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Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition - The Suppression Of The Cathar Heresy
by Ian R Thorpe.

Many maverick scholars of Chiristian history have said the form of Chistian worship practiced by the so called Cathars in Southern France and Northern Spain in the early years of the thirteenth century was closer to the spirit of Jesus's teachings than any of the organised religions with their dogmas and creed. So why was the Catholic Church so determined noy just to suppress what they called a the heresy but to exterminate every last one of its followers?

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition - The Suppression Of The Cathar Heresy
by Ian R Thorpe.
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Above, The ancient and now reconstructed city of Carcassonne in southern France, centre of the Cathar society.

Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition, said the classic Monty Python sketch. When they do now but in the thirteenth century they certsainly didn't until it arrived in people's lives.

The Roman Catholic Church carried out many atrocities against those who did not conform to its teachings. The Inquisition was the umbrella name that covered must of them. One that stands out however was the genocidal Albigensian Crusade carried out against the Cathars This must rank as one of the worst genocidal campaigns of history. During the Papacy of Innocent III a movement arose among more fanatical senior clergy that called for the extermination of all heretics. Fanatical followers of Christianity have for a long time found if there is one pastime they enjoy more than killing people for not being Christian it is killing people for being the wrong sort of Christians.

The first three Crusades were more or less fit for purpose; the noble Christian lords of Western Europe pursued the goal of reclaiming the Holy City, Jerusalem from the Infidel and for a little R and R on the way, sacking the golden jewel of Christendom, Byzantium and anywhere else on their route that possessed anything worth liberating into their own private treasuries, whether the rightful owners owners were heathen, Jewish, Orthodox Christian, Christian but not important enough to be worth a ransom or Muslim. The 4th Crusade or Albigensian crusade as it became known was different however. It's aim was not to drive the insurgents out of a city they and their ancestors had occupied for thousands of years by surging in and killing enough of them to make the others understand running away would be a really good idea. The Albigensian Crusade however was called for by the Pope and his Cardinals to pursue the aim of ridding 'Christendom' (the parts controlled by the Pope that is, The Holy Roman Empire) of heretics, i.e. the wrong sort of Christians.

One sect of non Catholic Christians were the people we only know as The Cathars. As far as we know the followers of this belief system, whose centre was the area around Carcassonne 1 in southern France were not truly a sect but from what we know of their beliefs and way of life were more like the modern Quakers having no creed and no dogmas other than that one should strive to live a good and just life. Like the eastern orthodox, Armenian, Coptic and Ethiopian churches they did not believe that Jesus was the divine child of God and thus a part of the Trinity, but only that he was a great teacher, a Mahatma (Great Soul) as Hindus or Buddhists would say.

The Cathars were a heretic sect without a name then.The word Cathar is a slang name, used by Catholics as an insult. Other appellations given them were Perfects, the elect,Credentes, all similarly mocking and belittling and all taken from the annals of the Inquisition. They called themselves Good men, Good Women or Good Christians (Bons Chretiens).

They Good People as we shall call them this being an era of inclusive nouns, were, undeniably dualists who believed that there were two Gods or two aspects of God; the good God of the spiritual world and the Bad God of the material world. Accordingly the material world was of no interest to them. They believed that you had to reach a spiritual enlightenment in order to finally reach and become part of the Good God.

The Catholic Church with its sacraments, relics, rules and prohibitions, its saints and gilded statues was seen as, at best, an irrelevancy to the Cathars. Catholics, they believed had simply missed the point of the gospels.2

It is important to understand that at the time of the Albigensian Crusade France, as we know it today did not exist. The modern political nation really only came into being after the revolution and Napoleonic Wars. South east France from the River Rhone to the Atlantic coast, Occitan or Languedoc (the modern department of Languedoc is the hinterland of France's eastern Mediterranean coast) had it's own language, the Lingue d' Oc (language of the west), was mostly ruled by the Dukes of Burgundy and was closely allied culturally and politically with the Kingdom of Castille in north east Spain.

The Catholic Church in Languedoc 3 was a chaotic mess of corruption and vested interest in the late 12th Century. Greedy Archbishops and Bishops preached the gospels but involved themselves in usury, extortion and political manipulation. These hypocrisies extended right down to the average village priest, who probably had a few concubines and was woefully ignorant of the theology or underpinning philosophy of Christianity. In comparison the humble, non materialistic Good People were ascetic, saintly men and women who ate no meat, were temperate learned and lived as simple artisans and farmers. No wonder then their community attracted many new followers.

Dualism, a heresy in itself as far as the Catholic Church was concerned, was rife throughout southern Europe there were special reasons for its success in the Occitan; as mentioned, the Church was corrupt and exploitative while the feudal system had not thrown up the central organisation it had in Northern France and England. The ancient custom of dividing land equally between all children, men and women, had seen to that. Thus many of the peasants were living in abject poverty, trying to feed a family from the produce of a tiny plot of land. The Good People believed in community and mutual support and practiced communal farming while their leaders, the Perfects (who could be either women or mean, another heresy in the eyes of The Vatican) organised things to ensure nobody went hungry with others had plenty.

