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Servergate: Clinton Emails reveal how Google tried to help Obama Administration defeat Syria’s Assad

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We've reported before on the very close links between Google and The White House, most people are aware that the story of two semi - autistic, pizza faced little nerds who approached a venture capital firm (that just happened to be a front for the CIA) with the technology that would put all the information in the world at everybody's fingertips is a myth. Far from being superior to other search engines, which did at least try to bring some semblence of order to internet search results, a Google search threw up far more results that its rivals. That however distracted users from the fact that the top results were seldom the most revevant.

Apart from filtering out the results the ruling elites and their lackeys did not want us punters to see, Google also took care to highlight the sites that were mosdt likely to generate revenue for them. So much for net neutrality.

But the US Government liked the way Google did things and so helped the company establish a near monopoly on the search market. And then Google and the government got even cosier with each other. And the closer Google got to the Obama Andminstration, the more Orwellian they became. It seems the search engine operator and privacy thief even played a role in some of Obama'a 'asymmetric wars' on third world nations.

from 21st Century Wire

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The Silicon Valley’s technotronic oligarchy have been exposed as a mere extension of the CIA in terms of playing a role in Washington’s state policy of regime change in Syria.

This latest email release reveals how then US Secretary of State, and now Democratic presidential favorite Hillary Clinton colluded with executive at Google to launch a digital PR onslaught against the president of Syria, Bashar al Assad.

This is all part of Google’s ‘color revolution’ business, and also part of the Smart Power Complex used to manufacture public consent for ‘humanitarian interventions’ globally.

The leak also reveals how Qatari network Al Jazeera played an active role in this plot too. Al Jazeera has already been caught repeatedly manipulating international news throughout the Middle East.

In a just world, Hillary would be held to account by the mainstream media for this revelation, but it seems that it’s just being ignored by the mainstream gatekeepers…

Google in 2012 sought to help insurgents overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to State Department emails receiving fresh scrutiny this week.

Messages between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s team and one of the company’s executives detailed the plan for Google to get involved in the region.

“Please keep close hold, but my team is planning to launch a tool … that will publicly track and map the defections in Syria and which parts of the government they are coming from,” Jared Cohen, the head of what was then the company’s “Google Ideas” division, wrote in a July 2012 email to several top Clinton officials.

“Our logic behind this is that while many people are tracking the atrocities, nobody is visually representing and mapping the defections, which we believe are important in encouraging more to defect and giving confidence to the opposition,” Cohen said, adding that the plan was for Google to surreptitiously give the tool to Middle Eastern media.