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Dutch Set to Deliver Second EU Bombshell Referendum Over TTIP Deal

By Egbert Nobakon, April 15, 2016

the people do not like TTIP but when did public opinion matter to the Euronazi Brueaucrats of Brussels?
A petition raised by citizens in The Netherlands demanding another referendum on an EU issue, on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the European Union and the United States, which EU bureaucrats are trying to push through before Barack Obama leaves office, has surpassed the 100,000 signatures mark and is rapidly gaining support. If the petition reached 300,000 signatures then under the Dutch constitution the issue has to be put to a referendum. People in the Netherlands delivered a blow to the European Union in last week's referendum on Ukraine's accession to the EU, which developed into a vote of confidence in the EU. On a turnout of about 33 percent, 61 percent voted against the Approval Act. Both petitions use the Dutch system, whereby 300,000 signatures are needed to force a referendum and, although the Ukraine one was started as a joke by a satirical magazine, the TTIP vote could prove more damaging and controversial. Negotiations on the terms of TTIP which if ratified by both sides would create the biggest trade pact the world has seen, between the European Union and the United States, but due to opposition from the political left and right there is a strong possibility it will never be passed, let along go through before Obama steps down in January 2017. Talks have been beset by controversy — not least over the massive lobbying by multinational companies and worries that corporate lawyers will be able to sue governments for loss of trade and thus overturn labour, consumer protection, food standards, health and safety and environmental protection laws corporate business deems as restricting their firms profits. The controversial clauses at the heart of the TTIP propose for an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism, which would allow companies to sue governments if their regulations or laws affected their profits. Thus, if a US multinational company believes lost lost profits because their product or service was regulated by law for health or other reasons, they would be able to sue a government — or the EU — for loss of earnings. This has antagonsed organised labour and small business organisations who see TTIP as loading the dice against them and in favour of global corporations. Unions and worker protection organisations also fear TTIP would make the offshoring of work even more easy, thus destroying jobs in the middle income ranges. Critics of the TTIP deal also point to the fact the European food regulations are different from and some say more stringent than those in the US. For example, public opposition in the EU has prevented Genetically Modified organism (food) being cultivated and sold even though the corporate friendly bureucratic dictatorship in Brussels desires it. If TTIP were to go through it there would be no way in which European voters could oppose the introduction of GM foods. There are both scientific and economic arguments against Genetic Modification, the biology is beyond me but I understand the economic arguments against and if anybody out there thinks it is a good idea to place control of the worlds food supply in the hands of a few American controlled corporations, all of which have terrible track records on ethical and environmental issues, sign up for a trip in our time machine. You will feel very much at homes in Maoist China in 1959. There are also fears that strict European environmental regulations will be flouted under the proposed deal, which critics say has been dominated by big business lobbying. Concerns have been raised by environmental protection groups on both sides that EU and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations in every sector will be swept aside because multinational companies will hold more powers under TTIP. The Dutch petitioners say: "[Under TTIP terms] Large companies can sue governments in special tribunal. Europe will have to accept the often poorer American standards for consumer protection, social rights and environmental protection. Then we will see the introduction of US legislation in Europe without citizens or parliaments having any say over it."


TTIP document leak - A preview of the corporate fascism treaty from War On Want
The Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) was teetering on the brink of failure before Greenpeace Netherlands obtained a massive swathe of leaked documents that prove the treaty is, as many people feared, a corporate power grab rather than a free trade arrangement. This exposure will not stop the fascist regimes of the European Union and the United States trying to push it through against massive public opposition. The ruling elites have only contempt for democracy and the people

If You Look At How Fast Global Trade Is Unravelling, You'll Get Dizzy
Governments constantly make positive noises about the health of their economies although most people who are in work have felt no improvement on the position they were in after the crash of 2008. Wagest are stangnant, employment has reduced somewhat (see below) and while the banks are printing money and the super rich are widening the gap between themselves and ordinary people faster than ever, the real situation is frightening.

There Is No Freedom Without Transparency
... the Democrat / Republican political puppets in the USA would be supported by European leaders including Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK, France's Francois Hollande and Germany's Angela Merkel who, even as I type, are preparing massive interventions in Libya and Iraq, both turned into chaotic and lawless failed states by previous US / European interventions

Major blow for Brexit campaign as US rules out UK-only trade deal?
Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative, said America is “not in the market” for trade deals with individual states and would only consider free trade agreements with blocs of nations. "I think it's absolutely clear that Britain has a greater voice at the trade table being part of the EU, being part of a larger economic entity," Mr Froman told Reuters.

Julian Assange On The TPP: "Deal Isn't About Trade, It's About Corporate Control"
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, still banged up the the London embassy of the Ecuador government has been speaking on the TPP deal which the Obama admisistration has been trying to fast track through the US Congress withour Senators or Representatives being allowed to debate it or even know what is in it. And from what wikileaks and other whistleblower sites have revealed, it is highly unsurprising the Obama administration is being so seretive ...

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