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Education- the betrayal of the young

edited by Ian R. Thorpe
edited by Ian R Thorpe
One of the great failures of progressive politics of both right and left has been education. Trendy theories on how children learn and political point scoring by politicians who promose change but only deliver stasis and failure have conspires to betray generations of young people and leave them at the end of thirteeen years or more of full timed education with heads full of Cultural Marxist propaganda and hearts devoid of aspiration and self esteem.

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Education: The Betrayal Of Youth



White Working Class Boys Neglected In School Due To 'Negative Impact' Of Focus On Ethnic Minorities And Women, Labour MP Claims.

White working class boys are being left behind because of the “negative impact” of a focus on ethnic minorities and women, a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has said. We hope this story might signal a rare outbreak of common sense in the Labour Party.

Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, told The Spectator magazine white working class boys had been left "at the bottom of the heap" andcultural change is needed among Britain’s white working class to encourage more young people to strive to succeed.

She added: "The of towards migrant families towards education is considerably different to the culture of British families, that’s something I’ve noticed.

"I’m from a white working class background, our culture – and I think that’s why white working class boys aren’t doing so well at the moment.

"The UCAS tables have them literally at the bottom of the heap. I think it’s because as we’ve tried to deal with some of the issues around race and women’s agendas, around tackling some of the discrimination that’s there, it has actually had a negative impact on the food chain for white working [class] boys.

"They have not been able to adapt. Culturally, we are not telling them that they need to learn and they need to aspire."

A Labour MP actually being honest enough to admit the white working class in Britain are being marginalised by the culture of politically correct thinking is long overdue, so we will forgive, for now, Ms. Rayner's lapse into stereotypical leftie bullshit when she talks about working class culture needing to change.

What needs to change in order to revitalise the British working class, (not necessarily white, there are many people who are now fully integrated whose parents or grandparents came from The Caribbean, Africa or the Indian sub continent,) it the left wing dominance and politicisation of public sector services including education, welfare, health and policing. A change in the attitudes of our political leaders is needed to, to halt and reverse the loonytoons economic policies of exporting indusrty and the jobs it provides to low labour cost third world economies, while simultaneously importing vast numbers of semi literate, uneducated, unemployable, non English speaking professional beggars and trouble makers.

Ms Rayner, who left school without qualifications after becoming pregnant at 16, said there was a "lag" in achievement by white working class pupils and that more support was needed to help them make a success of their lives. Again The Daily Stirrer disagrees; the best way to raise the aspirations of white working class boys is to stop lefties and feminists telling them they are worthless, deplorable, second class citizens.

Ms Rayner, who has been identified as a potential future leader of the Labour Party, said her own experience of support from the welfare state and further education after leaving school showed the benefits of investing in people who might otherwise be written off.

“I would have been seen as a scrounger, a scally unlikely to make anything of my life," she said.

"But without those interventions ... I wouldn't now be a taxpayer who pays their way in life, no longer on any benefits. Sometimes you have to invest in people to get the best out of them. To me, that is socialism. That is why I'm a Labour member rather than a Conservative." Here she shows a typical left wing congnitive dissonance. Why would a person so proud of her working class roots join an elistist bunch of university brainwashed hypocrites who hate the working class?

Despite her rise from humble beginnings to near the top of the political ladder, Ms Rayner said she was still looked down upon by some at Westminster. She said: "In this place, some people do that. And I think: well, you look down at me at your peril, mate. Because I'll just eat you alive."

Thus she confirmswhat we say in the previous paragraph. MPs like Angela Rayner are a sign of the tokenism socialists are so fond of. The party executive think a few genuinely working class MPs justfies their dishonest claim to be the party that represents the working class..


Universities churn out graduates of dubious quality who infect society with disappointment. Let’s privatise them

Daily Telegraph, 23 June 2018

The first comment to make on this Daily Telegraph article is that nobody at The Daily Stirrer believes privatising universities would be a good idea. The article does, however, get to grips with the current problems facing the higher education system. From the growth in students signing up for what have become known as 'Mickey Mouse' degrees, a category which includes subjects like 'lesbian theory', 'modern dance' and 'gay literature,' they system is producing more and more graduates who are either qualified in an academic field that offers no jobs, or are unemployable simply because thry have no intention of taking an ordinary job.

