those claimed for COVID. And as we have reported many months ago, the SARS-COV2 virus which is the virus that allegedly causes COVID, does not conform to any of the Koch Postulates. These are four criteria that, for over a hundred years have been accepted as the benchmark for identifying a specific pathogen as the cause of a disease.

So the obvious question is, "WTF is "Long Covid?"

Having neither the education nor the inclination to research it myself I asked a family connection who happens to be a cardio - thoractic surgeon while we were breaching Tier 3 regulations with the help of a bottle of Chivas Regal at my sister's house over Christmas. This is his reply:

"You are on the money here Ian, amid all the scaremongering about the deadly virus pandemic we have lost sight of the fact that that Covid 19 is a systemic illness . Consequently it affects ALL body systems and the system in your body with the greatest problem becomes your weakest link . Hence if your knees are your weakest link AND you develop COVID 19 your knees will be worst affected and you will experience arthritis - like symptoms. If you have liver problems your symptoms will resemble hepatitis. The biggest problem is that the virus will affect people for a long time.

"So you're telling me COVID is an auto immune disease, not a killer in itself but if you have a potentially terminal condition that isn't up to the job, COVID wil step up and help. I guess that means there was some substance to those rumours back in March and April that it was a harmless coronavirus variety that had been genertically engineeered in a bioweapons lab to contain active genes from the HIV virus?" I asked. "Sssssshhhhhhhh! Go around saying things like that and we could both be disappeared," he warned me.

This is why the problem we have currently APPEARS to be so big. In 2018 1500 people died every day in the UK. We now have 1000 plus dying with rather than of COVID but this group is part of the 1500. For the number of deaths being attributed to COVID a corresponding number are not dying of cancer, heart disease, old age etc. The way COVID deaths are being recorded is a travesty, and we can only conclude this corruption of science through statistics and lies is necessary to keep as many people as possible in a constant state of fear, in order that some agenda may be advanced while a large proportion of the population are distracted. However, for all the hype promoting COVID as an existential threat to civilisation, the complete death numbers for 2020 are within the normal range. There is no pandemic, COVID is a rebranded influenza bug, a variant of the disease which kills thousands, mostly old people and those with long term health problems every winter.

What we should have learned from these annual outbreaks of influenza, in fact what most of us averagely intelligent people have learned though its has gone over the heads of our politicians and the stupid wankers they employ as "scientific advisers" is that even though a new vaccine is produced every year because any vaccination is only really effective against the variant recognised at the time, and these type of viruses survives by mutating, so the pandemic cannot be eradicated but only possibly contained as we have contained but not eradicated influenza.

Several common, well proven medications have proved effective in alleviating the symptoms of COVID that affect the respiratory tract and suppressing the debilitating effects. Hydroxychloroquine (Quinine) is one, though it was demonized in the west by mainstream media after Donald Trump revealed his doctors had advised him to take it as a preventative measure. Could lives have been saved if the left - dominated media types had not allowed their irrational hatred on anyone who challenges their fuckwit politics overrule logic and reason?

Another chemical used very effectively in India and other Asian nations, according to reports is Ivermectin. And to boost immunity, supplements of Vitamin D and Zinc have performed well in studies. Yet all these are brushed aside (not enough profit in them for the big Pharma corporations perhaps,) and expensive vaccines of dubious efficacy are pushed by Big Pharma, media, politicians and "scientists."

The best protection for any reasonable healthy person of any age is a healthy lifestyle. This should have been the main message from our politicians at the start instead of hysterical lockdowns that has only slowed a virus that is well embedded in the population.

Food for thought!"

We are mushrooms, everyone of us, kept in the dark and fed a diet of horseshit.