Having little use for money The Good People were not popular with the Bishops or noblemen who imposed extortionate taxes and sent out hired thugs to collect them.

Because a Cathar Perfects could be either women or men, many of the community leaders of Catharism were noble women of limited, but independent means. Occitan was a fragmented, independent state, not easily controlled or regulated and so the self regulating Dualist faith thrived.

In many rural areas The Good People were in the majority while in towns like Carcassonne or the region’s capital, Toulouse, Cathars and orthodox Christians (and indeed, Jews, remarkably enough) rubbed shoulders happily, each content to worship their own deity in their own way. It was in fact an example of anarchy in operation, anarchy being used here in its true sense rather that given the corrupted modern meaning of violent disorder.

Naturally such a bucolic situation could never be permitted to continue by those who believed in the unbreakable power of central authority. Lovers of Big Government have always feared communities in which individualism and self reliance are free to flourish. The local Church felt it was not getting enough income in taxes and tributes from the people and implored The Pope to intervene.

Innocent III was an activist Pope and was only too happy to respond to the entreaties of his Bishops. Like so many modern political leaders whose anxiousness to secure their place in history he thought that a racial or sectarian purification followed by a rewriting of history was the best way to go about it. Just as an aside, it was in Innocent III's papacy that the maxim, "Give me the child to the age of seven and I will give you the man for life," was coined.

The Cathar heresy was to Pope Innocent (was there ever a ruler so ironically named?) an insult to the Church and to God. He was determined to avenge that insult and wipe out the heretical belief system of the Cathars.

The local Lords , Raymond, Count Trancavel, Raymond VI of Toulouse and Raymond Roger of Foix were wankers. They caved in to the bullying of the Bishops, and pledged their support for a Holy Crusade to eradicate the heresy in their lands. In fact they did nothing, squandering an opportunity to warn the peaceful Cathars to keep a low profile, attend Catholic Church services and blend in with the community.

Time and again the Barons promised action which they never took. A missionary expedition saw the Pope’s legate ridiculed for his high living by a simple Perfect.

Innocent sent a message via his emissaries to the Lords of Languedoc; No more Mr. nice guys, tell them it's nothing personal, just business. At the time the French monarchy was disputed and while the claimants distracted each other the powerful Duke of Burgundy fancied his chances as unifier of the nation. The Pope knew it was in his political interests to have a King in Paris who owed him bigtime rather than one who like The Duke of Burgundy, thought The Vatican should stick to spiritual matters and not meddle in the political affairs of nations.

Playing politics to perfection Pope Innocent promised the King of France his support if the King would back the Crusade against the Heretics. To prove his good faith and ensure the King knew what the price of failure would be, the Pope appointed his personal legate, an out and out bastard named Arnold Amaury to be Vatican's representative in the Crusades command structure. Though the King was nominal leader of the campaign every one knew Arnold was pulling the strings.

A massive army marched on Occitan to the astonishment of the local inhabitants. Sieges were mounted, the huge attacking force were pitted against local militias. The result has lived to this day as an indictment of the Church and a testimony to the paranoia induced by power. The civic leaders of Beziers proved to be even bigger auto - eroticists than the Lords of the region who at the first sign of trouble had all headed off to their country estates or remembered they had pressing reasons to be in Paris, Rome, Naples or ... well anywhere that was a long way from the trouble.

Inside Beziers the sound of hoofbeats had become almost deafening as Phobos and Diemos (fear and panic), the two firey - eyed black destriers that pulled the chariot of the war god, galloped unchecked through the streets. An undisciplined attack by a rabble of drunken hotheads panicked the townspeople so much they completely abandoned the their defensive positions on the sturdy walls and, unable to run away because the town was surrounded they hid in the church.

Lack of opposition allowed the raiders who should have easily been repulsed, to breach the walls. The main army of the Albigensian Crusade excited by their success surged into the town and the mayhem ensued. When the soldiers found the townsfolk cowering inside their church, men, women, children, babies, catholics, good people, orthodox and Jews all together they sent word to their commanders asking what should be done. The Pope’s man Arnold Armaury supplied the answer without hestitation.

‘Kill them all – for God will know his own’.

An estimated 20,000 people were slaughtered at Beziers, an enormous number in a time when populations were less than a tenth of current levels. The town was plundered and burned It was complete destruction of friend and foe alike. The shock waves crashed across the province.

Beziers was the first in a long line of brutal encounter. At Carcassonne Raymond Roger went to negotiate peace terms with the French nobles, but was attacked and captured, at Bram captured soldiers had their eyes gouged out, their noses and top lips sliced off, all except one, who led the crippled army across the wastelands to the Cathar centre of Cabaret.

At Minerve 140 Perfect burned in one gigantic fire. Eye witness reports tell us that as the fires were lit the victims began singing their hymns and continued to do so rather than screaming with pain as the flames engulfed and consumed them.

At Lavaour ALL the southern nobles were hanged, regardless of faith. This showed a blatant disregard for the ‘rules’ of Medieval war which demanded that noble prisoners were to be treated with the respect due to their rank. Geralda, the lady of the castle there was stoned to death and her body cast down a well. 400 Cathars were burned, the biggest human bonfire in recorded history.