Universities churn out graduates of dubious quality who infect society with disappointment. Let’s privatise them

Thirteen Years Of Full Time Education Then The Chicken Factory Awaits

They expect all young people to aspire to be kings and queens of ‘the heap’, to sit on its peak and look down on those who failed – those 74% of white British young men on free school meals who did not gain five A-C GCSE grades, including English and Maths in 2012, compared with 60% of young black men and 37% of all other young people on free school meals. Christopher Hope ( September 3, 2013), quoted Christian Guy, the Director of the Centre for Social Justice, which produced these figures, who said they were “sobering”. They suggest that despite much money and effort white working-class boys are in danger of becoming an educational underclass”.

They must be ‘thick’, and must be made to work, opine those who resent their own place in the work heap. Yet, they are wrong, for many young people take a conscious decision that the work heap is a shit heap, which is not worth climbing. They do not fail to attain five A-C GCSE grades because they have a low IQ, on the contrary, many have the insight to despair of their future prospects if gaining the entry level to ‘the heap’. They understand that over one million young people (their brothers and sisters) have been unemployed in Britain. Being ‘educated’is not the same as being intelligent.

Many of those interviewed in the Reading the Riots study (,2011/12/riots), were from the country’s deprived areas, and were pessimistic about their future – 29% disagreed with the statement “life is full of opportunities” – compared with 13% among the general population. Their anger is reflected in the lyrics of the Anti Flag song “No Future”:

“everything that i see
there is no future for me
everything that i read
there is no future for me, for me, for me”.

This anger is part of a European-wide revolt of young people pushed to the edge. They are all labelled as “looters” or “anarchists” in the brainwashing, corporate press, but they are not. They know that their Starbucks coffee is likely to be made by debt-drowning graduate from a third-rate ‘university’. There is a greater supply of university graduates than a demand for them, because most available jobs do not require a university degree, including the much vaunted science ones.

The ludicrously named “economic recovery” has been nothing more than a transference of State sector jobs to private companies connected to fingers-in-the-pie politicians, whose “efficiencies” include lower wages built around zero-hours (zero-rights) contracts – vehicles of lousy jobs, insecurity and low wages. The ‘jobs’on offer to the young are mainly in the service sector. Britain is a post-industrial nation, a nation of call centres, supermarkets,and white van men. The only thing it produces in any quantity is hopelesness.

Those that aspire to a place on the capitalist shit heap, or are forced on to it, can not participate in society. They can not afford the cars, houses, and holidays enjoyed by those who live in the leafy suburbs. There are no coal mines, steel works, dockyards, and factories in which the white working class could earn enough to participate in society. Jobs have been outsourced, and State industries sold.

Many young men (both white and black) believe car theft and drug-dealing are logical alternatives to ‘the heap’, and are a means of being able to afford those things that working at Starbucks can not give. However much “money and effort” are thrown at the project of getting working class young men to obtain five A-C GCSE grades, it is like trying to sell them a future concocted by Disney, they simply believe the vision to be fantasy. Their reality are the police helicopters that patrol the night sky above the boarded-up shop widows of their forgotten towns.

Yes, many young men who participated in the 2011 riots had previous criminal convictions, but that can not be used as evidence that the riots were essentially about criminality, and not about the pent-up anger of a underclass, whose anger had already resulted in these criminal convictions.

Yes, the capitalist press are right, many young British men do not want the jobs that are available. For some strange reason only known to them, the prospect of serving coffee, cleaning toilets, or gutting chickens until they are 80 does not appeal to them. The ungrateful, lazy wretches!

They reject such work, and desperate employers have to exploit impoverished Europeans in their place – the stuff of popular, moral outrage. Yet, the really outrageous thing is this – British governments no longer accept their responsibility to create an ample supply of well paid jobs, they leave this to that holy of holies, ‘the market’, which has utterly failed to deliver.

The reason that most ‘hard working’ EU citizens from poor countries come to Britain to work is so that they can save enough money to be able to buy a house or business when they return home – to be able tp participate in their own country.

Those that can not participate in society will eventually attack it, and no amount of riot squads, plastic bullets, stun guns, tear gas, and water cannons will stem this tide. An alternative can be brought about by giving all people the means to earn a participatory wage, and that requires the replacement of corporate capitalism and its pro-capitalist politicians with a radical alternative.

