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Orthodoxy by Stealth by Xavier Connolly.
It is a universal truth that a dumbed down, unthinking population would made life much easier for an authoritaian, control freak government to exercise the kind of bureaucratic control over people and businesses they so desire. But in a democracy voters would not stand for such a thing, would they? Probably not, which is why controls and enforced uniformity are being introduced by stealth.

Orthodoxy By Stealth
by Xavier Connolly.
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KEYWORDS: orthodox, authoritarian, authoritarianism, bureaucrat, bureaucratic, labour, socialist, corporate, business, businesses, local, national, retail, town, community

Just because the perniciously authoritarian Labour government has been kicked out don't think the march to authoritarianism has been halted or even slowed down. We are still being pushed towards "orthodoxy" every day in every way. Look around your town, where do people get their main shopping. Now if you are lucky enough to live in a semi rural area as all of us do here in the Ribble Valley you will be able to go to an ancient market town like Clitheroe where there are still old fashioned butchers, craft bakeries, greengrocers with a colourful display of fruit and veg in the window and outside the shop. There is an independent bookshop, a wine merchant, an old fashioned tea and coffee merchants from which the most delicious scents of freshly roasted coffee emit, the world's foremost designer sausage shop and a thriving open market.

Highly individualistic, idiosyncratic (pricey) furniture is on sale in two local shops, there are many delights. The town has a small Sainsbury's and a branch of E. H. Booth, a regional supermarket chain that keeps Waitrose out of the area. Those who can afford to shop in Clitheroe are fortunate.

Contrast that with the larger towns of East Lancashire, Blackburn, Burnley and Accrington. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Netto. The bookshops, independent butchers and craft bakers are long gone, replaced by multitudinous pound shops and charity outlets. The big naional chains are represented but small local businesses have been squeezed out by what could be seen as a conspiracy between the local authority and central government. The traditional town centres have been usurped by out of town retail parks where cheap, utilitarian and shoddily samey are the norm. The problem with these retail parks is they are not well served by public transport so the argument that the low prices offered by the chains benefit the poor is proved false because anyone who cannot afford a car or taxi fare cannot get there.

Meanwhile certain people, mentioning no names, continue to drive their two litre car twenty five miles each way to a favourite clothes shop and spend more on a tie than a suit would cost from Matalan or George. The poor are not raised by this cult of cheap nor are the affluent constrained.

The Government has recently changed direction and has been promoting "the digital economy" and helping online businesses to attract our custom. Do people not see the attack on liberty here. With nothing to buy in shops only cheap, unserviceable crap we are isolated, pushed into shopping online, solitary consumers hunched over our computers instead of going out and associating freely with other human beings. And so it goes on. Keep a gooid grip on the real world or you may find you have lost touch with reality as so many almost did in the debt fuelled consumer boom of the past decade.

Swedish Revolutionary Proletarian Retail Outlet">Swedish Revolutionary Proletarian Retail Outlet
Charlotte Gore on how "orthodoxy" the only state of mind tolerated by The Thought Police in Orwell's 1984, is being imposed on us by stealth.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Out of order Xav, I did not spend more on a tie than a suit can be bought for in a cheap outlet. It was a shirt, the tie only cost £30. And my car is more fuel efficient than many 1200cc models. You're an effing engineer you should know about power to weight ratios.)

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Pavlov's Cat

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Updated : Mon, 22 Dec 2014 08:01:16 GMT

New York killer boasted to onlookers
The gunman who shot dead two New York policemen told people "watch what I'm going to do" shortly before the killings, police say.
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South Korea's nuclear plant operator is to conduct drills testing its ability to withstand a cyber-attack, after a data leak and threats from a hacker.
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Gadget insurance complaints rise
The Financial Ombudsman Service says it received 2,200 complaints about gadget warranties last year, double that of the previous year.
Publ.Date : Mon, 22 Dec 2014 00:04:49 GMT

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What Would George Orwell Think Of The Screeching Left's Horror At Plans To Shrink The State. In part one of his classic social commentary, The Road To Wigan Pier, George Orwell wrote of the grinding poverty and appalling living conditions endured by people in industrial areas. The second part, which is more revevant to the 21st Century is a rant against the superiority of the upper class 'Fabian' socialists who have hijacked the Labour movement and whose Paternal Liberalism is in almost all ways more repugnant that the uncaring attitude of the old elite.

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