At Toulouse, Bishop Fulk persuaded the leaders of the City to talk about ways of ending the violence, only to have them seized, shackled abd humiliated as soon as they stepped outside the City defences of the City.

Out of this orgy of death and destruction one man emerged, Simon de Montfort. A brave and brilliant leader, he repeated won battles that should have been lost and punished the community without mercy. By the end of a single year’s campaigning, he was the effective lord of Languedoc.

The die was cast but in spite of the brutality and destruction that awaited anyone suspected of harbouring or even tolerating Cathars, the ordinary people did not turn on their kind and humane neighbours. The Holy war dragged on for decades for decades. In 1213 a group of the southern nobles formed an alliance with King Pedro of Aragon, ruler of Castille. Pedro's kingdom, though Catholic was prepared to tolerate The Good People as it was Jews, Arians, Muslims and Orthodox Christians. This may seem surprising given the history of the Catholic Church in Spain but the powerful House of Aragon, whose members held Duchies and Prinicpalities such as Naples, Sicily and at one stage Luxembourg was one of the very few political institutions strong nough to defy the Pope. For the first time, an army large enough and well enough supplied to hold the Occitan was pitted against the Northern French.

Victory for the South would have changed the course of European history but the campaign was a complete shambles (Phobos and Diemos had been let loose again.) 4. At one point the local Lords had won back nearly all Simon De Montfort’s gains, but whenever it seemed likely the South had put their opponents on the back foot, there was always another army of Crusaders funded and supported by the Pope and the Capet Kings of France to sweep through the lands, burning and killing the non combatants, plundering, raping and terrorising.

The Cathars however had one last refuge to which they were confident they could always fall back, Montsegur5, an apparently impregnable cliff-top castle in the mountains of the Massif Central. The Crusaders however found themselves a Trojan Horse, somebody with local knowledge who was bribed or tortured into revealing a secret path into the citadel. As the main army marched up the narrow path to the heavily protected main gate, distracting the defenders a small party entered the fortress by the secret route and opened another gate to let in enough soldiers to overpower the defenders.

There followed one of the most famous mass murders in history as the Crusaders captured the male Perfects and led them to the bottonm of the cliff beneath Montsegur. The perfects were then made to watch as their wives and children were thrown from the battlements. The fortress stands several thousand feet above the valley bottom so the Perfects would hear the terrified screams of their loved ones for almost half a minute.

Why did the Catholic Church pursue this genocide so violently? you might well ask. The Cathars were gentle and pacifistic and posed no threat to the Church or it's cloent Kings. According to the some speculative historians the Cathars had copies of various texts sacred to them and not Catholicism, including The Book of the Two Principles, and the Gospel of the Secret Supper. These and other texts depicted Jesus teaching that reincarnation is real, that Heaven and Hell do not exist, that the God of the Old Testament was instead Satan, and Almighty God is either Jesus or his Father in Heaven, but not the Old Testament God. This is a central tenet of Gnosticism also. The most earth-shattering point of this theory is that Jesus may have taught that reincarnation is real, leading people to speculate about who on Earth right now is Jesus, and when he will make his presence known again. These apocryphal texts sacred only to Catharism are commercially available, most falling under the header of Gnosticism.

The Albigensian Crusade was a truly Medieval war, it was about the feudal order as well as religion. The feudal system worked by a system of lief and leige, the Counts and Barons were vassals of their King or Duke, just as the serfs and tenant farmers were vasals of a Count or Baron. A nobleman ruled his lands as a tenant of the person higher up the ladder and those who extended their holdings would somtimes appoint a tenant to collect rents, fees and tributes in their lieu, a lieutenant.

While many of the soldiers did their 40 days military service for the indulgence of their sins and then returned to their farms, workshops and families, some, including the leaders were there to get rich. As well as what they made from pillage and plunder they hoped to be rewarded with lieu tenancies in the land confiscated from Southerners. The warped religious thinking held that anybody who had allowed a heretic to live was guilty of the same sin as that heretic. Thus the differences between Cathar and Catholic were largely ignored by the people of Languedoc who were actually fighting a war against northern invaders which did not end until 1229, with Langudoc becoming part of the French Kingdom.

In the end the heresy was not put down by armed oppression, but by the Papacy’s love of Roman Law, clerical efficiency and discipline. Innocent III was long gone but his legacy remained. The Church authorities instituted The Inquisition (Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition) in 1233 with the stated aim of obliterating the Cathar Heresy from Occitan and Spain. The Inquisitors, Dominican and Franciscan Friars, listed the names and contacts, they mapped family networks and alliances, and worked fanatically and methodically to locate and destroy every remaining Bon Chretien.

It was The Inquiasition that invented the apparatus of the Police State, and the basic model worked as well now as it did in the thirteenth century. In 1321 the last Cathar Perfect, William Belibaste, was burned in the heart of Corbieres and the Church must have thought, the Dualists would sink into history. That they didn’t is purely because of the astonishing record keeping of the Church, allowing us to read the names and confessions of the people of Languedoc 700 years later. It has been said by many modern novelists and documentary authors and film makers that The Vatican is deeply secretive about embarrassing records in its archives. This is not true. The Headquarters of The Church of Rome is quite generous in allowing access top its archives, all they require in proof of identity and a letter of introduction from an accredited University or Theological college confirming that the bearer is an accredited student or scholar.

