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Now That Russia's Putin and Iran's Ayatollahs Have Neutralised ISIS In Syria The Focus Of Terror Shifts To Turkey

Putin and The Ayatollah's Save Syria

We have shown ample evidence in these pages to convince even the most rabidly anti - Russia, pro - globalism fanatic that ISIS was always a creation of the USA, in cahoots with the Sunni Muslim powers of the middle east, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE. This information is not ours exclusively of course, since summer 2015 leaked documents and eye witness evidence have established, not conclusively according to some who just don't want it to be true, but certainly beyond reasonable doubt, regardless of whether it’s called “the U.S. alliance”/ Saudi alliance,” with support from “the Turkish gangster regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan” funded, s the jihadist alliance, and it now seems to be near its final defeatupplied and trained the alliance of disparate jihadist groups that became known as ISIS. The objective was to remove President Assad from power in Syria because his Shiite Muslim regime was proving an insurmountable obstacle to US Geopolitical ambitions and Saudi Arabia economic interests. We have covered these topics at length previously. Now ISIS has been defeated in Syria, the jihadists have retreated into the wilds of eastern Swyria or northern Iraq, or packed their bangs and moved n to Libya, Chad, Mali, and other soft targets in Africa. Russian air power has enabled the Syrian army of President Assad, with support from the Iranian elite regiment, The Revolutionary Guard, plus Lebanese Shiite irregulars warriors (Hezbollah) to inflict massive casualties on the ISIS jihadist forces. The pro-Assad allies, are now making final preparations to finish the job, in the Syrian headquarters of ISIS — the city of Raqqa, where Russian air strikes are softening up the remnants of the Islamic Caliphate army

This major, but largely symbolic military victory was announced on Easter Sunday (27 March 2016) when Assad supporters retook the ancient city of Palmyra at the the center of the Jihadist-controlled region of Syria (and located south of Raqqa, separated from it only by desert). The news was broken by Al Masdar News), as they headlined, “Palmyra Liberated! General Ayyoob Reviews Troops in Aftermath of Enormous Victory; What’s Next?”

The big question now is whether a surrender can be negotiated with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reputedly the leader of ISIS. This would avoid a bloodbath which may result if the brutally insane ISIS fanatics, finding all is lost, decide on an orgy of rape and killing in a desperate act of revenge for their imminent defeat. Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, has stated, on several occasions, that what’s most essential is for the jihadists in Syria, and in Iraq, to be killed where they are and not allowed to escape and regroup as terrorist cells, delivering mayhem in Europe and the USA, Africa or the heavily populated areas of Asia. The spread of ISIS has been happening around the world, as evidenced by the Brussels bombing and attacks in Africa and the Indian sub - continent. If Baghdadi and his jihadists are allowed to escape) it will happen on a far lerger scale.

A further source of trouble for the west is Turkey, where the wannabe tyrant Erdogan while using his country's NATO membership and the goodwill of Barack Hussein Obama to protect his regime from reprisals as time and again he ordered actions calculated to provoke Russia, exploited the conflict in Syria to pursue his territorial ambitions by attacking autonomous Kurdish territory. On Friday the 25th of March, a story titled  “Jordan’s King Accuses Turkey of Sending Terrorists to Europe,”  reported:

King Abdullah of Jordan accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe at a top level meeting with senior US politicians in January, the MEE can reveal. 

The king said Europe’s biggest refugee crisis was not an accident, and neither was the presence of terrorists among them: “The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy and Turkey keeps on getting a slap on the hand, but they are let off the hook.”

Asked by one of the congressmen present whether the Islamic State group was exporting oil to Turkey, Abdullah replied: ”Absolutely.”

In other words: the U.S. alliance is coming apart; we have shown how Erdogan, with the complicity of Washington, traded arms and cash for oil with ISIS at least at the edges, when the reality becomes revealed — despite the long hiding of this fact on the part of Western ‘news’ media — that the U.S.-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish-UAE-Israeli alliance has been supporting jihadist Sunni groups in order to weaken the only non-Sunni-run nations in the Middle East and further the US agenda of undermining Russia's oil trade with Europe. Syria and Iran. Syria’s government should be referred to as ba'athist (non-sectarian)   although Assad himself is Shia. The Ba’athist Party, which has ruled Syria since the 1950s, is ideologically committed to secularism and against sectarianism of any type, and has allied itsself with Russia,instead of with the U.S. because of constant US meddling in Syria's domestic politics and in the affairs of other middle eastern countries.

The origin of the CIA aspect of this operation to destabilise the middle east was well covered in an extraordinary BBC documentary in 1992. A different perspective can be found in the Washington's blog article, “The Two Contending Visions of World Government.” During Obama’s Presidency, one of the major physical battlefields in the global war Washington's Blog describes has been in Syria; another, in Ukraine.


Europe Rejects Obama Doctrine - US Exceptionalism Is Not Acceptable
With a backlash against his efforts to bully Britons into voting to remain in the EU pushing the leave campaign into a narrow lead in opinion polls Obama's vistit to Europe last week could hardly be described as a success. And now he has been told a foreign policy based on 'American Exceptionalism' is not acceptable and the USA must abide by the same international law as the rest of the world

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British blood in Libya - Obama's price for 'stay' campaign support?


There's a very funny smell hanging around Cameron, Obama, Libya and the 'stay' campaign right now. Firstly, the US President, whose every public word is guarded by a phalanx of PR experts, blames Cameron for leaving business unfinished in Libya. Then it's revealed that Obama will strongly support the 'stay' campaign. And now the leaks are starting that Obama wants boots on the ground in Libya before the end of his presidential term - that means this year. And Cameron has nothing left to lose.

So one has to wonder if Cameron, like Blair, has already promised the US President that UK troops will fight in Libya alongside a US contingent - and whether Obama's support for the 'stay' campaign is the price for this.

We won't know, of course, until Cameron feels compelled to tell the House of 'urgent' matters that have just arisen regarding Libya and seeking support for an expeditionary force. No doubt the Cabinet Secretary is already writing the mandatory Dodgy Dossier. Or perhaps a Libyan 'incident' is already being contrived or allowed to develop.

We've got nine months of 2016 left to find out.

There's a petition on the Govt. website to stop Obama's visit CLICK HERE to sign it

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