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Pandering To Black Lives Matter Agitators Will Further Alienate White Working Class.

With every Tom Dick and Harry, particularlt the dicks, "taking the knee," ignorantly believing that such a medieval symbol of submission and servitude will somehow earn them politically correct brownie points with the wannabe conquerors of western civilisation something has to give. There are signs that the patience of the white working class is wearing thin. If the government do got act quickly to put the racist mobs of BLM supporters back in their cages it's all going to get bloody, very bloody.

by Arthur Foxake, 18 June, 20202

Good to hear Dominic Raab talking some sense about this outbreak of disgusting grovelling to the Black Lives Matter thugs that seems to be turning into a pandemic. Mr. Raab was quite right to say the semi - literate, communist clowns is the USA who started "bending the knee" during the National Anthem ahead of sports events were just too stupid to understand that far from symbolising a rejection of servitude, is actually a medieval tradition that signifies acceptance is servitude and inferiority.

Medieval peasants had to go down on one knee when the local robber baron was passing to affirm their acceptance of his authority. To remain standing was to challenge him and he, being a trained warrior, adept with sword, battleaxe, halberd or morning star (a spiked metal ball attached by thick chain to a strong wooden handle, ideal for smashing skulls,) would quckly dispatch them to a well deserved eternal reat just to remind witnesses who was boss, because as Don Corleone might have said, "Let one disrespect you and they'll all think its OK to disrespect you."

Since the murder of career criminal and small time dickhead George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, protests have taken place around the world calling for an end to racism. Interestingly these sponaneous demonstrations of outrage have been very well organised, which suggests they were not all that spontaneous and Mr. Floyd's death, while completely unjustified, served as the starting bell for a well plannede colour revolution.

Black Lives Matter protesters in the US have been calling for the end of police brutality towards black people in their country but their cries have been drowned out by the shreiking irony of the rioters going on an orgy of vandalism , arson and looting even as their ever faithful supporters in Hollywood were calling for an end to violence.

But while there is at least some justification for protests in the USA where relations between police and black communities have never been good, WTF are the protests in Britain all about. OK, they are protesting about Britain's role in the Atlantic slave trade, which ended over two hundred years ago, as CONSERVATIVE and WHIG politicians in England led the world in abolishing slavery. So reall knocking down a few statues of long dead people with alleged links to the slave trade is just vacuous gesture politics. But at least the gesture is sort of apporopriate to the cause, unkile bending the knee (sic.) One of the satues they want removed, depicts a man whose link to the slave trade was through the fact that he was one of the leaders in the campaign to abolish it.

But what do Black Lives Matter protesters in the UK want beyond leave to vandalise statues?

“What we want is equality, what we want is justice and what we want is to have the same opportunities as everybody around, having our curriculum not so white-washed would make a massive change,” says protester Katrina Okuyiga , talking to a TV news reporter. Okuyiga admitted she had attended some of the UK Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

“Part of the reason we went to the protests was to highlight that people experience police brutality and police violence every single day. Our call is do divest from policing,” says Temi Mwale, a racial justice campaigner and founder of The 4Front Project. Police brutality and violence every day? In Britain? Methinks Temi doth protest to much, he or she needs to spend some time in African before talking about police brutality and violence. It's difficult to think of a single African nation where anybody randomly stopped by a police officer who refuses to hand over the expected bribe is unlikely to ever again be seen alive by their family and friends.

But Temi was not finished showing how stupid Black Lives Matter supporters are. Explaining why blacks in britain experience police brutality and violence every day he / she added a lovely non sequitur: “The reason for that is because it’s really important that we actually invest in services, invest within communities, invest in mental healthcare, invest in opportunities, the things that are actually proven to increase people’s safety.”

Yeah, right.

Black Lives Matter activist Gary McFarlane opined that there are some “easy wins” in his eyes for the Government to make, such as: “A full public inquiry into the disproportionate number of black and minority ethnic (BAME)persons that have died in the Covid pandemic to date. A ban on tasers would cost the Government nothing. That’s been rolled out to all police forces in the country. That should be unrolled.”

So COVID - 19 is racist now. If Mr. McFarlane had as many brain cells as he has testicles he might understand that the reasons black and minority ethnic people have been badly hit is drug abuse (which wrecks the immune system,) bad diet (white diabetics have been even more badly affected that BAME communities.

“After the easy wins, we have the harder things to do perhaps…The uprooting of institutional racism in the NHS…in the education service, the civil service and…employment more generally.”

Really these people have no idea what they want, they have simply been manipulated by the dark forces of globalism into believing they are victims of injustice. Similarly the Black Lives Matter rent a mob across the pond start rioting and looting whenever the killing of a black person by a white makes the news, but demonstrate that not all black lives matter equally by clamming up whenever the huge number of blacks killed by other blacks is mentioned.

As for the British lot, it appears to be the usual universitiy brainwashed retards who have decided to be offended on behalf of working class people of minority status who actually understand they are lucky to be in Britain rather than stuck in some African shithole ruled by an amateur tyrant who like to kill his own people simply because he can or caught up in some middle eastern war zone where simply being a non Muslim can get you killed but being the wrong sort of Muslim is certain to.

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