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Senior German Government Figure Calls For Mandatory Pork Ban In School, Government Canteens

The gulf in attitudes between the political ,business and academic elites and reality is growing wider at an accelerating rate. While ordinary people hold onto the values and traditions of Europe's 5000 year old civilisation, the elites seeme determined to sell our contintent from under our feet to immigrants who have contributed little but want to impose their religion and customs on us. Here's an example ...
by Egbert Nobakon

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Senior German Government Figure Calls For Mandatory Pork Ban In School, Government Canteens

US President George W Bush referred to the French as 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' and the worls has known for many years that Italy's armies made retreating into an art form. Spanich military skills do not extend beyond parading around in risibly ornate uniforms while Russian troops cannot be accused of lacking bravery, but prefer to go to ground and tough out a Russian winter, knowing that enemies from warmer climes are frozen to death.

One nation whose courage we British have always repected however is Germany. We have a dine track record for kicking Germany's tyrants up the arse whenmever they go off on one of their 'master race' trips, but the ordinary German soldier performs with stoicism and Teutonic courage in the battlefield. No longer it seems, this is the age of politically correct fascism masquerading as liberalism however and like all their counterparts in mainland Europe and the USA's Gay BLT military are being sissified by spinless, cocksucking politicians like Cameron and Obama as we face the challenge of Islamic extremism.

And Germany it seems is leading the way in the rush to surrender to this disorganised buch of ragheads and pursue a policy of appeasement by giving in to their every demand. Forget the French cheese eating surrender monkeys, under Chancellor Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel's suffocatingly politically correct policies of sucking up to rapist, murderers and bastards who want to kill all 'infidels' the German's have been stripped of testicular fortiude and turned into sausage scoffing surrender chickens. And some German politicians will take away the sausages if they can.

Senior members of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s party are calling for pork to be made mandatory in government-controlled canteens, following claims the food was being quietly removed from menus.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politicians from Germany’s northernmost federal state Schleswig-Holstein are launching the campaign and tabling motions in parliament to preserve pork as a staple foodstuff in the state’s canteens. The state, which is the last port of call on the migrant route through central Europe before they break into Scandinavia has seen a significant through-put of migrants in recent years, and the politicians claim changes are being made in error to accommodate this new, Muslim population.

Parliamentary CDU leader Daniel Günther said of the withdrawal of pork from state canteens: “The protection of minorities – including for religious reasons – must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by a false sense of consideration”. Mr. Günther argued that  tolerance had to work both ways, and that the new Germans would have to learn: “the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles”, reports the Lübecker Nachrichten.

While some schools have already dropped pork as a practical consideration as few if any pupils eat it, Mr. Günther said he wanted to keep it on the menu as “the consumption of pork belongs to our culture”.

Regardless, eating bacon or sausages wouldn’t be forced on anyone, and CDU colleague Heiner Rickers MP said the party wasn’t trying to establish a weekly pork day.

Despite the insistence, many vegetarians and left wing politicians still latched onto the idea and attempted to use the idea of mandatory pork eating as a means to to ridicule the government. The Green party, which advocates mandatory vegetarianism (that would piss off the lamb and goat loving Muslims) and two years ago called for a weekly vegetarian day to be observed in canteens and schools christened the project a “pork duty”, and mocked the concern over the withdrawl of pork from canteens as the ‘wurst case scenario’.

The criticism has been described as hypocritical after a room full of Green party activists were photographed just days before tucking into plates of sausages at a party campaign day in the run up to a regional election. And while erstwhile party leader Volker Beck may have been able to profess some pride at not ingesting pork, he certainly appeared to be ingesting something far worse, as he stepped down from the leadership on Wednesday afternoon after being caught carrying the banned drug crystal meth.

CDU parliamentarians Mr. Günther and Mr. Rickers are not the first European politicians to campaign to protect the European cultural heritage of eating pork from Muslim mass migration. A Danish town was finally successful in making pork mandatory last month, ending a long running “meatball war”, as reported by Breitbart London.

The initiative came after research showed that dozens of daycare centres in Denmark — where the number of pigs nearly outstrips humans three to one — had already banned pork or switched fully to halal food. Local politicians in the town of Randers said by creating mandatory pork rules they could ensure schools provided “Danish food culture as a central part of the offering – including serving pork on an equal footing with other foods.

While the anti-migrant Danish People’s Party welcomed the move, Social Liberal politician Manu Sareen accused the town of imposing a “forced ideology” on children by ensuring they had pork on the menu.

And what is so wrong about Muslim moralising over the eating of pork that makes European secular and Christian politicians want to kiss Muslim arse over the issue so repugnant to us, you might well ask. Well there's this:

Muslim Animal Abuse in Egypt

Although no case of A(H1N1) swine flu has yet been detected on its territory, Egypt is the only country in the world to have decided to kill all its pigs, estimated to have numbered around 250,000 before the cull began.

The World Health Organisation has said the drastic measure is not scientifically justified.

In the video, Mohamed el-Mugharbil, deputy mayor of Kashkus near Cairo, describes how chemicals are also poured on animals caged in lorries, leading to a slow death.

Ali Shaaban, head of the site where the corpses are buried, confirms the method. "The pigs are covered with chemical products and left for 30 or 40 minutes until they are dead, then we throw them in the ditch."

The agriculture ministry denied the animals are killed with chemicals. "These are disinfectants. The throats of the animals are slit before they are buried," Saber Abdel Aziz Galal, head of the department of infectious diseases, told AFP.

Other pictures obtained by AFP show pigs which have been disembowelled but whose throats have not been slit. "Only the males are killed in accordance with the rules," said journalist Heba Nasreddin, while "the piglets and sows are hit with an iron bar and left to bleed to death."

An online petition calling on the Egyptian government to end the "senseless slaughter" has been launched on

So the Muslim objection to Europeans eating pork is, as with most Muslim cultural tradition, based in fanaticism and medieval superstitions.

While this blog is not in favour of any mandatory contstraints on people's behaviour, it has to be said the Danish madatory Pork day is not the same as prohibiting the consumption of pork. Serving pork in canteens is not the same thing as forcing people or children to eat it. This is the part that needs to be made clear. We can't speak for Germany, but in UK cateens, schools and hospitals there is now always a vegetarian option on the menu, so anyone worried about pork can always choose that.

What really exposes this politically correct stupidity as cowardly appeasement is the way that the vegetarian lobby, who presumably worry about cruelty to animals, never seem to demand an end to, or control of, the process of halal slaughter. And if children and adults are to be given the choice of avoiding pork by clearly labelling it, then they should also be given the clear choice of avoiding eating halal meat (which I object to - got that Morrisons' Supermarkets, oh yes we know you sneakily implemented a policy of only selling 'halal compliant' meat, fucking traitors - by clearly labelling it.

This should never have become a political issue, but it will be possibly throughout Europe unless the authorities grow backbones, stop allowing themselves to be bulied by these paleolitic Muslim pigs and start behaving in an honest and sensible way, firstly by remembering that white people have rights too.

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