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Censored: Talking Of Anti - Vaxxers Is A Conspiracy Theory

News has been dominated throughout 2020 by the COVID-9 pandemic and the US presidential election. But all news in the 21st century is smoke and mirrors and he sensational headlines have prevented people seeing the attacks on free speech and other democratic rights and liberties that have been abolished in the name of 'beating the virus.' Why the censorship, what are they hiding?

Ian R Thorpe, 4 December 2020

We are currently hearing a lot of propaganda from the authoritarian globalist movement about suppressing open discussion of the COVID-19 vaccines that have been rushed into production. Apparently we are not allowed to question the very questionable technique these so - dubbed mRNA vaccines use to (allegedly) poduce an immune response. Biologists, virologists and medical researchers who are NOT in the pay of governments or corporate businesses linked to the Big Pharma cartel hve raised some highly alarming issues regarding the technique however, centering on the fact that it works by altering our DNA, tricking the body into manufacturing a protein totally alien to human physiology.

As the sceptical views on the new vaccines are being suppressed I did my own research. The Pfizer, Moderrna and Astra - Zeneca Mrna-vaccines (modified RNA), work by allowing the virus RNA to enter human body cells and modify their genetic information. Dr Carrie Madej has posted a video explaining how these types of vaccines work ( Basically you will have genetically modified humans as a result.

The volunteers in the trials are not allowed to have sexual intercourse, as nobody knows what effect this modification will have. Medical doctors fear it might be autoimmune disorders, cancer or mutant genes. The EU has changed their legislation on genetic modification to allow for the vaccine. In the past trials with mRNA vaccines on animals have shown great promise when it came to antibodies, but once the vaccinated animals were "challenged" with real bacteria or viruses, they had massive cytokine responses and often died. In the case of COVID vaccines, because of the need for speed we are told, animal trials are skipped, and as it is seen as unethical, human participants are not exposed to live viruses. You can make up your own mind whether you want a vaccine for a disease with a mortality rate of approximately 0.2% (that's 2 in a thousand of people infected) and has these kinds of risks attached.

For people not familiar with the term, RNA is a component of DNA in complex life forms but the simplest organisms have only RNA.

Google any of this and you will find hundreds of listings purporting to claim such claims are false, have been debunked and are misinformation posted by "anti - vaxx extremists." Big Tech are doing their usual censorship job. Follow the money however, and it always leads back to the vested interests pushing mass vaccination schemes and even calling for vaccination to be made mandatory in law. Use a proper search engine however, (Google is a propaganda engine,) and it's a different story. There are reports of various researchers supporting both arguments but most concerning are those that warn of as-yet-unknown long term consequences that must inevitably happen when DNA is edited.

So the question we must ask ourselves here is: "If these vaccines are safe why are governments, pharma corporations, Big Tech and mainstream media so keen to prevent open discussion, what are they afraid of.

The answer to such questions is usually The Truth.

What we are being asked to believe is that eminent doctors and researchers like Wolfgang Wodarg and Sucharit Bakdi (two among many) are simply dismissed as cranks while the very legitimate concerns they raise are disappeared by Big Tech companies as 'misinformation'?

Everyone knows and is concerned about the rushed development of these vaccines.
However few people know that the vaccine manufacturers developing this new and untried technique offloaded their responsibilities by blackmailing governments, the United Nations and The World Health Authority into granting them blamket immunity against legal actions arising from harm done by their vaccines. This alone should be enough to destroy public confidence in claims made for the safety of these vaccines.

The despicable, undemocratic and unscientific treatment of any dissent from the vaccine narrative or any questions about the safety of the technique since March by all the authorities has lowered the confidence in those authorities further and most enormously for millions, where and when those vaccines are concerned too.

Parents are particularly concerned for their children (who are not at risk from COVID but will be vaccinated anyway,) so are people who still plan to reproduce themselves, particularly as pregnant women or people planning to start a family are being advised to avoid the vaccine..

No one is doing anything to alleviate these concerns credibly, because they simply can't.
Add to that their murky efficiency, which is not equal to what peopled expected, namely non-infection, and that most people under 70 have a higher risk of vaccine damage than damage through Covid, and you should understand what's really going on in millions of 'currently towards these vaccines very critically disposed' rational people.

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