Beyond that a degree of supervision is required as the ancient texts are extremely fragile and completely irreplaceible.

Thus, thanks to the diligence of students over several centuries in investigating the origins of certain regional folk tales and legends who were prepared to go against the mainstream, the Cathar Heresy lives on, immortalised by the very people who sought to obliterate it.

Few people who take the trouble to read this will not have been made aware by reading material or television programmes on Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot. There is little difference in the stories of these four tyrants or a host of others. Dictators who use overwhelming force and totalitarian tactics to force a belief on those who chose otherwise; leaders who are so arrogantly assured of their own superiority they can easily believe people who do not agree with them or support their world view are not fit to live.

It is deeply dispiriting to read that humanity, despite our enormous technological advances, has made so little progress in seven centuries. Time and again our political systems throw up ( ! ) leaders who believe that manipulation and force can suppress opinions other than those the central authority has approved, that might is right and that we can force all people to a single way of seeing the world.

There is a beautiful and enlightening irony in the fact that the genocide of the Cathar people and those who tolerated them all those years ago has led to the modern phenomena of Cathar Country, where thousand of visitor go every year to witness the places where the Good People opposed the Church with meekness and resignation.

Reading List:

Stephen O'Shea's book, The Perfect Heresy is an entertaining and accessible book on the Cathars, If you are interested in this topic, it is widely recommended by historians and book reviewers alike.

For readers who like more lightweight bedtime reading, Labyrinth, a novel by Kate Mosse is good entertaining stuff that gives a broad view of the history combined with a very readable modern conspiracy mystery. Last time I recommended a fiction for information on a serious topic (the economic collapse) one of the pseudo intellectual closet Nazis of here attacked me and tried to suggest my knowledge of economics was worthless if it came from reading novels. It was a spurious attack, typical of the small minded, mean spiriuted little bullies who try to impose their world view of everybody, but invalid because I had not suggested my knowdge of economics had come from that source.

Now I'll tell you I have read both Stephen O'Shea and Kate Mosse and found a different kind of enjoyment in each and I know both books will appeal to different type of reader. And if any mean, angry little gobshite wants to tell me I have no right to enjoy both, you can fuck off. In fact you can fuck the fucking fuck right off becaue I don't give a gant's fart what your opinion of me is.

(1) Carcassonne rapidly became the Crusading centre of the war, and home of the conquering Lords, from Simon de Montfort onwards. For hundreds of years it remained the centre of French royal power in Languedoc.

(2) It is amazing to us now that Cathars were considered Christian (Catholic) heretics; their religion is so different from the Christianity of the day it can be considered entirely separate. Some scholars have suggested what The Vatican feared about The Good People was that their beliefs were much nearer to the teachings of Jesus than the creed of the Catholic Church had ever been.

(3) Langudoc – literally Language of Oc – where the word Oc was the linguistic root of Occident (Western)

(4) The alliance was defeated by Simon at the Battle of Muret

(5) Montsegur actually didn’t fall until 1243, after less than 100 fighting men kept an army of thousands at bay for almost a year.

Nobody Expect The Spanish Inquisition
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Song Of The Cather Wars (A History Of The Albigensian Crusade)

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The hugely unpopular NHS contact-tracing app proposal, which as libertarians point out will giver the government the power to track all our movements, will be a “key part” of the U.K. government’s Covid-19 containment policy for the foreseeable future, [ ... ] The app, designed ostensibly to notify smartphone users if they came into close contact with someone who had tested positive for the coronavirus, will give government agencies new powers, to record and store the complete movements of individuals and details of those with whom they were in contact.

Lockdown: How can anyone defend the “scientists.”
As we digested Boris Johnson’s address to the nation this morning, and mainstream media fell over themselves praising the Prime Ministers cautious approach and adherence to the advice of “scientists,” my own reaction was FUCK YOU BORIS. Being disables I don’t get out much I but will be arguing for a campaign of civil disobedience to prove the idiotic bletherings of “scientists” with their mathematical models of the real world do more harm than good.

Coronavirus: The data Says DON’T PANIC, End The Lockdown Now
The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be entering the containment phase. Americans are now desperate for sensible policymakers who have the courage to ignore the panic and rely on facts. Leaders must examine accumulated data, combine that empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology and then thoughtfully end the lockdown. Five key facts are being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown.

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says "Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab
As the mainstream media and politicians begin to raise/admit the possibilities that the source of COVID-19 was likely a lab in Wuhan (accidentally leaked or otherwise) - before being mocked, censored, and chastised it appears more actual 'scientists,' or at least those not paid by or working for a lab in Wuhan, China) are willing to admit what we suspected all along - this virus is man-made.

