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Corbyn's Politically Correct Hypocrites Hate Sexism But Approve Of Muslim Sexism

On encountering my insense dislike of the Labour Party, people asume I am a Conservative. WRONG! I have never supported The Conservatives and have never voted either Conservative or Labour in my life. Politicians should never be trusted, I but what sets Labour politicians and activists above the rest in terms of being worthy of only contempt is the hypocrisy. Sure there are Conservative hypocrites, Liberal Democrat hypocrites and even Green and UKIP hypocrites. But Labour supporters seem to think hypocrisy is a virtue.
edited by Ian R Thorpe

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Corbyn's Politically Correct Hypocrites Hate Sexism But Approve Of Muslim Sexism

A Muslim women’s rights group has written to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, protesting the “open secret” of large numbers of male Muslim Labour councillors blocking Muslim women from entering politics. They called for an independent review and accused the party of prioritising votes and being “complicit at the highest levels”.

Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK) singled out the Muslim-dominated Peterborough and Birmingham councils as of particular concern. The latter is already embroiled in a sexism row, after the Lord Mayor-elect and chairman of Birmingham’s Central Mosque was forced to step down because he said forced marriage was not a problem and lied about dealing with horrific cases.

The MWNUK urged Labour leaders to investigate “systematic misogyny displayed by significant numbers of Muslim male local councillors” and suggested that Muslim men within Labour had been allowed to operate under the “patriarchal ‘biradari’ system”.

“They don’t like women to be heard, to be empowered,” the group told BBC2’s Newsnight, explaining how in Labour dominated councils talented Muslim women had been harassed out of top positions. In the examples given, the party had effectively allowed the men to enforce Sharia principles; ensuring women could not act freely without the permission of male guardians.

Optician Fozia Parveen claims her efforts to become a Labour councillor in Birmingham in 2007-8 were scuppered by Muslim men in the party: “At the time, I was aware of a smear campaign against me, they said that I was having an affair with one of the existing councillors. I was quite taken aback. People were turning up at my family home trying to intimidate my mum.”

She claimed Muslim men who were members of the local Labour party were behind the efforts to prevent her from standing. Socialism is based in hypocrisy of course and it is enturely typical of Labour to adopt double standards on the issue of sexism, decrying the most trivial disespect on women by White males as if a crime on the scale of the holocaust had been perpetrated, but quite happy to condone patriarchalism, oppression, violence and even rape by Muslim men.

So ingraned is the hypocrisy of the left what while they screech for fredom and equality there are many women acivists in Labour and who champion Sharia law and the clothing it presecribes (which is not dictated in The Koran BTW, that takes away womens' individuality and the expression of who they are as a person.

However, the relationship between Islam and Labour is v. sinister and must be virtually impossible for many women to challenge or reject in such a controlled home/community and now even British schools. The common factor and the attraction of these two bodies is control. In a Sharia household there is no tolerance of other expressions and beliefs and when women have tried to leave, wear other clothes, choose their own boyfriends etc. the retribution is swift and severe and even deadly as court cases have proved.

For Labour the temptation to get into bed with this totalitarian system of law, 'faith', finance, and political whole life system would have been rejected if Labour was still the original party based on Christianity, the emancipation of women and representing the working man. It chose the dark side of control and misogyny and even ignored and assimilated child abuse such as FGM and child brides and even now there is no mass demonstrations or outrage on behalf of the children (irrespective of who they are or where they have come from) who are being segregated, raped, sexually abused on an industrial scale by men who think it's normal and don't care if the child is a boy or a girl.

Once a political party has sunk this low how could any freedom seeking woman in a Sharia household see it as a beacon of democratic light? It is just more darkness and no one comes to the rescue - no one even acknowledges that crimes and indecencies and humiliation are being plied daily in the family unit, in the community and now thanks to Labour's network all over the country.

There are thousands of females and males who have for different reasons escaped Sharia families and communities but the price to pay is total and extreme and often deadly or disfiguring for life. Labour does not help them. Labour does not stand and say 'we no longer want to be associated with Sharia'. Labour remains silent and unrepentant in its refusal to stand for British law and order - for much of this behaviour and control is illegal in Britain and in some cases would receive sentences of life in prison. No, Labour have chosen to comply, appease, abandon, lie, send out the mobs, ignore the ballot stealing from women, ignore the ballot rigging, ignore the misogyny, ignore the child abuse, ignore the mutilation of female genitals that is truly butchery and that alone should carry a v. long sentence and yet not one person has been charged or imprisoned. This is Britain in the 21st century and it is for hundreds of thousands of females it is in reality for them the 7th century.

Labour and its offices and officers and political agitators are accommodating the expansion of this Sharia misogynist, often illegal and brutal system that flies in the face of democracy, female emancipation and Human Rights - there is NO diversity or equality in Sharia and in Labour/Sharia communities - there is only the common thread of control.

Labour has morphed into a wicked complicit partner in a parallel political, legal, financial misogynist to form a monster that would take super human strength to exit. That our law, lawmakers, police, CPS and our Parliament fails to stamp on these crimes and this dehumanising control of women and children from birth is Parliaments and the government's shame for their complicity.

We MUST stand up and say no more of this. Those brave folk who left Sharia and converted to Christianity and whose lives are every bit as dangerous as those who are put into witness protection for fear of reprisals cannot look to Labour to save them or even acknowledge them for to do so Labour would have to split from Sharia and as we know they are so intertwined that there is now no difference.

We are far too easy on Labour. The MSM is far too easy on Labour. Authors are far too easy on Labour as are the entertainment world's luvvies. Academics are far too easy on Labour. The police are far too easy on Labour. Those representing families and individuals suffering abuse are far too easy on Labour. Labour IS the problem and it's new friend Sharia is nothing less than a serial killer no matter where it lives in the world there is death and destruction and a commitment to expand and takeover whether schools, food chains or countries it marches on.

Labour has abandoned freedom and democracy and the British working class and chosen to join the antitheses of the founding ideals of the Labour party. Women and children have no friend or champion in Labour.

I believe this cosy accommodation between the "progressives" of The UK Labour Party and the medieval sexism of Sharia is not talked about enough and acknowledged for the evil it is and how this relationship itself is a tortuous monster and as such is extremely dangerous to the future of our country but especially women and children.

Maybe PEGIDA will be the voice that has for so long been needed to end the wilderness of silence that hides so much horror in 21st century Britain.

It's not just the Labour party which is complicit in the suppression of Muslim females by Muslim males, the UK government also doesn't want to come out and plainly condemn this religion with its vile, sexist, homophobic dogma. When I search for the word "Muslim" in this FCO "Human Rights and Democracy Report 2014":

I find that of the 19 references none are in the "Women's Rights" section and all but one relate to defending Muslims from "Islampohobia" and "anti-Muslim hatred".

The one exception is in this passage about:

"... the case of Meriam Ibrahim, charged with apostasy and adultery and imprisoned in Sudan with her young son while heavily pregnant. Meriam, who was tried for choosing to follow and marry into the Christian faith while her father was a Muslim, was obliged to give birth to her daughter in chains ... "

"... Meriam was eventually released. However, she was forced to flee the country and is now in the United States."

Perhaps "the UK’s cross-government Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group" might like to consider that there could be good reasons for the hostility to some religious minorities the politically correct Thought Police choose to call "anti-Muslim hatred".

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