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The Immigration Problem

The Immigration Problem The politicians may run a mile when the topic is mentioned, the Islington Screechers and medi luvvies may cover their ears and go la-la-la-la whenever the topic comes up but there is no denying immigration is the big issue in Britain today. Labour's open doors immigration policy was a disaster, the coalition have failed to address it for fear of upsetting the politically correct thought police. Is it any wonder UKIP, the only party that will talk about immigration, is doing so well?


The Daily Stirrer looks at how uncontrolled mass immigration into an area can tear apart communities, destroy local culture and lead to civil unrest. The fallacy that immigration is good for society and the national economy has since the 1950s been a sacred cow for the main political parties in British politics. The refusal to allow discussion of the issue and casual dismissal as bigots and racists of people who raised the concerns of the working class about the creation of ghettoes, unequal application of laws and kid gloves treatment of some minorities demonstrated how totally out of touch with ordinary people the political elite have become.


Council Of Europe Concerned At Rising Racism In Germay (but No Mention Of Violence And Sex Crimes Committed By Illegal Immigrants)
The European Union immigration crisis that is now affecting most of the EU's wealthy nations and some that are only just clawing their way out of poverty after independence from the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia, appears to be dividing societies more deeply and pushing many European societies towards civil conflict as the affluent, self indulgent elite, in their efforts to show how caring and politically correct they are, ...

The Immigration Problem - Its The biggest Issue Among The Working Class - The Problem Is The Elite Don't Want To Discuss It

Who Says We Have To Hand Our Nations To Alien Cultures
Bradford safe? It Is If You Are Muslim and Male
A Tale Of British Immigration
Immigration And The Fragmentation Of The Nation
Denmark: Welfare Cost of 'Non-Westerners' up Two Billion. Welfare for Natives Down Eight Million


Refugees in Calais Evicted with Tear Gas, Police Violence

Police hold back migrants in Calais

THE LATEST ROUND of evictions in the French refugee camp known as the “Jungle” has been marked by violence from refugees, protest by brailess European do - gooders, and an absence of communication between aid workers and local officials. In an earlier eviction in January, police and military personnel helped by aid workers peacefully moved around 1,500 people out of 'The Jungle to another camp. But the latest eviction, which began on Monday 29 February, looks very different so far. “We’ve gone from trying to find out what the hell the prefecture are doing to emergency distribution of getaway bags for everyone here,” said Annie Gavrilescu, a volunteer with the organization L’Auberge. The bags contain small first aid kits, tinned fish, water, hats and scarves, and foil blankets. On Monday, structures were set ablaze by immigrants protesting against the imposition of rule od law, and tear gas and water cannons fired by police, as refugees resisted moving. A number of residents sat in protest on the roofs of wooden housing that had been built over the last couple months. Some of the protesters were forcibly removed. The unsanctioned camp, located in Calais, France, is a jumping off point for asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Iraq, and Iran attempting to sneak onto trains to cross the Channel Tunnel into the UK. It has grown to an estimated 5,500 people, who live in vinyl tents or makeshift wooden structures with inadequate sanitation, food, water, and warmth. A camp nearby, outside the town of Dunkirk, holds another 2,000 or so asylum seekers. Having failed to convince illiegal immigrantsliving in the camp to apply for asylum in France or to return to their home countries the French
government and courts have acted to reduce the Jungle’s population to 2,000. The latest eviction is a continuation of a French policy of deterrence and forced removal that reflects increasing intolerance of refugees throughout Europe. Scenes similar to the ones in Calais played out in Macedonia on Monday as police fired tear gas at protesting refugees, who had been prevented from crossing out of Greece. As spring approaches, pro - immigrant activist say it’s unlikely that Europe’s influx of refugees will slow although as Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras say, once people who have entered Europe illegally start arriving back in their own countries, the flow will cease. RELATED POSTS: Migrants Riot And Use BATTERING RAM To Smash Through E U Border Checkpoint
today used a home-made battering ram in an attempt to force their way through a border control point between greece and Macedonia. They also threw rocks at police, who retaliated with tear gas. The migrants destroyed a gate on the border but Macedonian military personnel were on hand and it is not clear if any actually managed to get through the broken gate ...
German Politician Predicts White Germans Will Be A Minority. Faces Calls to Quit.
Erika Steinbach, human rights spokesperson for Angela Merkel's CDU party, has been criticized after she posted a picture that appears to predict that in 14 years' time, white people will be in a minority in Germany. Steinbach faces criticism after she tweeted a picture with the caption 'Germany 2030' that depicts a crowd of dark-skinned people curiously asking a single white child where she is from.

Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns
After a remarkable degree of restraint and tolerance was demonstrated by residents of EU cities where the refugees are being dumped in hostels, fed, clothed and given spending money, all funded by European taxes, the attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris in November and the string of sexual assaults that swept Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve have been the straw that has broken the camels back.

Worlds Biggest Luxury Liner To Be An Immigtant Hostel?
Ocean Gala, a luxury cruise liner which when launched was the world’s largest passenger ship will be converted into a concentration camp floating hostel to house Sweden’s third world migrants. The only thing that may derail the deal with US Shipmanagers for floating migrant accommodation, would be failure to find a berth in any of Sweden’s large deep water harbours. Sweden’s open doors immigration policy has led to ...

German Government To ‘Create’ 100,000 Subsidised Migrant Jobs That ‘Pay’ Just €1 An Hour
The German government has announced plans to spend nearly € half a billion on creating 100,000 heavily subsidised jobs for unemployed migrants. Or to put it another way, Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel is going to pay migrants with taxpayers money to turn up at recreational centers and watch TV or play pool while pretending to do these make believe jobs.

Jews Fleeing From France In Record Numbers Because Of Antisemitism
Europe's new wave anti - semitism. Jewish people are fleeing france but not because of Front National or nationalism. The stupid, self righteous left alone must take credit for this outbreak of Jew hating.

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Calais Crisis: Just Part of an Invasion That Exposes Government And EU Impotence

Many commentators, from Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson to Andy Burnham and Owen Jones have warned the migrant crisis at Calais will spread, diversify and worsen (the solutions differ, from Farage's sensible proposal that we close the border to the prepubescent Trotskyite Jones' idiotic suggesition that we scrap all controls and let a hundred million or so economic migrants flood into the country to claim their benefits, free houses, healthcare and anything else that takes their fancy. The latest border control carry on let a solitary migrant walk through the Channel Tunnel. The Sudanese illegal immigrant was stopped just a few kilometres from the tunnel exit at the English end.

He will now appear at Medway Magistrates’ Court where some ineffectual penalty will be imposed, after which he will be free to melt into the British population for the rest of his life armed with the knowledge that in Britain the government pays black men a wage for doing nothing, and that all white women are prostitutes and so there is no such crime as rape.

Migrants, as it is etiquette to term these criminal scumsuckers, are now targeting ferries sailing to England, guided by British anarchists sponsored by Neo Nazi extremists such as Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Anti - nazi Leaguer (ANL) and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) who regard promoting their influx as a useful way of undermining society in preparation for an international Socialidt takeover. Others are still smuggling themselves onto lorries bound for the UK: they know that if they can just reach British soil their residence here will be guaranteed for 20 generations.

The spectacle that confronts us is incredible. The French government, the British government and the EU authorities that claim to rule the destinies of hundreds of millions of Europeans are limp, helpless and prostrate in the face of invasive aggression by 5,000 illiterate criminals and the anti - Western hysteria of Barack Obama. We can deduce from this how vigorous the response would be to an attack by Spetznaz special forces at the command of Vladimir Putin Our leaders would disappear faster than the French army when Hitler invaded in nineteen thirty nine.

So ineffectual has the rule of the Westminster and Brussels pseudo-governments become that the intervention of Putin, a man who has not forgotten how to govern in the interests of those he rules, would now be welcome to many despairing EU citizens, trapped under a regime of ineffectual, liberal, gay friendly, political correctness that defers eternally to the enemies of Britain and Europe.