Oxford University Introduces Mandatory ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Classes

One of the oldest and most respected colleges, Magdalen, at Oxford, Britain’s oldest university has become the first to introduce the currently fashionable idiocy from America’s west coast, compulsory racial awareness classes to ensure ethnic minorities are not offended by anything, ever. not content with seeing the catastrophes that happened when politically correct politicians allowed the lunatics to run the asylum, academics have tried to go one better by letting the students run the universities.

Magdalen College students have voted to require all first-years to attend sessions which will cover racism, ‘institutional racism’, ‘cultural appropriation,’ and implicit bias.

Under The Dreaming Spires? - Oxford University

According to a report in The Telegraph, students will learn about how to “participate effectively in fighting racism for both BME [Black and Minority Ethnic] and non-BME students”. Well, we supose expecting such morons to lean anything useful is just unreasonable. This is perhaps why education has given way to indoctrination in our universities.

Farheen Ahmed, Oxford Student Union’s Vice President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities, said she welcomed the move as “an important part of bringing the conversation about race and ethnicity into the wider consciousness”. Well yes, that’s very nice Fereed, but WTF are you studying that involves the conversation about race and ethnicity? Or do you plan to get your degree in Politically Correct bullshite and take a job in some QUANGO where being from a minority counts for far more than abilty to contribute anything.

The student paper Cherwell notes: “The University is becoming increasingly aware of the need to prioritise student voices on issues of race, as seen in the establishment of various groups to handle such concerns”.

Implicit bias, apparently, is when people are accidentally or unknowingly discriminatory or racist to minority groups, or when they are influenced by stereotypes. Perhaps this is why an Oxford educated author of childrens’ literature recently said black children are put off reading by a lack of black characters in stories. Cultural appropriation is the adoption of the customs, practices, or ideas of a culture, which is not said to be authentic or sensitive enough to minority groups. OK, so blacks will abandon cutlery and crockery and eat food with their fingers from banana leaves? All ethnic minorities will eschew electrical goods, vehicular transport, modern heating and plumbing and western style clothing and these all belong to European and north American culture. Oh sorry I forgot, they’re students and therefore far too stupid and sheep like to have thought that through.

In some of last year’s more idiotic examples of student intelligence fails, Magdalen College was criticised for a 1920s-themed ball after complaints that it could cause offense to female and ethnic minority students on the basis that “people of colour and women were entirely absent from college spaces” during the time period.

Oxford’s Lincoln college was accused of “cultural appropriation” over its New Orleans-themed ball, with students claiming it promotes “nostalgia for an era steeped in racism.”

Oxford students voted to create a “Class Liberation Officer” to protect the working classes from “microaggressions” such as being called a “chav”.

The cowardly intellectuals on the college staff have failed to stand up to this left wing crap.Obviously Magdelen is determined to preserve its reputation for elitism, the offsping of working class families would never put up with this kind of bullshit.

Students getting 2.1s and Desmonds Without Doing Much Work

Dumbing down in education has been a regular topic in The Daily Stirrer since we started publication. The greatest indictment of the education system is that we now keep the majority of young people in full time education until age 18 and they still emerge, after thirteen years exposure to the politically correct propaganda that passes for education these days, unable to read and write adequately.

Higher education does not escape criticism, we have heard from employers of graduate trainees joining organisations on the strength of having good STEM degrees, onlt to be found in need of remedial education in language and communication skills and basic arithmetic. Now, in a report from consumer protection group Which? universities have been accused of lowering standards after it was claimed students were gaining degrees despite skipping lectures and failing to do any private study.

The report raised serious concerns over the value of higher education courses following the imposition of £9,000 annual tuition fees. The study, which was based on a series of large-scale surveys of students and recent graduates, found average workloads of under 30 hours a week - 25 per cent less than the recommended level set in national guidelines. Some students admitted to doing no work at all outside university in the evenings and weekends.

Figures showed that little over a third of students - 39 per cent - believed work set by academics was "stretching" and quarter insisted they could "get away with doing little private study and still get good marks". Once again we see the damaging effect of governments' obession with statistics forcing universities and schools to focus on quantity of exam passes rather than quality.

The report calls for the creation of new regulatory measures for universities, including making it easier to strip institutions of their degree-awarding powers and giving groups the right to make "super complaints" over failings across the higher education system. The conclusions come just two years after the introduction of the new tuition fees regime, with the cost of a degree for English students almost tripling to £9,000.

According official government sources, student satisfaction levels are at record highs, with almost nine-in-10 students saying they are happy with courses. The Which? study however appears to contradict the conclusions, with evidence of significant failings in academic standards.

