Moses Miliband Promises Same Old Shite - Not A Word About Action Against Paedophile Sex Gangs

Pundits said in advance of Ed Miliband's keynote speech at the Labour conference yesterday that the Labour leaders would have to give the speech of his life as he tried to assure British voters that Labour is fit to govern the country again while the legacy of thirteen years misrule under Blair and brown are still fresh in the public consciousness. With US fighter planes flying over Syrian territory to bomb Iraq and the drumbeat of war pounding a funereal rhythm for Broken Britain, poor Ed must have felt the hand of history seizing his jugular as he tried and failed to seize the day.

Mr Miliband attempted to shift focus from the international to local, and from the anger of alienated and abandoned working class voters to the future shape of a Whitehall machine that had lost all credibility in the eyes of the public. all he succeeded in doing was to lead his party towards the wilderness.

Unfortunately he failed, not only hinting at a return to Labour's tax and borrow and spend loonytoons economics, a blind faith bordering on religious fanaticism in the advice of 'scientists' and no mention at all of acting to control immigration or ensuring multiculturalism does not mean foreigners get a free pass to rape, murder, indulge in slave trading or otherwise treat members of their own communities or British people in a way that shows contempt for our laws and morality and human rights in general.

Business as usual then if Labour are elected in 2015. Economic insanity and politically correct stupidity.

The most eagerly anticipated part of Ed's speech was the section about how Labour would save the NHS. Oh dear. They's spend more, hire more doctors and nurses and open more hospitals he said. not a word about curbing the excesses of NHS Trusts that reduce management overheads by giving million pound redundancy packages to guys on salaries of £125,000 a year, then three months later hire the same guys as consultants and pay them £250,000 a year.

Bizarrely as the speech progressed Ed forgot to mention the UK annual deficit and national debt that he and his 'there is no money left' chums bequeathed to the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition 4 years ago.

The Labour Government left the annual state deficit spending £150billion each year more than state revenues. Now it is down to £100billion a year overspend. With interest on the national debt heading to £60billionn a year. We are not far from the situation the USA, France and Italy have already reached in which interest on the existing debt eats up so much state revenue it is impossible to pay down the debt no matter how brutal austerity measures to curb public spending may be.

Would you allow total power for five years over your credit and debit cards to your weird teenager who earns about £10,000 a year, and spends £11,500 a year. And has already a £100,000 debt from constant overspending? That would be a suitable analogy for handing control of the economy to Labour Party spendthrifts like Ed Miliband and Ed Balls.

Ed also appeared to forget his party left the front door open for over 12 years and invited into our house about several million new people many of whom are competing with Britons for scarce jobs, and a home, welfare services and are breeding so fast they are taking all the school places.

Sadly Ed 'forgetting' these important matters does not make them disappear. The problems caused by socialist policies Ed and his bleeding heart mates in the Labour Party would have us return to, caused huge, possibly irreparable damage to British society.

Basically the weird, superannuated teenager who leads Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition needs to grow up and become more self reliant. But that is not a culture that socialists accept. They despise culture and individual identity as it gives people personal self reliance and makes them less inclined to be controlled by, and dependent on, Nanny State from cradle to grave.

Not even people who normally vote for Labour in the North will have been won over by 'waste of space' Miliband . He has done everything the Conservatives and UKIP must have hoped for yesterday, he is extremely incompetent unless he doesn't want to be PM and secretly wants the Conservatives to be in power after the general election. How can you possibly forget the biggest issues in politics? As soon as the televised debates happen I predict a reaction opposite to Nick Clegg in 2010 when people not interested in politics realise how utterly shite as a leader Miliband is. Having said that, I like him as a person but he is way out of his depth and his efforts to lead Labour look like a man who is "Not waving but drowning."

Several simple things need doing to restore the country to some kind of sanity. The most obvious is a massive reduction in welfare spending. That means simplification and cutting taxes to provide an incentive to work instead of pushing people into state dependence. Start with businesses, especially small businesses, so they can recruit more easily. Taxing a company for hiring someone is offensive and stupid.

Shutting the door. Quite simply, we haven't the infrastructure to support 20 million foreigners in 20 years time. In that same vein, demand that those migrating here provide a net benefit to the economy. That means paying for schooling and hospitals, speaking English fluently and accepting our laws, customs and traditions (no free passes for raping underage girls, honour killings or female genital mutilation on grounds of 'multiculturalism, (for the record I'd like to see male genital mutilation banned too, except on medical grounds, but I don't think there is much chance of winning that argument.

The public sector needs shredding in many areas, administration most obviously, and expanding in others: the police need more members and deserve better pay. Public Sector unions must be obliterated. These are political organisations dedicated to engineering a one party state, not worker representation groups.

An end to the Lefty PC hogwash we currently Labor under. The courts should be returned to a justice system where previous convictions are considered, the first offence only given free legal aid and a persons religion or skin colour is not considered in mitigation of crimes.

It's not difficult: tax cuts, restructuring of welfare and public sector to take people out of it and judicial reform toward justice, not profits for law firms. Would Labour even understand the reasons why? Probably not. Would they consider making these changes? Maybe, but only if we could travel back in time and bring Clement Atlee, Ernest Bevin, Herbert Morrison, Aueurin Bevan, Barbara Castle and James Callaghan back to lead the present party. They might have been lefties in their day but they understood the realities of working class lives.

A Labour government in 2015 would do what every single Labour government has always done: screw everything up and leave behind a mess. The sad thing is the Left are so entrenched they'll ensure the sewage keep getting elected until the day comes when the county can't borrow any more and the coffee shop closes up and that nasty little shit Owen Jones can't buy his poncey coffee. Then, perhaps, Labour supporters might look around them and see the misery their demented ideology has inflicted on decent people.