Future historians will struggle in vain to understand the suicidal masochism that impelled politicians to hand over the continent that is the cradle of civilisation to a devastating invasion of barbarian vagina mutilators. But they will struggle even harder to comprehend why the inhabitants of so many countries meekly submitted to conquest. What are we doing. The Conservatives should be a minor party in Westminster, Labour and the Liberal Democrats should not have a single seat. The repugnant SNP traitors and seditionists should be in a gulag on St. Kilda.

In Britain, Migration Watch, the one organisation whose statistics have proved consistently reliable, estimates there are around 2 million illegal immigrants in this country. Often the authorities know where they live. Frequently they exhaust even the labyrinthine appeals system imposed by European law and their deportation is decreed by British courts. Lest anyone misunderstand the meaning of the term “deportation”, it entails leaving the court building and spending the remainder of your life in Britain without anyone being so discourteous as to detain you, escort you to an airport and send you back to your country of origin.

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Thousands Flood The Streets In Germany As Fury Over Refugee Sex Assaults Reaches Boiling Point
What mostly news reports in English speaking countries initially believed was isolated riot by newly arrived migrants in Cologne’s city center now appears not to have been confined to the German city but was a bloc-wide phenomenon as women in Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, France and other places have come forward to report being molested

Terrorism: France Will Push To End Borderless Schengen Zone
Europe’s free movement zone is already under pressure due to the tide of illegal entrants flooding over the EU's external borders. Now, terror stricken French citizens will demand emergency border controls and the re - establishment of national borders at a summit on Friday." To all intents and purposes it will be a temporary suspension of Schengen,"

Scary Teutonic Troll Merkel Warns Of Balkans War If Europe Builds Border Fences/a>
In what amounts to a huge defeat for Merkel's pro global tyranny, anti European democracy politics, Germany restricted the number of entry points for migrants arriving from Austria to five border crossings on Saturday, in a bid to control the influx of thousands flowing daily into the country.

Libyan Government Issues Gaddafiesque Threat To Flood Europe With MORE Migrants

One of the three self-declared governments currently fighting each other for power in Libya, in the wake of 2011's FUKUS axis (France, Uk, USA) regime change war which turned Africa's most prosperous nation into a failed state, has issued a Gaddafi style ultimatum, warning that it will 'flood Europe with hundreds of thousands of new migrants if the European Union (EU) declines to recognise the Islamic State political wing as the legal government.

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The Immigration Problem - Who Says We Have To Hand Our Nations To Alien Cultures

This is one of those posts where we just have to embed an article from another site because we really cannot find any better way to say any oth the things being said. shariah law poster - Bradford, England

Look at that poster and weep and realise that it will become a reality if the establishment cartel remains in power. We are entering a dangerous time and being led by fools and cowards is a sure route to disaster.

Imagine a foreign and alien justice system enforced by religious thugs, this monstrous abomination is nearer now than ever and we can thank the cowardly snivelling appeasers of the establishment cartel for that. Imagine living in a country where women can be flogged for going out of thrir homes without an accompanying male relative, or for wlking wround with faces or hair uncovered. Imagine living in a country where a woman is still her husband's chattel to do with as he wishes, even if he wishes to beat her or force her to have sex against her will or threat her as a domestic slave.

Imagine living in a country where the ritual mutilation of little girls' vaginas is not only tolerated but celebrated. Or where a father can sell his daughter into marriage to a man she detests, a man who may be old enough to be her grandfather. Imagine living in a country where parents killing a daughter for trying to refuse such a marriage is considred to be something to do with honour.

Imagine the level of congnitive dissonance the screeching 'liberals' have to draw on in order attempt to justify some Muslim's doing all of these things in Britain while simyltaneouldly screeching "Racism, sexism," when a white Englishman makes any slightly off colour remark about women or calls for immigration controls to be properly enforced.