One student attending a Russell Group university told Which?: "Last term I missed quite a lot of lectures but still managed 2:1s in all my exams."

Another undergraduate from a former polytechnic recently upgraded to university status told researchers: "I feel like I'm missing something; academically it is not challenging."

Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said: "We are rightly proud of our university sector with institutions that are regarded among the best in the world. The next phase of reform for this market should protect that reputation and help students get the best value for money from higher education.


Government Fails Jewish School Over Lack of ‘Correct’ LGBT Teaching
A Jewish girls' school in London has been failed for a third time by Education Department inspectors who claim it fell short of requirements set out in the Equalities Act to teach LGBT principles in general and homosexuality/gender reassignment issues in particular. The equalities act, you may remember is a pernicious piece of legislation pushed through by ...

Academics Warn Politically Correct Universities ‘Are Killing Free Speech’
Free speech is under attack from politicians and minority rights activists, but when universities start censoring ideas, society is in trouble. So what is going on when speakers who have challenged the politically correct consensus are denied a platform to speak on unrelated topics.

New UK 'Living Wage' Rules Making Businesses Reluctant To Hire
Concerns about a new, higher UK minimum wage (Chancellor George Osborne's 'living wage' are making UK businesses reluctant to hire new staff. Uncertainty about the 'living wage' rules is contributing to a significant slowdown in hiring via recruitment firms, according to recruitment industry sources >>>

Tacit Approval From US Liberals For Islamic Indoctrination In US Schools.
Some schools in US State Of Virginia are closed today, because parents objected to Islamic indoctrination by the state education system. The US Constitution's clauses on the separation of church and state forbid the promotion of any specific religious teaching, in fact US liberals tend to get their knickers in a twist over signs in classrooms that show the motto "In God we trust."

New UK 'Living Wage' Rules Making Businesses Reluctant To Hire
Concerns about a new, higher UK minimum wage (Chancellor George Osborne's 'living wage' are making UK businesses reluctant to hire new staff. Uncertainty about the 'living wage' rules is contributing to a significant slowdown in hiring via recruitment firms, according to recruitment industry sources >>>

Eight Subjects That Ought To Be Part Of The Manadtory Curriculum For Basic Education?
Should subjects like meditation and gardening be part of the school currriculum? Or as one high school in Massachusetts, USA, seems to believe, classes in analyzing conspiracy theories (if taught properly this could help students distinguish between a true conspiracy theory, a fantasy and what is legitimate questioning of official propaganda. The embedded article from Collective Evolution presents some interesting ideas.

Students censored – An Academic Community In A Crisis Of Collectivism.
Intellectual freedom in our universities is under threat from ... intellectuals. So overbearing have the left wing screechers of bourgeois politically correct leftism now become that even the universities have surrendered to the intellectual control freakery of cultural Marxism. But if universities are now dedicated to turning out dull minded conformists, what hope is there for western society?

Who Should Make Decision About Childrens' Welfare, Parents Or Authoritarian Left Wing Schoolteachers?
We like stories about bureaucrats abusing their authority and about schoolteachers (especiall head teachers) letting their inner fascist out of the closet. So a story than combines both, like this tale of a South Yorkshire primary school head who banned packed lunches because out of concern for 'her' children's welfare she wanted them to have no alternative to the nutrition free slop served by the school kitchen.

Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable
Education, should it be about learning to read, write, spell and calculate? Or should it be about feminism, gay rights, black history and 'gender awareness' whatever that is? For many years we have had multiculturalism and politically correct thinking rammed doiwn pupils throats but noe a study by a local education department suggests this obsession with politicallly corret diversity is responsible for the failure of white working class pupils.

Education, Education, Education And To Hell With The Kids
Teaching used to be a vocation and education a high minded calling for those who wished to prepare young minds for adult life by making the process of learning, in the classroom, by discovery and through osmosis, an exciting and fulfilling lifelong process

The Degree Factory: The Decline Of University Education
The decline of university education in parallel with dumbing down of the general population is contributing to the economic and social problems of the industriaised democracies. But why have standars been allowed to slip so far and can the trend in university education towards theraputic and politically correct courses be reversed?

Where Is Bicycle Repair Man When The World Needs Him
A superhero whose superpower is repairing bikes? It was a sketch in a Monty Python's Flying Circus show. But forty years on is it as crazy as it sounded then? We seem to have plenty of people with degrees in things that are not every practical and shortages of people who can do useful stuff. And when we have health and safety officers stopping people from climbing ladders unless they have been properly trained, people are discouraged from learning those everyday skills by themselves.