Coronavirus: Something To Make Us Smile
Most of us are confused about the rules we’re supposed to follow during lockdown, and no one more so that the thick, blundering plod who seem to think they should be arresting people for buying non essential stuff like food, roughing up people who are sitting in their gardens, or kicking front doors down and busting up illicit social gatherings of one person sitting alone in his house. So here is a concise summary of the rules, which makes what you can and can’t do clear as mud

Recommded real news: Back to business as usual on COVID - 19 (8 April 2020)
Today: COVID-19 Computer Models Continue To Deteriorate; Covid-19 drags French economy into deep recession the likes of which it has not seen since 1945; Oil Prices Tumble As Russia Balks At Proposed US Production Cut; Kissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of courseKissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of course[Kissinger says ‘even US’ can’t defeat Covid-19 alone. His solution? Global NWO government, of course

Food fascists

The European Union’s Food Safety Authority has approved the sale of bugs as “novel food,” meaning that they are likely to be mass produced for human consumption throughout the continent by the end of the year.

March 2020

The Coronavirus Resp Is The Biggest Assault On Freedom Since World War 2
Things have gone so far beyond what can be considered a rational response to an outbreak of a highly contagious but for most people relatively minor illness that I am starting to believe even the conspiracy theories I know I made up myself. Boggart Bloggers predicted weeks ago the current outbreak of coronavirus would see a massive hyping of the threat level leading up to an assault on our freedoms ...

Will the meaures put in place to stop COVID-19 coronavirus help save the environment? The measures put into place due to Covid 19 seem to be having a positive environmental impact reduced pollution etc Is it possible that humanity can work together to continue the activities that lead to a cleaner environment? Question posed on Quora.com

Scientist who convinced Boris lockdown was the only way to beat coronavirus criticised many times for flawed research

The scientist whose mathematical models of how the coronavirus would spread in the UK and the wildly exaggerated estimates of how many deaths might result from the epidemic reportedly led to the decision to implement a countrywide lockdown and trash the economy has been criticised in the past for flawed research.

Has The World Health Organisation Been Helping Chinese Coronavirus Cover Up
Many people suspected as far back as January, when stories about an epidemic of a new virus began to leak out of China that we were not and would not be told the whole story. The virus infecting thousands of Chinese in the large inland city of Wuhan was, we learned, a strain of corona virus, the genre that infects us with the common cold, influenza and a host of other infections of varying seriousness.

Coronavirus deaths: Are The Authorities Deceiving Us?Yesterday we reported that a Canadian outfit had carried out an analysis of China’s response to Coronavirus and concluded that while politicians and academics (aka “scientists” or “experts”) are heaping praise on the way the regime in Beijing has contained and controlled its epidemic, the Chinese have actually been lying, the epidemc is still raging and numbers of infections and deaths from COVID – 19 are far higher than reported,

Is This The Smoking Gun That Proves China Has Lied About The Coronavirus Outbreak
With the number of confirmed cases of, and deaths from coronavirus in Italy, a nation of 63 million people having now surpassed the number of infections officially admitted by the government of China, a nation of 1.4 billion and the nation where the news strain of coronavirus, COVID – 19 was first observed, it was obvious to the realists among us that the Chinese government’s claims to have contained the virus were deeply suspect and further claims that the outbreak were under control were as reliable as reported sightings of The Tooth Fairy ...

As We Predicted The Coronavirus bill Is The Biggest Assault On Freedom Since World War 2
Things have gone so far beyond what can be considered a rational response to an outbreak of a highly contagious but for most people relatively minor illness that I am starting to believe even the conspiracy theories I know I made up myself. Along with my fellow Boggart Bloggers I predicted weeks ago the current outbreak of the so - called coronavirus would see a massive hyping of the threat level leading up to an assault on our freedoms. And that is exactly what we have seen happening over the past week.

Germany’s Official State TV Channel Cheers Coronavirus For Killing Old People
Trawling around the weirder fringes of the web, as we bloggers and cyberjournalists are sometimes obliged to if we want to bring you the news the mainstream will not report, one occasionally comes across something important but disturbing – like being brought face – to – face with how sick and warped the far left ecopsychos really are. Take a sketch recently broadcast as part of a satirical show the title of which translates as Bohemian Browser Ballet, shown by German state broadcaster ARD.

UK To Ask Citizens Over 70 To Self - Isolatate For 4 MONTHS As Coronavirus Fails To Kill Zillions UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock today confirmed the government plans to ask people aged over 70 to isolate themselves for up to four months amid a coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to protect them. It's quite obvious to us, experienced bloggers that we are, that the government, civil service, law encorgement and national security agencies and all the assorted experts and talking heads have forgotten the lesson our generation learned from The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy ...

EU States Rebel Against Brussels As Van Leyen Demands Borders Stay Open
The cracks in European solidarity are growing deeper by the day as the coronavirus crisis threatens to split the bloc. The response of European leaders has varied from panic, as several member-states have takeen unilateral action including severe border closures, to a laissez - fair attidude, notably from France's idiot president Emmanuel Macron who favours total inaction, having said complacently that viruses don't recognise borders.