Imagine the country the politically correct screechers of The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties want to turn Britain into. (h/t Cassandra King)

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Merkel Hit By German Citizens Backlash As Her Anti - German, Pro - Immigration Policy Indtroduces Violence, Rape and Third World Lawlessness To Germny's Muslim Ghettos
As the lawless criminal scum imported by Merkel in her efforts to suck up to Obama threaten to turn Germany into a third world human cespit, it seems public opinion in European is waking up.

Mediterranean Immigrant Composite
The flow of undocumented migrants from Africa trying to cross the Mediterranean from the coast of Libya to Italian, Greek and Maltese territory seems unstoppable. Two factors in the problem however have been western (particlarly American meddling in the internal affairs of African states, and wester aid leading to a population explosion national infrastructures are unable to cope with. And of course European leaders haven't a clue how to deal with the problem.

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Bradford safe? It Is If You Are Muslim and Male

posted by Arthur Foxake

Left Wing Media Claims Bradford is Safe, But Parallel Muslim Justice Systems Mask the Real Crime Rates

A recent opinion poll by YouGov on public perceptions of safety in major UK cities has caused police in Bradford to rush to defend the city, after the revelation that it enjoyed the reputation as being Britain’s most dangerous place to live.

Superintendent Scott Bisset complained the YouGov statistics merely reflected the prejudices of outsiders, not real Bradford residents. In a press release he said: "I am very disappointed with the perception that outsiders have of Bradford, but it is clear the views are not a true reflection of what we know to be the situation 'on the ground' amongst the communities we serve.

"The survey is based on the views of people across Britain - not the people of Bradford. How can someone in London or Cornwall be expected to know what life is like in Bradford unless they have lived or worked here? They can't - just as much as I wouldn't know what it is like in those areas”.

But perhaps the Superintendent should have read the survey. While it is true the sample was nationwide, taking in views from Cornwall to Scotland the full results were made available and crucially broken down by region, which allows insight and analysis.

Some areas suffered a worse reputation nationally than locally; Londoners perceived London to be safer than average, for example. Glaswegians also thought Glasgow was safer than outsiders. The same was not true for Bradford, where not only was it considered the least safe in the country, but locals in the region were more likely to feel unsafe than the national average.

In a somewhat bizarre turn of events, Labour-supporting tabloid the Daily Mirror also come to the city’s defence, publishing an extensive and infographic laden article contrasting the perception poll with statistics from the ‘United Kingdom Peace Index’ (UKPI). The figures, which rate nations and localities on a small number of criteria, are compiled by the 'Institute for Economics and Peace' in New York.

Bradford is a safe place to live, argues the Mirror because of the UKPI figures showing the number of police officers per 100,000 population and incidences of violent crime are broadly in line with the national average. No matter that ‘homicide’ (combined murder, manslaughter and infanticide) is noticeably above the average.

In addition, the fact that the UKPI also considers Rotherham, now unfortunately northern England’s most infamous city and the centre of the child-rape scandal to be more ‘peaceful’ than Bradford somewhat undermines its use as a credible source.

Reflecting on Rotherham, it might be said that official police statistics don’t always tell the full story. According to official government figures gleaned from, levels of ‘violence and sexual offences’ in Rotherham were lower last year than national and local figures.

We now know this to be untrue, and is instead a reflection of the frightening collusion between local officials and the Pakistani gangs who abused some 1,400 young girls over sixteen years. This attitude towards leaving local communities to ‘police themselves’ in Bradford has recently been highlighted by a report in the Guardian. Far from preventing crime, it merely leads to crime, including sex crime, going unreported.

That young girls interviewed by the authorities in Rotherham reported being trafficked to Bradford and forced into sex acts with locals there suggests it isn’t an isolated problem either.


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Autumn Gets More Interesting As Merkel Admists She May Have Caused balkans War.
The autumn of 2015 has been interesting with the escalation of the war against ISIS by Russian air Force jets and Iranian ground troops in Syria and Iraq, Europe's migrant crisis pushing prosperous north European nations towards civil unrest, and the downing of a Russian airliner over Sinai by as yet unknown causes though western intelligence reports suggest a terrorist bomb was planted on board before take off. And it is set to get more interesting ...

