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Many years ago low grade folk demon Jenny Greenteeth found her natural habitat was shrinking due to modern agricultural methods. It is a fallacy that folk demons are stupid creatures made of fear and superstition, they are actually highly intelligent and Jenny discovered a new habitat for herself in electricity, which is as fluid as water though not as substantial. Living in the electricity system she could do mischief but had no way of making herself known. Then came the internet. Now CEO (Chief Ectoplasmic Officer,) of Greenteeth Digital Publishing, she would loves to cause trouble by spreading the information The Powers That Be would rather you remained unaware of.

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Globalist Elites Now Pushing For Lockdowns Save You From Climate Change

Elite globalists are now proposing that lockdowns be imposed to protect us punters from climate change. Did we ask for this? Did we vote for this?

 Can it be that the globalist elites who planned, engineered and managed the pandemic of fear that led whole populations to surrender their human rights, civil liberties and the ability to thing for themselves as they cowered in fear of a disease that kills some (only some) people who are very old, very sick or both but poses little threat to 97% of us, have realised the game is up, enough of us have seen through the pandemic of fear scam and the propaganda and fake statistics about the COVID virus and their plan to use it as cover for ushering in a totalitarian world government are doomed to fail.

Judging by the recent switch of focus by many leading globalists from their COVID kills scaremongering to climate change and the fact that some of the leading proponents of mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports, lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing laws to a new cycle of climate change scaremongering it would seem so.

The unfortunate thing here is that power is the strongest addictive in the world  and now the politicians and bureaucrats have tasted absolute power it will be hard to reclaim our rights and liberties. This should not surprise anybody. Goverments and bureaucracies never relinquish the powers they have stolen willingly. In 1898 the French novelist and libertarian Emile Zola wrote:

The government is voracious. They want ‘to eat and do not want to leave the table’. Having feasted on tyranny they will never voluntarily surrender their power."

Likewise our politicians have fed on the raw meat of tyranny and acquired a taste for blood. The know the thrill of ruling by decree. making up laws on a whim, imposing mandates, bypassing the democratic process by creating regulations, restrictions, tests, lockdowns and health passes justifying these dictatorial measures by claiming it is or our protection. They have strutted and swaggered in the public eye, struck messianic poses and convinced the weak minded and gullible that only Big Government can save us from COVID. And now it is clear that the vaccine ommissioned by these poltroons and created by the medical hustlers they and the nefarious corporations of The Big Pharma cartel employ are not working, people who have been given the Gold Standard double vaccine are still catching COVID, still getting sick and still dying.

We the ordinary punters are starting to hope that life will soon return to something like normal as spectre of COVID fades and more of us realise that for the vast majority of us it is at worst no more of a life threatening experience than a heavy cold, and that the people who are at serious risk from the virus can with only a few exceptions, be easily identified and protected. But those who have tasted raw meat crave it again and already the globalist elites are floating scare stories to soften us up for the next round of tyranny.

In a recent essay,  Mariana Francesca Mazzucatoshe, an economics professor at University College London in Economics of Innovation and Public Value and she is the founder and director of their Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. On top of this she has an impressive list of appointments and consultancy posts with the myriad agencies and organiations spawned by the United Nations and European Union. She is also a powrful advocate of economic lockdowns.

 However, according to a her essay linked above, she’s also a tyrannical advocate of economic lockdowns. Unlike the crippling coronavirus lockdowns that sent overdoses into record breaking territory and childhood suicides through the roof allegedly to protect us from a non - fatal disease, the lockdowns Mazzucatoshe wants imposed are for the even more nebulous threat of climate change.

In her essay, which has been endorsed by many politicians, bureaucrats, acdemics and media figures, Mazzucato demands stringent measures to delay what she refers to as a tipping point on climate change. If governments don't act immediately, human civilization as we know it will come to an end and so will the planet, according to Mazzucato. Sounds boringly familiar, such much like the scaremongering I have been hearing from the Climate Science mob of reality challenged mathematical modellers for the past twenty five years. And so far none, not a single one, of their doom mongering predictions has been proved correct.

But if you, like myself and so many others, have noticed many echoes of the rise to power of national Socialism in 1930s Germany in the responses to COVID, get ready for a modern remake of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution in Communist China and the murderous tyranny inflicted on China by Mao's Communist regime.

According to Mazzucato’s paper, which was reprinted in mainstream media outlets across the planet, the same mainstream media that has utterly failed to report the pushbacks against vaccine tyranny in France, the UK, USA, Italy, Australia and around the world:

“Under a ‘climate lockdown,’ governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling. To avoid such a scenario, we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.”

Given the apparent effects of the COVID lockdowns, the consequences of such a cataclysmic change to the way the world does business would be devastating for every developed nation and send shockwaves throughout every socioeconomic arena. So why on Earth would politicians and media be eager to get on board?

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden,  aka Dementia Joe, used the recent hurricanes as “proof” we’re in a “climate crisis” and issued a “code red” for the world. He was backed up by House climate adviser Gina McCarthy, who added that the climate crisis is now a “health emergency.” Now I am seventy three and for as long as I can remember each year we have seen reports on television news and in print of hurricanes, flooding, drought, heatwaves, heavy snow, freezing temperatures and awesome thunderstorms. These are not signs of climate change they are business as usual for mother Nature

Another report referred to some bureaucrat claiming that COVID-19 lockdowns have prepared people for “personal carbon allowances.” Restrictions on individual freedoms that were unthinkable only two years ago have made us us “more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations” needed to “achieve a safer climate,” the piece claims. 

World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas would even go further, he declared that the COVID lockdowns provided a blueprint for how climate lockdowns could be the next step towards enslaving the entire world population.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is not a solution for climate change. However, it does provide us with a platform for more sustained and ambitious climate action to reduce emissions to net zero through a complete transformation of our industrial, energy and transport systems. The needed changes are economically affordable and technically possible and would affect our everyday life only marginally. It is to be welcomed that a growing number of countries and companies have committed themselves to carbon neutrality,” he said. “There is no time to lose.”

The Powers That Be may get a big shock when they learn that suppressing reporting of resistance to their power grab is not the same as suppressing resistance. Public anger over COVID is at boiling point now, telling people that in future they will need permission from a bureaucrat to drive their cars, go on holiday or even turn up their heating in cold weather might cause an explosion of resentment that will derail The Great Reset and put paid to globalism forever.