US John Hopkins University Prof Says Don't Believe Corona Virus Numbers
The number of confirmed cases outside of China roughly tripled once again this week, and if this outbreak continues to escalate at this pace there will be more than a million confirmed cases in less than a month. But as bad as the official numbers are, the truth is that there are a whole lot more people walking around out there that have caught the virus but have not been tested.

University free speech society told free speech a 'red risk', external speakers must be vetted

Sheffield University’s recently formed Free Speech Society has been warned that free speech is a “red risk” and all external speakers at events it organises will have to be vetted by the University Thought Police squad and the topics they intend to talk about shown to be in line with ideas and opinions the titty - sucking babies who run the Student Union are not frightened by. Coninue Reading

Biden the Democrats least hopeless hopeful? Or is he?
A senior U.S. Republican reportedly said recently that the most difficult ticket Donald Trump could face in the next election would be Joe Biden partnered by Elizabeth Warren. This was not, needless to say, because Biden was a brilliant debater or a lethal political adversary. “If he was any stupider, my you’d have to water him”, the anonymous Republican quipped.See also >>>

Black Man Kicked Out Of Labour Party For Telling The Truth About Islam
Trevor Phillips, a life long campaigner for equality and former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has been suspended by The Labour Party and faces an investigation and could be expelled from the party over comments made some years ago amout the unwillingness of many Muslim immigrants to integrate into British society and particularly about the treatment of women in Islam.More on Labour Party

Underage Girl Used Like ‘Piece of Meat’ By ‘Asian’ Grooming Gang
Four “Asian” men have been found guilty for their roles in sexually grooming a 15-year-old girl, who the court heard the men passed around like a “piece of meat”. The grooming gang members were found guilty of rape and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The men were convicted at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday

Spain Arrests People Traffickers And Drug Smugglers Crossing From North Africa in Speedboats
Spanish police announced the arrest of 90 people involed in a smuggling rackets that moved both people and drugs from Africa to Europe. The Civil Guard released a statement today stating that the smuggling network regularly moved people and drugs from Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in northern Africa to The Costa del Sol in high powered semi inflatable speedcraft of the type often used to move illegal immigrants from Libya to Italy or Turkey to Greece.

Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt OffensiveTurkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive
Conflict in Syria’s Idlib Province has escalated during the past week, with Turkish forces attacking the Syrian army and claiming to have killed over 50 soldiers. Russia, the main Syrian ally in the conflict, took the pressure off Assad and sent a clear message to Turkey’s President Erdogan by sending in warplanes to halt to Turkish assault ...

Le Pen Calls For Referendum To Stop “Submersion” Of France Via Mass ImmigrationMarine Le Pen, leader of the French Rassemblement National (National Rally) has called for a referendum on immigration policy to stop what she called the “submersion” of France via a “globalist” program of mass immigration. Speaking in a debate on problems caused by mass immigration, Le Pen told the French Parliament that the political establishment had betrayed French people ...

EU Borders at Breaking Point as Migrants Shipped to Frontier
This blog has always tried to point out to the lefties who screech about “open borders” that the European Union commitment to free movement of Labour only applies to citizens of EU member states moving withing the Union. They are closed minded and bigoted on the subject of course, “open borders” facilitating the movement of hundreds of millions of uneducated third world peasants to the developed nations is one of the sacred cows of their ideologically driven agenda ... Continue reading

February 2020

U.N. Chief Guterres Wants To Redistribute Power & Wealth and Fight ‘Gender Inequality’http://www.greenteethmm.com/equality-women-united-nations.shtml
That The United Nations Organisation has ambitions to become a world government is well known, this site and many others have reported it's moves and agendas for years. Now it seems the U.N. has become part of thatcabal of supra - national bureaucracies and, to borrow a line from a Paul Simon song, loose affiliations of millionaires and billionaires such as The Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum. Their latest move to impose cultural uniformity on the world however, is only going to lose them credibility

Physicists accidentally stumble upon mind-blowing new material
American physicists believe that they have discovered a strange state of matter entirely new to science. uSch unintentional breakthroughs never seem to happen anymore. Western university-industrial complexes are burdened with paperwork, and huge resources are devoted to ethical and health and safety requirements. These modern innovations have their benefits, of course, but they do have a major downside ...

Via TruePublica.org, 26 February, 2010

Google (corporate motto: don't be Evil, that's our job,)is planning a move that will force ir's British its British users to agree that their accounts be moved out of the regulatory jurisdiction of European Union privacy regulators, instead placing them under US jurisdiction instead, the company confirmed on 19 February. The move is intended to prevent the UK government from acting to protect UK internet users' data after the nation separates from the EU at the end of 2020.

A deadly sickness is sweeping across Ethiopia – and no one knows how or why it came to be

For most of this month the news has been full of the coronavirus outbreak in China, and the possibility this will turn into a pandemic like the Spanish flu' outbreak in 1919 which killed millions of people worldwide. First we need to allay freas spread by scaremongering propaganda aimed at diverting public scrutiny for several very unpleasant and undemocratic agendas currently being implemented by the ruling elites ...

