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One of the reasons the founding old Gits decided to publish The Daily Stirrer was because they detected a convergence of perspective in the political arena and the news media. A package of opinions, that perpetual economic growth was achieveable through borrowing, that immigration was good for the economy, higher taxation circulated through benefits equals economic growth, multiculturalism worlks, science is infallible and so on were being imposed on the population. Our aim was to promote freethinking and diversity of opinion.

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Only Whites Can Be Racist? Google Rewrites Dictionary As Well As History

by Ed Butt, October 4, 2016

The Daily Stirrer and our companion publications have often observed that people of the dark skinned races tend to be less tolerant and more racist (in the colloquial meaning of the word,) that white people. Those neo fascists of the liberal, progressive, politically correct and pensée unique tendencies tend to disagree, claiming that racism (literally, the belief that people of races other than one's own are an inferior kind of being) is something only found in whites. According to Google, US Government collaborators, rewriters of history and now it seems rewriters of the dictionary, "reverse racism DOES NOT exist" because "white people have power to oppress black people because they control the system and economic structure in society."

How did Google come to this conclusion? The nerdyboys and nerdygirls seem to have pulled their "facts" from a Huffington Post article entitled "4 ‘Reverse Racism’ Myths That Need To Stop" which succinctly concludes: "Reverse racism isn't real."

Huff Post screenshot of Google's latest politically correct idiocy

When seeking unbiased, evidence - based information on controversial topics such as race relations, sexism, gay rights and Islamic extremism, Huffington Post would not be the first "news" outlet that comes to most people's minds.

In fact if we look at the Huffington Post article that 'establishes beyond reasonable doubt' it is not possible to be racist to a white person, we find the "credible" sources quoted in defense of their controversial conclusion on reverse racism is actually one black supremacist, the auteur of the 2014 film, "Dear White People." The racist hatred of whites portrayed in the film is palpable.

It is typical of 'liberal' organisations like Huffington Post and Google of course that they do not see the bias and lack of balance in such creations. In pursuit of black approval (or maybe just the black dollar) they forget that whites have rights too. But if we people of European ethnicity are honest with ourselves, we must shoulder the blame for letting this happen.

Whites have meekly accepted the notion of 'equality' (which has NEVER existed in the natural world) without understanding that society or nature seldom holds at any static level or state and that while we have a duty to allow those societies whose social evolution has progressed along a different trajectory to Europe or in some cases has apparently lagged behind, to develop in their own way, and to live alongside them without trying to impose our culture and values, we do not have a duty to provide and care for the members of societies that are not as materially advanced.

Those vociferously demanding equality are the same progressives that demand something every day, be it abolition of national borders, same sex marriage, free healthcare, social justice, and we know that each demand is only the beginning, that each step is but the first step of an unending purge or revolution. Thanks to the rewriting of history by governments, the media, the educational establishment and more recently Google, the progessives carry on with their hysterical pursuit of socialist utopia, blissfully unaware that ever socialist government has delivered for the people it rules a humanitarian catastrophe coupled with an economic disaster.

When Social Justice Warriors demand equality they forget that while all ought to be equal in the eyes of the law (or God depending on your religious convictions), we have never been equal. It's called 'diversity' one of the watchwords of the progressive movement and one, like 'racism' they have difficulty understanding.

But the people who demand equality will not accept "equal" for long because they are driven not by a desire to see social justice, but by their own emotional inadequacy and need for affirmation. They assume moral superiority and demand deference to their moral values, then prove themselves suckers for any social victim narrative. These suckers are now not simply left wing activists, the neo - fascist left have infiltrated the public services and are the very people who write and enforce the rules WE are forced to live under. If power defines the ability to oppress as being "racist" then how do you explain a government dominated by minorities and the President and much of his high level appointed underlings ALL being minorities. The one thing that is apparent is that for their beloved equality to exist, it cannot be achieved through competition, through achievement or accomplishment.

George Orwell sums up the mentality perfectly in his novel '1984'.

The ambitions of these guilt addicts' pathological altruism must be achieved by force of law or indoctrination by propaganda, to surrender to an ideology that demands those in the majority race become subservient to minorities. This is their hoped for "victory".... the surrender to them and their ideology of guilt and attention seeking that says winners must become losers. These progressives take themselves far too seriously of course and thus are completely humourless. Thus any Christian (but not any Muslim.) who refers to the creation will attract a tsunami of abuse from people eager to state that evolution is a fact, but the abusers will not see that their own position is a denial of evolution because they advocate state intervention to ensure the survival of the weakest while Charles Darwin's theory is rests on 'natural selection through the survival of the fittest'.

The one thing the progressives will NEVER do of course is demand a level playing field where they and their anointed minorities are forced to PROVE their superiority. They hate competition because competition and the survival of the fittest (i.e. best equipped to succeed in the prevailing circumstances, rather than those who hang around the gym a lot,) is the only true justice as the stronger, the smarter, the most determined win.

Most of the progressives lost this thousands of years ago when humans were divided into leaders and followers (by what? You might well ask. I honestly do not know and neither does anybody else, (some say we were visited by aliens and while I doubt that, there are no better theories on offer.) There is biological proof that some of our simian ancestors interbred with an alien species in the A rhesus negative blood group, but in the context alien means alien to the simian genre, not alien to this planet.

So rather than meekly surrender to inferior creatures because it is bad manners to kick the crap out of wusses, we, the true humans, should go on the attack. We should tell Google, "No, you can't rewrite history stop filtering search results to favour a political agenda or there will be consequences; and we should tell the academics that words have meanings in reality no matter what prevails in their 'Through The Looking Glass' world. Finally we should tell the Social Justice Warriors, "Leave your politics at home or you will find you can only gain employment as a burger flipper or a shelf stacker." There will be screeching and much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but no serious opposition.


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