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If You Want To Help Refugees Stop Helping To Kill Them

As The Daily Stirrer predicted, the tide of illegal entrants streaming through Europe's porous southern and eastern borders is increasing. Italy, Greece and Hungary now have major problems and even non EU states in the Balkans are affected. This crisis will not be resolved until the EU leaders politically correct OCD is replaced and we resolve the Merkels, Camerons and Hollandes with people of resolve who will stand up to American bullying and say, we owe you nothing Sidi Obama, we owe Africa nothing, we did not meddle in the affairs of the states from which migrants are now flowing.
edited by Ian R Thorpe

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Mediterranean Immigrant Crisis - EU plays politics with lives


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Another overloaded, unseaworthy boat full of migrants heads for Europe from Africa. The lucky ones are intercepted by by European naval craft. Source: Public Domain

In recent weeks and probably up to the UK election (7 May 2015) and beyond, the main focus for the hand wringing and breast beating is the plight of the Mediterranean boat people, those unfortunates who, seeking a way out of poverty or escape from a war zone have put their lives in the hands of some of the most ruthless and brutal criminals in the modern world (and by modern standards criminals of the past were pussy cats).

The hand wringing and breast beating is pure hypocrisy of course, just the latest example of the emotionally retarded left's need to be seen to care If these people actually did care about their fellow human beings rather than gathering brownie points with which to buy indulgences and thus escape a Kafkaesque trial of our worth as people, they might understand their cultural Marxist 'caring' does more harm than good.

But while the emotionally needy petit bourgeoisie might feel their guilt at being born in a relatively prosperous nation could be salved by supporting the efforts of the Labour party to change voter demographic so much by encouraging unrestricted immigration, to a one party state (the votes of new migrants being bought by the generous state benefits only a Labour government would provide, the policy may have succeeded in cementing Labour support among the suburbal and managerial classes, but resulted in bittterly divided working class communities (from a new media article in support of UKIP:

we only need print the Labour quote with regard to forcing uncontrolled and unending immigration on the British nation to 'rub noses in diversity' and also the note on the day Labour left office boasting that there was 'no money left' to demonstrate the intention of Labour to destroy British culture, population, society and laws and to spend taxpayers' money not only on industrial scale irresponsibility but for Party use and Marxist projects.

Even senior members of the last Labour government, including Jack Straw and David Blunkett, have spoken out against that policy, citing the social problems in their constituencies caused by mass immigration.

But are the hand wringers and breast beaters who wail that 'anybody who wants to come to Britain and make a better life for themselves should be allowed in and given citizenship without questions' really doing migrants any favours or are these pious fools (yes, leftist thinking is like the dogma and creed of a fundamentalist religion,) Any self righteous fool who thinks they are 'helping the poor' does not know how the illegal immigration business works. So here's a beginners guide to this ugliest of all crimes.

Take a walk eastwards along the Marine Drive from my Dear Old Mum's home in Morecambe Lancashire and before covering half a mile, while looking out across the bay's wide expanse of sands towards the Lake District fells you will come across a memorial to a group of Chinese migrants who, while cockling in the shallow but treacherous waters of Morcambe Bay where channels carved trough the sand by outflow from rivers that empty into the bay shift constantly and an area of firm sand can become quicksand in a matter of hours.

Hest Bank, Morecambe
Near Hest Bank, Morecambe

Thus it was with the group of shellfish harvesters dumped on the sands that February night in 2004. They were given a sack, a scoop and a tool for raising the clams to the surface and left, in the dark, to gather shellfish that were destined for the tables of expensive restaurants where the bourgeois left wing luvvies would gather to eat dinners that cost more than a cockler could earn in a week (don't look at me, I might eat in expensive restaurants, but never shellfish) congratulate themselves on how much they were doing for the fight against oppression and exploitation.

In the darkess, far away from their homes and families, as the Chinese cocklers were overwhelmed by the cold waters of the inrushing tide, the truck they had used to reach the cockle beds was submerged. Some tried to swim to safety, others huddled together on a sandbank, hoping for rescue. Just one had a mobile telephone and knew enough English to call for help, but due to his being unable to give a clear description of the location which meant the authorities had to get an electronic trace on the call, it was too late when help arrived. The man with the mobile phone was the only one to be rescued, twenty one bodies were recovered. Nobody knows how many went out to the cockle beds.

Irony, the gang masters for whom the cocklers were working didn't give and more of a flying fuck for the resaurant customers who would eat their plunder that they did for the workers whose lives they risked. A recent case of oyster rustling on the north Kent coast in southern England showed that the harvest was shelled on the beach to be shipped straight to customers. Shellfish (bivalves) should be purified by being kept in clean water for several days before they are fit to be eaten. If this is not done a moment's carelessness by a chef can easily result in serious food poisoning.

The Morecambe Bay cocklers had no right to be out plundering the cockle beds, there is a strict licensing policy in operation to preserve stocks of shellfish, and also to prevent people who have not been properly schooled in survival techniques and safety equipment requirements putting their lives at risk. The Chinese cocklers did not know anything about that, they should not have been in Britain and few understood English adequately to read warnings. But they had no choice anyway, the Chinese cocklers were effectively slaves, owned by the gangs who transported them, in conditions worse than are found on a cattle boat, from their homes half a world away to Britain to provide cheap labour for criminal operations.