VW Audi Suspends Electric Vehicle Production Due To Battery Shortage
Today in “news that affects all electric vehicle manufacturers”, Audi has announced that it has suspended production of its e-Tron electric SUV effective February 20 and won’t resume untilfurther notice. The suspension has been a resolve of “resolving production issues”, which are mainly attributed to bottlenecks in battery supply, according to Business Insider.

Worst polluting coal and wood fires banned in fight to cut emissions
Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

Macron Vows to Fight ‘Islamist Separatism’ with New Reforms

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared his government will fight against “Islamist separatism” with reforms including ending residency for foreign imams.

Switzerland’s environmental agency announces national moratorium on 5G
This blog has warned about the health risks of 5G wireless technology before, almost from the moment it was announced people who understand this technology (and two out of the three of us do,) have been saying that while there is always a risk from electro – magnetic radiation, with earlier technologis it was easily manageable if a loittle common sense was deployed. The exponentially higher intensity of 5G frequencies however, takes the health risks to humans to a whole different level.

Criminal damage in Cambridge reveals the police soft peddaling on Extinction Rebellion crimes Nobody is allowed to walk on the grass outside Trinity College Cambridge. I suppose an exception might be made if you were a 365-year-old don who once lolled under the famous apple tree with Sir Isaac Newton (probably a couple of those old fellows still holed up in the port cellar).

Otherwise, set one foot on that sacred turf and you will soon find yourself experiencing the full force of Newtonian gravity; rugby-tackled to the ground by a puce-faced porter in a bowler hat.

Germany's ruling party split over how to respond to AfD
Germany's Christian Democrat party (CDU) is as deeply divided as Britain's Labour Party over how to respond to the upsurge of nationalism. Facing a serious challenge from the nationalist (but not far right please, they are not that,) Alternative for Germany party (AFD) the CDU seems pitifully unprepared for departure of the Chancellor Merkel at a point when Germany its facing most serious political and economic crisis for decades.

Afer EU Engineered Hiatus Italy Heading For New Elections?
Matteo Salvini's Lega are by far the most popular political party in Italy and have been for some time, only a stitch up engineered by the Brussels bureaucracy has kept them out of power. But Brussels determination to prevent any Eurosceptic party becoming part of a governing coalition in any member state reveals the true, authoritarian nature of the European Union.

Sweden dystopia omnibusSwedish Communist Party: The Left Has Abandoned the Working Class For Migrants & LGBT issues
Are the left getting it at last? Is the message sinking in that the grass roots movements have been infiltrated and hijacked by middle class intellectuals. Are they starting to realise that the obsession with identity politics has supplanted income inequality, housing availability, jobs and the cost of living ... ?

Is the World Health Organization involved in biological warfare research?
Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law, talked in a recent interview with about the Wuhan coronavirus now sweeping through the far east, laboratory in Wuhan, China, where the genetically modified virus appears to have originated, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) clandestine involvement in biological warfare research ...Continue reading

13-year-old fights school policy allowing ‘trans girls’ into girls’ changing room February 7, 2020 (Paul Smeaton, LifeSiteNews) – A 13-year-old UK girl is taking her local council to court after it issued guidance that would allow boys who identify as “transgender girls” to access girls’ bathrooms, changing rooms, and dormitory rooms on student trips.
The guidance was issued last year as part of the Oxfordshire County Council’s “Trans Inclusion Toolkit for School 2019” project.

RACIST BRITAIN: ‘Black Studies’ Professor Says British Empire Was Worse Than Nazi GermanyBritain’s first professor of “Black Studies”, (yes you can get a Mickey Mouse degree from Toytown University in Black Studies,) who is aquiring quite a reputation for uttering ‘hate speech’ against Britain and white people in general, has now opined the British Empire did “far more harm” than Hitler’s Germany, and branded “whiteness” a “... Continue reading”.

Big Pharma billionaire charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors
Not long ago it would have been inconceivable that one day a Big Pharma company founder and owner would be arrested for running a criminal drug cartel, but that is exactly what happened a few days ago. “Federal authorities arrested the billionaire founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics Thursday on charges of bribing doctors and pain clinics into prescribing the company’s fentanyl product to their patients ...

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified BioweaponFor the past two weeks mainstream media reporting of the epidemic of a new strain of coronavirus in China has been getting more and more hysterical. However, reports have pushed back against one "conspiracy theory" about the origins of the virus that has now infected as many as 70,000+ people in the central China city of Wuhan alone (depending on whom you believe).

Corona Virus: Should We Worry
The official data coming out of China and from other sources including the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to suggest an exponential growth rate. With more and more infectious disease experts are now openly calling the virus a full-blown global pandemic, many people are asking should we in the west be worried and how bad might things get?

The Islamic Republic Of France
France’s left-wing elite are accused of cowardice for failing to support 16-year-old girl facing death threats after she insulted Islam online, the ruling class have been also accused of cowardice for failing to support a 16-year-old girl who has faced death threats after she allegedly insulted Islam online.

Clinton Kill List To Determine Who Will Be US 2020 Presidential Candidate?
And then, in accordance with Murphy’s law, which states just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do, Hillary Clinton has emerged, having found what she obviously thinks is a sure – fire route to the presidency, to offer her services as vice presidential candidate to whoever wins the nomination. And just to show how far The Democrats are removed from reality, many leading figures in the party and the left leaning media think it’s a good idea.