Can Muslim Culture Ever Integrete With Tolerant Western Socities?
We in the developed nations are constantly told we must accept multiculturalism (Why? We never voted in favour of it?), celebrate diversity (We do celebrate diversity, there are thousands of diverse lifestyle within western societies) and adapt to accommodate the quirky but charming traditions of immigrants ...

New Waves of Migrants Could Hit Britain’s Shores As Germany Introduces More Lax Border Control
Germany will shortly approve the inclusion of Bulgaria and Romania to the passport-free Schengen area, Once anyone crosses the frontiers of these borderline third world failed states, it is passport free travel all the way to Calais where thousands of undocumented migrants from eastern Europe, the middle east and Africa are already massed, hoping for an opportunity to cross the channel and illegally entr Britain.

3,000 Migrants Rescued off Italy in Single Day, Tensions Rise
Italy’s coastguard on Saturday led an operation to rescue around 3000 migrants from the waters of the Mediterranean after distress calls were picked up from more than 20 overcrowded vessels drifting in waters off Libya. In the biggest single-day rescue operation to date there were no reports of casualties. Reports have been coming in however of hundreds of life jackets and other items being washed up along a stretch of coastline, which suggests the naval rescue flotilla may not have reached al the stricken boats in time.

Child Abuse Scandal In Rotherham Rochdale Child Abuse scandal Latest Posts

A Tale Of British Immigration

posted by Xavier Connolly, July 2014

A week on, I am still digesting Ed Miliband’s apology for his party’s woeful underestimate of both the scale of immigration and public concern about it. Mr Miliband said that Labour had let too many immigrants from Eastern Europe into the country too quickly by lifting controls on the new EU member states before others did.

The feudal societies imported from Pakistan and Bangladesh throw up problems that no one wants to address

But Labour wasn’t just “insufficiently alive to the burdens” of ordinary people, as he claimed. It actively smeared many who voiced concerns. James Cameron, the envoy to Romania, and Steve Moxon, the civil servant who revealed that the Home Office was rubber-stamping bogus visa applications in 2004, were branded as racists. When Frank Field set up the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration in 2008, colleagues openly called him a racist. This column could be filled with the names of people who tried to express reasonable concerns — including social workers and policemen at the sharp end — and were silenced.

This censorship was aided by the misuse of statistics. When Westminster City Council and others asked for more money to run services because so many more people were registering with GPs and schools, the Government flatly denied the claims. When the campaign group Migration Watch predicted in 2002 that net immigration would reach two million over the coming decade (which has turned out to be an underestimate), it was attacked as “muddled”, “duplicitous” and worse.

The Home Office stuck to its notorious estimate that only 13,000 Eastern Europeans would move to Britain after EU enlargement, though more than a million had arrived by the end of 2009. When Labour left office, it was still basing its estimates of movements on the ONS Passenger Survey, a survey at ports and airports that is entirely voluntary. A government that wanted the truth would have done what the coalition is now doing: gathering data from councils and GPs and laboriously restoring border controls.

If Mr Miliband’s remarks are to usher in a new era of glasnost, he must recognise that the truth has been further hindered by the preference by all parties for couching immigration in terms of Eastern Europeans: a tradition he continued last week. The public is given the impression that nothing can be done because most people come here from the EU. But in fact the EU accounts for less than a quarter of the 3.5 million long-term immigrants who the Office for National Statistics says have come to the UK since 1997.

The focus on white Europeans also keeps issues about cultural differences at bay. For years the Labour MP Ann Cryer was simply ignored when she raised concerns about forced marriages and honour crimes. When I wrote in 2003 that some women in England were living in similar conditions to those I had witnessed as an aid worker in Bangladesh, but were further isolated by language, the Muslim Council of Britain put me on its watch list. Three years later the Blair Government dropped plans to ban forced marriage because the Muslim Council warned that doing so would “stigmatise communities”. These issues were to be hidden from public view: and damn the victims.