The way I understand the trafficking racket to work, and I have researched it thoroughly, is people sign up for a package including travel, documents and a guaranteed job and house. This does not come cheap and on arriving in Europe, the migrants (those who have not been abandoned in the Mediterranean) find they have no legal status and the only work available is menial work, virtually slave labour, for associates of the criminals who sold them the package.
"But why don't they just go to European authorities who will give them legal protection?" the do-gooders ask.
Simples. Because the crooks back home know where they came from and where their families and friends live.

This is a vastly under-reported aspect of the whole thing. These boats are just another service offered over the internet - smart people aren't going on them, because they are too dangerous. Our Dear Leaders, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande etc. but most of all Barack Hussein Obamsa are effectively collaborating with third world immigrant gangs running a disgusting service into the EU. I heard a story about one of these boats drifting in the mediterranean for 10 days.

Everybody who encourages people to put their lives into the hands of "people smugglers", and to take their families onto rickety boats, has the blood of those who die, as the result, on their hands(and that includes anyone who votes Labour because The Fabian Society and other Labour affiliated organisations are among those placing adverts in African and middle easter newspapers, selling the idea that Europe desperately needs unskilled, uneducated immigrants).

The hand wringers and breast beaters of the left say we must let them all come, all the impoverished, marginalised, oppressed, persecuted and simply malcontent. I even saw on Facebook one university dumbed down idiot, in response to a UKIP candidate's protestation that Britain was full, claim that if you look at Google Earth it's clear there is lots of land in Britain not built on, which could be used to accommodate migrants. It's typical of the dumbing down effect of Cultural Marxist brainwashing administered in universities that the imbecile was unaware of the problems caused by interfering with natural drainage, the importance of woodland and peat upland environments, wetlands and so one, none of which are suitable for human habitation. Oh no, all the people in the world should be invited to come to Britain, after all there are only seven billion people and we have three hundred billion square yards of land, everybody could have 45 square yards in which to house themselves, grow food and do everything else humans have to do.

University dumbed down Lefties are nothing if not selfish and egocentric of course so with that in mind we can understand what this poor loser was saying is “Look at me, look at me everybody, see how much I care about the poor, the oppressed and the deprived. And PLEASE, PLEASE give me a few Facebook likes to prop up my self esteem.

Edinburgh's Fleshmarket Close (18 century engraving - recent photos are subject to copyright (and not as interesting))

The lefties don't actually care about the poor and oppressed, all they care about is being seen to care.

It is just over then years since the tragedy of the Chinese cocklers made us aware of the real problem behind all the left's silly, sentimental politicising of human misery. That was not an isolated incident, about the same time Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus novel, Fleshmarket Close* was published. As well as featuring a very similar situation of illegal shellfish harvesting on the Firth of Forth, east of Scotland's capital Edinburgh (I checked, there were several real cases prosecuted in that area) the novel deals with the general exploitation of illegal immigrants by the criminal networks that get them into Britain, Germany, France, The Netherlands and North America. It covered people trafficked to work in the sex trade, the employment of illegal immigrants at third world pay rates in various dangerous and unpleasant occupations and even the treatment of those who have pledge a kidney or eyeball as surety for their passage.

The bourgeois left might talk of fairness, equality and human rights but the result of the Labour government's 'open doors' immigration policy from 1997 to 2010 was exploitation, oppression and abuses of human rights, all of which went on well away from the smart suburbs where the luvvies live but was enabled by their self righteousness.

So our left wing do – gooders were complicit in those deaths just as surely as if they had held heads under the waters of the rising tide. And as these pious fools are complicit in the deaths of the people trying yo cross from Libya on the north African coast to the Italian island of Lampedusa in unseaworthy boats.

Many people in Europe and the Anglosphere think that giving the illegal arrivals automatic citizenship would somehow free them from the debt bond by which their exploiters hold them. It wouldn’t. The illegals are people with no job skills, little or no command of English, very little prospect of a legitimate income, and a huge debt owed to the people traffiking criminal gangs for bringing them out of Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe to Britain and other developed nations. A mountain of debt which can only be repaid, if ever, by doing whatever the British criminals tell them to do. Whether that be picking cockles in insanely dangerous conditions, working with hazardous materials without proper protective gear, prostitution, or stealing and committing crimes by order of their masters.

What would giving such victims citizenship do for them? Giving illegals citizenship would do nothing to change the fact that they still owe money, that should we pluck them to the safety of patrolled refugee camps, the smugglers know where they live, and where to find their families back in the country they fled, relatives who are depending on them, for whatever pittance they can send home.

There is only one way to help people like the Morcambe Bay cocklers; stop them from coming in the first place. But how do we do that? The people smugglers entice their victims into handing over their life savings, into running up those impossible debts, with a lie, by proving with phone calls and letters, how many people in their “care” reached the promised land. The only way is to round up all the illigal migrants and send them home, so word gets round there is no promised land, “where the government pays you a wage for doing nothing” in Europe.

*Fleshmarket Close is a real street in Edinburgh, once the place where butchers had their stalls, so Ian Rankin's title has a double meaning.


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