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A Closer Look At No - Go Zones For Europeans In EU’s Notorious Migrant Districts

by Ian R Thorpe, 24 March, 2016

Muslim illegal immigrants riot in France

In the wake of a series of terrorist attacks terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital Brussels that have shaken European citizens to the core, it is time to show that the politicians and senior bureaucrats who tell us that Sharia Law ones and No - Go zones for police and security forces in European cities with large Muslim populations are an urban myth, are ether liars or in denial. A quick look at three ethnic neighborhoods in big European cities – London, Paris and Berlin should be enough to convince anybody expect those Karl Marx worshipping diehards who are genticially incapable of admitting they are wrong.

Following two major terrorist incidents in Paris last year and the couple of explosions at the Brussels International airport earlier this week, everyone has come to know about Molenbeek, a notorious, heavily immigrant-populated Brussels municipality where most terrorists who carried out attacks in both France and Belgium had lived.

At least three of the terrorists involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks — Salah Abdeslam, his brother Brahim Abdeslam, and Abdelhamid Abaaoud — grew up and lived in Molenbeek, which has been described as the breeding ground of terrorism in Europe. However, the Molenbek isn't the only Muslim - majority inner city suburb in Europe which lives in accordance with its own laws and traditions, sometimes resembling a state within a state. RT looked at other ethnic ghettos in Europe's large cities where local police fear to tread. What should really shame our politicians, who all now have blood on their hands because inaction makes them complicit in the mass killing, is that while the direction race relations were heading was obvious to ordinary people, the politicians clung to the idiotic line that mass immigration brought economic and cultural benefits to western societies.


Muslim immigrants rampage in London

The British capital, London, is one of Europe's leaders in the number of multicultural districts populated by people who think they have the right, while living in Britain, to be accountable to Sharia law. Most of London's eastern, some of its southern and northern areas are heavily-populated by migrants, with many of the inner suburbs now having Muslim majorities. The Islamification of the British capital has earned it the sarcastic nickname of Londonstan. It is a very different city to the one you would read of in a Charles Dickens novel and would be barely recognisable to people familiar with the sights through 1980s TV shows and movies.

In the modern history of London, Brixton is known as one of the most dangerous districts in the city. The multiethnic borough itself is predominantly populated by people of African and Caribbean descent. Brixton is notorious for high levels of unemployment and poverty. Unfortunately while politicians and police oficers screech about inter - racial violence they are in denial about black on black and black on Asian violence. The Caribbean community and the Pakistani and Bangladeshi community co - exist in an atmosphere of mutual hatred.

Then the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis hate sub - Sahran Africans (Kenyan, Ugandan, Nigerian, Tanzanian, Ghanaian and Somali (filthy Kaffirs) and the sentiment is wholeheartedly reciprocated. The Somalis hate everybody and everybody hates the Romanians for reasons not clearly understood. And we have not even started on the sectarian conflicts.

Peckham, a southeastern district in London, is another troublesome district of the British capital. The district is regularly mentioned in many of London's crime reports. Peckham is a destination of choice from many immigrants from African countries and has the largest concentration of illegal immigrants and refugees in London.

The last time the world heard about these new Londoners was in the summer of 2011 when large-scale riots erupted in Tottenham and then quickly spilled over to the other districts of London and even other cities across Britain — Birmingham, Bristol, Gloucester, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham.


Muslims confront police in France

Many suburbs (Arondissments) in the French capital are populated by immigrants. These people are predominantly migrants hailing from former French colonies in Africa and the Middle East.

Saint-Denis is said to be the most dangerous suburb in Paris. It was in this area of Paris where three explosions took place near the world-famous football stadium Stade de France. Following the Paris terrorist attacks last November, French Special Forces carried out an anti-terrorist raid that ended in the arrest of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who was hiding in Saint-Denis.

The sheer numbers of Muslim immigrants and their refusal to respect French laws and traditions is now affting not only the tourist trade in Paris but also is leading to that phenomenon known as white flight. But the situation is not new, it is twenty five years since I worked in Paris and the aggressive attitude of street vendor or beggars was a nuisance then. One Aftican guy actually pulled a knife on me when I refused to give him money. Big mistake, I broke his leg and walked briskly but calmly away leaving the French authorities to mop him up. but not everybody is capable of that.

Despite being well able to look after myself, I did not go into that area again.

Bizzarely, in spite of the lawlessness and social problems, France's socialist government has sai it will not change its policy of welcoming migrants and treating them all as refugees.

When people are in Clichy-sous-Bois, a community in the eastern part of Paris, they might not even realize they're in France at all, as the vast majority of its residents are of African descent. The district has much higher unemployment and crime rates than the rest of France and is known as the country's "most notorious" immigrant suburb, according to the BBC.

In 2005, riots erupted in Clichy-sous-Bois following the death of two boys who were trying to escape arrest. Having sparked in Clichy-sous-Bois, the riots then spread across many other French cities.


Muslim immigrants rampage in London

With her migrant-friendly policies, Chancellor Angela Merkel might not be surprised to find that some areas in Berlin are no longer German and some folks out there are not willing to live in accordance with local traditions and law. Members of Turkish community holding Turkish flags listen to a speech of Turkish Prime Minister in Tempodrom in Berlin during his state visit.

Members of Turkish community holding Turkish flags listen to a speech of Turkish Prime Minister in Tempodrom in Berlin during his state visit.

One-seventh of Berlin's population is foreigners. Among all the ethnicities present in Berlin, Turks constitute the largest group. In fact, Berlin has the largest Turkish community in Europe.

Berlin Cannot Take 'Whole World to Germany' Amid Migrant Crisis

The borough of Neukolln is dubbed as a "ghetto for newcomers." Crime and unemployment rates are disproportionally high in comparison with other places in Germany. Although the residents of Neukolln make up only 10 percent of Berliners, they commit 20 percent of all crimes in the German capital, RT said.

Moabit is another district in Berlin that might strike some as quite "un-German." Thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan arrived to the district and brought with them their own cultural traditions. The newcomers are given municipal housings. This infuriates some native residents of Moabit, many of whom eventually end up moving away.

These are just a few of the most dangerous No - Go zones for Europeans that have been created in European cities. There are already many more, from Sweden to the Mediterranean coast, and there are news ones springing up each week.


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