Brave campaigning by women such as Jasvinder Sanghera has helped to change this. But fear of offending racial sensibilities still makes the political class look away from one particular group of immigrants, from parts of Bangladesh and Pakistan — particularly Sylhet and Mirpur — which remains almost wholly segregated. In many of the places where people from these two regions come to live, more than 60 per cent would have to move house to achieve an even spread across their district. This is a very high score on what social scientists call the “index of dissimilarity”.

I have visited a British school where all the boys came from Mirpur, and the parents listened to the imam not the (white) headteacher. I have met health workers who are still struggling to persuade male relatives to let mothers attend clinics. I have met doctors who are seriously worried by the high incidence of birth defects among the Pakistani community in England, which they put down to the frequency of marriage between first cousins.

We have imported feudal societies into our midst but ignored the people trapped inside them. Fewer than one in four women from these communities have jobs. Many still do not speak English. Immigrants who cannot get jobs, or work only in one sector, will not integrate. Immigrants who cannot communicate will not integrate. The more relatives arrive, the larger these ghettos will become and the harder it will be to tear down the walls.

For the past eight years, polls have suggested that British alarm over immigration focuses on the sheer scale of the numbers; but there is also a feeling of unfairness about those who do not work, or do not integrate, but use public services. Polls by YouGov for Prospect magazine last month suggest that the tone of opinion is hardening: 54 per cent of those surveyed said that “all further immigration should be halted”; and 53 per cent said the worst thing about the UK was “the number of immigrants”, ahead of welfare scroungers and crime. These people cannot all be crazed members of the English Defence League.

In the Westminster village, people are getting het up about the possibility that top universities may be refused a visa for a top scientist (a problem which can surely be fixed). Outside the bubble, people worry about chain migration. They see extra doors appearing in semis in Hendon and elsewhere, hiding desperate people who are bunking up ten to a room. They want the Government to distinguish between hard-working foreigners and people who have little hope of making an economic contribution because they are illiterate in their own language.

Mr Miliband was right to call for more stringent enforcement of the minimum wage and laws against businesses employing illegal workers. But if he would talk about the disenfranchised people we have neither embraced nor rejected; if he would support the coalition’s efforts to tighten the rules; if he would stop implying that there is actually very little we can do; that would make his apology easier to swallow.

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The Labour Party and Immigration
Halal in Harrow
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Immigration And The Fragmentation Of The Nation

by Ian R Thorpe

We have reported extensively over the past few years about what is going on in the poorer areas of British cities. The scandal of the Pakistani child abuse gangs in Rotherham and Rochdale (and many other towns around the nation that have not yet made lurid headlines for the tabloids, but where politically correct considerations have led to local councils and police forces turn a blind eye to terrible crimes being committed against white girls and boys, because to act against the perpetrators was considered 'racially sensitive.

When did the British electorate vote for the destruction of British society and the establishment of a multicultural system in which the principle that has served us since the time of King Alfred, that all are equal under the law, should be cast aside so that alien minorities can be held to different laws more appropriate to the medievalist systems in their nations of origin?

When are people going to realize that there are whole sections of this country where our justice system and other institutions do not reach. In some cities there are no-go areas for the police, you will know when you enter one, the local immigrant community leaders have shamelessly posted notices proclaiming "you are now entering a Sharia Law area," together with a list of perfectly acceptable activities that are forbidden because they are unIslamic. When that is the case, an ethnic minority area is no longer just an ethnic minority area but the start of a state within a state. A state only exists by virtue of its legal institutions. No law, no state, simples.

At present we have a Government that is working against the ordinary British people. Not only the present, but all governments since the 1979 have worked not for us but for themselves and the elite they truly represent. They view the common man with absolute contempt only even acknowledging our existence when forced to by the need to request our vote at election time. Few of the MPs in the House of Commons has ever had a real job from which they gained understanding of all levels of society, they have been groomed for parliament and politics since the day they entered university. They consider themselves elite and honestly feel we have insufficient intelligence to make rational decisions for ourselves But We The People know what the problems are and what needs to be done.