January 2020

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified Bioweapon
The theory that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan before it somehow escaped could be an attempt by the establishment (the Davosocracy,) to spread fear and panic as they see resurgent nationalism across the developed world and growing scepticism about

Italy most likely member to quit the EU and demand independence after Brexit -shock poll 23:01 (11 pm) 31 January, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union.

Throughout the day, the last on which the UK will be a member of the European Union, more than 7,000 people took part in an online, and completely meaningless except as a gesture, poll which asked which nation they thought would be next to leave the 27 member bloc ...

US Democratic Party Orders Google To Spread Globalist Propaganda
The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has demanded, in a letter to Google CEO Sudar Pichai that the Internet Search giant demonetize climate skeptics, and provide 'education' to millions of people who have been exposed to “dangerous misinformation”. Key actions demanded of Google by The Democrats are:

Time is NOT real: Physicists show EVERYTHING happens at the same time

The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening RIGHT NOW. That is the theory according to a group of esteemed physicists who aim to solve one of the universe’s mysteries.
Most people do not even consider the concept of time but there is nothing in the laws of physics to state that it should move in the forward direction that we know. The laws of physics are symmetric ultimately meaning that time could have easily moved in a backward direction as it does forward. Indeed some adherents to the ‘big crunch’ theory say time WILL run backwards when the universe stops expanding and starts contracting back in on itself.

The BBC is panicking at the public’s rejection of its arrogant Left-liberal worldview
This is nearly over – this weird disconnect between what most of us understand as reality and the world as seen through the eyes of an all pervasive Authority that was apparently appointed (although we never knew by whom) to establish the limits of public discourse. The crisis of confidence at the BBC – and make no mistake, it is a full blown, all alarm bells ringing, catastrophic crisis ...

The grooming gang cover-up is Britain’s real racism scandal

Forget pathetic 'Princess Pushy' Megan Markle petulantly playing the race card when she found life in the goldfish bowl occupied by Britain's Royal Family was not to her liking, the grooming gang cover up is Britain's racist scandal - and it is far worse than the trivialities that get American libtards screaming about "White Privilege ..."

John McCain’s Widow Comments on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking ChargesJohn McCain’s Widow Comments on Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Charges

Speaking at a human trafficking event in Florida, McCain revealed that her family was quite familiar with Epstein’s wrongdoings as one girl from her daughter’s high school was actually among the financier’s underage victims, then suddenly acknowledging that she “knew” about his crimes.
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French Intellectual Jailed for Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”
French intellectual Renaud Camus (above) has been conditionally sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for arguing that mass immigration in Europe represents an “invasion.” Summit.news reports: The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

“Hard” Of Hearing? PornHub Being Sued By Deaf Man For Lack Of Subtitles
We read today that sex supermaket site PornHub is being sued by Yaroslav Suris, who has filed a lawsuit claiming that its lack of PornHub’s lack of subtitles for the hard of hearing is discriminatory. Suris’ bone of contention is that the website violates his rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act, according to showbiz gossip site TMZ, which broke the story ...

Quitaly Back On As Salvini Prepares To Take On The EU
While the bureaucraps of Brussels were still congratuating themselves on forcing Matteo Salvini’s Lega party out of Italy’s governernment, mainstream media barely bothered to cover the news that Lega won the state elections in Umbria towards the end of October 2019. Thus the story that should have had Europhiles like Emmanuel Macron and Guy Verhofshit crapping themselves was barely noticed.

Police Failed To Act Against Muslim Grooming Gang Due To Fears Over "Community Tensions" A new report based on the evidence of former Grester Manchester Police Detective Constable Maggie Oliver acknowledges that the force failed to stop dozens of girls being groomed and sexually exploited by a network of Pakistani men despite being fully aware of what was happening due to fears over creating “community tensions.” The report notes that the instruction to avoid prosecuting came "right from the top ..."

Asian grooming gang given free pass to rape; police officers told ‘find other ethnicities’ to investigate – detective.
A report published today, authored by child protection specialist Malcolm Newsam CBE and former senior police officer Gary Ridgway, comes following the reopening of an investigation into the death of 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia, who – after years of abuse and days after she was injected with heroin by a 50-year-old man – died in hospital of an overdose in 2003.

Greta Thunberg Slams Australia for Coal Industry, Expands List of Climate Demands
Little Greta Thunberg, who was elected by nobody apparently now speaks for us all on matters relating to climate change. The Swedish climate change hustler who is making a fortune for her handlers from donations to her campaign, again castigated Australia for continuing to mine and export coal despite her previous complaints, adding a call for an end worldwide to the actibity to her list of climate demands to be delivered at the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos ...

Macron Digs In Against The General Strike, But Could It Finish Him?
As the French braces itself for the latest wave of protests and strikes across the country, as attitudes harden against President Emmanuel Macron's pension and retirement system reforms. Karel Vereycken, vice-president of France's Solidarity and Progress Party, has given his version what's behind the recent wave of strikes and why Macron's efforts to calm the situation down are backfiring.