Comedy and humour

Modern Maths Teaching Is Making Children Mentally Ill
It is a well established fact that people who are good at mathematics are insane so why are we making such a big deal of abstract maths in proressive education when what most people will need to earn a living is a good command of basic arithmetic - which modern education is failing to give them.

The Science Fraud: Many Scientific Research Papers Are Pure Gobbledegook
The war between humanities and science goes on, both in academic faculties and internet comment threads. But in an environment that is increasingly politicised and influenced by corporate profit motives rather than the pure and unsullied pursuit of knowledge, can we trust either side? This article suggests not.

Its Nineteen Eighty Effing Four In The Education System
Progressive aproaches to education seem to be ideologically driven rather than focused on the needs of the individual pupil. so will the left's dreams of eqality be fulfilled when every child leaving the school system is equally dysfunctional.

The STEM Education and Scientism - the curse of modern education.
Education, education, education, said Tony Blair. He meant indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination of course. The thing the Politically Correct intellectual bullies of the new left fear most is an educated working class capable of questioning the dogmas of the scientific dictatorship ...

Government Scientists To Collect DNA Samples From All US Babies And Spy On Schoolkids
News of a US Government project to collect DNA samples from all babies born in the country will come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention. News of the UK government's tentative steps to RFID chip pupils has been better covered up.

Black characters put parents off books, new Children's Laureate says
It seems very strange to me the new children' laureate is a person descended from the dark skinned races and the first thing she does in her new role is make children's literature a race issue.Isn't that erm, you know ... a tad racist. Marjorie Blackman (no pun there, that's her name)also said that when ...

Education Is Out, Indoctrination Is In.
This is about a teacher in america who has quit the profession in disgust at the way left wing indoctrination is replacing neutral education in schools. Many British teachers have said similar things and Daily stirrer occasional contributor Sally Redfern quit the teaching profession for the same reason. In Scotland's Brave New World Every Child Will Have A State Nanny
The putative government of Scotland is trying to push tough laws which will appoint to every child a Nanny State nanny to ensure parents and not abusing their kids. If we think in terms of beating and neglect that seems reasonable but when you remember social workers have yelled abuse because parents kept children off school, let them ... Captive Minds And Cowardly Intellectuals
The pose intellectuals and academics like to strike is that of detatched, independent minded individuals who reject materialism and devote their lives to the expansion of knowledge and understanding and a quest for truth.In reality…

Whistle-blowing dinner lady wins compensation after school sacks her for behaving like a decent human being.
A whistleblower in the education system was sacked when she reported an incident of bullying to the victim's parents after a school had tried to cover it up, was sacked by the school and then refused reinstatement or compensation by the education authority because she spoke to the press.

Some reality on employment prospects for young graduates.
'Work experience' and unpaid internships have created a moneyless vacuum between education and pa employiment that only the rich are able to fill. For others a degree only means a masive debt without any improvement in earning prospects

Trendy left wing education policies accused of inhibiting ambition in school pupils
Shocking new revelations about the state of the education system show that trendy education policiesz are not only dumbing puypils down, they are trampling on ambition and aspiration as well.

Left elite's determination to dum down now bars bright pupils from University Latest plans put forward by elitist lefties to make university access 'more equal' can only lead to higher education being dumbed down as skin colour, sexuality or being from a single parent family will count for more than intelligence.

Eleven year olds progress to higher school unable to read, write and do sums
Around 25% of the 135,000 pupils who left primary school this summer will take with them to their higher school an inadequate grasp of the basic skills, reading, language and arithmetic. This is in contrast to a claimed sharp improvement in national results, demonstrating once more that ...

Maths Fascism
Recent headlines shrieked that "top brains" were demanding this over lurid stories describing the decay of our education system. If these "top brains" truly represent the most intelligent people in our national community it puts a new meaning on the phrase ...

Parents treat us like NHS staff on a Saturday night, says headteacher attacked in his office
A headmaster has complained that parents treat teachers like "NHS staff on a Saturday night" after he was attacked in his study by an angry father. Kieran Heakin, 60, was grabbed around the throat after being confronted by the man who believed his son was being bullied by fellow pupils. As other teachers tried to intervene, the angry father also tried to ...



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