Our police need to front up the leaders of these communities and the thugs they employ. But of course they are afraid to because one the minorities start screaming "racism" our spineless politicians and the hand wringers and do - gooders will turn on them, babbling about fairness, diversity and human rights, the politicised judiciary will punish officers for doing their jobs and compensate wrongdoers for and hurt feelings they may suffer in the course of their seditious activities.

I recently saw a video of some guy wearing an IDF T-shirt in London at a pro-Hamas demo. He got screamed at and chased by a mob of Muslims only to get taken away by the police 'for his own safety'. At every moment some squeaky voiced plod was pleading with the mob and saying that he wasn't taking sides. Of course he was taking sides. He took sides with the mob that was breaking the law, and against an innocent man freely wearing what he wished to wear. I do not like what has happened in Israel, the Palestinians have been treated abysmally, but supporters of Israel in the UK have as much right to express their views as Muslims, militant atheists or supporters of the Monster Raving Loony party.

It's called the right of free speech and if anybody does not like it (Chukka Umunna, Diane Abbott, David Lammy please note,) they can fuck off and live in some third world tyranny. Whites have rights too.

Never ending accusations of 'institutional racism' have turned our police and courts into politically correct minority protection units and that should worry everyone. If the police are institutionally racist as left wing politicians like to claim, it may well be because some cultures are institutionally criminal. There may be socio-economic reasons for that, but the police are not social workers.

I regret to say this, but I really don't see how we can get ourselves out of this mess peacefully.

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Multi-Cultural England: Are You Feeling The Progressive Diversity.
As racial and sectarian tension increase on the streets of britain while politicians gear up for the election campaign, we take a look at the state of Britain today, Imigrant child abuse gangs, Clerics of alient faiths dictating moral strictures, and everywhere we look, foreigners being given provieged status. Is it any wonder the voters are angry?

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Denmark: Welfare Cost of 'Non-Westerners' up Two Billion. Welfare for Natives Down Eight Million

by Torbjorn Larsson

Immigration is not just a British Problem. Thanks to the politically correct policies of liberal and social democratic governments all around northern Europe, failure to control immigration from eastern Europe and the third world has led to economic, social and crime problems.

Danish current-affairs magazine MandagMorgen has published a report on welfare and benefits which reveals that while the cost of supporting immigrants and their descendants has exploded, the cost of keeping native Danes is falling.

The magazine, which is a publication of one of Scandinavia's leading think-tanks differentiates between “immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries” and ethnic Danes in its report. The revelation that the cost of welfare for the immigrants has increased by two billion kronor (over £200 million) since 2010 has prompted a bout of soul-searching amongst the leaders of Denmark’s Social Liberal pro-immigration party, who are presently part of the ruling coalition.

Denmark has experienced a sudden rush of immigration from these non-Western groups in past decades, and over one-in-ten Danes is now an immigrant or the descendant of one. Two thirds of immigrants, some 400,000, are non-Western, with Somalis, Turks, and Iraqis forming large, visible groups.

The arrival of large groups of immigrants from cultures unlike Denmark has caused friction within the country. An opposition politician was reported saying in July: “It is primarily Muslim immigrants who do not value democracy and freedom. In certain environments, they directly oppose it. Too many non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds do not want our freedom-orientated society model.

“There is a danger that the cohesion of our society can be threatened in the future if we do not dare put right and reasonable requirements for those coming to Denmark”. This report will confirm these concerns that immigrants aren’t pulling their weight in Danish society.

Director of Danish think-tank the Rockwool foundation Torben Tranæs said: “The significant improvements in integration we saw from the late 1990s through the 2000s, has at best stopped. The difference between Danish and non-Western immigrant employment levels has stalled at a high level… It is alarming and calls for new long-lasting action”.

The problem has become so pronounced the Danes have even coined their own compound word to describe the situation; ‘forsørgelsesgab’, which means the ‘dependency gap’ between immigrant and native communities.

The pro-immigrant Social Liberal party’s leader said of the report:“We need to admit that there are too many immigrants in the unemployment statistics and outside of the job market. There are too few in education and too many in the crime statistics”.

