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Hungarian Leader Says Soros-Funded Groups Are Making Money From The Immigration Crisis

While Germany pursues its policy of replacing expensive German labour with cheap third woeld labour at act as fodder for its profit hungry factories, and the French government obediently follow their German masters while Britain stands aside, it is the poorer E U nations, led by Hungary, that have at last acted to stop the flood of unskilled, often illiterate refugees from third world nations flooding into EU nations.
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Hungarian Leader Says Soros-Funded Groups Are Making Money From The Immigration Crisis


Hungarian Leader Says Soros-Funded Groups Are Making Money From The Immigration Crisis

by Ian R Thorpe - 15 September, 2015

How eo enter a country illegally
Image source: Breitbart

What a delicious irony it is to find the left wing hate mobs are supporting the latest scam devised by one of their leading 'evil capitalist' hate objects, the hungarian - American billionaire financier George Soros.

Hungarian leader and a man rapidly becoming another hate figure for the sheeple of the left, Viktor Orban attacked pro-migration non-governmental organisations (NGOs) today, focusing his criticism on those funded by Hungarian-American George Soros. Orban said they (the Soros funded NGOs) are "drawing a living from the immigration crisis” while Hungary is simply trying to protect the standard of living of its people.

In an interview with the Hungarian-language TV2 television network, Orban said his actions simply reflected the will of the Hungarian people, and mocked the Austrians and the Germans for now following Hungary by closing and securing their country’s borders.

“…one could joke that Austrians are now doing something they had previously continually criticised Hungary for, but this is not the time to do so,” he quipped, adding: “Europe is, after all, the land of democracy and it is impossible to go against the will of the people for a long time and without arguments”.

Under fire from the West's left dominated media, following his stated concern that the majority of migrants entering his country were Muslim, he said last week: “If we lose sight of the European idea, [Christianity] can become, on its own continent, a minority.”

When asked about this, he doubled down, stating “the truth is that we are protecting our way of life”.

And according to him, the migrants are no longer “refugees”. They have, since leaving conflict zones, passed through a number of safe countries before reaching Hungary, and attempting to go further into Europe to places like Sweden and Germany.

Those “rush across” the continent aren’t running for their lives, he said, adding that they simply wanted a German standard of living. Nobody can ask us to share what we have worked for with people who are no longer in trouble or running for their lives”.

But he saved his most fierce attack for the charities and non-governmental organisations that have become the talking heads on television sets across Europe since the start of the crisis. He named the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, and insisted that his groups “are drawing a living from the immigration crisis”, according to Hungary Today.

Another irony is most Eastern European countries have developed their economies by exporting the unskilled and unemployed to countries such as the UK, Netherlands and Germany. These people are often found to be using a loophole in EU law to claim benefits in the UK for family members who are not living with them, and sending the cash back to the homeland. There have been various reports and a number of investigations in the past showing this has been going on for years in thousands of cases.

The European Union has destroyed the concept of the nation state (in accordance with the intention engraved on a plaque in Bâtiment Jean Monnet, Luxembourg, HQ of the EU Commission, and of individual countries putting their own people first. The end result is the mass immigration of Eastern Europeans into the UK as a result of EU free movement of people legislation has contributed heavily to creating the current crisis.

Europe needs to go back to a time when each country was sovereign within clearly defined borders (the Westphalian System) and entry was controlled, each country put its own people first and if you wanted to live and work in another country then you apply for a work permit that gives no entitlement to benefits what so ever. Benefits should only be for citizens of that country, the idea that they can be claimed by foreigners who have only been in the country a few days is utterly absurd.

The EU want more immigrants, and as the leaders of Germany and Sweden have plainly stated the intention is to replace the culturally diverse peoples of each European country by creating a majority of thid world immigrants. The elite want to wipe out the white race, presumably because the masses have become to educated and demanding of accountability from their governments. As this push towards a synthetic monoculture has gathered pace there has been a reciprogal rise in opposition to the goals of the elite, (some call them cultural Marxists, I prefer the labelled given to the Big Brother regime in George Orwell's 1984, Oligarchical Colllectivists)) so I believe mass migrant has become the weapon of genocide.

The dark forces are more mobilised than they have ever been. The BBC has shamelessly discarded any pretence of political neutrality and are bombarding the airwaves with left wing propaganda. Same goes for most quality newspapers (while the tabloids stick to celebrity gossip). Germany has revealed itself as dangerously fascist and still intent on dominating Europe and Britain, as in the 1930s has spinless leaders who think appeasement will buy us indulgences.

What the ruling elites have not planned for however is the short and long term consequences of inviting the whole of north Africa and middle east into the westrn Europe within a short time scale. That's why even the Germans, whose Chancellor Merkel was only days ago saying "Let them all come," has now closed its eastern borders with EU states and deployed the army on their streets to arrest those in the country illegally.

So what will happen next? We will probably see a sudden disappearance of the migrant crisis disappear from our news programmes and publications and replaced by another crisis to distract people away from the failure of globalist social and economic policies while the migrant movement will continue in the background. The only way to stop it is to elect political parties that reject globalist socialist ideologies.

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