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Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

We reported several weeks ago that the French government was planning a clampdown on conspiray theories by shutting down certain dissident websites. Since then we have learned the French government have shown they are prepared to go even further in attacking citizens right of free speech
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Why Are Governments Scared Of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories

by Ed Butt, 9 February, 2016

French youth are getting hooked on various conspiracy theories according to the French Ministry of Education which now plans to bring together 300 teachers, researchers, psychologists and students to analyze the problem, Le Figaro reports.

According to the research company Ipsos, one in five young French people believe and support many of the conspiracy theories which became popular after last year's Paris terrorist attacks, first on the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine and then the more general attacks in November which left 130 people dead.

Among the 'conspiracy theories' were some sensible views that for reasons unknown the governments of EU nations are complicit in the mass migration and Islamisation of European societies, because they want to distort voter demographics and dilute nationalistic feeling that is the main obstacle to creating a single European state, to the downright whacky ideas that suggest the attacks were a covert op. by the security agencies to destabilise society, spread fear and panic and thus persuade citizens to surrender civil rights and liberties, or that the world is controlled by a cabal of Zionist and Freemason billionaires intent on starting a war between east and west.

To combat the spread of dissent and loss of trust in government and media which make a fertile breeding ground for conspiracy theories, French Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem decided to gather students and educators in a meeting on February 9 to discuss how one could distinguish real and verifiable information from various kinds of unprovable information that many conspiracy theories present. Given the unpopularity of the French government and the EU at the moment this may prove to be a Sisyphian task.

"Easy access to Internet and a variety of content sources create confusion and it's sometimes difficult to distinguish right from wrong and to exercise critical judgment," Vallaud-Belkacem is reported by Le Figaro as having said.

After the November 13 shootings in Paris a series of conspiracy theories, which challenge the official version of the events began to appear online and quickly became popular among many young French citizens. It is hardly surprising considering that at the time new media was revealing (with irrefutable proof) that Turkey, a NATO member and supposedly an ally of the west had been arming, training and funding ISIS terrorists attempting to overthrow the Syrian government of President Assad.

This in turn led to proof that the USA, supposedly the leader of the anti - ISIS coalition in the middle east, along with its allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar had been responsible for moulding ISIS from various Islamic extremist groups in order to achieve Washington's long term aim of deposing Assad and thus facilitating the construction of a pipeline from the Gulf States' oilfields to the Mediterranean and so enabling the USA and its allies to undermine Russia's oil trade with Europe.

And that, in turn exposes US attempts to demonise Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin as pure propaganda.

Recently those in the political establishment and mainstream media who condemn 'conspiracy theorists' have taken to sneering at their use of the phrase 'join up the dots'. Well I say you don't have to join up the dots, the picture is staring you in the fucking face.


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