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The International Elite's Contempt For National Sovereignty

by Ian R Thorpe
One of our themes in The Daily Stirrer has been the new elise and their push for global government. Here in a cross post with Philo and Sophia we look at the political philosophy behind multiculturalism global view thinking and the push to abolish national sovereignty and hand power to supranational bureaucrats.

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The International Elite's Contempt For National Sovereignty

by Ian R Thorpe

When Wikileaks fugitive boss Julian Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to evade arrest and extradition following the publication of US Government documents leaked by Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, the UK foreign secretary William Hague, threatened to storm embassy in violation of all international protocols governing sovereignty, to effect the arrest of Julian Assange.

That Hague was even prepared to make such a threat displays the contempt for national sovereignty that Western powers have routinely shown towards small nations in the third world since the end of the Cold War. The signgs are that with rusian and Chinese leaders increasingly willing to resist the threat of western military intervention, the days of western bullying are coming to an end as are the days of economic dominance.

Examples of this west's (for 'west read The FUKUS Axis – France, UK and the USA,) arrogance and disregard of national sovereignty range from invading countries to bring about regime change, to the unelected bureaucrats of the so called Troika (the European Commission, European Central Bank and the IMF) corercing Greece into sacrificing the wellbeing of its people and independence of it's elected government in order to save the Euro Single Currency and the ambition of European Union leaders to progress through further integration to the creation of a European Federal Superstate.

In every case, the core democratic principles of national self-determination and national sovereignty (The Westphalian System), championed by Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill and Lenin alike, are being attacked by the likes of Barack Obama and heir apparent Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, EU President and former Portuguese Marxist leader Jose Barosso, French President Francoise Hollande, Germany's Angela Merkel and by figures who should be non political such as George Soros, Bill Gates and most leaders of supra national bureaucracies such as the IMF, United Nations, World Bank and WHO.

In his book The Significance of Borders controversial Dutch columnist Thierry Baudet’s offers a strong argument against such views as multiculturalism, financial integration, the imposition of a global culture, standardised legal codices and a global education system. A lawyer originally and now a historian at the University of Leiden, Baudet presents the view that representative government and the rule of law is impossible without the nation state. But if we look at what is happening around the world, he argues, the sovereign nation is under attack from two directions.

The first wave of attack comes from the push for supranationalism, led by established institutions like the European Union, European Court of Human Rights, the UN Security Council, and the embryonic Trans Pacific Partnership which, according to the draft treaty published and shot down by several participating governments, would give corporate entities the power to veto the laws of sovereign members.

The second is from world leaders and heads of international bureaucracies who have used G20 meetings, climate conferences, the world Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group conferences and even the London Olympic games and other elistist jamborees funded by taxpayers, occasions on which the attention of the media is focused, to talk about the need for global government, global taxes and a global economy, global this, global that, global integration, global dominance. While nations retain nominal sovereignty over their foreign policy and domestic laws at a formal level and control over their currency, increasing degrees of ‘material sovereignty’ have been signed away through the stupidity or self – intereestedness of political elites to the supranational organisations mentioned above.

Baudet argues, for instance, that the official aim of the EU ‘is the negation of the concept of statehood’ (I can vouch for this, you will not find much about it on the internet but in the lobby of the Bâtiment Jean Monnet, Luxembourg City, (where I worked as a consultant for almost a year) is a large stone plaque on which are engraved these words: “The nations of Europe are not strong enough individually to be able to guarantee prosperity and social development for their peoples. The States of Europe must therefore form a federation or a European entity that would make them into a common economic unit. Through the consolidation of basic production and the institution of a new High Authority, whose decisions will bind France, Germany and the other countries that join, this proposal represents the first concrete step towards a European federation, imperative for the preservation of peace.”

Now you will easily find many English language sites dedicated to spreading the leftist ideology of “progressive liberalism” which will tell you this quotation is a fake. I say, a visit to Luxembourg's Bâtiment Jean Monnet will prove they are Monnet's words presented, literally, on a tablet of stone. Funny how leftist and globalist websites readily heap praise on “The Father Of The European Union” for many banal and meaningless quotations but are coy about giving true attribution to this one which lays out the founding philosophy of Monnet's dream of a Federal Europe. But the left are being conned. While Monnet, a career bureaucrat was naïve as a result of living and working in the cloistered environment of public service, the elitsits who supported him saw an opportunity to give the fascism they found so appealing in the political philosophies of Hitler and Mussolini a mask of respectabitity.

It was fashionable in the 1950s to attack the nation state and the Westphalian System because the nationalism is held responsible, most notably by German theorists, for the great wars of the twentieth century. In the scenario now unrolling across Europe we see it is not nationalism that leads to siffering but the addiction to power of elitists. The EU’s federalist philosophy leads to the necessary extension of its bureaucratic power and plans for taking more and more countries into its orbit from the basket cases of eastern Europe to the tribalistic failed states of north and east Africa (Extended Europe).

Take as an illustration of the attack on the democratic basis of national sovereignty the European Court of Human Rights' (ECHR) holding Britain to account for denying convicted prisoners the right to vote: this despite the fact that the UK's elected parliament voted 234 votes to 22 against the proposal. It seems the bureaucrats of the ECHR are happy to demand Britain change laws upheld by its own democracy but are simultaneously eager to impose on Britain laws demanded by Muslim minorities in estern european nations.

National autonomy is also under attack from behind (behave; I am not talking about same sex marriage). Multiculturalism and its official support, legal pluralism ( the application of the law with cultural ‘sensitivity’ rather than justly with all being equal before the law). Secondly, from cultural diversity, which rejects the idea of a British or a Dutch identity in favour of overlapping multiple, labels associated with social demographics, lightly held, identities. Not British Culture, French or German culture, Portuguese Greek culture but Gay culture, Black culture or metropolitian culture.

Baudet provides as an example of how this globalist thinking is embedded in the elite. The Dutch crown princess, Máxima, who declared in 2007 that ‘the Dutch identity does not exist’, that the world has ‘open borders’ and that ‘it is not either-or. But and-and.’ When royalty – once the very symbol of national sovereignty – refuses to discriminate between citizens and outsiders, then even the most ardent internationalist or socialist might begin to smell a rat. What is going on is nothing to do with equality and everything to do with inequality and those who style themselves “progressive liberals” and voluntarily promote this agenda are nothing more that useful idiots, gullible dupes prepared to give away their own freedom to think for themselves and act independently in what they believe to be their own interests in exchange for peer group approval and an occasional pat on the head from members of the elite.

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