The party’s ‘naturalisation’ spokeswoman Marlene Borst Hansen agreed: “We can see that there is a solid difference in how well different immigrants take care of themselves and how much they contribute to society. I don’t think that is due to resistance, but maybe we haven’t been clear enough about our demands and our expectations over the past few years”.

Since 2008, the number of non-westerners in Denmark receiving “full time” benefits has increased by 35% to 100,000, a heavy burden in the small Scandinavian country with a population of only five and a half million. In the period since 2010, native Danes have exhibited an opposite trend, reducing their own welfare bill by eight million Kronor

Torbjorn Larsson is a Swedish blogger and former colleague of one of our contributors, we welcome his first contribution to The Daily Stirrer.

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Sweden: The Destruction Of A Great Nation
The headline may seem dramatic but when you read of what is happening to Swedish society due to the authoritarian leadership of a politically correct metropolitan elite, and the social engineering projects of left wing intellectuals, the attacks on free speech by corporate media and the effects of unmanaged imigration, you will understand we are being quite restriained in our description of the situation.

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Muslim Academic Receives Death Threats over Mosque that Welcomes Women and Gay People

A Muslim academic planning to open a liberal mosque in South Africa is vowing to push ahead, despite receiving death threats. Taj Hargey wants to counter the "Arabisation" of Islam in Africa, and says his Open mosque will welcome all-comers, and intends to allow women to lead prayers. Gay people will also be welcome, reports the Telegraph.

However the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), a South African non-profit religious advocacy group has condemned the mosque, saying that it will not consider it to be a proper place of prayer. The Council describes itself on its website as "one of the oldest, most representative and most influential religious organisations in South Africa, [enjoying] national and international credibility".

Hargey, who is currently director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, a group of "forward thinking" Muslims, is a Cape Town native, so plans to open the mosque in Wynberg, a suburb of Cape Town. He says his ambition is to welcome all genders, religions and sexual organisations to his new mosque.

"You enter the mosque, do I ask you the question who did you sleep with last night? No. It's not my business who you slept with," he said. "Women will enter the same doors as men, women will take part in the service. This is the first time you'll see men and women praying together.

Austria Announces Tough New Anti-Jihad Laws as Europe Cracks Down on Defectors

from Breitbart London

The Austrian government plans to tighten up laws on sedition and the display of provocative imagery in order to tackle Isis jihadists and their supporters within Austria, The Local has reported. Under the range of new measures, dual citizens who engage in combat will lose their Austrian passport, and children will not be allowed to leave the country without the express permission of their parents or guardians.

The measures were announced by Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner, interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner and justice minister Wolfgang Brandstetter at a press conference on Monday morning. All three are members of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP).

Also included in the package will be an extension to Austria’s Badges Act 1960, which prohibits the ownership of Nazi symbols, flags, uniforms and insignia from banned organisations. A spokesman for Mikl-Leitner last week said that only minor changes were needed to the Act in order to extend its application to Isis imagery. Sentencing for the new crime is also still to be decided upon.

Germany has also banned the use of all Isis symbols and activities. The move was announced by defence minister Thomas de Mazière at a press conference on Friday morning.

“The terror organisation Islamic State is a threat to public safety in Germany as well,” de Mazière said. “We are resolutely confronting this threat today.

“Today's ban is directed solely against terrorists who abuse religion for their criminal goals," he added. "Germany is a well-fortified democracy, there's no place here for a terrorist organisation which opposes the constitutional order as well as the notion of international understanding.”

The new Austrian laws will only be applied if ten or fewer people are involved.

American must have been quite shocked to wake up after the Thanksgiving weekend's festivities to dind they are no longer living in what was arguably but proclaimed by many to be the world's greatest democracy, but are now ruled by the God - King Obama, who makes new laws by Imperial decree and considers those who question him criminals. The coup d'etat that killed off American democracy was carried out while the populace was diverted not only by the holiday weekend but by the carefully engineered civil unrest in freguson Missouri.