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Labour Leadership Contest: Bring On The Clowns

After their crushing defeat by Boris Johnson's Conservative Party, instead of taking time to regroup and, as has been advised by serveral major figures on the centre left who stood down at the election because of the policies of far left leader Jeremy Corbyn, that they must reconnect with working class voters,the party factions are at each other's throats already while the clowns bid for the leadership.

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The wiser heads in what was the Labour shadow cabinet before the election advised after the crushing defeat by Boris Johnson's Conssrvatives that he party must shake off its elitist London intellectuals and get back in touch with the working class core vote. It was wise and good advice, which ensured of course that Labour Party managers were going to ignore it. And it hasn't taken long for the loony lefties to regroup and resume their journey into the political wilderness.

Current front runners to take over the leadership when (or if) Jeremy Corbyn steps down are millionaire lawyer Lady Nugee and millionaire lawyer "Sir" Kier Starmer. Coincidentally both are "human rights lawyers" i.e. not proper lawyers.

Lady Nugee, who prefers to be known as Emily Thornberry, likes to claim her father was a civil servant. He was, but he was not a clerk in some local benefits office or something similar, he was Assistant General Secretary of the United Nations. And Lady Nugee has the audacity to claim she's from an ordinary, working class background.

Thornberry has announced today that she will bid to become the next leader of the Labour party.

The shadow foreign secretary used her leadership bid to criticise Jeremy Corbyn, as she called out his decision to back Boris Johnson's "Brexit election" and took aim at the lack of his team's "deep political insight".

"Sir" Kier Starmer (how did he get to be Sir? you might well ask -. Good Question.) Starmer, who claims his dear old Dad worked in a factory,) served as Director of Public Prosecutions under the last Labour government It is traditional to honour DPPs when they leave office, but this award seems particularly inappropriate as he prevented the police and courts upholding the law impartially and is largely responsible for politicising the justice system. Starmer was in post for 5 years, and did enormous damage particularly in the area of denying women legal protection from abuse. As DPP, he was utterly useless. because he spent his time in the post advancing left wing political agendas. It is his fault that the complainants evidence in r#pe cases is substantially discounted by jurors. It was his decision that most of the charges at the first trial of serial rapist John Warboys were dropped, thus he escaped the 'campaign of rape' higher sentence which was given when he came to trial again with a Conservative government in office. It was actually Boris Johnson's girlfriend Carrie Symmonds who undid Starmer's bid to legalise rape with her successful campaign to overturn Warboys parole and get further convictions.

It's unlikely Starmer will be chosen by the loony lefties of Momentum a Labour leader so incompetent that women will have to rely on a Conservative MP's girlfriend to protect them.

During Starmer's time as Director of Public Prosecutions, not only did he intervene to prevent police and local authorities taking action against gangs of mostly migrant men involved in the grooming and abuse of vulnerable under - age girls, (read more HERE, HERE, and HERE,) citing the need to avoid causing inter - racial tensions, he also ignored there increasingly desperate calls by campaigners for prosecutions for female genital mutilation. He sat on his hands, called for more information, set up committees and working groups and did nothing. It is estimated that in each of his years in office 20,000 girls were abused and mutilated in this way. A recent report suggests that 170,000 women and girls in the UK are now affected.

In the absence of criminal justice sanctions, Starmer didn’t even encourage Social Services and Police to use child protection legislation to protect girls. Nor did he call for mandatory reporting to Social Services by the health personnel who witness the injuries and deal with the resulting medical complications arising from repeated gang rape or botched female circumcision. Pregnancy and childbirth complications caused by FGM have a particularly brutal effect on the victim as the vaginal is stitched to make it tighter so that intercourse will be painful for women. In some cases doctors have been asked by husbands to restitch women’s genitals after childbirth – surely evidence of conspiracy to commit an assault and a clear indicator of physical risk. No action has been taken in such cases even though medical and witness evidence made an irrefutable case.

Starmer has said that FGM is difficult to prosecute because it takes place in “secret” and there are few complaints and that in grooming cases evidence is not reliable. However, this is true for many forms of child abuse and domestic and sexual violence - and there have been many successful prosecutions of such crimes, based on careful investigation undertaken on the basis of reasonable suspicion or genuine risk. In such cases, even if prosecution has proved to be impossible, the intelligence gathered has been used to safeguard children.

In 2012 journalists filmed doctors agreeing to carry out abortions at the request of men of certain alien cultures, for no other reason than that the foetus was female. Gender selection abortion has always been ilegal under UK law. Starmer justified the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service to take no action against the doctors, judging it not to be in the “public interest” ( Labour's avoid irritating migrants at all costs policy again?). Lord Macdonald, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, described the decision as “very dubious,” by which he means politically motivated rather than based in law.

The CPS said the key reason for the decision was that the doctors would still be investigated by the General Medical Council. But Lord Ken Macdonald said this amounted to letting them “avoid criminal action” because of their professional status — undermining the basic principle that “everyone is equal under the law”. In other words Starmer was, and is, guilty beyond reasonable doubt of aiding and abetting the commission of crimes.

There has been a public outcry about the failure to prosecute FGM and sexist abortion, but so far little has been said about the Crown Prosecution Service’s other great failure – namely that it has not prosecuted adult men who have illegally married and had sexual relations with so called ‘child brides’ – nor parents who have colluded in this practice, in effect trafficking or pimping their under-age daughters. I predict this will be one of the next great public ‘scandals’.

Keir Starner has been in a position to publicise and take action against all these issues, but he has not done so. In truth, he has failed to protect women and girls from sexist violence and abuse, We must assume that his decisions guided by his desire to safeguard the migrant vote for Labour, as in their last electoral strongholds, the suburbs of London and the other large cities, they rely on the migrant vote to hold many parliamentary seats.

One thing is certain, with clowns like these as serious contenders for the leadership, Labour's showing at the next election is only going to be worse and more catastrophic than the most recent one.